Mating time

This fic technically continues on from Frozen Paws and Defending -but can be read on its own!

This fic is dedicated to Black-Panther lover after having had major surgery on her back!!! Thanks for the ideas for this story - I hope you like it!!!

Get well soon hun!!! xxx


Chapter 1 - Affection

"During the mating season, breeding wolves become very affectionate with one another..."

Tsume waited patently by the window of their current resting place, waiting for the return of Toboe. He had been gone for almost 2 days searching for something personal before he had decided he had been away long enough and decided to re-join his pack. However, when he arrived, he found that Toboe had been sent out with Hige to locate food, leaving him alone with Kiba to wait. Tsume had waited patiently for several hours since his own return - and he was beginning to wonder what trouble the pair of them were getting themselves into. He was brought out form his thoughts by the loud chatter approaching the house they were in. "They're back." he stated, moving away from the window. Kiba looked up at him from chair he was sitting in, a relived sparkle in his eyes. Tsume knew that look, and it's one no doubt that he had whenever he knew Toboe was returning.

"We're back!" Hige proclaimed as he burst through the door, a single bag hanging from his arm. Kiba got up with a smile. "Sorry to have taken so long Kiba!" Toboe added carrying a large bag in his hand which he immediately dropped crying, "TSUME!" Toboe had immediately picked up Tsume's presence, and once his eyes had locked on him - he pounced the older wolf, nuzzling and hugging him affectionately. "Oh - Tsume - you're back!" Tsume couldn't stop the smile that spread across his face. He immediately lifted his hands to stroke Toboe's back and pet his hair softly. "Yeah runt... I'm back."

He let his hand trail over Toboe's soft figure, up and down his back, and slightly lower. Toboe was in heaven from the attention. He leant into every touch from Tsume, and even made a soft sigh as his hand trailed lower on his back. Toboe reched up to place kisses on Tsume's neck, his hand's feeling the uncovered skin on his back. Tsume was too lost in Toboe and his affection that he almost forgot that the other two members of the pack were still in the room.

Hige watched the open signs of affection between Tsume and Toboe with a growing wish to tease them. He was about to comment when he felt warm breath on his neck, and a gentle nose and lips nuzzling him. The words died on his lips as he instead let out a soft sigh. He felt warm arms encircle his waist, and as soon as Kiba started lightly nibbling on his neck, Hige was a pile of goo - the bag hanging from his arm falling to the floor without another thought. Kiba grinned against Hige's neck - a triumph over food! He rewarded Hige's attention by lightly nibbling on his ear to which Hige pressed his back further into Kiba's chest and closed his eyes with a low soft growl.

The low growl from Hige grabbed Tsume's attention from Toboe, which made Toboe look up questioningly as to why Tsume had stopped petting him. "I think we should eat." he said. Toboe didn't really want to let go of Tsume, but he did and stepped back a little, promptly slipping on the groceries which had spilled from the bag he dropped. "WAAAH!!!" he cried arms flailing as he fell landing on his ass. "O-Ow..." he whined with big puppy eyes. This got Hige's attention - who started to laugh at the sight. Tsume growled at Hige making him stop instantly and Kiba smirk.

Kiba withdrew for Hige bending down to start collecting the scattered groceries. Hige was torn between helping Kiba - like he knew he should, and dragging the other wolf off somewhere more private to continue what Kiba had started. However, he knew if he didn't help Kiba, he wasn't getting any more attention for the rest of the day. Hige sighed also bending over to help Kiba. He sighed, knowing full well that Kiba had him wrapped around his paw... Not that he was complaining... It was just that Kiba knew it... And used it at any given opportunity... Hige was brought out of his sulk and blushed as he felt Kiba's hand rest on his which was keeping him balanced. 'No' - Hige thought - 'definitely not complaining.' Kiba smiled one of his charming smiles which made Hige all warm and gooie.

Tsume knelt beside Toboe who just sat on the floor slightly twisted onto his side, rubbing his ass. "You alright runt?" Tsume asked. Toboe pouted a little but nodded. "Yeah - I'm fine Tsume." "You gonna get up any time soon?" he asked with a softer tone reserved only for Toboe. Toboe smiled but shook his head. He planned on eating where he was. He was a little shocked when Tsume sat next to him, and even more so when his arm went behind his back, acting a bit like a support. Toboe blushed, his eyes sparkling with his clear feelings for Tsume. Tsume just smiled a bit, and lent in placing a soft kiss on Toboe's neck. Toboe blushed a deeper shade of crimson as his body tingled. He leant back onto Tsume's arm, shoulder and chest for support which made Tsume's smile widen more.

A large steak landed on Toboe's lap which made Toboe jump and look at the fiend who disturbed the warm moment. His eyes locked on Hige who was grinning. "Enjoy - we're off to eat upstairs." Tsume grunted, and Toboe gave an innocent answer of -"Enjoy!" Kiba smirked. "You too."