This is a Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction where two girls move to Tokyo and wind up going to the same school as Yusuke, Kuwabara and Kurama (I know Kurama goes to a different school, but they go to the same one in my story!!) One is a witch and well practiced in the martial arts, and she draws the attention of the Rekai Tentai almost immediately... just as she notices them. And, as always, Hiei is hiding in the shadows, taking stock of the situation...


And I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho. Just my characters, Chantelle and Kristi.


Kristi took in a deep breath of the air and sighed happily. "Coming to Japan was a great idea, Chantelle! Even in the city, it smells like you're by the ocean! You don't get that in Edmonton... or anyplace in Canada, really... except for Vancouver and Halifax."

Chantelle smiled. "Yeah, and the people seem to be really friendly, too. I just hope that the teachers aren't as bad as people keep saying. I'd hate to have to put them in their place."

The blonde girl winced. "Chantelle, please... don't do anything that's going to draw attention to you."

The girl snorted. "We'll be fine, Kristi, don't worry. Besides, it's always cool to start over where nobody knows you. And school is where the big fun can really happen."

Kristi sighed, knowing there was nothing she could say or do that would stop her friend. But then she brightened. "Well, at least we don't have to wear uniforms since this is our final year."

Chantelle nodded. "Yeah, that's something I was worried about. I just can't picture myself in a sailor outfit at any time, thank you. And some of those skirts are WAY too short."

She nodded in agreement. Their conversation ended on that note as they entered their new school... Sarayashiki High.


Yusuke, Kuwabara and Kurama were visiting before the first class of the day started. The teacher had not yet arrived, and the rest of the class was more or less in a total frenzy, with the students going insane, taking full advantage of the lack of supervision.

The fox demon frowned slightly. "You'd think we were in the second grade with the way they're carrying on," he said.

Yusuke nodded. "I know what you mean, Suichi. I'm supposed to be the baddest kid in school, but not even I'm that juvenile."

Kuwabara looked at them. "Hey, did ya hear that we're supposed to get two new students today?"

Kurama nodded. "I've been aware of that since yesterday. I believe Kouji saw them registering in the office yesterday, but for some unknown reason, they decided not to start their classes until today."

Yusuke shrugged. "It's only the second week of our final year. They probaby just moved here and had to unpack."

Kurama calmly moved his head to the side as an eraser whizzed by it. "I believe Kouji said they were two girls... a blonde and a brunette. I assume they are pretty, since he was going on about them for the entire day."

"I guess we'll find out when..."

"Hello, class!!" A loud voice said, making all but the three of them jump. The rest of the students were scrambling to get to their desks while the teacher stood in the doorway, his arms across his chest and a slight frown on his face.

When all the students were seated and quietly facing forward, he nodded and entered the class.

"As I'm sure some of you may have heard, we have two new students today. The just moved here from Canada, and I expect you all to make these young ladies feel welcome. Girls?"

When the two girls walked into the class, most of the boys heads craned forward and their eyes widened.

Wow, Youko murmured. Now there's some girls I'd like to get to know...

There was a tall blonde girl, almost six feet tall, with shoulder length blonde hair and bright blue eyes, looking shyly around the classroom. She wore a simple T-shirt and Khaki's with sneakers, the two items of clothing looking to be a couple of sizes too big. Though she looked to be slightly big boned, it was evident that she had a full figure.

The girl at her side looked tiny by comparison. She stood only about five feet with long dark brown hair and blue-green eyes. Her lips were pulled into a smile that could only be descibed as being borderline mischevious as she looked at the class without a hint of shyness in her body language. She wore a skin tight black halter top with a jean jacket with the sleeves torn off, skin tight black jeans, and black boots that came up to a few inches past her ankles.

"This is Kristi and Chantelle," he said, turning to look at them. "Would you girls like to tell us a little something about yourselves?"

The girls exchanged a look and the blonde went first. "Um... Hi. My name is Kristi Stuart. I'm the oldest of three children and this is my first time in Japan."

The brunette grinned. "I'm Chantelle, the youngest of nine kids. This is also my first time in Japan, and we just moved here from Edmonton, Alberta. It's a prairie province in Canada."

Takinoto-sensei nodded. "Thank you. You girls can take a seat now. I see an empty seat next to Suichi and another one by Kazuma. Would you boys stand up, please?"

They nodded and got to their feet. Chantelle took her seat beside the red head, and Kristi took a seat by the boy with the fiery orange hair.

The teacher looked at them with a smile now. "Ladies, I believe you will be happy to learn that our first unit of the year is Canada."

Both girls immediately let out whoops of glee. "Awesome!" Kristi said.

Chatelle smirked. "Talk about an easy A for my report card..."

He nodded. "I do hope you don't mind me asking you some questions about your country while we are doing this unit?"

The girls exchanged a look across the two rows of desks that seperated them and shrugged with grins on their faces. Nobody noticed when Chantelle gave Yusuke, Kuwabara and especially Suichi as strange look as they turned back to the teacher.

The teacher smiled. "Now then... I'm going to ask you to open your textbooks to page five and we're going to find out about Canada's Industrial Sector. Suichi, Kazuma? Would you mind sharing your textbooks with Chantelle and Kristi, please?"

The two boys nodded immediaetly and moved their desks over so they were right beside the girls.

And class commensed.

Suichi, am I the only one who senses something... strange about Chantelle?Youko asked after a few minutes.

No, I sense something strange as well. Nothing malevolent or threatening, as far as I can tell, but something about her does feel... odd...

The class was currently working on a sheet that the teacher had passed out. Chantelle was working quietly on it, when a boy behind her leaned forward. The teacher was sitting at his desk quietly, leafing through papers of his own.

"Hey, beautiful... Why don't I take you on a tour of the school at lunch time? I'll buy you lunch in the cafeteria and then can take you down to the bleachers where we can get to know each other a little better..."

Suichi frowned deeply, hearing the boy's obvious play for her. The boy was Honda Kyotsu, one of the school bullies and womanizers. He was handsom, so the girls didn't seem to mind his fuck 'em, forget 'em attitude.

Except, he was soon to find, for one girl.

Chantelle snorted and rolled her eyes. "Not in this lifetime, bud. I set my standards a little higher than jerk-offs like you, so get bent."

Suichi's eyes widened and he had to conceal a smile that was coming to his face. Honda had never had a girl speak to him like that before. Most girls were actually afraid of his gang that he usually hung out with, and so he was rarely denied anything. Knowing this, Suichi decided he had best keep a watchful eye on Chantelle when she went out for lunch hour.

Honda's eyes had grown large. "What? Listen, girl! How can you just brush me off like nothin', huh? I ain't a guy that you wanna get angry at you, man or woman! Got it?!"

Chatelle's expression went flat, and then Suichi, Yusuke and Kurama's heads all turned to her in shock when they felt a rise in her energy that lasted for a couple of seconds before it vanished. In that instant, Honda's chair tipped over backwards and he slammed onto the floor.

Chatelle smirked and looked down at the bully, no fear of him at all in her expression. "Wow... you're getting put down in more ways that one today, handsom. Better luck next time. And don't bother me again, please. I have more important things to worry about than a stuck up asshole like you." Then she turned back to her work without another word.

Kristi's head had also lifted, but her expression was one of alarm, her eyes wide as she looked at her friend both accusingly and apprehensively. Chantelle just gave her a quick smile and ignored everyone else as the teacher came forward to give Honda a lecture about leaning back in his chair.

"But... I wasn't! It just... tipped back on its own or something!" he stammered, at a total loss, both embarrassed and flustered.

Did... you guys feel that? Kuwabara asked, his eyes wide as he looked at the girl. Her energy rose for a few seconds and then it went back down to normal! And it happened just when Honda's chair fell back!

Yusuke nodded. I felt it, all right. I thought I sensed something weird coming from that girl, but...

Kurama frowned slightly as he pretended to do his work. Yes. Youko and I sensed it as well. If you missed what happened, Honda was pulling his usual stunt to get laid and she blew him off. When he persisted, she somehow tipped his chair back with her mind. She did it without sign of strain or moving at all.

Yusuke was frowning now as well. I think we should keep an eye on her... Kristi too. I can't feel anything from HER, but you never know.

Kuwabara hesitated. You don't think we should confront them or anything, do you?

Youko spoke up then. I see no reason to confront them when they have done nothing wrong. Honda quite deserved what he got, if you ask me. But keeping an eye on them might be a good idea.

The others all nodded in silent agreement and returned to their work before anyone noticed them just sitting theer staring into nothing. Class was over a half hour later and they watched as the two girls joined up once more, looking at their schedules.

Kristi blinked. "Room 422? Where the heck is that?" She moaned. "I found the first downside of Japan... the schools are WAY too big."

Suichi, Yusuke and Kuwabara approached them. "Pardon me, but we couldn't help but over hear your conversation. The three of us have that class next. We'd be more than happy to show you the way."

The two girls looked immensely relieved. "Thank you very much. We'd appreciate that," Chantelle said.

So the boys lead the way, asking a few basic questions about their country and what had brought them to Japan along the way.

Chantelle smiled. "Well, it gets kinda boring being in the same place for so long, you know? Me and Kristi lived in a small apartment in Edmonton, and I worked after school and sued some..." She grinned a little sadistically. " making methods during school hours so we could irk out a living. I won $50 000 for an essay contest dealing with the Global Economy, and so we talked about it and decided to come over here to Japan to try something new for our final year."

Kazuma looked at them. "Aren't you girls a little young to be out on your own?"

Kristi giggled. "I'm almost eighteen and Chantelle's almost twenty. She had to drop out a few years ago to help out her family financially when a crisis hit. Then her father pulled her out of school himself in kindergarden because her teacher was... well... let's just say she wasn't nice. She got fired halfway into the year, and Chantelle started when she was six. She's been living on her own on and off since she was sixteen, so she knows what she's doing."

Yusuke looked at her. "So how come YOU'RE moved out?"

The girl hesitated for a moment, not sure what to say to this, but her friend answered for her.

"Because her Dad's an abusive dumbfuck. She moved in with me when she was almost seventeen and hasn't seen him since."

There was a stuned silence, and upon seeing Kristi's expression, they knew it was a subject she would not want to get into.

"I believe we will leave things at that," Kurama said. Kristi looked visibly relieved to hear this.

They arrived at their science class, Kuwabara and Yusuke looking like they were dreading it, undoubtedly due to their less than favorable grades in the subject.

This time the class had a seating plan, and the girls positions had already been decided on by the teacher. They were on opposite sides of the room from each other, and Chantelle was right behind Kuwabara.

This was Uchiha-sensei's class, and it wasn't long before they found out that he had reputation of being a total asshole.

He soon displayed this when a shy and self conscious girl, obviously ashamed, quietly reported that she had not completed her homework. He immediately dug right into her, and it wasn't long before she was on the verge of tears.

Kurama, who was two seats to the left, and one seat back from Chantelle, glanced over and saw her features set, her mouth nothing more than a thin line as she regarded the teacher and saw the distressed state of the girl he was harrassing. She looked around the classroom for a moment, and then seemed to come to some sort of a decision.

The Spirit Detectives all started when they felt Chantelle's power spike once more, more alarmingly than it had the last time. Then, to the shock of everyone in the class, a cup of coffee on his desk flung itself across the room and slammed into the back of his head with enough force that it broke. His eyes went enormous and he cried out in pain as the searing hot coffee covered his back and scalp. He whirled to face his desk immediately, his eyes blazing in anger.


He stopped in shock, staring at his desk. No student was anywhere near it. The teacher took a step forward, more than a little confused. The detectives eyes were all moving from Chantelle to Uchiha, and they saw her expression was a hard mask. Only Kurama stole a glance at Kristi and saw her face was white as she regarded her friend with wide eyes.

They saw Chantelle's eyes drift to the floor at the teacher's feet where a puddle of spilt coffee had formed, and before their eyes, it seemd to form a tiny river and reformed right in front of his left foot. He stepped right on it and immediately his foot went from beneath him and he fell backward, landing hard. He let out another cry as his head hit the floor and he immediately winced as his hand held the back of it.

Kurama was ready to get up and rush to his side in alarm, but to his surprise and confusion, Chantelle beat him to it. She had him roll over onto his side as she examined the back of his head. She placed her hand on the back of it and they felt her power spike slightly once more before she turned to the class.

"Someone better get a doctor in here. I think he has a concussion," she said. What confused the detectives was that she seemed to have genuine concern on her expression and in her voice.

Ryo, one of the students in the front row, got to his feet and bounded out the door. "I'll go!!"

Moments later, the principal was there with the school nurse. Upon seeing the spilt coffee on the floor, he didn't ask any questions, undoubtedly assuming that it was a mere accident before he helped the teacher to his feet and lead him out, strictly ordering the students to stay in the room until the end of the period.

Yusuke's eyes narrowed. THAT didn't look good for her. She hurt him deliberately.

Kurama cast a glance in his direction, and then turned to look back at her. She was seated at her desk once more, a bored expression on her face. True. However, she only seems to do harm to those who are less than admirable.

Kuwabara frowned, resisting the urge to look back at the girl. I guess. An' she jumped up to help him after he fell down. I don't think she meant to hurt him that badly. What do you think that last spike was?

She downgraded his injury. I believe it was more severe before she got there, Youko said. But she never healed him completely. Probably because he knew he was hurt and she didn't want to raise suspicions, and also because she may have intended for him to sustain an injury, but didn't want it to be severe.

So what do we do? Yusuke asked. Just keep watching her?

Kurama nodded. We should keep an eye on Kristi as well, I think. I believe she is fully aware of her friends abilities. When both incidents occurred, her expression suggested that she was very much aware that Chantelle was responsible. And she didn't look too pleased about it, either.

Before anyone could say anything else, the bell rang. Kristi was out of her desk in an instant, her mouth set in a frown as she grabbed her shorter friend by the arm and dragged her out of the room.

"Hey! What's the deal?" Chantelle said, her eyes wide.

Her friend said nothing as she dragged Chantelle outside of the class.

The three detectives got to their feet quickly and followed. It was then that they sensed Hiei approaching the school, and they knew that he had sensed the power rise.

Yusuke telepathically informed them that he was going to cut the koorime off and tell him what was going on so he didn't start rucus in the school, and he ran off, leaving Kurama and Kuwabara to figure out what was going on.

Kristi dragged Chantelle outside and to the back of the school. The two boys hid behind the corner, making sure to mask their energy in case the unusual girl could sense aura's.

The blonde immediately dug into the brunette.

"What the hell do you think you're DOING?!" she demanded. "It's only our first day and you're causing trouble already!!!"

Chantelle's expression went flat. "Hey. I know education is number one priority in Japan and all, but that didn't give that asshole any right to carry on the way that he was. I'm not giong to stand by and do nothing while someone's terrorizing a girl who can't even stand up for herself."

"But did you have to HURT him?"

She rolled her eyes. "It'll get him out of the school for a few days. I don't think I could put up with a guy like him two days in a row, anyway. And besides, I'll have you know that he DID have a skull fracture, but I downgraded it to a concussion. I didn't think he'd hit his head that hard when he fell, okay? Just because his wife's fucking other men when she thinks he doesn't know doesn't give him a right to take it out on other women... which was exactly what he was doing."

The girl looked at her friend for a long moment and then let out a moan. "Can... we go one day without you doing stuff like this? I mean... the entire class saw the mug of coffee fly off his desk and slam into his head! What are people going to think?"

She shrugged noncommittally. "Don't worry about it. We're in Japan now. This land is teeming with seismic activity. Even minor vibrations in the air can produce what can be described as poltergeist like activity. I doubt they'll think much of it."

Kristi sighed. "Just... can you TRY to keep from doing this for the rest of the day? Or at the VERY least do it in a way that's less obvious? Making that guy's chair tip back was one thing, but with Uchiha... And PLEASE don't hurt anyone else if you can..."

Chantelle's eyes went huge in that instant and she whirled, her eyes scanning the trees that were scattered in the back of the school. "Sh!!!!!"

She blinked. "What is it?"

Chantelle was quiet for a long moment, scanning the trees carefully, as well as her surrounding area, and then shook her head. "It's nothing. Let's get some lunch before the line in the cafeteria gets too long."

Her friend blinked and then shrugged, nodding as she followed her friend around the corner once more.

Kurama and Kuwabara stepped out from where they had been hiding. Yusuke and Hiei jumped down from the shadows of the thick branches and joined them.

"She sensed us," Yusuke said.

Hiei nodded. "I don't trust that girl."

"It seems as if Kristi is very much aware of her abilities. Although she doesn't seem to approve of her friends use of them," Kurama said.

Kuwabara blinked. "But... she didn't mean to hurt Uchiha that badly, and she said she even downgraded his injury so it wasn't as severe. She did it to defend that girl that he was harrassin'."

Yusuke shook his head. "Good intentions aside, it was definitely the wrong way to handle it. And if I heard the conversation correctly, she somehow looked into his mind, or something. She knew things about Uchiha's personal life... things that were none of her business."

"Although..." Kurama frowned. "She did have a point. Uchiha DOES treat women far more harshly than he does the boys... something that is far from being fair. And that girl was positively terrified of him. He wouldn't back down. In a way... I suppose one could deep her actions as..."

The rest of what he was going to say was cut short when they heard a screech come from around the corner of where the two girls had gone. Hiei vanished once more, going somewhere where he could observe without being seen, while the boys raced around the corner to see what was going on.

Honda was there with his gang, and he had Chantelle by the arm. "Come on, beautiful. One quick trip to the bleachers with us guys. Your friend can come, too. My boy, Ryuuni, thinks she's cute..."

Yusuke and Kuwabara stiffened immediately, ready to jump in and kick ass, but Kurama placed a restraining hand on their shoulders. "Wait. Let's see what happens first."

Chantelle was seething. "Remove your hand or I will remove your arm, asshole!!"

Kristi's eyes were huge, and her face was white with dread, as if she knew something bad was about to happen. "You guys really don't want to do this!! Chantelle hates bullies and perverts and right now you're being both! The last guys who tried this with her wound up in the hospital for a week and she's really protective of me so I don't know how bad she'll be if you..."

Kristi let out a screech as one of the boys grabbed her breasts from behind, a grin on his face. "Oh, and what's your teeny friend going to do, huh, angel? I could really like to get to know a cute thing like..."

The small girl blew her stack. Before anyone could blink, Honda had been thrown over her shoulder and slammed into the ground. Then she immediately charged the man holding the blonde girl, her eyes blazing with rage. "GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF MY FRIEND!!!!!" she roared.

The Spirit Detectives watched wide eyed as the small girl proceeded to kick the royal shit out of the guys, her small form showing a huge amount of agility and speed, obviously having knowledge of the martial arts.

Kristi rushed forward to pull her friend away from the boy who had had a hold of her. "Chantelle!!" She grabbed her arm to stop her from throwing another punch at the already unconscious punk. "I think you got them..."

Chantelle looked up at her friend and took a deep breath before letting it out slowly. "You okay?"

She nodded a little dumbly. "Yeah. He didn't hurt me or anything."

She snarled. "Stupid asshole! I should have done more than just tip his chair in the first period! What he needs is to get himself casterated! The nerve of him telling me that no girl's ever said no to him before! Any girl who says 'yes' to a fucking asshole like him has no self respect or taste, for that matter."

That's when the girls heard a small applause coming from their right. They jumped slightly and whirled, blinking when they saw Yusuke, Kuwabara and Suichi standing there, grins on the faces of the first two, and a gentle smile on the face of the third.

"Well done! I think it's about time those guys got their asses kicked by a girl!" Yusuke said, grinning from ear to ear. "I was gonna jump in and help you girls out, but I see I didn't need to."

Suichi nodded. "Yes. Few girls come into our school without having some sort of encounter with Honda and his group. I believe that you are the first to ever stand up to them successfully."

Chantelle blinked, trying to keep her nervousness from showing. How much had they heard? Did they catch the part where she said she had tipped his chair? It would have been hard to physically do so since he sat behind her and to the side in the class. She grinned a little, shoving these fears aside for now. "Um... thanks."

Kuwabara grinned at the two of them. "Hey, you girls wanna join us for lunch? We're headed for the cafeteria."

The two girls exchanged a look and shrugged as one. "Why not?"

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