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Trial of the Hearts

The infamous Barry Switch was announcing the big game between Middleton and East Side. His unique voice came across the radio as James Possible listened to a small radio on his desk. He sooo wished he could be there to see the game, but a Wind Watch was issued for the space center, and he drew the short stick to stand watch that night.

James leaned forward listening intently to the last play of the game. He had a friendly bet on the game with a colleague for a bottle of soda, and he did not want to pay up, as it was a matter of pride. Especially since his Kimmie-Cub was the head cheerleader for the team.

"It's Fourth and goal to go, about 8 yards out. Five seconds are left on the clock, and Middleton has just taken their last time-out. Down by 4 points, they need a touchdown to win.

"Both first and second string quarterbacks are out of the game with various injuries, so the star Running Back and one-time Quarterback Ron Stoppable is calling the last play of the game. Here he comes from the sideline with a play that Coach Barkin apparently has just come up with. It took the entire timeout to draw it up and explain it to Stoppable. I hope this young man gets it right.

"Here we go now… The referee has just whistled the game into play, and here we go! Stoppable yells off a long count, trying to pull the defense off sides. There's only 5 seconds left on the play clock now, and the Center has finally centered the ball!

"It's on the ground! The ball is on the ground! Stoppable backed out from under Center and he missed the ball! Wait! The left guard just moved to his right and scooped the ball up and is now running with it! The entire defense is converging on his location, and now he's lateraled back to… Stoppable! Stoppable has the ball! This young man can really run!

"He's looped around and now he's heading towards the other sideline, and the entire defensive line is completely faked out! Time has now run out on the clock! He HAS to get in to the end zone!"

"Up the field Ronald! Get in there!" James yelled as he was really getting into the game, and he was now on his feet listening to the radio.

"Uh oh! Here comes East Side's star Line –Backer Derrick Masters, and the two Safeties! They're converging on Stoppable who lowers his head and slams right into them on the one-yard line! He's not going to make it!

"Wait! Stoppable bounced off the front two defenders, and has spun around heading straight for the front corner goal marker! Masters lowers his head again, and Stoppable leaps over Masters head! Holy Cow! Stoppable just cleared over the top of Masters who stands at least 6 foot 2!

"Stoppable lands on his shoulders, rolls, and stands back up with the ball still in his hands! Touchdown! Middleton Mad Dogs win! Mad Dogs win! They've beaten the East Side Panthers after a string of 4 losses in a row! This is incredible!

"The entire crowd has now emptied out onto the field, and Stoppable is now being hoisted up onto the shoulders of his teammates. This young man is just incredible! He really is un-Stoppable!"

"Yeah! Yes! Allenford, you owe me a soda!" James yelled loudly and danced around his office almost as giddy as a schoolgirl.

…x x x x…

Kim had to literally push herself through the crowd to get to her boyfriend, who had single handedly just won one of the schools biggest games, and beat one of their biggest rivals. She finally made it to his side just as the linemen set him back down on the ground.

The grin on Ron's face was huge, and when he saw Kim, it got even bigger. He immediately wrapped his arms around her shoulders, dipped her down, and gave his girlfriend a huge kiss right there on the field in front of everybody! Light bulbs flashed all over, and after a few seconds he stood back up. Kim was taken completely off guard and had a "deer in the headlights" look about her.

When she finally shook her head to clear herself, who did Kim see walking up to her, but Bonnie Rockwaller. "Your boyfriend almost cost us the game Possible! He put the ball on the ground! He fumbled! If it wasn't for that Left Guard, we would have lost the game!"

"It was a designed play, Bonnie." Ron said as he placed his arm around Kim's shoulders, holding her tight against him.

"What?" Bonnie was almost livid. "You don't design a play where the ball is intentionally fumbled. It's just not done! So stop lying, and admit you fumbled!"

"He's not lying, Rockwaller." Barkin's voice boomed just behind the brunette cheerleader "Haven't you ever heard of a 'Fumble-Roosky'?"

"A… what?" She said, her voice noticeably quieter.

"It was a term used by an announcer during a Nebraska Cornhuskers game a long time ago." He pointed a meaty finger at Bonnie. "You need to read up on football history, Rockwaller… Especially if you want to go to college on a Cheerleading scholarship."

Coach Barkin then turned towards Kim and Ron. "Speaking of which… I think there's a few recruiters who would like to talk to both of you on the sideline over there." He pointed to five men who all wore a cap of the teams they were there representing.

Ron and Kim saw that they were all schools that were powerhouses in football, and they also had tremendous academics. The five were the Michigan Wolverines, the USC Trojans, the Florida State Seminoles, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and of course, the Nebraska Cornhuskers!

Both Kim and Ron were able to shake the hands of each schools representative and had taken a business card from each. Since the next day was Saturday, it was promised to be full of doing interviews with each of the representatives.

…x x x x…

They had done interviews as both a couple and separate, and each time the interviewer was left feeling very impressed with each of the people they had interviewed. It didn't matter if they were alone, or together.

Needless to say, that evening, both teens were very, very tired. They tried to stay awake that evening after a meal made By Kim's mom by watching TV, but the day had been just too mentally draining. Kim's Mom came into the room and found them both sound asleep on the couch.

Ron was leaning back into the corner of the couch, one leg stretched out on the cushions, and the other hanging over the edge. Kim was nestled up against his side, one arm behind his back, and the other lay gently on his chest. Ron's arm was draped over her side in a protective, yet loving manner.

Anne stood there for a bit smiling at the cute scene, and picked up the half-full glasses that were sitting on the coffee table. After returning from the kitchen, she went back into the TV room, grabbed a light blanket from a nearby closet, and gently lay it over the two teens. When she lay the blanket over the two, Anne leaned over and gently kissed each of them on the forehead.

Kim didn't move or make a sound when she did so, but when she Kissed Ron, he moved a bit, and mumbled just loud enough for her to hear what he said. "Mmmm… Love you too, KP."

…x x x x…

Beep beep be deep

Beep beep be deep

Kim groaned, and brought her wrist to her other hand to press the answer button. Just before she pressed it to answer the call, she realized where she was. Curled up against Ron on the couch!

Beep beep be deep

Gently she moved back and off of Ron, and was able to sit down on the floor with her back against the couch. She then saw Ron move slightly as he too started to wake up. She pressed the button and answered Wade in a hushed voice.

"Hey Wade… What's the sitch?"

"Just got a call from Scotland Yard, Kim."

"England? That's new. What do they want?" Kim asked narrowing her eyes a bit, and she felt Ron lean over behind her to look at the screen. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, and made her feel… comfortable.

"It looks like Shego and Junior are at it again, but this time they're after the crown jewels. The local authorities gave chase, and now have them trapped on one of the towers of Tower Bridge."

"So why do they need us?" Ron asked

"Take a look." Wade said, and the picture went to static for only a second. Then a picture came up from a nearby security camera that he had hacked into.

Both Shego and Junior could clearly be seen standing on one of the tower's walkways that stretched across the top. Junior was holding a large brown bag, supposedly with the jewels and Shego was blasting at any of the police that came near them.

"Looks like we need a ride Wade. And quick."

"Should be there in 15 guys."

"Thanks Wade, you Rock." The screen went black, and the young heroes were ready to go in 10 minutes. That left them standing out in the front yard for 5 minutes. And what do you think two teens in love found to do for 5 minutes?

…x x x x…

The pilot of the experimental Scram jet Will Du, brought the horizontal lift engines online and glanced out his window to see if his passengers were ready. He saw them standing outside waiting, but they weren't looking his way. In fact, it looked like the two had their faces glued together. The thrust of his engines were blowing dirt and leaves all around the two, but it didn't even phase them. In the interest of time, Will opted not to shut them down when he lowered the ramp for the two to enter.

He made a few checks of everything to make sure all was still in running order, and turned around to see if they had entered yet. What he saw gave him mild surprise, as both Kim and Ron were already in their seats and any baggage they had was already stored.

"I do hope you realize Miss Possible," He said with his usual air of pompous over confidence, "That your ride with me is one-way. I have to return this vehicle back to the states immediately. This is only the second international trip the plane has done, and the designers wish to check it over as soon as they can."

"That's fine with us." Kim said as she took Ron's hand. "We might stay a bit longer after we take care of business anyway."

"Hang on…" Will said, and within seconds they were heading almost straight up and into the stratosphere so they could hit Mach 20. As a result, they arrived in London in just over an hour.

They had to land on a secured military landing strip to keep prying eyes away from the jet. As soon as they stepped off, Will hit the engines again and took off back to the United States. A Police car was there to take them to the bridge, and they arrived in about 15 minutes. When they arrived, they saw one of Shego's blasts shoot out over the water.

"OK Ron… we need to get inside one of those towers, and get up on top of the same walkway they're on, and take them both out. And save the Crown Jewels too.

"That's all?" Ron said as he looked up at the imposing bridge.

"I think I have something in the trunk that will help you, love." The driver said. He got out of the car and went around to the trunk, opened it up, and pulled out two long trench coats and a couple of wide brimmed hats.

Kim and Ron put them on, and were able to walk through the crowds with no problem, and they arrived in the tower closest to them. After shucking the improvised disguises, they hoofed it to the top of the tower, and onto the walkway. Immediately they saw the hole that Shego had blasted out so they could get on top.

"Now why would they want to get on top of this thing Kim?" Ron asked sounding perplexed. "They just cornered themselves."

"I'm guessing someone is going to pick them up. Probably a helicopter, or a plane of some kind."

They crawled through the hole, and looked around. 300 feet off the water didn't bother Kim any, but Ron gulped a bit when he saw just how high up they were. He was glad he left Rufus back at Kim's house. The little guy didn't like heights much.

"Down!" Kim yelled and pushed Ron down hard. She fell on top of his back as a green blast shot over her, singing a small amount of hair. Immediately the two jumped up and separated to give Shego two targets instead of one.

Kim headed straight for Shego and expertly dodged her subsequent blasts. Ron sprinted towards Junior, who stood motionless holding the bag with one hand. He stopped a few feet in front of his target, and dropped into an offensive stance.

"The jig is up Junior. You have no where to go."

"I don't think so, Ron Stoppable. You see… we are just waiting for our ride."

"Speaking… of which… Junior… Where is it? You're the one with the remote!" Shego yelled out as she and Kim were by now exchanging punches and kicks.

"I am?" Junior said, and patted his pockets. He pulled a small controller out of his pocket no larger than a small flashlight and pressed a button. "It's coming now."

Ron couldn't believe his good fortune and took advantage of Junior's distraction. He leaped forward and snatched the bag out of Junior's hand before he could react.

"I got the jewels Kim!" Ron called out and took off towards the hole they had come through earlier. Just a few feet from his destination, Junior tackled Ron around the ankles with a flying leap, and the bag of jewels flew out of Ron's hands! "…oof!"

Ron rolled over onto his back just as he saw Junior leap into the air to land on top of him. Quickly Ron gathered his legs up and kicked out into Junior's stomach, flipping him over his head. Junior landed on his back next to the bag with a loud clang!

Junior stood with a hand to his head, and saw the bag at his feet. He then heard the sound of jet engines and looked to his left to see the Hover Jet he had called with the remote. "Shego! Our ride is here!"

"Finally!" He heard Shego say, and saw her throw another blast at Kim, who easily leaped out of the way and over her head.

Junior grabbed the bag and started to run towards the plane which by now was in a holding position above the walkway with a rope ladder extended down. Just before he could reach it, Ron caught him with a sliding kick to his ankles, tripping him up. Once again the bag containing the Crown Jewels went flying. This time it slid to the edge, and began inching over as the weight shifted inside.

Ron had a choice. Either stop Junior from getting on the plane, or save the Crown Jewels. He made his decision and ran for the bag. His eyes were locked onto the bag and he could see it inching it's way over the edge. If it fell into the river, they could be lost forever.

He was just a few feet way when it finally slid over the edge and he leaped out and caught the bag with one hand, his other one hanging onto the edge of the walkway.

…x x x x…

Kim saw Ron leap over the edge to get the Crown Jewels, and called out. "Ron!"

"I'm OK Kim… At least for now!" She heard his voice call up. She didn't dare take her eyes off of Shego.

"Well Kimmie…" Shego said with her hands flared up. "It looks like you at least have the jewels, but you're not going to get me. The green villainess let loose two shots just high enough to make Kim fall down to keep from being hit, and by that time Junior had climbed into the hover jet, and was now over her so Shego could grab onto the rope ladder.

With a flying leap Kim just missed grabbing onto Shego's boots, and landed back on the walk with a roll. Standing back up, Kim growled to no one as she watched the plane slowly pull away with Shego climbing up into the belly of the jet. As soon as she made it inside, the jet's forward thrust kicked in, and the two villains were gone.

"Kiimm! A little help here?" Ron's voice pulled her eyes away from the vapor trail left by the jet. She went over to the edge, dropped the line from her grappling gun, and pulled Ron back up.

"Thanks Kim." Ron said as they hugged and then they all heard the crowd below cheering. Ron held up the bag of jewels in triumph and just as a helicopter's spotlight landed on them, his pants decided to fall down. "Aww Mann!"

…x x x x…

After returning the Crown Jewels back to the authorities, Kim and Ron were given a room in one of the finer hotels nearby for the night. Just as they were getting ready for bed, the phone rang, and Kim answered.

"Yes… Yes this is Kim Possible… Really? …She wants to do what? …Really? OK then. Ron and I will be ready in the morning. Thank-you very much. Goodbye."

"What was that about Kim?" Ron asked as he stepped up behind her and started to gently massage the kinks out of her shoulders.

"Ohhh… That feels good." Kim said, enjoying Ron's ministrations. "That was just one of the Queens charges saying that we are to meet with the Queen tomorrow in a special ceremony of some sort… Oh yeah, right there… You better stop that Ron, or I won't be responsible for my actions."

"And just what might those actions be?" He said with any eyebrow raised.

Kim turned around in his arms and looked up into his eyes. She pulled his head down a bit and whispered into his ear. This was one of the few times that Ron blushed. With his mouth slightly open, Ron watched as his girlfriend sauntered towards the bed in her robe.

She bared one shoulder, and looked back at Ron over it. If Ron's jaw hadn't already hit the floor from hearing that the Queen of England wished to have an audience with them, the look that Kim just gave him did.

To be continued…

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