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Farting In Bed, Part Two.

Sakura giggled, staring at her flustered husband. Her hand reached forward and turned the dial, making the water stop. The steam from the bathtub made the mirrors in the large bathroom fog up. Sakura stood up, looked at her husband, who was glaring back at her teasing glance.

Sakura walked over to her husband, pulled his hands and set them on the ties of her silk robe. Sasuke stared at her, not to happy about being forced to take a hot bath with his wife. Considering that he lost a bet, and was in their large bathroom instead of out training like as per usual.

Sasuke sighed, then pulled the ties of Sakura's robe, staring at her nude body as it opened. His eyes adored her body before looking back up at her eyes and pushing her robe completely off of her slender body. Sakura giggled at the fingers that grabbed at her sides, before embracing her robe clad husband.

"Mhm, you smell so good," Sakura murmured into his chest. Her head rested against his chest before she pulled away, her hands grasping the tie that held his dark robe together.

Their eyes connected and Sakura pulled the ties, and pushing his robe off of his body. They stared at each other for a moment, before Sakura giggled at the slight pink hue to her husbands cheeks. Sasuke in turn glared at her, not hiding the fact that he was staring at her behind as she got into the large tub.

As Sakura got settled in the tub, Sasuke was putting one foot in at a time, careful not to step on his wife. Just as he was sitting into the warm water, his elbow knocked off the soap, making it skitter across the tiled floor. Sasuke sighed as his young wife giggled at him and just gave him a look that clearly said, "You are getting that, you know."

Sasuke stood, proud fully showing off his body to his wife, and let the smirk crawl to his face as she promptly blushed scarlet.

Sasuke walked over to the bar of soap on the floor, bent over….

(Insert a loud Fart right here.)

The breath caught in Sakura's throat as she stared at the bare ass of her husband…

(End it, poor Sasuke!)

"Uhm, baby, could you please spray some air freshener? That one was rancid…"


Ha-ha, first Sakura, then Sasuke, I'm Bad.