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The light broke through the window and chased away the shadows, but Jack still hadn't gotten any sleep. He didn't want to leave the house and he wouldn't, nothing could make him want to go out where Hunter would be.

He didn't understand, he had wept at a murderous vampire's feet with an insane plan and nothing but the hope of it working and he still hadn't been this scared. It was the weirdest thing in the world but everything seemed weird now. What truly didn't make sense was how Hunter managed to survive.

The door opened and Jack jumped, Edwin sighed and walked over, leaning over Jack and looking in his eyes with a frown. Jack felt dizzy and almost passed out but managed to stay awake and keep looking at Edwin.

"Jack…" Edwin kissed his forehead, "I promise you, you're safe here."

"Then why don't I feel like it?"

"Its just worry, please get some sleep."

Edwin pushed him back and Jack was so comfortable he couldn't resist, he drifted off to sleep in seconds…

A soft creak gently brought Jack out of his dreams, he opened his eyes and looked towards the source with a yawn, he was still tired and his mind was registering what had happened the previous day.

He looked up at the man, the perfectly formed man, his red eyes gleaming in the moon light and his mouth in a twisted smirk.

Jack felt the arms around him but still couldn't register what was going on. The man leaned over him and smiled, his cold lips touched Jack's forehead and made him shiver, but made him even more tired.

Jack wanted nothing more then to curl back up and go to sleep but something felt wrong.

"Hello Jack," the man said, "my name is Hunter."

Hunter, where had he heard that before…

"My friends and I were wondering if you wanted to come for a little walk? Great."

The arms lifted him and he wanted to protest but something held him, he couldn't move, all he could do was look in Hunter's eyes. Hunter's red, evil looking eyes.

Soon Hunter's arms were around him and he found those much more comforting, they were definitely warmer and gentler, but he still wasn't really comforted.

Hunter jumped out of the window and landed gracefully, smiling down at Jack and walking out into the moon light.

Jack didn't know how long they walked but it felt like forever, when they came to a stop they were in an old building with torn up walls and a roof full of bats.

Hunter placed Jack down on an old table in the centre and stood straight, opening his arms to the bats and letting out a chuckle.

"My friends," he said in a loud voice, "I bring you what could have been the death of you all, the one who put a stop to my father, our creator, and planned to kill us all. Jack Harkett." He laughed again and the sound made Jack want to be sick but he couldn't move, "When I found out what happened, I thought Jack would be much bigger, much stronger, someone worthy of my father's attention. But he's a child, a mere, tiny child. I guess that shows us all something, we were following a fool!" The hatred in Hunter's eyes made Jack want to cringe. "All this time," he chuckled a little, dropped his arms and looked at the ground, shaking his head, he chuckled and looked back up, "Your kind has been following someone weak, someone who should have died a long time ago, instead of me! Aren't you glad I came along to guide you?"

The bats all started flying around but it seemed joyful and happy.

"I thought so," Hunter chuckled again and leaned over Jack, his lips parting and revealing the shining white fangs beneath.

Vampire. Jack remembered now.