Author's note: This has absolutley nothing to do with my other fanfics. This is just a feel-good, gut-busting, laugh-forever fanfic of Teen Titans randomness. My apologies if any characters whom you respect in the T.V. series are made to look stupid. Please read and enjoy.

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Laugh #1

It was a typical spring day at Jump City.

"Beast Boy, watch it!! You've squished my big toe!!" complained Robin.

"Sorry, dude," Beast Boy answered. "But it's kind of hard to miss you since you keep LEAPING IN FRONTA ME!!"

"Will you two quit arguing and lend a hand here?" asked Raven. Sladebots were running rampant about Jump City, stealing toilets from bathrooms, giving the policemen wedgies, and planting whoopi cushions on the mayor's chair. Right now the Titans were trying to restore order. Starfire fired thirty starfbolts at the sladebots, who were using the toilet lids as shields.


Far away, this spectacle was being viewed by several well-known bad guys.

"Attention!" shouted Slade. "This meeting of the 'Bad-Guys-Who-Want-to-See-the-Titans-Thrown-in-a-Pot-of-Hot-Oil', or BGWWSTTPHO, will now come to order. Supreme Master of the Universe, Trigon, presiding!"

"Ah, shaddup Slade!" grumbled Trigon. "It's just you, me, Brother Blood, Brain, and Blackfire. It's not like we're some big exclusive club. I can barely pronounce our groups name!"

"And I totally can't pronounce it!" said Brain. "What kind of a stupid name is BGWDDOR, BWAGGKR, whatever." There were murmers of aggreement from the others.

"SILENCE!!" yelled Slade. "It's easy to pronounce. BGWWSTTPHO, see? Anyway, I have called you here today to show you my new and improved sladebots, which will take down the Titans for sure!"

"Really?" asked Brother Blood. "Looks like they're just pulling a bunch of stupid pranks to me." Slade turned and looked at the screens.

"Flibberty Jibbets!" he cried angrily. "Gizmo told me he gave them destructive functions!"

"Well, that's sorta destructive," commented Blackfire as they watched a sladebot pull down the pants of a city official.

"Forget it," Slade grumbled. "Never trust a kid who looks like an insane version of Caillou." As they watched the Titans finally managed to take the rest of the sladebots down. "Phooey."

"I have the perfect idea to take down the Titans," spoke up Brother Blood.

"But, I thought we wanted to throw them in pot of boiling-"

"Oh stuff it, Brain! Like I ws saying, I have an army of 17,943 robots modeled after Cyborg all converging on Titans Tower at midnight tonight, and they'll kill the Ttans. What do you think of that?!"

"Why don't we just attack them ourselves, and save us the trouble?" said Trigon. Everyone but Brother Blood agrees this is a smashing idea.

"But what about my robots?!" he cried angrily.

"Don't worry BB, we'll use them as a last resort," said Slade.

"Well, alright- hey! BB is Beast Boy's nickname!" Brother Blood continues to rant on the awful nickname choice for him, and that how it didn't suit him in the slightest, as they ran out the door.


Meanwhile, as the Titans celebrated their victory over the sladebots, Beast Boy sat in the living room listening to music and trying to forget about Terra, but it wasn't working

I've got, two dollars in my juke box,

Five dollars in a bottle,

And ten more, just in case that don't do the trick

"Ah," sighed Beast Boy, forgetting all about Terra until-

And a lady on my mind, that's driving me crazy!

"AAAAAUUUURRRRGGGGHHHH!!" screamed Beast Boy. He switched to another radio channel.

There ain't no mountain high enough,

Ain't no valley low enough,

Ain't no river wide enough,

To keep me from getting to you baby

switch channels

I love you, always forever

Near or far, closer together,

Everywhere, I will be with you

Everything, I would do for you

switches channels again, starting to get frustrated

Okay, so your Brad Pitt

That don't impress me much

smashes radio

Beast Boy walked over to the table where the others were, looking very grumpy.

"Beast Boy, what troubles you?" asked Starfire. "Perhaps you would like some of my home-made thygleckk? It will make you happy." Beast Boy was about to try some, but Robin pulled it away.

"That's because it's chock-full of alcohol," he whispered.

"Yo, BB!" yelled Cyborg. "Would you stop leaving your Barney underpants outside my room!"

"Those aren't mine! Those are Robin's!"

"SLANDER!!! I'll eat my mask if those are mine! They are Cyborg's!"

"Mine?! That's the dumbest thing I ever- Oh wait, size 105, they are mine." Cyborg walked out looking very uncomfortable as the Titans roared with laughter. Suddenly the alarm sounded.

"Titans, move your butts!" yelled Robin. The other Titans stared at him. "What? I got tired of saying 'Titans go'."

The Titans all rushed down to the front door and when they got to it they opened it and saw, standing there, in the flesh, Slade, Trigon, Blackfire, Brother Blood, and Brain. They looked like they had been about to open the door when the Titans arrived.

"So much for our sneak attack," grumbled Slade.

"Whatever," said Blackfire. "Let's get them!" The five villains launched themselves at there respective nemises' and an epic battle began. Well, not so epic, mainly it's just a wrestling match.

Robin and Slade were fighting in a kung-fo style so intense I'm not even gonna try to describe it. Brother Blood and Cyborg were trying to rip each other's arms off. Starfire and Blackfire were launching starbolts at each other. Beast Boy was staring at Brain, waiting to see his attack. Raven using her dark magic as a staff to hit Trigon on the head.

"You're getting sloppy, Robi- OW!!" yelled Slade as Robin hit him on the head. Slade did a backwards somersault out of the way and hit Robin with a barrage of Slade bombs.

Blackfire shoved Starfire against the wall. "Galfore did always tell you to keep your nose to the grindstone," she said.

Brother Blood ripped off Cyborg's arms and and legs and tried to take off his head. "Hey! That doesn't come off man!"

"Really?" asked Brother Blood, taking off his own. "It does for me."


Trigon used his powers to pin Raven's arms behind her back.

"HA!" he said. "Let's see how you like it!"

Beast Boy just stared at the Brain. "Well? Aren't you going to attack?" he asked.

"Of course not!" Brain answered. "I'm going to out think you. Recite your times tables up to ten in 5 minutes!" Beast Boy reached over, plucked Brain's brain out of his body, and tossed it in the freezer.

"I wonder where the others are?" he wondered. He went to security and checked out the viewscreens.

"Eeeeeeep!" he shrieked when he saw the Titans all tied up in the common room. The other four bad guys were standing around them. "I gotta help these guys! Hmm, I'll come up with a sure-fire plan..."


"Ha ha!" cackled Slade. "I knew we could beat 'em! How d'you like them apples?!"

"You're so totally NOT going to get away with this!" yelled Robin.

"It really bugs me when you heroes say that!" snarled Brother Blood. "Look around you kid! We just DID get away with it!"

"Ah don't pay that shmoe no mind," siad Slade. "He's just mad that he lost."

"Hey, wait a minute!" said Trigon. "We're missing someone here. Where's Brain?"

"Well," sighed Blackfire. "Are you surprised? He's a floating brain in a tank. Beast Boy probably kicked his butt." Just then there was a knock at the door. Beast Boy ran into the common room.

"Hey everyone!" he yelled. "The ice cream truck is here!!"

"HOORAY!!" cheered the bad guys. They dashed outside while Beast Boy began untieing the Titans.

"Hurry man!" said Cyborg. "Or else they'll be all out of fudgesicles by the time we get there!" Suddenly the baddies all ran back in, looking very grumpy.

"Get 'im!" yelled Brother Blood. They charged at Beast Boy who turned into a hummingbird and got away.

"Jeepers!" he thought. "I'm gonna have to think up another sure-fire plan!"


"I can't believe we fell for the old ice cream truck lure!" groaned Trigon.

"Yeah!" agreed Slade. "And they were all out of nutty cones!" (Blackfire had found Brain and brought him to the common room.)

"So," said Brother Blood, gesturing to the Titans. "Now that we got 'em, what should we do with them?"

Before anyone could answer, there was another knock at the door.

"What do you want?!" asked Slade angrily. A short sickly-looking kid dressed in an orange suit held up a box.

"Pizza." the kid said.

"We didn't order any pizza."

"It's 'Give a Free Pizza to the Bad Guys Day'."

"Cool! Come on in!" The pizza kid (who is Beast Boy y'know) followed Slade up into the common room. As Slade was telling the others about 'Give a Free Pizza to the Bad Guys Day', Beast Boy walked over to the Titans and opened the pizza box. Inside was a pair of scissors which he was going to use to cut them free. Robin was a little late catching on, though.

"What kind of stupid pizza is that?!" he asked angrily. Raven groaned. The bad guys turned as Beast Boy's hat fell off.

"Trigon, he's at it again!" yelled Brain. They all dived onto Beast Boy, but when they got up, he was gone and there was a tiny hole in the floor.

"Ah, nuts! He got away again!" snapped Blackfire.

"Oh well, we'll catch him sooner or later," said Brain.


Almost an hour after the pizza incident, the bad guys finally managed to boil up a large cauldron of hot oil.

"We'll throw them in, one by one," said Slade. "Lemme just go make sure Beast Boy's not around to make a nuisance of himself again. He walked out of the room and looked around. Not a green face in sight. Mostly because the green face was standing behind him. Beast Boy clobbered Slade on the head, knocked him out, and stole his uniform and mask. He walked back into the common room.

"Ah good, your back Sl- Slade?" asked Trigon, staring at Slade, who looked a foot shorter than usual.

"Uh, yeah it's me, want to make something out of it?" asked Beast Boy.

"What's wrong with your voice?" asked Brother Blood.

"Erm, I just took some cough syrup," Beast Boy lied. Suddenly, Slade jumped into the room wearing nothing but some Astro Boy underpants and a towel wrapped around his face.

"Gimme back my costume so I can boil you alive!" he snarled.

"Uh oh, cover's blown!" squeaked Beast Boy. He leapt out of the Slade suit and ran out the door. As he left, he distinctly heard Trigon say, "You have Astro Boy undies?"


"What am I gonna do?!" wailed Beast Boy. "The Titans are going to be boiled alive, and I'm sitting out here with no idea how to save them!" Just then he noticed that he was surrounded by yellow robots that looked like Cyborg.

"YAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Beast Boy screamed.

"Calm yourself, sir," said one of the robots. "We are only going to harm the people in the tower."


"Our master programmed us at midnight to attack this tower and destroy all people in there."

"Hmm." Beast Boy suddenly got a brilliant idea. He walked up to Titans Tower nd hammered on the door, shouting, "Open up! This is the police!"

"Yikes!" squeaked Trigon. "It's the cops! Quick, hide the Titans in the closet where they won't find 'em!"

"Okay boys, go for it," Beast Boy said. The robots rushed into the building, and for a moment all was quiet. Then there was the unmistakable sound of a massacre taking place. Beast Boy rushed into the Tower opened the closet, and freed the Titans. Then they quickly joined the fight, and saved the bad guys from being killed. But then it was off to jail for them!

"Darnit," grumbled Slade as he was led away with the others. "Clubs like mine always get in trouble for following our charter."

"Beast Boy, you did it!" said Robin.

"I am also grateful for your bravery Beast Boy!" said Starfire.

"You rock, man!" cheered Cyborg.

"Good job," Raven added.

"Thanks, guys," said Beast Boy. "Now you can thank me by telling me that I don't need to help in the cleaning up of the 17,943 destroyed robots in the Tower." he looked at them hopefully.

Robin grinned. "Okay, okay," he said. "You saved our lives, so you don't need to help with the cleanup. But there's one thing."

"What's that?"

"When the baddies were here, Trigon ate all of your tofu, so if you want dinner tonight, it's got to be meat."

"Aww, man!" complained Beast Boy. "It's always something, isn't it!"

Ending was kinda cheesy I know, but it was a feel-good sort of ending. Hope you laughed nice and loud, and that this has improved your day somewhat. So until next time, keep smilin' and review (but no flames please)

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