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A/N: HELLO ALL! So this could be viewed as a slash or friendship. I see it as a slash being that, that is most of what I write. Just for clarification (because I always get this mixed up when I read stories like this) everything Chase says in written in normal font like this, everything House says is in bold like this, and when I'm describing actions it's in italics like this, and last but not lest when, in normal dialog, there would be italics it's all caps LIKE THIS. Alright… enjoy.

"Greg! Come on!"

"Robbie! Come on!"

"Don't mock me!"

"Don't mock me!"

"Grow up!"

"You HAVE to do it!"

"No I don't!"

"Robbie… ugh… it's no big deal,"

"Then YOUdo it! I'm. Not. Going. To."

"Bawk, bawwwwwwwwwwk! Chicken!"

"Oh, my god."

"Oh. My. God."

"Stop that!"

"Just do it and I'll stop."

"NO!You do it."

"Uh… I'm sort of crippled here."


"Stop looking sorry and just get it over with."

"It's not that scary."

"Are you…shaking?"

"No! I'm… uh… getting my balance."



"Um hum…"

"Stop looking at me like that!"

"Like what?"

"Like you don't believe me!"

"I don't believe you."

"I'm NOTshaking."

"I can see your legs quivering! You're shaking."

"Don't pout."

"FINE!I'll do it."

"I'm going to do it."

"Say something!"

"I'm just waiting."

"Alright, here I go…"

"This is dumb. I'm gonna break my neck!"



Chase took a deep breath and shifted the skate board he was standing on to a better position. He squeezed his eyes shut and jumped with the board onto the sidewalk from the half wall House was sitting on. The board flew out from under his feet and he did a face plant into the cement walkway.

House jumped up and fast-limped over to Chase. He knelt down and helped Chase flip over on his back. Chase's nose was dripping a constant river of blood and his face was twisted up in pain.

House reached into his blazer's pocket and produced a tissue to press up against Chase's bloody nose. (He stuck one in there before they went of break, just in case this would happen.)

Chase reached up and pulled House's hand away so he could say…



"Next time you want to live vicariously through someone… call Wilson."