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Chapter 5

"I hate to admit it, but that Aiber and Wedy are amazing." Light whistled at he stared at the monitor. Before him on the wide screen was a table of eight men bickering back and forth over who they were going to kill next. It was disgusting on a level he didn't think possible, but he kept watching the screen anyway. Part of his brain was wondering how they could be so stupid about the whole thing. It would make more sense to keep something like the ability to kill to oneself; unless of course this new Kira was so stupid that his coworkers figured out he was one of them. So they were dealing with an idiot Kira and a bunch of really smart business men. Wonderful. "They got all those cameras set up in less than a day."

L nodded with a smile. He made sure that each and everyone one of their homes was going to be bugged to the max; if one of the Yotsuba board members had a Death Note he'd be sure to catch them in the act. Best of all, he'd be the only one who knew what they were looking for. If he found them early, he could find some way to have them arrested without getting the notebook involved in the official investigation. It wasn't too difficult to manipulate the evidence to incriminate someone in other ways; the benefits of being a genius on a mission. And, that way, Light-kun and Misa-chan would be safe from those horrible notebooks. "And sometime next week, Aiber will be starting that con job we talked about."

Light turned his head away from the monitor to his friend. Despite the suspects on the screen, he still insisted that they remained handcuffed to one another. Light couldn't understand why, but he had learned that arguing with the detective was pointless. He rubbed his watch to clean off the face so that it was free from smudges. It was nearing three o'clock and Light was getting a bit hungry. "Where he pretends to be you?"


"You think that'll work?"

"It'll shake them up at the very least. If any one of them knows which of the eight is Kira, than it might get him to spill."

"I'll take your word for it." Light sat down at the desk and opened up a profile list of the eight members. If they each handled different functions of the company, than maybe Kira was benefiting his section more than the others. "I'm going to do a little research."

"Alright, Light-kun." L nodded as the younger boy started flipping through the profiles Aiber and Wedy had collected for him. Ryuk, for once, was keeping quiet and staring intently at the screen. The shinigami's eyes were scanning it up and down looking at the individual people. He was looking for something. L's eyes widened. Of course! Ryuk could see other shinigami which meant that he could see Kira's shinigami. Ryuk knew which one was the new Kira. L narrowed his eyes when Ryuk started laughing. Looks like he found him. But there was one problem: It was doubtful Ryuk would give out the information that easily.

L wondered how many apples it would take to get Ryuk to break a rule of his. Every human had their price, so why not a shinigami? The thought almost made L smile; the very idea of bribing something like a god with something so mundane as an apple was entertaining.

"Ryuuzaki, something up?" Light raised an eyebrow at the smirking detective. Light could feel his own smile creeping onto his face. It was true: smiles were contagious. Especially since Ryuuzaki didn't smile very often of his own accord. "You look amused."

"Just excited about being so close to catching the felon, Light-kun." L looked up at Ryuk just behind Light and motioned to his eyes with the screen. Ryuk snorted and mumbled an amused Not a chance.

"Okay." L was definitely being weirder than usual. Light sighed to himself. He never knew how to handle the the other man. He chuckled a bit though; it was still sort of nice to see L so happy. Maybe after this whole Kira nonsense was over they could work on this odd friendship. "I guess I am. too. Once we catch him I'll be able to clear my name."

"Yes, yes you will." L smiled at his friend who was now sporting a grin on his own face. Friend. L wanted to keep things that way. More than you'll ever know, Light-kun.

"Hey guys!" Matsuda shouted as he entered the room. He was still a little stiff from being cooped up in the headquarters twenty-four seven (It wasn't good for a dead man to be spotted running around...or so he was told.), but he was handling it okay. "Wedy said that she just finished bugging three of the Yotusba CEO's homes."

"Yes, that's good. Thank-you." L sighed. He knew when she was done when she e-mailed him twenty minutes ago, but the least he could do was humor Matsuda. Otherwise the man sulked, and considering he now looked like a puppy given a treat, L decided it was for the best. "Is there anything else?"

"She said she'll be done with the others by tomorrow morning." Matsuda nodded. "If you guys need anything else I'll be with Chief Yagami going over some files he printed out."

"Thank-you, Matsuda." Light nodded as the perky man left. Seemed everyone was in a good mood. But now, they didn't have much to do until Wedy finished hooking up the cameras. And he was having an odd craving all of a sudden.

A craving that probably had nothing to do with the shinigami that he could not see nor hear that was chanting 'apples' in his ear now that he'd located which human Rem was haunting. He was a smarmy looking man with his spiky hair and beady eyes. The shinigami couldn't help but bring Rem's judgement under question but ignored it; this just made things more fun. Though, Ryuk hoped he could get through to the kid's subconscious with his constant pestering for apples. Because that L brat was ignoring him again.

However, Light merely stopped typing and tilted his head before speaking to the creepy detective. "Say, Ryuuzaki."

L looked up from his personal computer monitor that he had been reading bios from as a review when the young man called him. It was unusual for Light-kun to start a conversation so casually; not that L minded. "Yes, Light-kun?"

"I'm in the mood for apple pie."

L blinked. That was an odd request. "I was under the impression that Light-kun did not like sweets."

"Apple pie isn't sweet unless you add extra sugar." Light smiled at L's stunned expression. It wasn't often he'd get to see that sort of face. "Since we're just sitting around waiting, why don't we get a slice?"

"Okay. That sounds alright." L nearly laughed. Ryuk was pouting horribly behind Light. Seems his subliminal chanting only worked half-way. "Let's get some pie."

Misa was bored.

The only work she'd be able to do lately was work on that commercial with her new manager, Mogi, for those bad men at Yotsuba. While it did mean she was getting paid and even more famous, she still wasn't doing much to help Light and the others. Holding the cover they had created when Matsui-kun got into trouble is only helping things out so much. She really wanted to be of more use! It's not like she was an idiot; Misa was capable of doing lots of things. Like find out who this new Kira was! If Misa could do that than Light should be really happy with her.

Misa sat up from her position laid out on her own bed with a new fiery determination. The only way she could find out more is if she went to Yotsuba herself and talked to Rem again. Maybe the shinigami could help her and that way she could trick the man into giving himself up. Misa used to be the second Kira according to Rem, didn't she? That meant she could figure this out no problem!

Though, she probably needed to double check her plan with Light first. As Kira, he was sure to have a plan in motion already. It probably wouldn't be a good thing if she messed that up; he might get angry with her. But, if what Rem said is right, than Light doesn't remember being Kira in the first place. That on it's own could cause problems...unless it was part of Light's plan in the first place. Sometimes her boyfriend could be too confusing! Misa plopped back onto the bed. She was back where she started.

The young blonde blew some hair out of her face. Maybe she'd just go to Light and ask him in person what he wanted her to do, be it directly Kira related or not. Assuming that Ryuuzaki let her see him! That detective seemed to enjoy keeping her Light away from her and Misa didn't like it one tiny bit! At least now after thinking about it she knew just why she never did like the detective very much. He was L. L was Kira's enemy. If Misa used to be a Kira, than that made him her enemy, too. But more importantly, it meant L was Light's enemy, too.

When it came down to it, Misa had to protect Light from not only the Yotsuba Kira, but she also had to watch his back when it came to Ryuuzaki. Misa had to be extra careful not to let anything slip to let him know that she had met Rem or knew about the original Kira. On the off chance him remaining in the dark about everything was part of his plans, that would only cause trouble. She'd never forgive herself if she hurt Light's plans like that!

With that in mind, Misa decided that tomorrow she'd ask Light what she could do to help the investigation. That way she was being productive without letting Ryuuzaki know anything. After all, she wasn't doing anything more than helping out her boyfriend, right?

L stretched his arms over his head contently as he and Light sat together in their living room. Misa was napping in her room, he had pie in his stomach and Light was sitting to his side reading something not-Kira related for the first time in ages. From the cover, it looked to be an interesting fiction novel about murder; L noted it was not a mystery. When you added in that Wedy only had one house left to bug, it was obvious where L's good mood was coming from. Not even Ryuk pouting in the corner from not getting any apples could ruin it.

"You seem to be in good spirits, Ryuuzaki." Light noted without taking his eyes away from the book. The author had a knack for describing the mind of a serial killer that was eerily hitting home for some reason. But even if it made him uncomfortable, he couldn't seem to make himself stop reading. "Was going out for pie the icing on the cake for your excitement earlier?"

"Something like that, Light-kun." L stuck his thumb on the corner of his mouth and leaned over Light's shoulder. "I do not believe I've read that one. Is it any good?"

"So far." Light looked up after the chapter was finished. He held his place using his index finger when he sat the book on his lap. Light chuckled. "It's much better than the mystery books this author has written because you know who the killer is from the first page. Which means that there can't be any disappointment when I figure out the killer too soon."

"Light-kun is sure of his deductive abilities." L smirked when Light frowned. It was far too much fun to tease his ego. "I'm sure he always guesses before they reveal it in mystery novels."

"Not always." Light snorted. "But for this particular author anybody can figure it out."

"If his writing is that poor, than why does Light-kun continue to read his books?"

Light rolled his eyes. "Is it a crime to try out his other genre to see if there's a difference?"

"No, of course not." L smiled as Light sunk into the couch. "So, what's it about?"

"A killer who thinks his murder is justified because he only kills bad people." Light looked up at the ceiling as he tried to remember some of the earlier events in the book. Not that he'd admit it to L, but he was only half paying attention while he read most of it. The only parts that were interesting were the psychopath's internal monologues. "He's confused at why the police are looking for him and want to arrest him. That confusion turns to anger and that's about how far I've gotten."

L blinked. "That sounds rather familiar if you don't mind me saying."

"Yeah," Light chuckled lightly and rubbed under his nose with his free hand. His watch glinted from the movement and Light noticed it was getting to be later in the evening. "I noticed the irony, too. It sounds like Kira doesn't it?"

"It does." L frowned. It was almost too ironic if you asked L that Light was practically reading a book about himself. "What do you think? Do you agree with the killer in the book?"

"Not really." Light responded slowly. Truth be told, he couldn't completely blame the man in the book for his actions. Once you got into his head and saw where he was coming from, it was easy to understand what the killer was going through. It made him hard to hate. "But I can understand why he's doing what he does."

"I see."

From there the conversation dulled into silence. Not knowing what else to do, Light reopened the book to start the next chapter. It was nearing eleven o'clock and L refused to go to bed before midnight. That gave him a good hour to finish reading the next few chapters. He could hear L pulling out his laptop and start clicking away beside him. The sound was strangely soothing tonight.

It had taken forever, but Ryuk was finally sure that the creepy human had fallen asleep. It had taken intense watching to tell the difference between when he was faking and really asleep, but Ryuk was confidant in his findings. He snickered to himself as he ripped a tiny corner out of the Death Note in the drawer; Rem said a little sliver was all you needed to get a visual without memories. Just what Ryuk needed. He chuckled to himself as he walked over to the bed where Light was sleeping like a baby. All cosy and snuggled into the blankets without a clue of what was going on around him. Perfect.

Remember Light's first reaction to his presence, Ryuk placed a clawed and firmly over the boy's mouth and pressed. Light's eyebrows scrunched from the unfamiliar weight, but did not open. With his free hand, Ryuk ran the piece of paper down Light's cheek and tossed it into his side holder so it wouldn't fall on the floor. He wasn't stupid enough to leave evidence lying around for that L guy to find. Hand now free of paper, he shook Light's shoulder. The boy moaned into his hand and tried to roll on his side, but the weight kept him. After a second shake, the eyes fluttered open and, as predicted, Light screamed.

Ryuk was thankful his hand was in the way or that L guy was sure to wake up. When Light realized that he couldn't make a sound he pulled his feet up and tried to grab at Ryuk's arm; Ryuk let him phase right through. The shinigami hissed quietly at him to kindly be quiet. "Stop screaming and kicking or I'll kill you."

Light obeyed the giant creepy monster and closed his mouth; he did not doubt that the monster would keep his word. His eyes darted to the side to see if L was going to do anything about this situation, but discovered he was asleep. Of all the times that guy could be sleeping it had to be now. Though, considering this might give validation to all of Ryuuzaki's late night insanity the past few weeks, Light was kinda glad he was asleep. Either way he looked back up at the monster and controlled his breathing.

Ryuk chuckled when he watched Light's eyes go from shocked, to angry at L, to slightly confused. Once they started settling into that 'I'm a god who do you think you are?' look he was used to see, the shinigami chuckled. "Okay, here's the deal. I'm Ryuk. I'm a god of death and you're Kira."

"WHAT?" Light tried to shout, but it came out as more of a muffled 'MWWHA?' through the leathery skin.

"Yeah, I know. You're thinkin' I'm crazy." Ryuk licked his lips and kept his eyes on L. The last thing he needed was for him to wake up. "You had this crazy idea to give up your Death Note (the thing you used to kill people) and get it back later after you were cleared of suspicion." Ryuk shrugged. "Not quite sure how you had it all planned out, but I was bored and tried to give you the book back early. Didn' work so well."

Light lifted an eyebrow. This was crazy; Light was pretty sure he'd remember something as important as the fact he was Ki-

"And don't give me that look. When you give up a Death Note you forget about having it." Ryuk chuckled when Light glared. Ah, things were going to be fun. "Anyway, I'm bored so I thought it would be fun to tip you in on stuff." Light looked to be listening, so Ryuk continued. "Like say let you know about stuff you forgot. Fun, huh?"

Light's breathing was calm now and he was pretty sure that the huge thing on him was just creepy looking, not terrifying. He wished the lug would take his hand off his mouth so he could speak, though.

"Oh, but there's a catch." Light rolled his eyes at him and Ryuk snorted. "Yeah, yeah, you knew that already. This is important, you can't let him," Ryuk pointed to L, "know that you can see or hear me."

Well, that was different. Light looked over at the still sleeping Ryuuzaki and wondered what was so important about keeping Ryuk a secret. Heck, for all Light knew the shinigami was lying to him about this whole Kira thing. Now he really wanted to talk. Light pointed at the arm and glared best he could.

"No, you don't get to talk yet." Ryuk laughed softly. "You'll never shut up." Light looked significantly insulted, so that was good. "But just to make sure, if you let him know about me than this won't be fun anymore and I'll get bored with you."

Light could hardly see what that had to do with anythi-

"And then I'll have to kill you both."

Now, Light understood the catch and huffed. He wished the thing would stop interrupting his thoughts. Though, he was still curious as to why he was being told all of this. Granted, if the shinigami just wanted to have some fun, than he probably didn't need much of a reason. So, Light huffed into the hand.

"Glad we're at an understanding." Ryuk pulled his hand off of the kid's mouth and revealed the pout he already knew was there. Light was going to kill him when he got that Death Note back. "I'd tell you more but I'd be breaking some rules."

Light made sure to whisper when he replied to make sure Ryuuzaki didn't wake up. "What was the point of telling me this again? Wouldn't it be easier for Ryuuzaki to not know that I knew you were there if I really didn't?"

"This is more fun. 'Cause he thinks you can't see me. Nobody can unless they do something special."

"Did I do that?"

"I did it for you."

"Wonderful." Light rubbed his eyes with his hand and sighed. This whole thing was crazy. In fact, maybe if he went to sleep he'd wake up in the morning and this would all be a crazy dream brought on by too much time with his dear friend Ryuuzaki. "I'm going to sleep."

"Oh yeah," Ryuk started before reaching for an apple on the side table. One last thing to mention before Light decided to ignore him. "Misa's the other Kira. She found out the same way you did from her shinigami."

Light shoved his pillow over his head.