Chapter 1: The Statement

" Will you marry me, Haruhi?" Mori said, kneeling before Haruhi, who had just woken up. "Mori! I—" She was cut off by a twin, Hikaru to be exact.

" OOH! Mori-senpai wants to marry Haru-chan!"

" Hikaru, you sack of shit! GO AWAY!" Haruhi yelled. Hikaru was struck by Haruhi's uncharacteristic statement. He ran away crying down the street.

"Mori—" Mori had dashed off, as well. Haruhi was tired, and it was a Sunday, so she went back to bed.

Hikaru was running down the street when something grabbed him. "A Mountain gorilla?" Hikaru thought. He realized it was Mori when he was lifted off his feet on to a wall.

"Mori-senpai?" Hikaru screamed in agony as Mori punched him in the gut. Kaoru saw and took Hikaru and into their house. Mori walked off to who-knows-where.

" Mori-senpai is mad… Kaoru, it hurts…" Kaoru laughed.

"Of course it hurt. You got punched, doofus."

"Not that. Haruhi called me a sack of shit…" Hikaru cried as if he was a rain cloud. Kaoru just hugged him.

It was in the third music room that Hikaru, Mori, and Haruhi met again. Haruhi looked at Mori with lust, as Mori looked at Hikaru with wrath, and Hikaru looked at Haruhi with greed.

Tamaki looked at the three, confused. Hunny looked at Mori and started to talk.

"Takashi, What did you do to Hika-chan and Haru-chan?"

Takashi looked at Hunny. He said nothing, but that worried everyone. Tamaki hid in the corner, and Kyoya put in earplugs and fell asleep. Haruhi went over to Mori and whispered quietly, " Come to my house at 5:00. Wear something casual. Ill be waiting." And slipped out of the clubroom.

At 5:00, Mori knocked on the door. He dressed casually, just as Haruhi said to. He was wearing a Blue T-shirt with a Hawaiian-like pattern on it. He also had a floral button-down on, unbuttoned. Haruhi opened the door and Mori looked at Haruhi. She was wearing a cute kitty shirt and a skirt, obviously to make Mori blush.

"You look nice…" Was all he said, but Haruhi knew he wanted to say something else.

"So, ready to go clubbing?" Haruhi said. Mori looked shocked. Was Haruhi a party girl?

At the club, they danced all night, with drinks in-between. They made it to Haruhi's Door. Her father had just came home, and saw the two, drunk as skunks. He sighed, and let them in.

"Haruhi, you really should tell me if you want to rebel, so I can get a bucket next time!"

Haruhi mumbled, and the two walked toward her bed. They collapsed halfway there, and Ryoji took the liberty of putting Haruhi to bed, and pushing Mori to their couch, as Ryoji simply cannot lift such a large person. Mori lifted himself up onto their couch, and then Ryoji went to bed, thinking, "How did Haruhi ever get into the night club?" His boss, somewhere, sneezed.