Jack leaned on the wall to the Admiral Nelson. The smell of meat pies and other good foods drifted toward him. He closed his eyes and smelt the warm summer air. His brown hair blew in the gentle, warm breeze. He had tanned skin from their adventure in the Yucatan. He smiled and his brown eyes shone. Molly, a short, plump woman stepped outside. She smiled brightly at him.

"I see the new family's been treatin' you well." She said motioning toward his white cotton shirt that was tucked into some nice black pants and the black jacket in his arms. He nodded and she stepped toward him. Her apron blew slightly like his hair. "Why are you out here then?" She seemed concerned.

"I dunno." He said. He dressed smart but he was still the same orphan from the docks on the inside. "Just thought I'd enjoy the sunlight."

Then Emily Cole ran up. Her long auburn hair was tied up in a bun on top of her head and she was wearing a light blue dress that nearly reached the ground. Like Jack she had tanned skin from Mexico. She had a panicked look on her face. Her brown eyes looked worried. "Jack!" She cried, "Come quick." Jack followed with out question.

They ran to their home and sprang through the door. Dominique was sitting at the table. She had a scroll in her hand. Her dark hair fell in curls over her shoulders. She had blue eyes that shone with happiness when she saw Jack. But then they were full of worry again.

Emily ran over grabbed the scroll and handed it to Jack who opened it and tried to read it. He only made it through the first sentence. Camazotz had one son, a son that… "What's this say?" He asked Emily and she answered Transcended. He gave her the scroll and she read.

"Camazotz had one son, a son that transcended above all the other vampires. Unless the potion is put directly on him he is impossible to banish. His son, Hunter, can create armies of vampires and control them. In the past he was proven just as dangerous as his father by having war against villages. He never lost and always had more vampires by his side." She went pale and looked at jack who started to shake. "We didn't kill them all Jack. There's still more out there."

Jack was speechless. He just started relaxing and believing the vampires were gone but Emily just wrecked that. He sat down in a chair and put his face in his hands. "Where did you find this Dominique?" Jack asked.

"The museum." She said, "I found it after you left. I returned again with my mother and saw it in Mr. Adensnap's possessions. You left some behind." She indicated toward a small leather bag.

"This ain't good." Jack said half to himself.

Then there was a knock on the door. A maid walked in and answered it. Standing there was a young man. He had dark brown hair that was a few inches long. His bangs were thin so you could see his eyes but they fell in front of them. His skin was slightly tanned. He was quite handsome. He wore a white cotton shirt and some worn down brown pants. He spoke with a melodic voice that made you want to come closer, "I am looking for Jack Harkett." The maid nodded and stepped aside so he could see Jack.

"Yeah?" Jack asked, "Who are you?" He gave him a puzzled look. He looked at Emily and Dominique and say that they were staring at him dreamily.

"My name is Jonathon." He said, "You may not remember me. I helped you when you were little. I would sneak you food and give you money. May I come in?" Jack noticed something. A red gleam in his eye and he was standing right on the edge of the doorframe. Nor did he remember him. He shook his head and motioned for the maid to close the door. He glared at him. When the door closed Emily and Dominique woke up from their trance.

"He's a vampire." Jack said, "He showed every sign."

"How could he be Jack?" Dominique asked, "He was standing in the sun without any extra clothes."

"Check the scroll." Jack said and Emily picked it up. She scanned it for a minute and then put it down again. She was as pale as a ghost.

"It says that Hunter is half human and can walk in the sun light." She looked at Jack worried. Jack went pale too. "What are we going to do Jack? We can't stay in here forever. And he seemed like he really wanted to get at you."

"It's cause I tricked his father to save our lives." Jack explained, "I upset him. He'll kill me." Jack leant back in his chair. Now realizing he's not safe anymore. He got up and walked up the stairs. He walked down a carpeted hall and came to Edwin's office. He knocked on the door. He heard a muffled reply and walked in.

Ben was standing next to his godfather. His auburn ahir was but short and like everyone else had a tan.

Edwin had a darker tan from his months in Mexico's jungles and had brown hair and eyes. He was a tall, thin man with a gentle and cheery look.

"I'm dead." Jack said and they looked at him puzzled. "There's another vampire out there and he's after me. Dominique found it in a scroll."

"Come now Jack." Edwin said, "How is that possible? We killed them all."

"Not this one!" Said Emily running up the stairs with Dominique. "We just saw him! He's in London Uncle Edwin!"

"I don't believe this." Edwin said sitting down. "You're not joking are you because this is serious?" They shook their heads and he went pale to. "We're going to stop him, Jack don't worry one bit. We'll stop him."

Jack tried to believe he was safe but he couldn't. He was terrified. If they didn't stop this vampire fast he knew he'd die.