Title: Time to Heal

Author: eat-drums

Pairing/s: Rose10

Rating: T (to be safe – mostly for last chapters)

Spoilers: Set between Lazarus Experiment and 42, so possible mild spoilers for early Season 3

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, any of the characters or mentioned story lines and lines. I do own the plot and two OCs.

A/N There comes a point in every Doctor Who fic writer's career when she must write the inevitable reunion fic. And my time is now! This is the longest fic I've written for AGES and the first I've ever published so please be kind! I hope you enjoy it – and please review if you like it…reviews make me happy!

A/N 2 This story is already more-or-less finished so expect about 12 chapters and regular updates.

Time to heal

Prologue - Moving On

They say that time can heal...They lied

The Doctor stood next to the TARDIS console. His brow was furrowed in deep thought, and his eyes told stories of years of misery. He was over nine-hundred-years old. He had lost his family, his planet, his entire species and many friends. He would be sad, he would grieve, but the wound would heal to form another scar and he would move on; but one wound just refused to heal – Rose. He had known so many women of all species in his long life but none like Rose. He couldn't explain what it was that he loved about her, but he knew that he loved her more than anything in the universe. That day at Canary Warf, he had sent her away…but she had come back, and he knew beyond any doubt that they were meant to be together. Then he lost her. He felt like his hearts had been ripped from his chest, and when he failed to tell her his true feelings he became numb and empty. He had once been a great believer in the healing power of time…but not now. Ten years had gone by for him and the wound still gaped, open and sore. He ran his hands through his messy brown hair and sighed. He was tired of living, but he still lived on.

That's the curse of the Timelords – Life

How long has it been for him?

Time in the two universes moved differently…but she wasn't sure there was a pattern. For her it had been two years…it was two years since she had been separated from the Doctor. Rose Tyler sat crossed legged on her bed, remembering. She had hoped that in time she would hurt less, but time didn't weaken the pain – it only made it worse. Every time she thought of him she would go through the same process. She would smile and rejoice in the memory, then she would cry for his loss, wonder what he was doing and then the pain would hit, right at the core of her being. She was fed up of people telling her to move on. They didn't understand. She sometimes felt like a fool for wasting her time dreaming of a life she could never have. She knew the Doctor wouldn't want that for her. He wanted her to have the one adventure he could never have – a normal life. She got up every morning, went to work, socialised with her colleagues, went home, went to sleep and repeated; The very definition of normal...but the problem was, she wasn't normal anymore…

That's the curse of the Bad Wolf - Life