I've come to the conclusion that I'm a bit of a masochist. I get writers block for the rest of my fics, so what do I do? I start another one. sigh Well, this idea had been brimming in my head anyway, so it's good to get it down on paper-type-whatever. In any case, it got me writing which means my other fics have a prayer of being finished and that writer's block isn't all encompassing. Thanks so much for putting up with me!

Watching You

Chapter 1

Light was a heavy sleeper, despite what one would think. Even while handcuffed to another person, he found it easy to fall asleep and stay that way for hours on end. Even more impressive, the young man kept his motion limited to light turning and adapted a quirky smile on his face that only sleep could bring without embarrassment. Light slept like one with a clear and guilt free conscious.

Which is the fact that was currently driving L crazy as he sat in front of his computer, still wide awake. There could only be two conclusions to explain Light's sleeping habits. He was either not Kira and therefore had good reason to be free of guilt. Or, as Kira, he has reached a state to where killing other people in mass didn't so much as gather a blink of a reaction. Either way, L was not happy. With the first option, it meant L was wrong. The second, it meant that his first and best friend was a monster. All in all, L would almost rather be wrong.

"Sayu….stop it…I'll help with your homework later…"

L took a bit of candy out of his tray to pop it into his mouth. Light also had a nasty habit of talking in his sleep, though the conversations were often interesting. The best one by far was when Light had captured Kira and had him executed. To be honest, that would be a dream for the books if indeed Kira and Light were the same person. It made L wonder if Kira did indeed have subconscious guilt trips and a desire to be caught. In any case, L had work to do while his handcuffed companion finished his remaining six hours of sleep.

As Light rolled over, L stared contently at his computer screen. The Internet had always been such fascinating place. It always amazed him just how much support Kira had among the masses. Well, as fascinating as it was disheartening. L blew a little bit of hair out of his face as he tapped the 'down' key to fully view a page. Kira we love you…blah...justice…blah…down with L….just goes on and on. To be honest, he really wasn't into to working too much tonight. It was a slow news day and they had made no headway whatsoever in the case in the past few weeks. It was dragging everyone's spirits down and make office life a little tense, to be sure.

It did not help that Misa Misa refused to leave her precious Light alone for even two seconds today. Something about an anniversary that Light couldn't remember and L couldn't have cared less about. Though, forcing Matsuda to go out and buy cake for the event made everybody happy. Ah well, at least the girl knew what she wanted and was persistent if nothing else. L reached for another piece of candy in honor of her spunk and ability to stay cheerful while essentially being held hostage.

L allowed himself a rather large yawn into his hand before setting his chin on his knees. He had an urge for a piece of strawberry short cake, but that would require going into the kitchen. Which would require either undoing the cuffs, which actually wasn't an option, or waking Light up. If he woke up Light, the boy would be cranky. Also not an option if L wanted to have a stress free day. But six hours was a long time to sit in one place and do nothing. He'd have to work on getting Light to function on two hours of sleep soon or he was going to go crazy.


Or L was already going crazy. The detective turned his head to the source of the new sound in the room. It was difficult to see in the limited lighting, but the computer screen was adequate enough. L shifted his eyes to the warm body on the bed and noted that he hadn't moved since turning over a few moments ago. That and the chain would have rattled, not made a 'thump.' All right, something else must have fallen. Slowly creeping out of his chair, L stood up to get a better look around the room. Everything seemed to be in place, but to be sure, the young detective decided to make a walk around the room. Paranoia doesn't exist when there are real people out to kill you.

As he rounded the bed, he heard a slight mumble coming from Light. As he watched the boy, he saw something peculiar. Light's hair was moving. Not a lot mind you, but enough to be noticeable. It was as if someone had brushed his bangs from his eyes, let it fall back into place, than moved it again. The window was shut. Light was asleep. What was moving his hair? As L reached his hand down to see if there was anything there, he was met with opposition as someone gripped his wrist with what felt like a vice.

"What are you doing, Ryuuzaki?"

That someone was Light. Who was now awake. And not happy if those glaring eyes were anything to go by. Light-kun could be scary when he was angry and sleep deprived. L put a finger to his mouth to try and appear more innocent and to shift the mood from anger to mere annoyance. "Nothing, Light-kun. It looked as if something was caught in your hair. It seems I was mistaken."

"That's a horrible lie." Light shoved his face into his pillow and groaned a little. First he gets woken up from a chill down his spine from who knows what and wakes to find the creepiest person alive hovering over him. He was under the complete belief that there was something seriously mentally wrong with his companion. "Just, you know what? Never mind. Just go back to whatever you were doing before you woke me up."

L smiled a little and shook his arm. "I would if you released me, Light-kun. You'd think the handcuffs were enough."

Light snatched his hand back and shoved it under the pillow. He really didn't need this aggravation at, he quickly checked his ever present and faithful watch, two in the morning. "I'm going to sleep."

Ah, and if Light was cranky now, he was sure to be worse later in the day when L woke him up for work. L sighed to himself as he headed back to his desk. His investigation seemed to have ended in failure. Well, no hypothesis was ever proved correct on the first try, so this Detective would just have to try again the next night.

Seven days of a very crabby Light later, L still had no explanation for the mysterious events that had been occurring. Light called him crazy and threatened to tell Misa that the detective was hindering the boy's precious sleep, but L knew it was an empty threat. There was no chance in Hell Light would encourage her obsession. Now though, despite what Light says, the mysterious events were expanding and L was intrigued. This was as engrossing as the Kira case (and definitely less boring!). L opened up his computer to list his findings in type.

Night One: Light's hair brushed out of eyes.

Night Two: Blanket shifts around Light's shoulders when he knocked it off. Experiment: remove the blanket from Light's person and observe. Finding: Blanket stayed in place until L turned away from the bed. Once he turned back the blanket shifted slightly. With each turn the blanket fully covered Light's shoulders within a time span of two hours. Downfall: Could be explained away be Light unconsciously pulling the blanket back around his shoulders (well, that's how Light-kun explained it when he watched the tape).

Night Three: Light wakes up unexpectedly due to some event, thought he seemed unwilling to share. He mumbled something about being cold, but got angry when L pushed for answers. Note: Get Light-kun calcium for his temper.

Night Four: Floating apple. Though, unconfirmed. It was there and gone in less than a second. Light-kun may have a point with getting his eyes checked. It had been some time since his last visit to an optometrist.

Night Five: The thump sound reoccurred. However, nothing could be found even when L looked under the bed and accidentally pulled Light down to the floor courtesy of the handcuffs.

Night Six: Light-kun's mumblings in his sleep have increased slightly. They usually cease however when his hair gets 'stroked' by the mysterious force. Assumption: strange force does not appear to be hostile.

Night Seven: Nothing happened. Save for once again waking Light up as he searched the small room top to bottom for any sign of his unexplained events.

Which lead them up to Night Eight, where L hoped to have much more successful results.

"You're paranoid, you know that?"

"I'm being cautious, Light-kun. There's a difference." L closed his little window before Light had a chance to read it. He didn't need to be teased, even if it did seem like Light was ignoring him. His roommate had a file open that he was trying to finish reading before bed. And they said that L had a tendency to work too much. "And you should be more grateful considering that it concerns your well being."

"I think that sleep deprivation is finally catching up with you, Ryuuzaki." Light pinched his nose. This last week had been hell and he really wasn't up for this tonight. Misa had noticed his lack of sleep and exploded about it all morning. Matsuda had dropped all the copies he had made of the reports this morning, and his Father was starting to be influenced by the detective's paranoia. There was no way he was concentrating tonight, so Light just gave up and tossed the folder onto the nightstand. "Could you just give it a rest tonight? Please?"

L looked at Light and sighed a little. He could see the bags around the boy's eyes and even he could tell it had been a rather rough day. No further along in the case, crazy roommate going even more psycho on him, hounded by a clingy girlfriend…yeah, L could give some pity. "Okay, I'll behave."

Light gave out a heavy breath of relief. Maybe now he could get some much needed sleep. "Thank-you, Ryuuzaki."

L noted in his head in which the method that Light collapsed into the blankets. Maybe letting him sleep all night wouldn't be a hindrance to his experiments. It's not like taking time off has effected the Kira case any in their progress. (Though, L was still certain that was because he knew who Kira was and that he was sleeping in the bed next to him.) Which probably also added to Light's weariness and easily sparked anger as of late. L yawned a little into his own hand. Also, the young detective had been skipping his own hours of sleep out of fear of missing an event. Maybe he'd compromise and catch up his own sleep tonight while Light cooled his systems.


Or not. L definitely knew 100 percent that he had heard a noise just then coming from Light's side of the room. Moving very slowly, L crept around the bed while making sure to keep the chain from rattling. None of the signs he had witnessed earlier seemed to be present, but that was okay. A grin stretched its way across L's face as he looked at the ground. There was finally something new to see and more importantly: tangible.

Keeping his eyes on Light as he stooped down (He really couldn't take any chances of once again waking Light without 100 percent concrete evidence to rub in the boy's face, after all.), L settled on the floor. He couldn't have been any more excited. There was finally something to break up the boredom of daily life that had an 80 percent chance of not being a dream. Not that he didn't enjoy his time with Light and the team every day, but without Light screwing up as Kira or any headway in this other guy that's probably out there L didn't have much to keep his mind stimulated.

There in front of him, was a plain black notebook with some sort of white markings on the front. All in all, it was a peculiar object to have in a bedroom. The majority of L's brain that told him it could be dangerous or a trap was quickly smothered by the curiosity. He just had to pick it up. His breath was heavy as…

Nothing happened.

L blinked a little at the anticlimactic conclusion to picking up the notebook. He flipped through the pages but found the book empty. He huffed a little as he frowned and stood up. While he couldn't explain where it had came from, it still seemed to be nothing more than an ordinary notebook. There was no powder residue from a chemical or a smell of some sort so that cut out poison. A paper cut wasn't exactly lethal either, so he was at a loss for why anyone would put a notebook in the room. Unless Light was screwing with his head. He wouldn't have put it past the boy to put his own boredom to good use thinking of ways to drive his best-est friend in the universe crazy. L rolled his eyes and decided he'd think of a way to get back at Light in the morning. He was about to throw the notebook at the boy's head when he heard the chuckle.

"Hyuk, hyuk. I wouldn't do that if I were you."

L froze in mid motion while clutching the notebook. If Light was pulling his leg, he was doing a great job pretending to be asleep while throwing his voice. And an even better job creating that giant shadow stretching across the bed in front of him. "Who are you?"

"I'm Ryuk."

"Ryuk." He had a name, which is a good start. L tensed slightly in preparation for what was coming. He didn't know how this 'Ryuk' got past Watari, but that just meant he was good. "Are you behind me?"

The shinigami was tempted to roll his eyes. His plans for the night were botched yet again, but that didn't mean he couldn't make the best of this situation. Ryuk chuckled as he answered the gangly youth. "You know the answer to that. So just turn around already."

"Fine then." L turned around quickly in an attempt to catch the intruder off guard. Though, after seeing the towering monster he wished he hadn't. The eyes scared him the most. They were large and empty, just like the rest of the thing's black tangling form. L did the most rational thing that came to his mind. He yelped.

"What?" Light shot up in bed as he felt his arm being yanked by the chain and heard the shrieking inside of his ear. He was going to kill Ryuuzaki. That's all there was to it. "What the hell are you doing on the floor screaming, Ryuuzaki? What is wrong with you!"

"Light-kun?" L stopped screaming when Light started yelling at him. Something was amiss. L shifted his eyes to the giant stringy, laughing monster. Still there. Moving his eyes back to Light he came to another conclusion: Still angry and apparently not noticing the monster. Curious. "Um, Light…"

"He can't see me, so don't even bother telling him. Just make something up and tell him to go back to sleep."

L paused to consider the monster Ryuk's interruption. He might just have a point and things were just getting more curious by the second. And Light was getting angrier for every second that L stared at him without talking. That vein around his eye was going to pop soon. "It was nothing, Light-kun. I had a nightmare."

Light raised an eyebrow at the strange detective. Sure, he was a genius and Light respected him. But the guy was just too much sometimes. "A nightmare?"

"Yes. I do have them occasionally."

"Why were you sleeping on the floor next to my bed?" Light plopped his head into his hands, unaware of the chuckling Shinigami watching. "Don't you usually sleep on that couch on the other side?"

L blinked again. He wasn't aware that Light knew when he slept, let alone where. He should have known the boy was more observant than he gave him credit for. "Ah, I decided to have a change of pace?"

"Since when?"

L looked up from his spot on the floor at the eyes staring at him. Light's anger had subsided and now there was only annoyance. Well, that was good. L didn't want Light to be angry with him, even if he was Kira. "Since now, but clearly it didn't work too well. I'm sorry for waking you, Light-kun. I really was planning on trying to be good tonight."

Light smiled a little as the detective tried for a childish grin. It was probably the truth as Ryuuzaki usually did mean well. "Alright, but no more tonight. Okay? And let me sleep in tomorrow. Please? Misa's coming over first thing in the morning to do something or other and I'm really not in the mood to see her again on yet another night of over eventful nights…"

L chuckled a little to himself as his friend began to ramble. He seemed to do that when he was truly tired. He stopped when he realized the unexpected guest was laughing at Light, too. "Okay, okay. I understand. Goodnight, Light-kun."

Light paused when he caught himself rambling on. He really had to work on that in the future. "Goodnight, Ryuuzaki."

L let out a small breath as he pulled himself up off the floor. Light had already fallen face first into his pillow and was doing his best impression to ignore the world. L gave him another thirty minutes before he was completely out. In the meantime, he had other things to deal with that came in the form of a tall laughing thing.

"Looks like he still gets cranky when he doesn't get enough sleep." Ryuk chuckled as Light buried his head further into the pillow to ignore the clinking chain as L moved back to his spot in his swirling chair. He'd have to wait for the kid to sleep before he could straighten things out with the new guy.

L sat and watched. This Ryuk wasn't as frightening once you had a good look at him. He looked more sickly than anything with his limbs stretched out and his face smashed in. And he seemed to be a curious bloke at that with the way he hovered about the room. The detective made note that the thing's eyes would often linger on Light in the bed. What could that mean?

As Light's breathing evened out and the boy rolled over, L attempted contact again. "You said your name is Ryuk?"

"Yup, that's me."

"And what are you exactly?"

"A shinigami, god of death."

"Shinigami?" It took all of L's control to keep his voice down with the exclamation. L, did you know gods of death love apples?

"Ha ha, that's true. We do. Or at least, I do." Ryuk chuckled.

L looked up. "Did I say that out loud?"

The shinigami tilted his head. "Yup."

"My, I am off my game tonight, aren't I?" L almost laughed. This was just too good and he couldn't keep the grin off of his face. He also had a craving for cake, but that would have to wait. "But it's not every day one meets a Shinigami."

Ryuk shrugged. He had to figure out some way to make this work before things got too far out of hand. Ryuk just hoped that the boredom that started this nonsense would be lifted. The sooner he got all this sorted out, the sooner he could get an apple. And maybe play Mario Cart. That would be fun, too.

"Why did you stop me from throwing the notebook?"

"What?" Ryuk looked down at Light's rival who was staring at him. And to think Light had called him creepy.

"Answer the question." L narrowed his eyes. The surprise was over and it was time to take control of the situation. He groped at the table for anything with sugar in it. He was going to need the energy.

"Oh, if you touch the notebook you can see me." Ryuk huffed a little and wondered just how far he was going to get before breaking a rule.

L lifted an eyebrow. "And that would be bad?"

Ryuk didn't even hesitate with his "Yes." Because it was true. If Light got his hands back on that Death Note and found out that L knew about it than Ryuk was one dead Shinigami. Light was a genius and he would find a way to murder him even if Ryuk killed Light first. This shinigami was sure of that much.


Ryuk laughed. "Take a guess."

L rolled his eyes. "You're not very cooperative, are you?"

"Nope." Ryuk laughed. "I'm not on your side."

L quirked a smile. Seems the shinigami liked to play games over collaboration. That was just fine by him. "Then who's side are you on?"

"Hyuk, hyuk. I'm not that easy."

"Should have figured as much." L leaned back into his chair and stared at the ceiling. Here he was having a conversation with a Shinigami in the middle of the night. "Were you here all week?"

Ryuk let out a weak laugh. He knew screwing with the kid's head with the blanket was a bit too much over the line. "Maybe."

"I'll take that as a yes." L looked over to the bed when Light shifted. All of the events had revolved around that boy one way or another. So that could only lead to one conclusion. "You were here to see Light? Why?"

Ryuk kept his mouth shut and decided that a change in topic would be very nice at the moment. "Don't you want to know about that notebook? It's yours now, after all."

L stored the abrupt change in conversation away for further exploration. But for now, he turned back to the notebook. "This is mine now? Who did it belong to before?"

"Not allowed to tell you that. Or about anyone else who owns one or ever did own one." Ryuk stretched a little with his hands over his head. He had a feeling he was going to get suckered into telling the brat things one way or another.

"There are rules, then?"

Ryuk's grin seemed to engulf the shinigami's face as he laughed. "You have no idea."

"Then tell me."

Light woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in over a week, but choose to keep his eyes shut just a little longer in order to relish the feeling. He knew shortly that he'd have to crawl out of bed and face Ryuuzaki and discuss whatever madness they had experienced that night. Then he'd deal with Misa and then, maybe, maybe then, he could do some real work on the damned Kira case. The fact that madman was still out on the prowl and loose drove Light crazy inside.

Opening his eyes to the dully painted wall, Light yawned into his arm and brushed his hair out of his eyes. Sitting up right and turning he nearly had a heart attack from the shock. "Ryuuzaki, are you okay?"

"Oh, Light-kun. Good morning." L looked up from his seat to see Light awake and seemingly puzzled. Not that he blamed the boy. This was probably the first time his friend at seen L sprawled out and leant back into a chair like a 'normal' person. Must be the exhaustion. Whether it was from the lack of sleep or the weight on his soul from the conversation with the shinigami last night, L didn't know. "Did you sleep well after that rude wake-up call last night?"

"Uh, yes. I guess." Light shifted over to L's side of the bed and put his feet over the side. L looked like he just killed somebody. "Are you sure you're okay? First nightmares, and now this um, unique posture?"

"Yes, I'm fine. I just haven't had my usual amount of sleep the past few days. I'm too tired to keep my legs up. That's all."

"Well, if you're sure." Something was definitely wrong with Ryuuzaki. "Maybe you should take it easy today, or something?"

"I just might do that." L pulled himself up for the chair for the morning routine of showering and dressing. Maybe a little normalcy might get some things off of his mind. "Thank-you for your concern, Light-kun."

"Of course." Light cracked a little smile. "We're friends."

Ryuk, in the meantime as the two boys walked towards the restroom now immersed in morning chatter, chuckled to himself. "This otta' be good."