Summary: Senior year brings big changes for Deena and Theresa, both captains they find themselves trying to navigate their family's further complications and their own love lives. Not to mention the antics of Reid and Fulton, now Eden Hall sophomores.

Author's Note: So, hey there everyone. Here's the deal, I have some kind addiction to these characters of mine. I feel like I haven't given Deena and Theresa their proper attention. And also Theresa needs a boyfriend. And the Danny and Lexi story needs some flushing out. And I really felt like writing a super duper bitchy character (Lilly). The title, is a reference to the amazing film of the same title, and will deal largely in Theresa's captainship. Also, the boy, oh the boy. I've been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls lately, so um, he's not actually that original. You'll see why, pretty much right away. The other issue that I'll deal with is how Kitty and Julian's getting back together effects the families. Mainly, Heather and Julie.

Bring it On

Chapter 1: The New Kid

Theresa woke early the first day of her senior year. She pulled on a pair of shorts, a sports bra and a pink tank top. She grabbed her I-Pod and went out for a run. She had been planning this for weeks, take a run around Eden Hall campus and clear her mind before she had to get ready to endure yet another year, her final year at this place. Unlike most people who just took their runs around the track she preferred running around campus and taking in the scenery. She reached a quiet green and a particularly jubilant song began to boom through her headphones. She smiled took a step back and did a rather rapid tumbling pass. She finished and stuck the landing, giving it a fancy gymnastics presentation. She missed gymnastics, she hadn't competed in ages, cheering taking up most of her time. She lowered her arms as she heard some loud, slow clapping. She turned around, her blonde ponytail whipping with her.

"Very nice," she was standing face to face with an unfamiliar boy. Tall, dark hair and eyes, wearing beat up Ramones tee shirt under a leather jacket, and a pair of rather old jeans.

"I um," she said, flushing with embarrassment. She was so bad with boys. "I thought I was alone."

"Obviously," he nodded, "Do you always present like that?" He was looking straight into her eyes, which made her uncomfortable. If he would just glance down and check her out, then she could do what she usually did, get all huffy and angry and storm away. Or maybe if he would make a joke, she could goof around with guys, three brothers taught her that.

"Um, it's a, uh habit." She said. "I have to go," she pointed towards school and jogged away. She could hear him laughing and felt her face flush again. Why could she not handle guys? Aside from her brothers the only guys she was ever comfortable around were Julian, who might as well be her brother anyway, although, obviously that was up in the air lately, and Ryan, who was less like a boy and more like some kind of harmless puppy who followed Deena around since they had started going out summer after freshman year. Was this that feeling that Kitty always used to talk about? The way her heart wouldn't stop pounding, the flushing, she wished she could just call her and ask.

"Deena," Heather shouted up the stairs, "Ryan's here, you're going to be late." She smiled at her daughter's boyfriend. After three years it was still strange to call this boy, who had always been around Deena's boyfriend. "So, senior year."

"Yes," Ryan nodded, "Mrs. Banks?"

"Hmm," she said.

"I'm not going to crazy and propose to Deena," he said, "I mean, I love her, but I'm seventeen,"

"Oh sweetie," Heather laughed, "You think that's why I've been weird this summer?"

"Well," he said, "I mean, Julian was around a lot, and pretty depressed so I thought that maybe,"

"No," She said, "Honestly, Ryan, you're just such a big part of our lives, and,"

"Hi," Deena said running down, "Sorry, bye Mom." She kissed Heather, "Ryan, we have to go, Theresa called me all panicky about something, I couldn't really hear her, but I think it might be Kitty related, or Portman related in some way, so I think we should get down there."

"Alright," Ryan said confused. He had given up trying to follow Theresa and Deena's conversations sometime in the middle of their sophomore year. "Bye Mrs. Banks."

"Bye Ryan," she said waving, "Have a good day you two!" She shook her head. Good to know one of her children would make it out of that school without the insanity of "Til Death Do Us Part" in their head. Especially the way Julian was now crushed, and living in New Jersey. Living in New Jersey and crushed was not the life she had hoped for her son. Although the NHL thing was good, and he claimed to be fine.

"Reid!" Deena said, as she ran to the school.

"Fulton," he said, "Nice try though,"

"Oh shit sorry," she said, all these years she still couldn't tell the twins apart. "Where's Re?"

"In her room," he said, "I think, she was weird at breakfast."

"Did something happen?" Dee said quietly, "With Kitty? Or your Dad?"

"Not that we know of," he shook his head.

"Hey," Theresa said, walking up, a vision of preppy perfection in her pink sweater and jean skirt, "Hi Fulton."

"Hi Re," he smiled. "Are you OK?"

"I'm fine," she said, "You wanna leave us alone?"

"Fine," he shrugged, "Oh, Mom said call her after practice. Something about Marie and getting her nose pierced?"

"Got it," Theresa nodded, he smiled and walked away.

"How do you tell them apart again?" Deena said, "I called him Reid, I felt like a moron."

"Reid looks more like Julie," Theresa said.

"They both look like exact clones of Dean if you ask me," Deena shook her head.

"No see, Reid has a softer face," Theresa said, "Forget it."

"So what had you all crazy this morning?" Deena said as they walked to their first class.

"I went for a run," she said, Deena rolled her eyes, "And then I did double back hand spring, with a tuck,"

"Why?" Deena asked.

"I thought I was alone and I was really in it," she shrugged, "But I wasn't alone. There was this guy,"

"What guy?" Deena said

"I'd never seen him before," she said.

"Portman, Banks," Lilly Powell brushed past them, in her red and white cheerleading uniform. "Hey Re, they find Kitty bloated and dead in a hotel room yet?" Theresa closed her eyes. Of all the torment in the world she could take just about everything but comments about her sister.

"Aw, Lil," Deena snapped back, "I'm sure your herpes will clear up before David Parker's party this weekend, so he can bang you and deny it on Monday." Lilly shot her a glare and kept walking. "Hey," she said rubbing her best friends arm, "She's a bitch. And Kitty is not going to die in a hotel room. She's going to wake up one day and say, 'Hey, you know what I miss? I miss the Portmans,' and she's going to call Dean, and everything is going to be fine." Theresa nodded, "So the guy, who was it?"

"I had never seen him before," she sighed. "God, he was gorgeous Dee! And I was wearing teeny tiny work out clothes and he didn't check me out. And he didn't seem to know that I was Theresa Portman, Kitty Portman's apparently easy little sister."

"Maybe he's gay," Deena said, "And after last year, no one thinks you're easy."

"I don't think he's gay, and I know," Theresa sighed, "What are we doing this weekend?"

"You have tryouts this weekend," Deena said, "Remember?"

"Ugh," Theresa sighed, "Gross." She was incredibly grateful and honored that the cheerleading squad had voted her captain, but it also meant that she had a ton of work to do, since she had run on the platform that she would get them into national finals in Florida that she was now regretting because it meant tons of extra hours coming up with and teaching choreography. It also didn't help that the squad was pretty much split between her and Lilly and they were actually co captains. "You know she's just going to disagree with every choice I make, and then say something oh so witty about my sister, and how she's a druggy slut."

"Kitty is not a druggy slut," Deena said, "She's just lost. And you will be fine. Lilly Powell is an idiot, and you have way more control over that squad than she does. And at least you are a captain."

"You might be too," Theresa said as they sat down, "You have practice today right?"

"Yup, Charlie makes the announcement then," she sighed, "It's going to be Ryan I just know it."

"Maybe not," Theresa said, "I mean, we all thought that Danny would be, and then poof, Charlie throws us for a loop and gives it to Jim. Oh my God!" She took her hand and shaded her face.

"What?" Deena looked around.

"Guy, from back hand spring," Theresa sighed.

"Wow," Deena whispered.

"I know," Theresa said. She saw him look back at her and wink, she stared down at the desk.

After homeroom, Theresa walked out into the hallway, Deena had walked off, more than likely to either make out or talk hockey with Ryan.

"Hey there Pinky," he smirked at her coming behind.

"I have a name," she said.

"Yeah," he nodded, "I'll bet you do. But you've yet to tell me it, and both times I've seen you, you were wearing pink so."

"Theresa," she said. "Or Re."

"Nice to meet you," He smiled, his eyes meeting hers again, she wanted to melt.

"Your turn," she said. He cocked his head to the side. "You have a name too, right?"

"I do at that," He smiled, "See you around Theresa." He walked away. She sighed and backed into a locker, dropping her head backwards.

"Theresa likes a boooy," She opened her eyes and saw Reid standing in front of her. "I'm gonna tell Danny!"

"You tell Danny and you will suffer Reid Portman!" She scowled at him.

"Ooh you're scaring me princess," he smiled. Of all their siblings Reid was aware that at least physically Theresa was the easiest to deal with.

"I'm serious," she said, "You'll suffer pain like that of having to spend eternity in a small locked room with Dad and Adam!" His eyes got wide, this was the worst threat to the Portman children. When they were little Luis used to use it to scare them into bed. "Yeah."

"Fine," he said, "My lips are sealed."

"So, I asked around," Deena sat down at lunch, "He's new."

"Excellent detection skills Dee," Theresa rolled her eyes, "I figured that out, thank you."

"Who's new?" Ryan said, keying in to the conversation.

"Just some guy," Theresa said, "It's not important."

"You finally get over me Portman?" Ryan teased her, referencing their brief dating freshman year.

"He'll always be second place, sweetie!" She blew him a kiss. Ryan laughed and Deena's eyes narrowed. Ryan gave her a kiss.

"We're just kidding baby," he said. "She's onto us, Re!"

"Damn," Theresa giggled. She knew it pushed Deena's buttons when they teased each other, but watching her blow up was fun. Although over the past few years she had vastly improved in what Julie called her "mean girl tendencies" she still found herself getting amusement out of seeing her best friend rise to the bait. She looked up and saw Lilly talking to him. "Why do I have this life?"

"That's the guy?" Ryan said, pointing, Deena slapped his hand down. "I heard he almost killed a guy at his last school, and that's why he's here."

"That didn't happen," Theresa rolled her eyes.

"He looks bored," Deena said.

"Of course he's bored," Ryan said, "Lilly can talk about two subjects, Lilly and I can't even think of the second one right now."

"How trashy my family is?" Theresa sighed. She looked over at him, and sighed. "When she's through with him, he'll hate me."

"Do you want to ask him to sit?" Ryan asked. "And maybe he's into trashy girls."

"No!" Theresa said, "Don't ask him to sit. And I hope he's not into trashy girls."

"Yes, because then you would definitely be out," Deena nodded, "And he would be all over Lilly."

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