Sorry I took so long updating, but I've been in a creative slump as of late. This is an idea that has been in my head for the longest time, so now I'm making good on it.

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Laugh #5

The Teen Titans were fighting Warp again, and as usual, he was kicking their hineys.

"Oooooh," groaned Robin, rubbing his head where Warp had plantred a tiny black hole. "That's gonna leave a mark."

"Fools," smirked Warp. "You cannot defeat me. I read all about your weaknesses in those historical archives."

"Didja read about my upgrades!?" asked Cyborg, shooting twenty stun darts out of his stomach into Warp's. Warp doubled over, before straightning back up and pulling the darts out.

"Armor," he reminded Cyborg, tapping his cybersteel chestplate. "Your childish antics are mildly amusing, but I really must be going. And so you don't follow me like last time-" Warp shot a beam out of his vortex regulator, which hit Beast Boy in the chest and sent him flying into an alley.

"Beast Boy!" yelled Robin rushing into the alley with the other titans hot on his tail as Warp disappeared into his portal. "Are you okay?"

But when they looked in the alley, Beast Boy was gone. In his place was a small baby with blond hair wearing nothing but a diaper.

"Oh NO!!" cried Cyborg. "He's turned Beast Boy into a baby!"

"No, Cyborg," Raven said, rolling her eyes. "For starters, this child isn't green, and for another thing, that's impossible. He probably used a special laser to shoot Beast Boy into another dimension where he would switch lives with this person."

Cyborg stared at her.

"And THAT isn't impossible?!" he asked shrilly. Then, to the titan's surprise, the baby spoke.

"Actually Raven," he said. "Cyborg's right, Warp did turn me into a baby, and boy it's chilly out here all of a sudden." He then noticed that he was wearing a diaper.

"Aww man!" he declared angrily. "I thought I was through with diapers four years ago!!"

"Whooaah, too much information BB," said Cyborg. Starfire, however, looked thrilled.

"Oh, Beast Boy, you are adorable!!" she cried, picking him up and cuddling him as only a mother-who-has-not-yet-been-driven-insane-by-a-two-year-old can.

"Alright! Enough already!" snapped Robin. "Beast Boy's obviously in no shape to help us track down Warp, so we need to get him back to the Tower."

The titans all turned and headed for home, Starfire still holding Beast Boy in a position which he found extremely uncomfortable.


Back at the tower, the titans plopped Beast Boy down on the table and were about to leave when he suddenly burst into tears.

"What's wrong?" asked Robin.

"I-I-I'm HUNGRY!!!" Beast Boy wailed.

"Well, good grief, ya don't need to spazz out, we'll get you something to eat!" Cyborg yelled over the din. Beast Boy stopped crying at once, looking embarrassed.

"Oh, sorry dude," he said. "Must be the baby in me."

Robin opened up the fridge, and took out an apple.

"Here," he said, handing it to Beast Boy. Beast Boy took it, bit into it, and then glared at Robin.

"I can't eat this!" he said angrily. "I've only go one tooth!"

"But we have no baby nutrients in the tower," Starfire said. "And Raven and I are not yet able to-"

"DON'T say it," Raven growled as Cyborg desperately rubbed at his eyes, trying to banish the horrifying image.

"Raven, teleport over to the store and pick up some baby mush," Robin ordered. "The rest of us will track down Warp." Raven nodded and vanished in dark energy, and the others ran out the door, leaving Beast Boy all alone.


Once Raven returned with some mashed carrots, Beast Boy had already managed to fall of the table and down the stairs. Raven picked him up and sat him in his chair.

"Here," she said, thrusting the mush at him. "I gotta get going now." She turned to leave.

"Uh, Raven?"

"What?" she asked, turning back angrily.

"I need a spoon, and I can't get the bottle open." Raven grumbled loudly about Beast Boy being completely helpless, but got him a spoon and opened the bottle with her powers. Once again she turned to leave.



"Now what?"

"My little baby digits can't hold the spoon properly."

"Well, what do you want me to do about it?"



"Freeze, Warp!"





"Okay," groaned Robin as he climbed out of the rubble. "Let's try that again..."

Starfire flew behind Warp and blasted at his hindquarters.

"Sorry," grinned Warp as the blasts deflected harmlessly off his butt. "I've read Feel the Burn's other fanfics." He then gave Starfire a facefull of sonic rays.

"Excuse me," said Robin, tapping on Warp's shoulder. Warp turned, and then quick as a flash Robin removed all his armour- right down to a repulsor ray he fished out of Warp's underpants. He left the undies on, however.

"Eeepp!" cried Warp. "Don't you kids know anything about censorship?!"

"Don't worry about your clothes," grinned Cyborg. "You'll soon be sporting the black-and-white-striped kind." As the police carted Warp away, Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg headed back to the Tower.


When the Titans returned, an amazing sight met their eyes.

"Okay, Beast Boy, this is the last time. Here comes the plane, rreeoooeerr-" Raven paused with the spoon of mush halfway to Beast Boy's mouth when Cyborg's snicker gave the others away. Raven leapt up, turning beet red.

"It was HIS IDEA!" she yelled furiously. "Why don't you guys make a little noise when you come in?!"

"Never mind that, Raven!" exclaimed Starfire. "We have retrieved the technology necessary to restore Beast Boy!"

"Alright, y'all, stand back," cautioned Cyborg as he hooked up the vortex regulator to his sonic cannon. He took careful aim at Beast Boy and-


"Sweet!" Beast Boy yelled pumping a fist into the air. "I'm old again! But gosh darnit, I'm still wearing this lousy diaper!" Beast Boy was so mad, he ripped off the diaper himself- right in front of his friends.

"Jeez, Beast Boy!" cried Cyborg as the Titans all shielded their eyes. "Don't you know anything about CENSORSHIP!?"

Boy, I really liked how I ended this one, though I felt some of these jokes were pushing the bar a little. Plus Raven's furious outbursts are starting to make her seem like a sort of tomboy or something. Sorry if I scarred you for life! Signing off.