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Chapter 1 – Guests

My name is Hermione Granger, though I'm sure you already know that. But what you don't know, and well, I didn't know this yet either, but today my entire world was about to change; and it was going to change for the better, of that, there is absolutely no doubt. My friends– Harry and Ron, even Ginny, all think that my life is perfect, that I live some sort of fairytale life: perfect house, perfect parents, perfect everything. They couldn't be more wrong. I suppose at one time, perhaps when I was very young, that might have been the case. My reality for longer than I care to remember has been far from perfect. My mother, whom I love dearly, made the stupid mistake of shacking up with a complete and utter bastard. I assure you, I don't say that lightly. Ever since my father died when I was five, my home life has been consumed by hate. Lets just say, Harry isn't the only one with miserable relatives. Gary is my mother's second husband– my stepfather, and I've got a special hateful place for him in my heart. I know most kids say they hate their step-parents, so to clarify, I don't mean I hate him because he's with my mother, I barely remember my biological father, but mainly it is because he seems to hate me. Well, now that you know those lovely tidbits of my life, what happens next should hardly surprise you, well, not too much anyways.

I was sitting in my room on that fateful summer day, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. I was home for the holidays and was thankful for some time to relax, especially since third year was so exhausting. Seriously, a hippogriff rescue, a not-so-murderous-serial-killer on the loose, dementors, a beloved professor who turns out to be a werewolf, and Merlin, lets not even get started about the whole time turner fiasco! I solemnly vow that no matter how many classes I want to take, am sorely tempted to take, I will never go through that ordeal with the time turner ever again. Ever.

So, that evening, when the doorbell rang, it hardly filtered into my consciousness as I continued reading. My reading-induced fog dispersed at the sound of my mother's voice calling for me to come downstairs. I frowned looking at the clock, it was already 7:00 pm, who on earth would show up without warning in the evening? As much as I'd rather curl up and get drawn back into my book, I wanted to avoid any unnecessary conflict tonight, so I trudged downstairs to see who was the cause of my disturbance. Imagine my shock when I walked into the sitting room and saw my formidable Potions Master calmly standing by the fireplace.

"Hermione darling, this man says he's your teacher at school and that there is something urgent he needs to discuss with us," said my mother nervously fiddling with her apron.

I think to say I was confused and slightly alarmed, would be agross understatement. I could think of no conceivable reason as to why anyone from Hogwarts would be here, let alone Professor Snape of all people! What he could possibly have to discuss with my 'family' was beyond me. I use the term family lightly, you see, as it has been many years since I have felt a part of this family.

"Well don't just stand there and gawk at him girl, make yourself useful and fetch some tea!" Barked Gary, for I resolutely refuse to call him 'father' as my mother so wishes.

"Of course, my apologies," I say, demurely. Inside, I am seething at his harsh, demanding tone; in front of my professor no less.

Professor Snape on the other hand, seems to be watching our family interaction with mild interest. In retrospect, that should have been my first clue– the ambivalent Potions Master giving two figs about another human being! But then, perhaps he was just shocked that my family treats me so. He must have assumed, like everyone else, that I live in some sort of happy bubble full of sunshine, candy, and flowers.

I return with the tea, and served it to our guest, my mother and Gary. "So, what brings you here Professor– has something happened?"

"No, Miss Granger, nothing is wrong per se. However, there is something that has happened, or rather something I have recently been made aware of… something which concerns you." He replied rather vaguely.

I could feel my panic rising internally, seriously the holidays have barely started, I haven't had time to get into trouble yet!

'What could he have possibly have been 'made aware of'? I haven't done anything wrong or illegal, well, aside from that incident with Sirius and the time turner at the end of last year,' I thought, mentally reviewing my actions off late.

"What in the hell have you done now, girl?" Growled Gary, sending me a nasty glare.

"Nothing at all, I assure you, Sir," sneered Professor Snape in my defence.

If I thought I was confused before, it's nothing compared to how I'm feeling now. Because right about now, I haven't got a damn clue as to what's going on, and I decided it was time I mentioned just that.

"Professor, could you please tell me what you are talking about? If I haven't done anything wrong, then what is the purpose of this visit?" I asked, genuinely confused.

"What I am about to tell you, Miss Granger, is likely to confuse you, but I ask that you refrain from commenting until I have finished what I need to say, understood?" Professor Snape asked.

"Yes, of course, Sir," I replied.

"I am here to inform you, Miss Granger, that you are in fact not a muggle-born, rather, you are a pure-blood. This means that you are not even a Granger, at least, not by birth." He said in a calm, nonchalant manner as though he were simply stating common facts. I, on the other hand, was torn between telling him he was off his rocker, to gaping like a fish out of water. I settled for a nice mix of both, as I started stuttering and gaping at the same time.

"B-b-but… n-n-n-no…. n-n-not…. p-p-p-possible…?" I stuttered out.

"On the contrary, Miss Granger, it is more than possible, it IS. You were adopted when you were four and placed in this home. Now, the reason for my visit is to inform you of the identity of your birth parents." At this point, he paused, as though gauging my reaction to his words.

I numbly nodded for him to continue, now desperately wanting to know my true parentage. My mind was racing and frozen at the same time. I didn't even notice my mother's quiet pleas to have a chance to explain, and Professor Snape was hardly interested in giving her a chance.

"Very well, this will come as quite a shock I believe. Miss Granger, you have been put under a very strong glamour charm, one that can only be removed by someone who shares your blood–this was done for your own safety. But I will go into that later. You are not Hermione Jane Granger, as you have so believed for all these years, but are in fact, Hermione Kylana Snape– My daughter." He said, tacking on the last part softly.

Oh hell, he wasn't kidding when he said this was going to come as a shock to me! Good Lord, my feared, despised, Potions Master, was my biological Father? This can't be happening. Can't. Oh sweet Merlin, I think I'm gonna pass out.

Professor Snape merely raised an eyebrow. 'Damn I must've said that out loud. Crap.' Oh well, truth be told, my mind was reeling with the implications of this newfound knowledge.

Merlin above! Me, simple, Hermione bloody Granger: daughter of SNAPE? Oh dear. Oh dear, indeed!

"Um… well… wait, why in the name of Merlin am I finding this out now?" I asked, my voice rising as my brain caught up with me. "For the love of God, you've spent the last three years terrorizing me and my friends! And you knew, all this time? How could you not tell me!" I raged, my fury growing with every second that passed.

"Miss Granger, I regret that you think so little of me. I was not aware of this fact until three days ago. I have spent the past two days verifying the validity of this claim. I assure you, if I had known sooner, you would have been made aware of it immediately. There is much that you are unaware of, and given the time, I will explain. Only, however, if you are willing to listen." He said in a measured voice.

"Yes, of course… I'm sorry, sir," I muttered distractedly. "I would like very much to know the truth, I let my emotions get the better of me, I'm sorry."

"Quite. Perhaps, you would like me to remove that glamour?" He asked. "Rest assured the changes are not too drastic, you will still be recognizable, but there will be changes."

I just nod for him to continue, I don't know if I'm apprehensive as to what my new appearance will be like or eager, but either way, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel. When he did remove the charm, the sight that met my eyes, shocked me. Well, it did once my eyes stopped stinging and he conjured a mirror for me to see my reflection.

My height didn't change, I remained a modest 5'4", but the most noticeable changes were my hair and eyes. My hair changed completely, instead of the wild brown curls that I was used to, it now fell down my back in a slightly wavy curtain of inky black, which was thankfully, frizz-free. My eyes on the other hand shocked me more than my hair. What were once, warm coffee-coloured eyes, now stared back in the most shocking tone of violet I had ever seen. They looked almost inhuman in an ethereal sense. I had never seen eyes of this colour in my life, and I doubt I would believe it if I didn't see it myself. They looked almost electric; all in all, they were mysteriously beautiful. But he was right, essentially I looked the same, my skin became a tad paler than it used to be, and there were other slight changes to my physique that only myself or another woman would notice, but none were unwanted. In short, I was quite pleased, and was ready to settle down and learn more about my new family.

"Wow…..um… wow… well, professor, if you're my father, then who was or is my mother? What happened, why did you give me away?" I asked, hurt that they apparently didn't want me when I was a child.

"Do not misunderstand, Hermione, you were not given up, in fact you were taken from us quite unwillingly. You should know, I have been searching for you for more years than I care to count. But before I go into a detailed account of your history, I should inform you that you are not an only child, but have two brothers." He replied.

"Older or younger?" is all I asked.

"Neither," he replied, "the three of you are actually triplets"

Damn, just when I thought that there weren't going to be any more shocking bits of news for the night, he hits me with that!

However, once he said this, I suddenly noticed a strange sensation, and following this I could have sworn I was hearing voices in my head.

'Great,' I thought, 'now I'm going crazy, honestly, hearing voices in my head.'

"Now, I know this is shocking, but since you are triplets who are exceptionally powerful, you also have some unique powers– one of which is that the three of you have a mental connection; you share a telepathic bond. You have the ability to converse with each other through your minds. Distance has no affect on this power, though with proper training you can learn to block them out, or keep them from certain thoughts. Do you understand?" he asked.

"Understand? Not so much, but I think I know what you mean," I answered, while thinking, 'and here I thought I was going crazy hearing voices in my head, well at least that's been cleared up.'

"I realize that this is a lot for you to take in right now, so I will leave you for tonight to come to terms with what you have just learned. If it is your wish to learn more, you may send me an owl tomorrow. However, I understand if you do not wish to leave your home, or acknowledge your true parentage– this is undoubtedly a far more complicated scenario than I imagined possible. If this is the case, then I assure you I will not treat you any differently. I must insist that you keep this news about your true parentage to yourself, as I am sure you are aware of my more unsavoury acquaintances. However, I do wish that you would consider all that I have told you today carefully. Though I cannot make any demands, know that I have searched long and hard for you, so this is as much of a miracle to me as it is to you."

He said this all in his usual cool manner. Though I must admit, it is strange to hear him speak to me without the usual harsh bite to his every word. Mind you, I am not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"I assure you Professor, I'll sleep on it, and contact you in the morning," I said, attempting to keep at least some semblance of normalcy.

"Of course, thank you for your time," he replied, tilting his head in acknowledgment.

'He has manners?! When did he become so damn polite?' I thought incredulously. Although, I suppose that has something to do with the fact that he was now talking to his daughter 'eek!' not the Gryffindor know-it-all he seemed to loathe so much. 'Perhaps this could work out in my favour,' I thought.

As it were, he returned my appearance back to 'normal' despite my requests otherwise and promptly left, leaving me with a shell-shocked mother…well adoptive mother I suppose, and a down-right pissed off step-father.

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