This is my first attempt to write a slash Transformer fan fiction!

Storyline of "In what obedience lies…" [G1] An incident with Starscream leads Megatron to find that obedience and loyalty can be obtained other ways than beatings.

Warning: Slash. Non-consensual at the beginning.

This fiction has a sequel in five chapters: "To what Subservience Leads".

In what obedience lies

Starscream looked with attention at the disc, which golden glass reflected his image like a perfect mirror. And then this was the final artifact of the Decepticon leader: the disc that Megatron was carefully hiding from him and the other Decepticons. How many times had he watched closely his "fearless" leader turning the small media in his hands, before hiding it in a secret pocket in the armrest of his throne? Countless times, probably. If Megatron hadn't taken so obvious precautions to conceal it, Starscream would have never tried to have a look at it.

"I wonder what's inside," he questioned himself, turning the disc between his fingers. "Must be precious information…"

He jumped with fright when he heard the creaking of a door and the familiar footsteps. His spark hammered in his chest at the idea the last person he wanted to see would storm into the deserted command room.

'Oh no! What is he doing here? He was said to recharge during the next five cycles!' he wondered in panic.

He opened swiftly his canopy and slid the thin record device between his fuel pomp and his spark casing. A hideout he was the only one to know. 'Megatron will never consider having a look there and even less dare to lay his filthy fingers in there,' he pondered, trying to assure himself. 'And I will return the disc back before he understood it is missing!"

He had just the time to close his canopy that the harsh voice of Megatron boomed in his audio receptors.

"What are you doing around my throne, you worthless little fool?"

Despite his efforts to remain calm, Starscream couldn't help sticking to his usual cowardly behavior, trembling at the idea Megatron would discover his actual actions. He turned around to face the tyrannical warlord, his face expressing a deep fright, and held his arms before him, as to protect himself from the coming blows.

"Megatron! Don't get angry… I was doing nothing bad! I swear!" he begged with his unbearable grating voice, pushed an octave higher than usual in an effort to look sincere.

His little farced ended abruptly as he miscalculated the space for retreat. He tried to withdraw, but his knees bumped against the edge of the throne, and he fell down on the power symbol of the Decepticon Leader. Sitting on the throne was not displeasing, but he knew it would spark a terrible storm of reprisals and insults from the current owner. He instinctively shielded his head with his arms and dreaded the punishment and the pain. Indeed, Megatron's ebony hands found their way to his neck, hauling him out of the throne.

~ O ~

"What do you think you're doing, Starscream?" Megatron breathed through gritted teeth, holding up his captive to optic range, "Can't you get on your sorry processor that this is not, and will never be, your place to sit!"

"I'm sorry! I am so very sorry. I just fell back on it!" the panicky Seeker tried to justify himself.

"Oh, you fell… Then now, go crawl at my feet, little worm!"

Megatron sent Starscream fly some ten good meters away from the throne, grinning when the body of his second in command crashed with a loud clang on the metallic ground. Starscream gave out a pained and afraid "squeak", and curled into a bowl, waiting for further beating to increase his pain.

However, Megatron didn't indulge into is liking for torture. Instead of catching his subordinate and beating him to a pulp, he sat in his majestic chair and glared annoyingly at his lieutenant.

"I'm fed up with your provocations and cowardice, Starscream. Out of my sight, now! I don't want to catch you around me today!" he shrieked, while the flier tentatively knelt on his knees. Once he was sure Starscream was looking at him, he lifted his black fusion cannon and aimed at a panel in front of the Seeker. Starscream pushed a frightened cry and then fled away before a second shot occurred.

"Idiot! Disgusting little coward!" rumbled Megatron, setting his hands on the armrest. He felt that something had been moved to the right one, the panel of the secret subspace was not in its original place.

"The slagging… little… brat… He-" Megatron snarled, opening the control board, finding the pocket empty.

His fist smashed the armrest, leaving a bump.

"You… traitor!" he shrieked, standing up with anger, "I'm dying to rip off your wings and plant them in your spark!"

Megatron left the Command Room in a foul mood, promises of tortures dripping from his lips.

~ O ~

Starscream was still trembling when the doors of his quarters slid open. It hurt his pride to admit it, but Megatron had managed to scare him to death, once again. Visions of tortures passed before his optics, and his energon ran cold. They would be his fate if Megatron realized he had stolen one of his precious treasures. The sensation was even more troubling that the disc pressed against his spark casing. Starscream brushed delicately the canopy beneath which his spark and the disc were. A ghost smile graced his lips, but it faded when he saw that the door of his quarter was not locked. He reached out for the button, but the doors slid open before he could push it. He didn't have time to move away or turn around that he was airborne. His body crashed to the ground and his head slammed against the edge of his berth.

Dazed, he lifted his head and found himself staring at the madly burning optics of an enraged Megatron.

"Where is it?" roared the tyrant.

"What… What are you talking about?" stuttered Starscream, "I… I… Don't-"

The firm hold of a black hand smothered his excuses before he could complete his sentence. Megatron lifted him onto his berth, slamming his back and head without mercy on the metal. The Decepticon leader pinned his body under his greater weight, giving no hope of escape for him.

"I swear… I don't know what-"

The rapacious hand, still gripping his throat, sent his head and shoulders slam again against the berth.

"The disc!" shrieked Megatron, "Where is it?"

"I… I-"

The same shock hit his head repeatedly. Two, three, four times… He wanted to howl with pain, but the vice like grip was crushing his vocal unit. His immediate reaction was to claw at Megatron's wrists, his optics pleading with mercy at the ruthless leader. His conscious started to fade away as the grip tightened, like if Megatron had decided to behead him with one bare hand.

Then the surroundings went black, and Starscream felt nothing: no weight crushing his body, no grip cutting the string of his life… Gradually, his optics regained focus and he recognized, towering over him, the silver face and body of Megatron.

"The disc… Where is it?" repeated Megatron threateningly as he increased on the obsidian neck the pressure he had shortly loosened.

Starscream shivered, realizing that his confession would be the only way to save his life from the savagery of the beast. His right hand set up on his cockpit, palm brushing the glass.

"Unimaginative!" mocked Megatron, his free hand ripping open the yellow cockpit, ignoring the pleas for mercy. Black fingers dug without care.

Starscream couldn't hold back a shriek at the sensation of invasion in his chest. Oh! This was for sure painful: rapacious fingers rushed away F-15 cockpit equipment, sending bolts of electricity in his whole torso. When all was gone, the spark casing appeared to Megatron's angry optics.

"I should have known that a twisted mech' like you would have hidden it there!" he said with scorn.

Starscream stared at him with pleading optics. The mere thought of having someone poking into his chest to reach his spark was too dreadful. Showing or allowing somebody to touch the spark was an uncommon act among the Transformers, except when two consenting Cybertronian wanted to interface or bond their sparks. Having Megatron's hand rummaging in his chest was not exactly his ideal of intimacy. Gathering his thoughts, he was to yell at him to go away, when the thought of rebellion vanished from his processor.

"Aaaah!" A scream escaped his lips when he felt Megatron's hand brushing the shell of his spark casing. Sensors crackled, sending waves of energy to the surrounding circuits, heating them. The waves just kept increasing in intensity, while the black fingers explored meticulously the surface, the angles and the interstices between the casing and the other systems. The heat started to devour his chest and then invaded his midsection, legs and arms. Experiencing a sudden power failure, Starscream couldn't keep his hands clamped around Megatron's wrist. They fell, one on his chest, the other one on his wing. He threw off his head in denial of what was happening deeper into him. Megatron hated him and wanted to hurt him… and he equally hated the Decepticon Leader in return. So why was he so sensitive to the touch of the tyrant?

His question got no answer. He arched his back and pushed a heated cry that sounded more like a moan of pleasure than a scream of pain. To bring more stability to conduct along his "exploration", Megatron had shifted his free hand and place it close to one of Starscream's wings, brushing the sensors at the edge. The flyer felt his body move up despite his will, the metal of his thighs brushing those of Megatron's hips, sending maddening fire sensations. The vents on his chest and head worked erratically, unable to absorb the cool air Starscream was desperately trying to inhale, mouth open.

Waves of electricity and heat washed over him, while Starscream tasted a pure chaos of feelings.

Primus! This was just wrong… and so ecstatic at the same time.

~ O ~

"Got you!" Megatron triumphed, taking out the disc from an interstice between the spark casing and the fuel pump. He thought he heard a strangled moan, but did not take care, too eager to have his optics set on the disc and check for eventual degradation.

There were none. Satisfied, Megatron opened a compartment in his forearm and stored the precious object there.

"You see, Starscream, I always win. And you, you'll always-"

His words stopped at the edge of his lips, for the good reason he couldn't find the end of the sentence on his CPU. The idea of lecturing Starscream was gone, replaced by the disturbing report that his spark was bolting in his casing. Reason reported by his motor system: visual stimulation.

He had to admit the display beneath him would have been able to raise the core temperature of any Transformer, even in the middle of a freezing storm. Had Megatron's ever seen such a representation of…

'Perfect and tempting submission?'

'Shut up!' he mentally ordered to the voice that was now laughing at him.

"You'll always get the attention you deserve…" he managed to finish the sentence, although he didn't recollect he had ever planned to say that.

Leaning down, Megatron noticed the rise in temperature and the change of pattern in Starscream's energy field, while he mentally detailed the Seeker. Limbs sprawled luxuriously on the berth and between his thighs, Starscream was gazing vacantly, looking lost and shaken. His left hand rested close to his face, the right set loosely on his chest. His eyes were glowing a brilliant crimson red like the lights of a firework, and his vents were giving out a strange noise, like the ragged breath of man after a physical effort. However, what attracted the attention of Megatron was the spark exposed through the transparent casing, displaying rich shades of scarlet and blue, swirling on itself like a crazy nova.

'Were you... overloading... under my touch, Starscream?" Megatron wondered, half-amused, half-shocked. That had been a long time since he had triggered such a reaction to another Transformer. His anger dropped fast, while he suddenly pondered how much the situation could become… unexpectedly pleasant.

'Oh Starscream, when I think my hands were just aiming at hurting you… I wonder what would have happened if I had done it to please you,' he eventually asked himself, lustful memories starting to resurface.

'Why don't you try to show him how it could feel?' teased a voice, one of those that kept babbling in his head when he usually least expected and wanted.

'Shut up! Go away already. I'm here to punish him, because he tried to backstab me, as usual!'

'Then, why don't you walk away, now that you've broken him? Why do you just stand here, over his body?''

'I'm still here because-'

'You want him… You've always had!'

Megatron felt his spark tingling with pure, raw desire. He then realized there were no chance he'd leave those quarters soon.

~ O ~

Starscream's gaze eventually refocused on his "torturer", but his mind still refused stubbornly to name the sensation he had passed through. BECAUSE OF MEGATRON. But, indeed… The intensity in the optics of the Decepticon Lord revived in the jet the fire that was slowly dying just seconds earlier. Despite his clouded mind, Starscream wondered how he would be able to survive if Megatron decided to put him through more "tortures".

'Megatron, please…' he begged silently, not sure for what.

His spark suddenly thrilled when he realized that Megatron was slowly sinking into him. This time, he knew he was at the mercy of the silver tyrant and prayed that his agony wouldn't last too long.

~ O ~

Without taking his optics off his prey, Megatron leaned down so that his own chest brushed against Starscream's. The body beneath tremble and writhed against his frame when his left hand set on a wing, brushing softly the metal. His own core temperature rose as the lithe body made further contact with his plate in a more violent arch, while Starscream's face fell on his side, and he bit his lips to stifle a moan. He half succeeded, and Megatron recognized easily pleasure in the muffled "complain".

Now, the situation was not just "interesting"; it was just getting deeply exciting! The way Starscream responded to his "attentions" and the disturbances it caused in their mingled energy fields were… hum… arousing! Not to speak of this delicious feeling of domination flattering his warrior's ego; he was free to make the most of his inexperienced captive. Megatron took advantage of Starscream's head jerking back to trail his lips along the obsidian neck and teased the exposed cables with his glossa. A new moan and shiver rewarded his initiative.

"You know that thieves are not tolerated in the Decepticon ranks," he purred into Starscream's audio receptors, part of his face brushing the heat-resisting faceplate of the Seeker. Usually cool, it was now burning. Megatron's desire reached new heights as he saw the effect he had on his lieutenant.


A scream came together another violent squirm when Megatron pressed stronger on a wing.

"And you know that stealing something from me is usually punished by deactivation…"

Megatron's lips traced Starscream's jaw, enjoying the perfection of the line.

"I… YEEEESSS… I… Know…. Megatron… I-"

The Decepticon leader silenced the pathetic croak with his lips, while his hands aroused a new delicious shiver on the ultra-receptive body.

The game was also drowning him too fast and far in his own pleasure. He knew if he didn't slow down, none of them would get anything else but a brutal and unexciting overload. An unacceptable waste of what could be an intense experience.

"You know, I have to punish you for your disloyalty, Starscream…" he said once his lips had abandoned the trembling lip components, to cherish a burning cheek.

His own voice seemed foreign to his audios, while…

Strange voices started to echo in his mind, soon playing their usual unnerving concert. They all pretended that time had come to confess the truth; how many times, back to Cybertron, had he received "visits" of recruits on his quarters? Megatron just smiled at this thought; after all he was a "carrying leader".

'Motivating troops is important!' he justified.

But, how many times Starscream had been paying that kind of visit?

'The slagging little… Well… None!' he remembered with anger.

And then came the annoying question; how many times had he dreamed of having his hands worshiping the body of Starscream instead of leaving dents on it?

'Slag those miserable voices! Go away!' Megatron shook his head mentally, refuting the mere thought. 'Worshiping him! Me? I worship nobody, and not a little brat who is more eager to satisfy his ego and ambitions rather than his leader!'

To his dismay, the voice came back, swirling louder and louder in his mind, repeating: 'Tell the truth! Face it! You're lusting for him on account of all his flaws, you want him as 'yours'. And above all, you are too stubborn to accept it or to find a way to make him yours!'

'Shut up! Leave me alone!' he barked.

'Tell yourself the truth and face it!'

Processor twisted by this ranting, Megatron finally gave in to the litany.

'I beat him because I can't have him… I can't, right, can I?'

'I believed there was nothing in the universe that the mighty Megatron couldn't conquer… Was it simply a legend?' teased the voice, before breaking into a maniacal laughter. His own maniacal laugh, the one stamped 'Megatron has an evil plan in mind'!

'Damn it! How dare you? Get out of my head!'

'Mwaaah! How can you pretend to conquer the Universe if you're not even able to conquer the One that obsesses you?'

Megatron felt offended, deeply… But, the voice had hit the nail on the head. He had to wipe out the root of this weakness: Starscream's disobedience.

"I… Me… Megatron…"

The stutter of the breathless Transformer pinned under him brought Megatron back to reality. He lowered his head, drinking unashamedly in the sight of his future mate. Yes, the plan to win this delicate but thrilling conquest was perfect! Aroused to the most, he dug a finger into a delicate white wing.

"AAAaargh… MEGATRON! Please! Oh! PLEASE!"

His name shrieked with so much passion, and the rare enthusiasm of Starscream for punishment, made the Decepticon leader almost lose his mind. The new arch of Starscream's body, sending him powerfully crash against his, didn't help. He eventually found enough strength to cool down his overheating processors and rose to his knees. He felt amused by the expression of disappointment blossoming on Starscream's face when their bodies lost contact. A trembling blue hand tried to capture Megatron's, and would have fallen back in his fragile attempt if he hadn't caught it. Gripping it hard, the warlord realized at the frightened look on Starscream's face that his fusion cannon was pointing straight at the Seeker's head. Megatron detached the disturbing weapon from his arm and didn't bother when it fell from the berth and rolled away. He then reached for his own chest and activated a button. The central panel broke in two, showing the hidden treasure that lay behind: the transparent casing, looking so similar to Starscream's, but sheltering a far more terrible and fiery spark. Megatron felt the fingers enlaced with his tense up, and looking down, saw the optics of his Second in Command expressed mixed feelings: desire, fear, uncertainty... He would have taken time to laugh at such confusion if his spark wasn't going haywire under lusty desire.

Once again, Megatron managed to push away all the haste that would ruin this precious moment. He knew that it had a name, starting by a b*, ending with a *g, but there would be nobody on the Universe making him word it. He preferred to name it "the rightful conquest of a kingdom" that should have been his for a long time!

He sank slowly back to Starscream, making careful contact with his trembling frame. He knew that Starscream's spark was not accessible yet. He caressed the Seeker's face with one hand, and a wing with the other, well decided to make the flyer surrender as quickly as possible.

~ O ~

"You know we have to go through this, Starscream… There is no more escape… You can't go away… Surrender to me…"

The voice was too gentle to announce a punishment; or was it another trick to drive him crazy and squash him easily? It was currently the last problem Starscream was ready to take care of. His primary concern was cooling down before his circuits melt or blow up.

'We hate each other, don't we? So, why?'

His mind rushed when he felt Megaton's lip component cherishing his so sensitive throat. He knew the next kiss would be for his jaw, then his lips… then… Oh Primus! His reason faltered at the thought.

'Do you truly hate me? Megatron!'

"Open your spark for me…" came the soft command, echoing like an answer to his silent question.

Starscream moaned again the name of his conqueror in complete awe, while his body heat up to the point of no return. His arms shot around Megaton's waist and shoulder, and he hid his face on the silver neck, willing to escape the reality he couldn't process anymore. Strong arms wrapped around his body in a crushing embrace, chasing away part of his turmoil.


Then, his head fell back and his mouth gaped in a silent cry; a mix of fire and ice, strength and softness, and so many other antithetic feelings already engulfed his spark.

~ O ~

In his anger and haste of dishing Starscream a "much deserved punishment" and find the disc back, there was only one precaution Megatron had forgotten to take: closing the doorway of the quarters. That would have been without outcomes if nobody had passed by… But in fact, some had, and two pairs of optics were now attentively witnessing the scene from the darkness of the threshold.

Thundercracker and Skywarp were completely drowned into the sight of their leaders learning eagerly to 'get along with each other'.

"Well, predictable…" nodded Skywarp through their private comm. link, "Their hatred toward each other was too exaggerated to be only hatred."

"You know we will be in danger of termination if one of them sees us? Or comes to know we saw them?" mumbled Thundercracker.

"Hum… Ah, yes… Well… Who do you bet on?"

The optics of Thundercracker blinked.

"Bet? On… What?"

"Yes! Who do you think will black out the first?" asked the black and purple Seeker, looking as serious as if he was discussing about the next raid against the Autobots' headquarters.

His comrade shook his head in utter disgust.

"Warp', I just can't believe it!"

"Come on TC! Be a little more practical! Distractions are rare in this base, especially when it involves those two!"

Thundercracker shook his head to show his general disagreement and looked back at the scene. He noticed the ravished expression of his Air Commander.

"Starscream. He won't last long now…"

~ O ~

The first thing that Megatron saw when he came back online was dark gray metal, before he realized his head was resting against the helmet of Starscream. The Seeker was still in recharge and his body half-pinned under Megatron's. The Decepticon leader stirred a little and had to gather all his will to drag himself away from the warm body he was holding possessively against his. Coming back to a sitting position, he checked his systems and the main source of his overload: his spark had returned to his natural state. He closed the casing with a satisfied smirk and then leaned over Starscream chest, looking with curiosity at the pale blue spark that peacefully rested on its protection. He knew he shouldn't, but he reached for the beautiful sphere, and withdrew his hand when a sigh reached his audios. The optics of Starscream flickered before glowing of a deep red.

"Megatron?" the Seeker asked. His voice was also inaudible.

"You should close your spark casing, Starscream. That's not safe," purred Megatron, leaning beside him. "Who knows, some 'Cons might want to take advantage from you…"

Starscream's made a weak smile, and stared teasingly at him.

"I'm not joking. Starscream… Do as I say!"

The Seeker complied with this advice and imprisoned his spark behind the safe, transparent crystal-like walls. The grin of Megatron grew wider when he decrypted on the optics the same desire as before the merge of their sparks. 'Aren't you overrate your strength, Starscream?' he mused, 'You're not even able to move…' He was proud at the last thought; at least, despite the long years of inactivity on Earth, he was still an ardent lover. Perhaps too much for a beginner like Starscream; caution would be required next time.

"If I were you, young presumptuous, I wouldn't try anything but to recharge…" Megatron murmured as he set his face closer to Starscream's and peered into the red optics. He avoided too much contact, not willing to light a fire that the Seeker wouldn't be able to bear.

Starscream nodded slightly, then voiced a muffled; "I will, my leader…"


Looking around, Megatron found the various pieces he had ripped off the cockpit and gathered them on the console close to the berth. He picked up the yellow glass cockpit that had fallen beside the berth, and placed it where it should have never been removed, hiding the blue spark from his still hungry optics. During all those cleaning-up, Starscream's gaze rested on him, a ghost smile brightening his dreamy features.

Once he was done, Megatron leaned again beside Starscream, reaching his audios.

"Here are my orders, and I want you to follow them strictly. No rebuff allowed, otherwise, you'll have to talk directly to my fusion cannon… I want you to recharge enough so you can be steady on your feet. And I don't care how long it takes, just recharge. Then go to the repair bay, and have your chest repaired. Do not appear in front of me before you decently look like the loudmouth Second in Command of the Decepticon Army I know! Copy?"

He lifted his head and studied the face of Starscream, wondering if he was able to understand anything of what he was saying. Starscream looked lost in another world, certainly the one their sparks had just traveled to. So tempting the memory was, and even more exciting was the possibility to accomplish it again… here… and now.

'Hum… Be careful… Don't burn to the ground your new kingdom… He can give so much once healed from your conquest.' objected a voice, the one that had defied him countless time in the past. Megatron understood why it was the most disturbing of all the voices he could hear in his head; this one was just speaking with his own voice pattern.

"And don't forget Starscream. I will always give you the measure of your behavior…" he added, his voice lowering to a feeble murmur, "And you know how much I can put my spark into what I do!"

The facial expression of Starscream went even brighter, and he nodded obediently. He turned his face to the left, took Megatron's hand between his both hands, and rested them against his cheek; looking calm and serene, he switched off his optics.

Speechless, his legendary evil smirk trying to triumph at the corner of his mouth, Megatron didn't even manage to growl in protest to this display of affection. He watched the flyer sinking into a deep recharge, and then picked up his black cannon and stood without a noise. He had a moment of confusion when he looked at the closed door of Starscream's quarters. He then shook his head. 'Of course, it was locked! Irrelevant question, you, morons in my head!'

Once in the corridor, he extracted his so precious disc from his forearm. While he turned it between his fingers, he wondered, amused, if the final owner of this seemingly insignificant object would ever meet a so blissful "incident".


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