Titile: Insomania

Summary: L decides to take a break from the Kira investigation. A Death Note and Naruto crossover. L Lawliet x Gaara


Gaara- …..a few years younger than L

Chapter 1-

L stared at the screen, putting together the newest set of Kira's killings once again. It wouldn't be long before Misa's voice would shatter the silence, claiming that Light had a date with her and that they would be late for it if he didn't stop working. The members of the Kira investigation could not wind up until L gave them permission to. After all, he was the leader of the group.

And soon enough…

"RYUUZAKI-KUUUUN! Light-kun and Misa have a date tonight and we are going to be late if Light-kun doesn't stop working!"

Light was about to open his mouth and silence her but L spoke up first. "Its ok, Yagami-kun. Aname-san has been waiting for some time now and it's time we wound up anyway."

"Yatta!" Misa wasn't the only one who was happy though. Behind that emotionless gaze, even the black haired smiled to himself. He would be going out tonight.


Gaara gazed at the clock for the umpteenth time. 7.00. 6 more hours and Naruto would be home. The boy was bored out of his mind and really wished something exciting would happen soon, like L magically leaving the Kira investigation and knocking on his door.

It was practically months since he saw L, with the whole case thing going on. No one, except Watari, knew of the red haired boy's relationship with L. And if others did, both L and Gaara knew they wouldn't care. After all, people didn't have a first impression of L any better than his. Who cared if some weirdo knew another weirdo?

They really didn't like him much. Blood red hair, pale green(blue) eyes, pale pale PALE skin, a kanji tattoo on his forehead and the unmistakable dark black circles around his eyes. His style of clothing was always constant. Loose black pants and a red shirt. He always walked around with his head lowered that was all there was to it. He had no family, a small job and lived in an apartment with a boy named Naruto.

Speaking of whom, the blond had gone to visit his precious Sasuke today. Which meant, Gaara was all alone at home with absolutely nothing to do. Normally, he would just go and visit L, his only other friend. But that stupid Kira didn't let him do that. He didn't need to kill Gaara with a heart attack, just occupying L was more than enough.

Know why? Cause Gaara liked L. And he liked him in a way that could be considered anything but 'just as friends'. Sometimes, the red head was really thankful to his hyper roommate. If it weren't for him, he would probably never have even met L.


It was during that time when Naruto and Sasuke had just began their relationship, that is, around 2 years ago. The blond had dragged Gaara to meet his boyfriend and when it was over,Gaara had to walk back home. On the way, he decided to treat himself to some coffee. And that's when he came along L.

The black haired insomaniac had walked in and had 4 cups of coffee, all saturated with sugar and 2 slices of strawberry cake. Gaara had watched him the whole time, after all, he had never seen another insomaniac like himself before, especially one who sat in such a queer manner and held things in an even more interesting way. Naruto had always told him to try and make new friends. Maybe if Gaara did try, he'd want someone more…similar to him. And here was another insomaniac. And so, without knowing why he was suddenly listening to Naruto, Gaara went up to L and began a conversation with him.

That was how they met.

L at first seemed surprised when Gaara asked if he could talk to him. But then, he was glad he did. They had similar interests, dislikes and even some thoughts(though L's were on a much higher scale). Gaara found out that someone named Watari wasn't in Japan at that moment and he usually made coffee and dishes for L. L wasn't much good in the kitchen and he had a major sweet tooth. So that's why for the next entire week, he would be coming here to enjoy a lot of cake and coffee.

And since Gaara had nothing better to do, he had daily come to talk to L. There was, for once, actually some happiness in his life. At the end of the week, 'Ryuuzaki' had declared the red head as his first friend.

(End Flashback)

Gaara was snapped out of his thoughts when there was a knock on his door. It wasn't often someone knocked when Naruto wasn't in the house. The only people who ever came there were the hyper guy's friends, who came when the said boy was at home.

'Someone just probably got the wrong house'

However, on opening the door, Gaara's mind went blank.

The last person he had expected was L.

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