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Summary: 5 years pass and Whisper's all grown up! But don't think that's the end of baby penguins. Whisper has a kid! But trouble boils and Whisper has to travel the world on a mission. Can she make it before the deadline?

Part 2


A small school of fish swam systematically through the water. Where one fish go, they all go, each following every dart and direction change of its neighbor.

All seemed calm in the underwater world. Swarms of krill lazed about on the surface and the schools of fish effortlessly plucking the shrimp-like creatures into their mouths.

The calm didn't last long. At the shore, hundreds of bubble jet-streams appeared with an explosion sound. Chinstrap penguins have taken the dive and swam rapidly at the fish.

Eager not to be a target, the fish darted and scattered all over the place.

One by one, the fish were eaten whole. In minutes, only one remained and a still-hungry chinstrap gave chase. She closed in...almost there.

Suddenly, a larger penguin shot by as fast as a bullet and the chinstrap bit down on the fish only to have nothing. She looked angrily at the penguin intruder.

"Hey! That's mine!" she yelled. She could see the penguin was an Emperor and knew exactly who it was.

Whisper. Fully grown with adult feathers, she turned out to be quite a beauty...for male Emperors anyway. To the chinstrap, at the moment, Whisper was an annoying competitor that had just stolen her fish.

The young Emperor looked back at the chinstrap.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." she apologized, the fish still thrashing in her beak. She turned and started to slowly swim away.

"Ain't you gonna give that back?" the other penguin asked angrily.

"I can't. It's for Dad."

"Give me back my fish!" That spoken, the chinstrap swam at Whisper a full speed. Whisper saw the charge and retreated as fast as she could towards home.

"Dad! A penguin's out to get me! Help!" Whisper cried out, still not releasing the fish. She shot into the cavern and out the hole into the den.

Rojas was at the edge, peering into the water.

The chinstrap shot out into the den too and Rojas took the unsuspecting penguin in his jaws as Whisper hid the fish away, just in case the chinstrap got past.

"This the penguin giving you trouble?" Rojas asked. Whisper nodded.

"I see..." The leopard seal plunged into the water. "I'll be back."

"Where ya going?" Whisper asked. Rojas smirked, the penguin thrashing in his grip.

"Nothing. Just gonna give this lucky bird a tour before returning her to her colony." Rojas explained, having totally different things in mind.

"Bye. Be home soon, okay?"

Rojas nodded before going under.

"A tour?" the chinstrap muttered in confusion.

"A tour of my stomach." Rojas cleared. The penguin thrashed harder.

Still in the den, Whisper was unaware of what Rojas was really doing. She just shook herself dry and treated herself with a small preen.

Whisper was born in Rojas' care and thus, knows nothing about leopard seals eating penguins. Everytime a penguin chased her in here, which happened alot for some reason, Rojas would take it 'on a tour'. She never would imagine the truth that Rojas kept from her...that he uses her to lure his favorite food to him.

But she does catch other food for Rojas willingly and knowingly, mostly fish, krill, and squid. Those are the one's Whisper knows Rojas eats.

Occasionally, Rojas would insist hunting on his own. What he eats on those trips, she's uncertain of...and luckily, she had no desire to find out.

After all...skuas, penguins, and baby seals are out of the menu...right?

With a yawn, Whisper decided to go to sleep. She's been swimming and fishing all day, trying to sharpen her skills. It's been a hard day, and nothing could beat a nap.

She dozed off, wishing that this happiness of life could last forever.

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