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The next few weeks passed in a whirlwind of activity. Tommy and Chuckie sat down and had a long conversation about what they both wanted from life, and each other, and once everything was put out into the open, they knew what they had to do.

They decided on moving out of their hometown, if only to get away from the bad memories, which is probably what Tommy needed all along. Well, that, and someone to help hold him together.

They agreed to move west, not to California (since it would be too expensive) but just along the Nevada border where they could be closer to Dil, and still far enough away from home that it was a change.

Chuckie went back to work three days before his required vacation was up and told his boss that he was quitting. She surprised him, yet again, by smiling and telling him, "Good for you." And then, with a patient smile, she continued, "I know you aren't happy here, doing this, and you're too good a person to be unhappy." Then he surprised himself by giving her a swift, thankful hug. She laughed when he left, red-faced and apologetic.

His lease was good for only another month, so he told his landlord he wouldn't be renewing and they had his apartment empty after only half a day. Tommy hired a realtor to sell his house and then spent the next few days scouring the internet for cities and houses. He had an odd look of pride on his face when he showed Chuckie a three bed/two bath house in a cozy suburb that was perfect.

They told Chaz and Kimi only a week before they left and swore them to secrecy. Tommy wanted to tell Dil before it could get to him through someone else.

Chaz took the news better than expected; sitting there on the couch, mouthing wordlessly for several seconds before practically exploding out of his seat in some weird expression of joy. Absolutely delighted, he began planning out their next holiday together in detail, and then, suddenly he let loose a barrage of intimate questions that made both of the younger men squirm.

Kimi took it much more calmly and she simply grinned and patted the both of them on the cheek as she declared, "This might be more interesting if it actually changed anything."

The night before they left, they had dinner with the Pickles, Chaz, Kimi, Phil and even Howard and Betty. Charlotte and Chaz both cried when they all hugged good-bye.

Early, the next morning, they packed all that they had into a U-haul truck, towing Chuckie's car, and Tommy following in his. They stopped for lunch and dinner, making fools of themselves as they laughed and teased each other, caught in a euphoric state that refused to abandon them.

They'd called ahead and talked to the realtor selling the house and so when they arrived, the empty house was waiting; a fake, plastic rock holding the key to their new lives.

The next couple of weeks were spent unpacking, job hunting, and becoming better acquainted with each other. Chuckie learned that Tommy had a ticklish spot at the crook of his neck and if he brushed it just right, he could send him into an endless fit of giggles. That is, until he succumbed to laughter himself. Tommy discovered that the quickest way to turn Chuckie on was to smile at him from under his eyelashes and crook his finger at him. They soon discovered that the physical aspect of their relationship was not nearly as awkward as they had feared, and that they both enjoyed showering together in the morning.

Tommy applied for admission to a nearby college and spoke with a financial aid advisor and had his schedule ready for the next term, just several weeks away. Chuckie found a job at a local oil refinery that started him training right away, with the probationary pay just below that of what he was making at his old job, and the promise of even more once he was trained. He still wasn't sure if it was something he wanted to do for life, but it was definitely a cozy job, for the time being.

It was too soon the day before Dil was meant to fly in from school. Tommy was scheduled to pick him up from the airport the next morning. So, Chuckie and Tommy were enjoying the last day they would have alone for awhile. They'd started off watching a favorite movie together on the couch, but soon they were both on the verge of naked and utterly breathless, as they explored each other's bodies for the millionth time, but which somehow always seemed like the first. Chuckie was leaning over Tommy, raining gentle kisses down on his bare chest and enjoying the taste of him when,

"Oh holy hell! My eyes! Oh god! My eyes!" Chuckie felt himself literally fly off the couch at the voice. In the doorway, stood a familiar lanky, curly haired redhead wearing an oversized pair of sunglasses, a tie-dye t-shirt with cut-off sleeves, a pair of cameo cargo pants, and a look of complete and utter shock and amusement.

"Dil?!" Tommy squawked and Chuckie seemed to remember that he was wearing only a pair of briefs and scrambled for a nearby pillow to cover himself.

"Well, now, when you said that you two were going to be living together, I didn't know you meant you two would be living together." He said, a wry smile coming over his face.

"We can explain-!"

"No need bro." Dil interrupted throwing his hands up, "I only have two things to say;

One, hurry up and pay my impatient taxi driver and be sure to rescue the luggage he's taken hostage, and two, congratulations, it's about damn time." His smile broadened at their expressions and the two lovers exchanged a bewildered, red-faced look before Tommy stood in a dazed fashion and found his pants, pulling them on. Once he left the room, Dil came forward and leaned over him, as he squirmed in discomfort.

"Now, I love you dearly Chuckie Finster, but this is just a standard, necessary warning; If you hurt my brother, you'll be paying for it for a very, very long time." Chuckie closed his still open mouth and nodded slowly as the smaller, younger man clasped a hand on his shoulder and laughed.

The End

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