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Ring Ring, Ring Ring

"Uh, hello?" Lily Trescott had just been woken up by the ringing of her phone.

"Whoever it is better have a good reason for calling" She thought grumpily.

"Hiya Lils, sorry did I wake you?" Miley Stewart, Lily's Best friend answered in her ear.

"No it's okay, what's up?" Lily said yawning, she sat up in bed.

"Nothing I just wondered if you wanted to come to my house later, Oaken's coming so we were just gonna watch a film or something, you up for it?"

"Yeah ok sounds good, what time will I come round?" Looking at her alarm clock, Lily noticed it was only 10:25am.

"Well Oliver is coming at 1, is that ok for you?

"Yeah no problem" replied Lily

"Cool I'll see you later then, can't wait!" Miley squealed

"Yeah me neither, Bye Miley"

"Bye Lily" Miley hung up as did Lily. Lily flopped back on her bed, sighing to herself. She had problems, girl problems. They weren't problems to do with her; they were problems to do with a certain girl, a girl who just happened to be her best friend. Yes! Lily Trescott was in love with Miley Stewart, who was not only her best friend but also happened to be teen pop star Hannah Montana. That wasn't a problem for Lily; it just meant she had less hope that Miley might be interested in plain, old her and more interested in someone famous or rich like Jake Ryan the amazing zombie slayer.

"Pfft!" Lily scoffed, "anyone can kick and punch a group of dead guys, it's not that special"

"What's a girl to do? Well Oliver says to tell her, Jackson says to tell he, Michael says to tell her and a part of me says go for it but the other part of me is saying other things, its just no use. Maybe I should just come right out and say. No. What if she doesn't feel the same, wow major embarrassment and rejection not to mention the uncomfortable situation we'd be in. It would seriously damage our friendship. But...what if she did feel the same, now, that would be great, getting to date a sweet, beautiful, funny, sexy, girl. Then Lola would have a gorgeous girlfriend too. Oh...who am I kidding, Miley would never think twice about me! Plus I'm a girl!" Lily gave another loud sigh of frustration.

Deciding she wouldn't fall back asleep and shouldn't think about Miley anymore, the subject was major stressful, she got up out her bed and went to get a shower. 10 minutes later she was out and choosing what to wear; a pair of jeans, a white top and trainers. She straightened her hair down, sprayed on some diesel, and applied a little eye-liner. When she was satisfied with what she saw she bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen for breakfast. As soon as she entered the kitchen she could smell her mother's cooking.

"Morning Sweetie!" Lily's mother smiled as she got out 4 plates. Lily's Father was already sitting at the table with the paper in one hand and a steaming hot cup of coffee in the other. Michael, Lily's older brother was in the living room, Lily could hear the sound of rayman kicking ass on the Tv. Lily sat down and yawned again.

"Michael, breakfast" Mrs Trescott shouted through to her older child. She served breakfast and Michael came through and sat next to his Father and Lily.

"Alright there, Squirt" Michael smiled as he stuffed a piece of bacon in his mouth.

"Alright there, Pig" Lily made a face at him, he was so disgusting sometimes. However he just smiled at her.

"Play nice you two" Mr Trescott laughed as he put down his paper and began eating his breakfast.

"So what do you guys have planned today?" he asked.

"I'm going to Miley's" Lily said as she picked up a bit of sausage. Lily's mother and father both looked at each, Lily didn't notice but Michael did, he eyed them suspiciously.

"Oh...em...well have fun sweetheart" Lily Mother smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.


"Eh...well me and Jackson are just gonna chill at Rico's then don't know, maybe go back to his or come here. We'll decide later. Oh by the way dad, there's a Hannah Montana concert coming up soon, could you maybe get tickets. I've never seen her sing, maybe me and Lily could go" Lily glared at him, he just smirked, "Plus she's Hot! Don't you think so Lils?"

"What….eh…no, well I hadn't noticed" Lily said turning a little red.

"What but you've got all those posters and Hannah Montana gear that you used to collect, surely you must have noticed."

"Well…eh…sure she's pretty but I don't find her hot, that's only you. You Perv!"

"Wow, that was a close one, what's he playing at" Lily thought annoyed. Michael on the other hand had been using it to find out what was up their parents. When he had asked Lily, whether she found Hannah hot, his mother looked worried yet interested, his father had coughed behind the paper he had been reading again. Then when she replied she thought she was pretty not hot, his mother's face had looked somewhat relaxed again.

"Something funny's going on and I'm gonna find out what" He thought. Finishing his breakfast, he put his plate in the washing machine and went back through to his game. Lily followed suit. She sat down next to him.

"What was all that about?" She whispered.

"Nothing" he simply replied keeping his eyes on the screen.

"And the reason you did it was because?"

"Because… was fun to watch you blush and squirm!" He began to laugh; she squealed and grabbed the nearest pillow.

"You are such a geek, Michael!" She was laughing too, as she hit him with the pillow several times. Michael made a grab for Lily but she threw the pillow at his head and made a run for the stairs.

"To slow, big bro!" she shouted as she thumped up the stairs to her room.

"Yeah, Yeah" he mumbled smiling as he turned back to his game.

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