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Epilogue – Domestic bliss

The Doctor sighed and smiled lovingly at the blonde angel that had taken up residence in his bed. She was spooned against him, hair tousled and cheeks glowing. The sheets bunched around her naked form were rumpled from their recent activity. She was sleeping lightly, a smile spread over her features. He gently tucked a stray strand of golden hair behind her ear, wondering what he had done to deserve such a blessing, and how he could go from the depths of despair to heavenly bliss in less than twenty-four hours.

"Rose Tyler…" he said softly, a smile playing on his lips as he wrapped his arm around her waist, protectively. She was his soul-mate. She was his saviour.

Rose wasn't really sleeping. She kept her eyes closed, enjoying the little attentions the Doctor lavished on her. She felt his arm around her waist, and his gentle fingers brushing her hair out of her face. He was amazing, and she felt like the luckiest woman in the universe. She wondered what she had done to deserve to be so happy, to be loved by someone as wonderful as the Doctor. She didn't know, and she didn't care…just as long as he was hers. He was her soul-mate. He was her hero.

Rose stirred, opening her eyes and looking up to see her Doctor smiling down at her, propped up by his elbow on his pillow.

"Hello." She said, rolling over and sitting up so that she could see him properly.

"Hello." He said, beaming at her before leaning in for a brief kiss. "Did you have a nice nap?"

"I wasn't really sleeping." She admitted, taking his hand and tracing patterns over the back of it with gentle fingers. "I just enjoyed the attention you were giving me when you thought I was."

The Doctor raised an eyebrow. "Is that so? Were my attentions to you when you were awake not good enough then?"

Rose grinned at him, her tongue at the corner of her lips. "Well…they weren't bad." She was teasing him, and he loved it.

"Not bad?!" He gasped, feigning indignation. "Oh that's it Rose Tyler…you're asking for it now!" He flipped her over and sat astride her under the sheets. She grinned up at him, taking hold of his arms. Then he started tickling her mercilessly and she squirmed underneath him, laughing uncontrollably, grabbing at his hands, although she didn't really want him to stop.

"What were you saying again?" He asked, grinning and relenting his assault for a moment.

"I was saying how you're a fantastic shag." Rose smiled innocently at him, raising her eyebrows.

The Doctor laughed, intertwining his fingers with hers. "I love you…"

"I love you too." Rose met his eyes, and melted as he leaned in and kissed her, pushing his hips against her. She moaned into his mouth, arching her back involuntarily, and he smiled wryly at her.

"You like this body, don't you?"

Rose nodded, and then mustered up her strength, flipping him over onto his back. She straddled his hips, a devilish grin on her face as she ran her hands down his chest. The Doctor closed his eyes, and let out a soft moan as Rose bent over and kissed him, her lips following the path of her hands. She grinned, enjoying the effect she had on him.

"Yes…" she said. "I do rather like this body. What was it Cassandra said?"

"Foxy…" He said, his face splitting into a toothy grin. He pulled Rose down to him so that she lay with her head pressed against his chest. She threw an arm across his stomach and relaxed in his arms, chuckling at the memory of Cassandra's brief possession of the Doctor. She placed another kiss on his chest, enjoying the comforting sound of his breathing and his hearts beating steadily whilst he gently stroked her back.

"I'm not gonna have this body forever, you know." The Doctor said, seriously, after a moment of comfortable silence.

Rose propped herself up to look at his face. "That doesn't matter. We got through a regeneration before – we can do it again."

He smiled "I know. But…I don't know what I'll look like. I may be old and wrinkly…" he screwed his face up, not really liking the idea. "Though I really don't want to be…been there and done that!"

"You know…" Rose said thoughtfully, tracing patterns over his chest with one finger. "If I was only concerned about the way you look, I would have run a mile when I saw those Dumbo ears from your last incarnation." She teased.

"You just want me to tickle you again, don't you?" The Doctor laughed, unable to stop smiling at his beautiful Rose.

She sat up properly then, pulling the sheet around her. "But seriously. It doesn't matter. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

"I think we may be lucky. Generally my regenerations have been getting younger…and more good looking." He clucked his tongue and winked at Rose.

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and giggled. "You and your ego…"

The Doctor grinned, letting his hand slide down to the small of Rose's back. "You love it really...Anyway – I don't intend giving this body up any time soon…I think this is my favourite incarnation…"

"Hmm…like I said, I am very fond of this body." Rose agreed, leaning over to steal a quick kiss.

"You are, are you?" The Doctor raised an eyebrow, a smile playing at the corners of his lips.

Rose nodded.

"Better make the most of it while we can then…hadn't we?" He grinned wickedly, grabbing Rose's shoulders and pinning her down again, kissing her so passionately that for a moment she forgot everything. Nothing existed apart from the Doctor…his lips on hers, his hands roving her body. This was heaven.

Suddenly he pulled away, Rose whimpering at the loss of contact. He looked seriously at her for a moment.

"Be honest…" he said, furrowing his brow.

"About what?" Rose asked, stroking his cheek, gently.

"About what made you fall in love with me." He smiled his cheekiest smile. "It was the stripy jim-jams wasn't it?"



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