AN: This is a hybrid fic by elphabachan and Zenkindoflove. It's a crossover between Friday the 13th and That 70's Show. We're pretty stoked about this idea and we really hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed writing it. It follows basic slasher movie guidelines along with the characters you all know and love so much. Even though this fic is with all of the gang, this is primarily JH. There is a little ED, but most of the plot line follows a JH ship. But seriously, would you want it any other way? Besides, Jason needs to find his scream queen, and we have just the person :).

So read and leave love.

Chapter 1: Meet the Creeper

His mouse colored, light brown hair wisped across his forehead in a perfect side part. A Polaroid camera hung gently from his neck, resting against his striped polo that hung on his skinny frame, waiting to catch the perfect picture of the North American Cardinal. He had been out in these woods every summer trying to catch a glimpse of the red feathered demon that he still didn't have a picture of to add to his collection. He peered through his large black binoculars with his wide blue eyes trying his hardest to see a murmur of red throughout the green foliage.

After a few minutes of seeing nothing, he rested his binoculars on top of a stump near by. He let his frustrated sigh carry with the wind as his eyes still searched for anything in the wilderness. It looked like he was alone on this clear afternoon. Ultimately though, that was fine. He preferred it that way. This way he could just listen to the birds and the water's edge, as it lapped peacefully against the shore. This was indeed heaven this time of year. He listened intently, hoping to hear a cardinal's song. Instead he heard nothing. In fact, the forest had fallen into an eerie silence. He didn't stop to wonder why, instead he continued searching the area for his trophy bird.

Bright orange Trumpet Keepers blazed in his peripherals. He stood up with his camera and bent over to take a picture. Perfection shone back into the lens, and he snapped the moment to keep in a collection where it would last forever. He adjusted his lens again to get a closer look at one individual flower that stood out from the rest. It's crisply turned petals taunted him to capture its beauty. Once it was squared perfectly in the viewfinder, he clicked its image onto film.

A large blade slammed through his spine, and the camera clutched in his hands instantly fell and crashed to the ground. The cotton threads of his shirt soaked up his seeping blood that made a circle around the penetration. The attacker noticed the birdwatcher's relaxed muscles, so he placed his foot against the dead man's back and slid his machete out with little force. The limp corpse thudded on the ground beneath the Trumpet Keepers and next to the thick boots upon his attacker's feet. A ghostly hand reached down and grasped the birdwatcher's arm. He began to drag the body behind him and his precious machete hung in his other hand, blood dripping a death trail onto the soil of the forest.

In the trees, a cardinal chirped his elegy from a branch nearby. Its black orb caught the image of a beastly man wearing a hockey mask dragging yet another victim back to his burial sight. Though the bird knew not what it had just seen, it did know a harbinger of terror when it presented itself. The bird flew as far away from the man as it could, fearful of falling victim to the decay and rot he would bring.

Friday, August 13, 1980

Over two hundred miles away, 6 youths were hanging out in a basement of an average home in the suburbs. The boy whose parents owned the house sat next to his blonde girlfriend, silently talking to her so that no one else could hear their conversation. A dark, foreign man with silk black hair sat in a chair just to the left of them, counting the candy that he still had left; making sure no one had stolen any. Next to the couple on the couch was a raven haired, petite girl with mismatched eyes. She pretended to read a Vogue magazine, but instead kept stealing glances at the curly haired man sitting next to her in his chair. He, too, pretended to be reading a magazine, but really he was receiving her glances unnoticed and returning them only whenever she looked away. Just behind him folding clothes at the dryer stood a darkly tanned blonde that had just come home because she had run out of money once again.

Their peaceful routine was disturbed as a wirey, lanky man ran through the basement door with excitement holding up his handsome features into a wide grin.

"WE'RE GOING CAMPING!" He shouted whipping out a brochure from his back pocket and presenting it as if were a winning lottery ticket.

"What?" Eric and Donna asked in unison.

"I was visiting the station downtown to say hello to the boys since I haven't seen them in so long, and I just found this brochure sitting on one of their desks! This place looks awesome, and it's insanely cheap." Kelso handed the brochure proudly to Donna so she could see for herself.

Donna inspected it as the others just eyed each other suspiciously. Rarely did Kelso's ideas ever turn out good.

"Camp Crystal Lake in Illinois." Donna read out loud. "Hmm… this is cheap."

"Wait a minute." Jackie interrupted, holding out her hand to signal for everyone to stop and listen. "Cheap does not always mean a good deal. There has to be a reason this place is so inexpensive. It's probably infested with rats and no one wants to go there."

"Nuh huh, Jackie." Kelso said while crossing his arms defiantly.

"Well how can you be so sure, Michael?" She asked, using her haughty voice that she loved whenever she wanted to make her doofus ex-boyfriend look stupid. She didn't like the sound of camping.

"Because this camp is in the woods, and the woods have bears, and if the woods have bears then the bears would eat the rats." He shook his head at her supposed ignorance. "Come on, Jackie!" Jackie just rolled her eyes and went back to pretending to read her magazine.

"Didn't some kids get killed at a camp in Illinois last year?" Donna asked as she handed the brochure back to Kelso.

"What was the name of the camp?" Eric asked. Donna knitted her eyebrows together as she tried to remember.

"I don't know."

"Well this isn't the camp. They wouldn't be handing out brochures of some camp that a bunch a kids got killed at." Kelso declared.

"Well didn't you say…" But Jackie was interrupted by another brilliant idea that lit up in Kelso's head.

"Oh, I know! We can have a going away weekend for Eric and Donna! They're leaving for college in two weeks, and I have to go back to Chicago soon. It'll be the last time that we'll all be together in a long time."

Eric grinned in approval. "Well I like the idea. We haven't done anything as a gang in a really long time."

"Can I come?" Laurie asked as she finally turned around interested in the conversation.

"No." Eric stated bluntly.

"Why not?" Laurie asked, placing her hand on her hip.

"Because last time you came, you ruined our high school graduation by running off and marrying Fez!"

"Well," Fez finally spoke up. "I see how it is. You think your precious high school graduation is more important than Fez staying in America. Well I say good day."

Fez got up and walked to the door.

"But Fez…" Eric called out.

"I said good day!" Fez yelled, giving everyone the hand as he left with a pained face. Everyone waited a few seconds for Fez to reappear again, and as they expected, he did just that. "Is it okay if I bring Armand, because I think he would really like to come?"

Everyone slightly groaned at the mention of Fez's boyfriend. He came out of the closet shortly after he and Jackie got together, and he had just recently started dating Armand. In a way, Armand was a lot like a male version of Jackie, except a lot bitchier and more stuck up than her. Everyone pretty much understood that Armand didn't like them very much.

"Sure buddy." Kelso said as he patted Fez on the back reassuringly. Well, almost everyone.

As soon as Fez left again, Laurie swung the conversation back to her. "So you don't want me to go? It's not like I'm going to marry Fez again. He's a citizen, and he's too busy getting it on with his new man lover."

"There's no way your going Laurie. Now just shut up about it, and… go back to Canada or something."

Laurie glared at her little brother, and then her eye caught a glimpse of Kelso who was staring off into space. An evil grin formed on her face as she figured out exactly how she was going to be able to go on this trip.

"Alright little brother. I'll get out of your hair." She gave a pseudo-sweet smile and picked up her laundry basket to leave the basement. She looked back at Kelso as she signaled in on him with her slut radar. "Oh Kelso, do you think you could help me put my clothes away? You know… upstairs?"

Kelso was about to refuse until he noticed the look Laurie was giving him, and damn did he miss that look.

The two were gone before anyone even noticed.

Hyde, who stayed quiet about the whole issue, was silently worrying himself in his head. Ever since Jackie and Fez had broken up, things had been weird between them. They still burned each other on a regular basis, but with both of them being single from serious relationships, the back and forth banter was getting a little flirtatious. Spending an entire weekend with Jackie was going to be assisted suicide for the both of them if they didn't watch themselves.

"Well if Fez is bringing Armand, then I'm bringing Trisha."

"Trisha?" Eric raised a questioning eyebrow. "That girl we met at the bar two weeks ago. You're still seeing her?"

"Yeah." Hyde answered. Technically he wasn't "seeing" Trisha, but they were still talking. He hadn't had sex with her yet, and he wasn't sure why. She had been more than willing on the very first night, but there was just something about her that made Hyde's body say no. She was still calling him all the time and would most likely jump at the opportunity to go on this trip with him. Besides, a little care free sex from her would definitely keep his mind off Jackie.

Jackie had a mini panic attack as she thought of one of Steven's skanks spending the entire weekend with them. It was bad enough when he was supposedly married to Sam, but at least then Sam wasn't around all the time and whenever she was, Jackie could easily just walk away. Being trapped in a small cabin with a blonde bimbo that would be hanging all over Steven for a whole weekend did not sound even close to appeasing to Jackie. She had to think fast.

"Well I'm going to bring Ted then."

"What, is it everyone bring their significant other trip?" Eric threw his hands up in the air and gave the two an exasperated look.

"Ted?" Donna questioned. "Is that the same creep you've gone on a few dates with?" Jackie laughed a bit as she tried to play off that Donna's accusation wasn't true. "He's not a creep, Donna. In fact," She stuck her nose in the air. "He's my new boyfriend."

Donna looked back and forth between Jackie and Hyde while she sort of caught on to what the two were up to. What, are we in high school again? She wondered, and exchanged looks with Eric.

"I wonder why police stations have camp brochures just sitting around people's desks," Eric thought aloud, and Jackie held out her hands.

"See, that's kind of MY point," Jackie said.

"I'm sure one of the officers was planning on sending his kid there or something," Donna said. "I actually think that this sounds like a really fun trip!! It sounds like Kelso actually had a good idea for once."

"I hate camping," Jackie muttered, and Hyde smirked.

"You don't have to go, you know," he said.

"Oh I'm going," she stated. "I'm not about to miss any 'last hurrah' or whatever. I can handle camping for one weekend at Camp Crystal Lake. It won't be that hard."

"I'll go call Trisha," Hyde said.

"And I'LL go call Ted," Jackie stated, and they separated as he went up the steps and she went out the door. Donna and Eric both sighed.

"Think they'll be like this the entire trip?" Eric asked.

"You have to ask?" Donna retorted.

Fez drove with a grumpy Armand heading back to the Foreman's. It took him quite sometime, but he had convinced Armand to go with him.

"So I'm really excited about this trip. It's been forever since we have all done something together." Fez happily said practically bouncing in his seat with glee. Armand didn't say anything back. He just stared outside the window with a bored expression. Fez looked nervously at his boyfriend. He hoped that their conversation back at the apartment would have brightened Armand's spirits.

Besides Kelso, Armand was the most beautiful man that Fez had ever met. He had dark wavy hair that was styled to perfection. His gray-blue eyes complimented his olive skin tone, and his physique was trim and perfect. His effeminate traits worked well with Fez's personality, and once they met, Fez felt like he was in love. He hoped that Armand wouldn't just be his first boyfriend. He really felt they could have something special.

"So, I take it you are still not excited about going."

Armand released a drawn out sigh. "No, Fez. I'm not." He held his lips tight almost as if he was restraining himself from saying something.

"Well why not Armand?… I know you don't like camping but I think…"

"This isn't about camping!" Armand snapped, startling Fez as he lost his cool. Fez's heart raced at his boyfriend's reaction. He had never yelled at him before.

"I don't understand. What is this about?"

Armand shook his head from side to side, keeping his sour look planted on his face. "Look Fezzy. I love you and you are so fun to be with… It's just that I really hate your friends."

Fez felt so conflicted. Armand said he loved him but that he hated his friends. He wasn't sure if he should be happy about one, or upset about the other.

"Why do you hate them Armand?"

"They aren't like you and me, Fez. They're a bunch of low lives that spend all of their time in a silly basement. They're nobodies and we are just too good for them."

Once again, Fez didn't know where to turn. Fez always felt his friends were amazing, better than him at least, but now Armand was saying that Fez was better than them. He was putting Fez up to his status. However, his friends had been apart of him for so long. He felt like Armand was insulting him when he said that they were low lives. If they were low lives, then what did that make Fez?

Fez sighed, confused about what to do. "Just give them a chance this weekend. You might see them differently."

Armand just rolled his eyes in his seat. Fez groaned internally, and hoped that maybe this weekend would have a positive effect on Armand's relationship with his friends, and in turn, his relationship with Fez…

As Eric, Donna, and Kelso packed up the cars, their friends with the 'outsiders' as they had been nicknamed began to show up. First to arrive were Jackie and Ted. Ted was a tall, conventionally handsome senior in college at Eau Claire, and was home for the summer. He and Jackie had met when she was at the pool working on her tan. He'd said that she was the prettiest thing at the pool, and in ALL of Point Place. Of course she ate it all up. His sandy hair was sticking up a little bit, but his confident smile was a little off putting to Donna. There was something about him she didn't like.

"Well here we are," Jackie said. "I still say that this is a dumb idea, but then again we could all use the time together since you guys are leaving and all."

"True true," Donna said. "Hello, Ted."

"Hey Donna," Ted said, slipping his arm around Jackie's waist.

"Here I am!" Laurie called, carrying her backpack.

"NOO!" he bellowed. "You best be turning back around and going back into the house!" Eric snapped. "You aren't coming!"

"Oh yes I am!" Laurie said. "Kelso said I could." Eric whipped his head to face Kelso, who was grinning stupidly.

"Kelso, what the hell?" Eric asked.

"Your sister is VERY persuasive," Kelso said as he widely grinned and licked his bottom lip. He left it at that. Ted moved his hand to Jackie's butt, and he cupped it gently. She carefully moved his hand from her ass.

"Oh great, Laurie is coming too?" Hyde asked, as he and his buxom blonde walked into the driveway.

"We'll want to hit the road soon if we want to get to the campgrounds before dark," Kelso said. "So where are Fez and his man lover?"

"Michael, that's so rude," Jackie said. "Why can't you just call Armand his lover and leave it at that?"

"I'm surprised you aren't more bitter, Jackie, you're the one who drove him out of the closet," Hyde said, and Jackie shot him a glare.

"Oh shut up, Steven. I did no such thing." He smiled at her gently to show he was just kidding, and she smiled quickly back at him. Trisha noticed, and decided to mark her territory.

"It's just good that you got out when you did, Baby," she said, tickling Hyde's stomach. "Had you stayed with her longer, you may have had NO interest in me." Jackie fumed, and then swatted Ted's hand away from her ass.

At that moment, Fez and Armand pulled up. Fez hopped out of the front seat, and Armand trailed behind.

"Let's get camping!" he exclaimed.

"I agree!" Kelso shouted back, and they high fived. Jackie sighed. She hoped that she'd be able to get that excited about this trip, but with both Trisha and ever more obnoxious Ted coming, it was going to prove quite difficult.

Oh well, she thought. Just enjoy Camp Crystal Lake. It sounds pretty peaceful at least.