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Chapter 19: Nationals

The night before the finals of Nationals, Theresa and Lilly sat in their hotel room in Miami, getting the curlers up in their ponytails. They couldn't believe they had made it through the preliminary rounds, Theresa's only problem was that no one had been able to make it down from either Chicago or Minnesota.

"So how's Andy?" Theresa asked. Lilly rolled her eyes.

"He's fine," she laughed, "I can't believe he knocked some poor girl up. I met her, she promised that I get to actually be an, what am I to it?"

"Let's see, he or she," Theresa corrected Lilly's it, "is your cousin's kid, which makes him or her, your second cousin."

"Whatever," she laughed, "I'll just have him or her," she rolled her eyes at the formality, "call me Aunt Lilly."

"Right," Theresa laughed, finishing the last strands of Lilly's hair. There was a knock on the door. Theresa looked curiously, Lilly shrugged. She got up and answered it.

"Re, it's for you," Lilly rolled her eyes, "I'll go, get some ice or something." Theresa laughed as Dominic wandered in.

"You're rooming with the Queen of the Damned?" Dom smiled putting his arms around her waist.

"Someone had to," She smiled and kissed him. "What are you even doing here? I thought you couldn't make it down."

"I'm full of surprises," he kissed her, moving down onto the bed. "I love you."

"Dominic," she whispered.

"Too fast?" He asked.

"No," she sighed, "But um, my hair?"

"Your hair?" He asked confused.

"When I lay my head back," she said, "The curlers, they uh, they dig into my scalp and it hurts."

"Let's see, how can we solve this problem?" He smiled, flipping over. She giggled and got on top of him. "Problem solved." They kept kissing, his hands resting in the small of her back. She whimpered as her tee shirt rode up and he rubbed the bare skin over. They broke when there was another knock on the door.

"Ugh," she sighed, and pecked him, "Just when it was getting good." He laughed as she stood up and walked over to the door. She sighed as she opened it.

"Hi Re!" Kitty smiled, Luis standing next to her, "Hi Dominic!"

"Hi!" He groaned falling back.

"Hi," Theresa hugged them. "What are you doing here?"

"You made the finals," Kitty laughed, "Like we would miss this, besides, someone," she looked over at her godfather, "Was still feeling all guilty over missing regionals."

"I'm glad you came," she smiled.

"Come on," Luis said, "Remember how I've always said I wanted to show you girls Miami? What better time? Dom, you want to come too?"

"I have to be in early," Theresa said, "So we can't really,"

"Re, I'm not like taking you girls out to the clubs where I used to," Luis stopped, realizing how badly he would be killed if he actually revealed his early life activities to the Portman girls, "I just figured we'd get dinner."

"OK," she nodded, "Great."

"Yeah," Dominic stood up and placed his hands on her shoulders, "Great."

"Early," Fulton grumbled, as Deena and Ryan dragged him and Reid out to Deena's car.

"Too early," Reid agreed.

"Agreeing with them," Ryan said as they settled into the car. "Why so early?"

"Theresa's finals are live in two hours." Deena said, "We have coffee and breakfast at my house, and then we'll watch them."

"Why so early?" Reid repeated. "If we have two hours,"

"Do you want to deal with her if we miss them?" Deena turned around, he sighed and shook his head, "Exactly." She started the car.

"Re," Kitty ran up to her as she sat in a corner collecting herself, fingering a rosary, "Aw, you're praying!" Theresa looked up.

"I pray before every competition," she nodded, "I mean usually just a quickie Mom style, 'Hey Lord, wassup, give us some luck thanks, Amen' type, but this is big, I figure my best bet is asking Mary officially."

"I wanted to give you something, but I couldn't catch you alone last night." She smiled, and pulled a set of keys out of her pocket, "Congratulations, we're very proud of you."

"You bought me a car?" Theresa said excitedly. "I haven't even won yet!"

"No," Kitty shook her head, "I didn't buy you a car. These are the keys to my house in Malibu." Theresa looked confused. "For you, to use this summer. Julian, Lexi and I were talking about high school and when we used to go to Lexi's house in Cape Cod, and how much fun we had, and we thought that maybe you and Dee and Ryan, and Dominic would want a similar experience, only this is cooler because its like one of the most expensive houses in LA."

"Thank you Kitty," Theresa stood on her tiptoes and hugged her around the neck. "Thank you, thank you!"

"I'm very proud of you," she smiled, "You've grown up so much, now," she pulled out the hug, "We're Portmans, and Portmans are winners, so go out there and win it!"

"I won't let you down," Theresa nodded and hugged her again. "I have to go talk to the ESPN people, they interview all of the captains, any tips?"

"Um, plug the new movie?" Kitty laughed, "Just be you, and try not to let Lilly talk too much." Theresa laughed and bounced away.

"So it must be exciting for you two," the reporter asked Theresa and Lilly, "A squad that's never been to a national level competition to finals of National Championships."

"It's exciting," Lilly nodded, "We worked really hard this year, and we're really proud of the girls."

"Theresa, this must have been an exciting year for you," the woman smiled, "As I understand it you're not the only person in your family to overcome the odds." Theresa swallowed and looked panicked over at Lilly, who just shrugged. "How is your sister doing?"

"We're all really proud of Kitty," Theresa said, putting on her best cheer face, "And glad that she's happy and healthy. She's actually here, so if you want the scoop on Kitty Portman's emotional breakdown, ask her yourself." She stood up. "Go Ducks!" She raised her fist from her shoulder and walked away. Lilly got up and followed after her.

"That was awesome," she said, "You just bitched out on ESPN."

"God, I wanted to strangle her," she sighed, "This is supposed to be my moment, and Kitty's horning in on it. I mean, not on purpose because she would never do that, but,"

"Forget it, when we win and its all over everything because of your famous sister," Lilly said, "It'll be worth it." Theresa smiled, "Now, go make out with your boyfriend for luck or whatever, and come back here and kick ass. I'll handle the interviews, there's nothing interesting about my family except that apparently my cousin doesn't know how to use a condom."

"Thanks Lilly," Theresa said, "I think." She ran out to the stands and grabbed Dominic and kissed him. "I just went all Portman on and ESPN reporter."

"Aw, I missed it," He laughed. "And dressed like that? Very punk rock." She whacked him in the chest and he kissed her. "Good luck, go be awesome."

"Listen this summer, do you want to ride your bike out to California?" She asked.

"Why?" He asked.

"Kitty wants us to house sit," she shrugged. "You up for it?"

"Totally," he nodded.

"They won," Julie smiled, sitting in their living room in Chicago. "I can't believe they won."

"The squad from San Diego was their only real competition," Dean explained, "Because of Theresa's gymnastics, which earns more points."

"You seem to know a lot about cheerleading," she laughed, "Since when do you," she stopped, "You went on line and looked up the scoring system didn't you?"

"I like to understand what I'm watching," He said.

"Right, it has nothing to do with the fact that your favorite child was the one being watched," Julie smiled. Marie and Danny turned to their father.

"I don't have a favorite child," He said, "I love you all exactly the same."

"Right," Danny nodded.

"Sure," Marie laughed. "We all know Re's the favorite cause she looks like Mom."

"I always thought that might be it," Julie smiled, "That's the reason the twins are my favorites."

"And Kitty is Luis's favorite," Marie sighed. "So where does that leave us?"

"You're my favorite baby," Danny smiled.

"You're my favorite too Danny." Marie laughed. "So there."

"Very mature you two," Dean laughed, and then looked at the TV. "God, I'm so proud of her."

"I know how you feel," Julie smiled and kissed him.

The End

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