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"So that's how it is, father." Ayame said in a fragile voice; she was sitting at a stool at her father's ramen shop; next to her, holding her hand was Sakura Haruno, the girl that, the previous night, had pledged herself to love Ayame always.

"It's a little hard to accept something like that, Ayame..." Teuchi replied distantly, in a contemplative tone as he took in the tale his young daughter had just told him.

"I know." Ayame's voice took an apologetic tone. "It's not something acceptable." The ramen girl took a deep breath before continuing strongly, "But no matter how weird or wrong it may be, that doesn't change how I feel." She paused before adding poetically, "It doesn't change the fact that I love Sakura and probably always will."

"And what to you have to say about all this?" The man turned his attention to the pink haired girl sitting nervously next to his daughter clutching tightly to her hand.

Sakura looked up, fighting the awkwardness she was facing she let her lips form a soft smile as she said in full confidence as it was the one thing she was completely sure of, "I love your daughter, Teuchi. I want her to be by my side always."

Teuchi looked at the two girl's sitting there; young faces highlighted by fear and discomfort, it was the last thing the simple man had ever expected from his daughter but as the smile formed in his mouth he realized that didn't matter, "If that's how it is, I'll just have to learn to live with it."

"R-really?" Sakura asked, having expected more of a fight, as she noticed the man's smile.

"Ha Ha, yes. After all it should be a cause for celebration that my girl here has found a real shinobi to support her." Teuchi's tone was now the usual enthusiastic exuberance suited to a ramen vendor.

"So you don't mind then, father?" Ayame's face lit up as she noticed the change in mood.

Teuchi shot another hard laugh before replying with, "Sure. A father's always going to have some issue with whoever his daughter falls in with. As I see it Sakura's about as good a pick as any."

"I am...?" Sakura gave a soft blush, she hadn't expected such words from Ayame's father.

"Sakura's the apprentice to the Hokage herself, she's a strong, kind and wonderful person. Not to mention she already saved my shop once." Teuchi assured himself, realizing more and more along the way that Sakura might actually be a good fit for his daughter.

"You don't have to go so far." Sakura said in clear embarrassment. "It still not something normal that you have to accept right away."

"You're wrong, Sakura." Teuchi said in a straightforward manner, "If it's what makes Ayame happy, I do have to accept it."

"Thanks dad." Ayame replied happily as she reached over the Ichiraku counter to give her father a hug. Sitting back down she flashed a loving smile in Sakura's direction.

"So anyway." Teuchi turned around as he spoke, "How about some ramen for the two of you?"

"Oh, yes please." Sakura said at once, now that she was no longer uncomfortable she realized she was hungry.

Ayame nodded, still smiling and soon the man was at work preparing two bowls of ramen. After a few minutes the young lovers were served. Sakura began to wonder how much ramen she would have to eat now that she was Ayame's lover. She laughed as she realized she didn't care.

When the two girl's were about half done with their ramen, the serenity of the moment was suddenly destroyed by the arrival of a new customer at Ichiraku. Throwing himself down on a nearby seat, Naruto Uzumaki said through his typical levels of excitement, "Hey old man, give me the best ramen you got!"

"Ah Naruto. Sure thing, right away." The man said as he turned back to his ramen making.

Soon Naruto caught the glare of his nearby ninja teammate. With an innocent wave, Naruto called "Hey Sakura, what's up?" Then noticing the other girl at her side he added "Who's your friend?"

Sakura didn't respond. She merely stared at Naruto with contempt as she continued to eat away at her bowl of ramen.

Naruto was clearly irritated by Sakura's lack of familiarity. He inched to a closer seat and upon further investigation discerned the identity of Sakura's guest, whom he had never seen in anything but her typical ramen serving attire, "Ah, you're Ayame aren't you."

Ayame shot a look at the boy like he was a moron before replying with a simple, reluctant nod.

"So why aren't you on the other side of the counter? You're supposed to serve people ramen not eat it yourself." Naruto asked in a way that was genuine, even if it wasn't well thought out.

In reply Sakura delivered a hard knotting blow to Naruto's head as she coolly yelled "Idiot!"

"Ha Ha. Naruto, you should no better than to pester young lovers enjoying one of their first dates together." Teuchi said with a wicked smile on his face that left the two girl's stunned with deep red in their cheeks.

"Lovers? But I don't see anyone on a date around here..." Naruto said obliviously as he painstakingly surveyed his surroundings After roughly a minute of thought he gasped and said, "Unless! But no, wait Sakura wouldn't be into that..."

"Yes Naruto, I am. It's just how things turned out." Sakura growled begrudgingly, Ayame let out a small laugh.

"I can't believe it." Naruto said with vigor. He shook his head then said softly, "I can't believe Sakura is into much older men."

There were several moments of silence before Sakura incurred more damage onto her teammate's skull with another punch. She began to shout at the boy though much furor "Do you even have a brain, you damn moron. I don't know how you could possibly not see..."

"Yeah, Naruto. If Sakura was dating dad, wouldn't he have to be the one on this side of the counter." Ayame was still just laughing at the whole thing as she spoke.

"Yeah, you're right." Naruto said in a deductive manner before attempting to use his brain once more. Minutes later he began to speak, "But then that would mean. No but that's not possible."

"I know it's different, but stuff like this does happen , Naruto." Ayame chimed in happily.

"So which one of you is it then?" Naruto asked suddenly, confusing the others.

"E-excuse me?" Sakura said shooting an awkward glance at the idiot ninja.

"You know." Naruto said bringing his voice to a whisper, "Which one of you is secretly a guy?"

Sakura looked at Naruto dumbfounded for a moment then proceeded to hit him hard on the head once more shaking he head in disbelief.

Naruto clenched at his pained head before explaining to himself still somehow believing his deduction to be on the mark, "I've seen it before, where you just can't tell. I guess Ayame would have to be the girl since she's, you know, bigger. But then that would mean Sakura's, No all this time I-I ..." Naruto's voice faded into a whimper before his head was attacked even more viciously by the kunoichi.

"Me and Ayame are in love with each other and we are both girls. It's that simple Naruto." Sakura fumed as she held her fist in the air.

"Oh, well that's weird." Naruto said rubbing the oversized bump on his head.

"It happens, Naruto. Love isn't always simple." Sakura's tone became patronizing as she let out her words.

"But can two girl's like even do like that sort of stuff together?" Naruto returned to a thought provoked expression.

Both girl's blushed a vibrant red and Sakura worked hard to restrain herself from pummeling Naruto again. She replied hastily, saying, "Yes, yes we can."

"Oh and you kiss and everything, just like guys and girls do." Naruto seemed somehow amused by his thoughts now.

Sakura gave a forceful nod. She turned to Ayame who pulled her into a soft loving kiss. Sakura's heart skipped a beat as she realized Ayame's father was witnessing his daughter kiss another girl for the first time. A few hours ago she would have felt terrible, as if she were corrupting the girl before her family, but now it felt strangely comfortable.

"Whoa. That's cool! I wonder if that perverted old man knows that girls do this kinda stuff together." Naruto was showing the bounds of his high energy once more.

Realizing what sorts of thoughts must be traveling through Naruto's brain at this, Sakura delivered a final blow to her teammate's empty head before standing from her stool and saying, "Well that was good, but I think it's about time we go and leave this idiot to his ramen, Ayame."

"Right, love." Ayame nodded softly and followed suit, standing up as well. She turned to her father once more and said in a serene way, "Thanks again for everything, dad."

The two young lovers continued out of the shop and down the busy streets of the Konoha afternoon, unsure of where they were headed.

After walking a few moments Sakura decided to let off more steam, saying with latent anger, "Can you believe that idiot Naruto. How can he have never even recognized the possibility of two girl's being together."

"Well, Naruto isn't all that bright, dear." Ayame said with a wide smile, "He doesn't really have many people in his life to explain stuff like that."

"I know, but he doesn't have to make me feel like some weirdo." Sakura replied curtly.

"I seem to recall that until last night we both thought our feelings were something wrong." Ayame spoke in a peaceful way.

"You're right as always." Sakura acquiesced.

"What surprised me is that father was willing to accept us." Ayame was beaming as she recalled Teuchi's smile, "I mean after your mother this morning, I didn't expect anyone would be willing to listen."

"It hurt seeing her cry like that and yell at me to leave." Sakura's mood turned melancholy as she recalled the day's earlier moment of confession. Not to kill the mood she added hopefully, "But my parents love me, and I'm sure she'll come to accept it once she understands."

"I hope so." Ayame cooed lovingly into the other's ear. She then said lovingly, "I don't want you to suffer for me, Sakura."

"Ha. Any suffering's worth you." Sakura spat playfully, planting a light kiss on Ayame's cheek, fully aware that anyone of the many people who shared the busy street with them could see.

"I love you." Ayame reminded Sakura.

"I know." Sakura laughed teasingly.

"Don't ever leave my side." Ayame said in a playful voice of demand clenching tightly to Sakura's arm.

"That'd be kinda hard since I kinda need to go on ninja missions sometimes." Sakura laughed.

"I know." Ayame nodded in forced disappointment.

"I suppose whenever I get a long term assignment where I have to travel far away, I'll just have to take you with me." Sakura shot a heavy smile at her beautiful lover.

"Wouldn't that put me in danger?" Ayame asked, worried.

"Nope, believe me, anyplace where I am you will be 100 percent safe." Sakura paused before adding enticingly, "besides, didn't you tell me that you always wanted to see more of the world."

"Oh Sakura I'd love to travel with you as long as I wasn't too much of a burden." Ayame's face was lit up as she spoke.

The two both nodded as they both felt the other clench hard at where their hands met. Sakura and Ayame ran swiftly into the distance with smiles on their faces as they realized the future, their future together, would surely be a happy one.

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