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Part 2

REALLY Mini Chapter

Tourniquet wandered around the beach the next day, oblivious to what happened. She was just on her way to the chinstrap colony when four very familiar skuas fluttered by her.

She looked at them, expecting something bad to happen.

"We never loined your name Flipper Boid." The leader said in a kind, gentle manner. Tourniquet dropped her caution.

"I'm Tourniquet. But I like Tourni too." She told them. The leader smiled.

"Touinaquet." He repeated slowly. She like the way he said it in his accent. It was pretty interesting to hear her name pronounced differently.

"What's your names?" she asked, rocking back and forth.

"Well…I'm Seifer." The leader told her.

"I'm Vinni." The golden one told her.

"Name's Frankie." The whitish one joined. Tourniquet looked at the dark one expectedly, but he didn't say anything immediately. He seemed reluctant to share with her.

Seifer gave him a rough nudge that made Tourniquet smile.

"Dino." The almost angered dark colored skua replied.

"Now dat da intros are over, we want to know if you'd like to come wit us." Seifer told her. Tourniquet was instantly curious. What kind of place?

"Where?" she asked.

"A fun place we know bout out in da inland near a nation called Adelie Land. A giant mountain where youse can slide till ya drop." Vinni told her.

Tourniquet was practically jumping with excitement at the news. Her excitement grew when Seifer bent down and gestured for her to hop on.

She didn't hesitate and they went off, until they were out of sight from the beach, the water…and the reality.

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