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The sound of a rather loud and annoying twittering bird outside her window woke Miley from her surprisingly deep sleep. As she fully awoke, she realised two things; one – she was confined to her bed, and two – the confinement was comfotrably warm and cosy. However, her mind and body immediately relaxed as the confinement gently shifted against her. Miley gave a daft smile; of course it was only Lily. She was pleasantly surprised at how natural their sleeping positions felt; Lily was pressed right up against Miley's back, her legs were bent behind Miley's, her warm breath tickling Miley's neck and her arm was laid lazily – but protectively – across Miley's waist. They'd shared beds before, as friends, and now she had to admit she much preferred sharing a bed as lovers. Smiling contently to herself, Miley snuggled in closer to the blonde. Every part of her body was satisfied lying with Lily, well every part except her bladder, which made itself known and effectively ruined the moment. So she gently, and with great difficulty, extracted herself from Lily's strong arms - giggling softly as she received a groan of displeasure from the now awoken blonde - and headed for the bathroom.

As soon as the brunette left - taking her warmth with her - Lily sat up groggily. Rubbing her eyes, she slowly got out of the bed, checking the time as she went, 7.30am. School began at 9am so she had enough time to have breakfast and take a shower before heading out. Stretching out and yawning loudly, she headed for the bathroom.

"Miley?" Lily knocked softly on the closed door.

"Yeah?" sounded back Miley's muffled voice.

"I'm just heading downstairs encase you wonder where I am, ok?"

"Ok Lil's, I'm just going to have a shower, and then you can have one. I won't be long!"

A fond smile graced the blonde's face at the thought of her girlfriend 'not taking long', Miley took long at everything.

"Ok Miles"

And as she heard the shower start up, she turned and headed for the kitchen; for breakfast and to see who else was up.

As she entered the kitchen, she was instantly hit with the smell of a fry up. Oliver was sitting at the breakfast table with a plate of sausages and bacon in front of him – which he was happily munching into – and Robbie Ray was standing at the cooker, fiddling with the frying pan.

As she sat down next to Oliver, Robbie Ray turned and smiled at her.

"Good Morning Lily"

"Morning Mr S, Morning doughnut" All she received from the young male was a wave of his fork and she laughed at him, shaking her head.

"Where's Miles?" Robbie Ray asked softly, obviously noticing his daughter was not with her love.

"She's in the shower, said she wouldn't be long" Lily and Robbie Ray shared a knowing smile.

"Alright." He chuckled, "So what would you like for breakfast?"

"Um…cereal will be ok thank you" Robbie Ray nodded and searched in his top cupboard for a box of cornflakes. Lily got up and walked round beside him, taking a bowl and spoon from the bottom cupboard. She smiled thanks as he gave her the cereal and milk and she set about fixing her breakfast, as Robbie Ray set about fixing his own. When everyone was sorted, they sat contently at the table and began to eat.

"So did y'all sleep good last night?"

"I slept ok, Jacksons snoring kinda kept me awake, but knowing the problem with Miley and her stalker is all sorted, I wasn't kept awake thinking about that"

Robbie Ray gave a sad smile in return to the oblivious boy; he shifted his eyes to the blonde who was now stabbing at her mushy cornflakes.

"I didn't sleep much" Lily stated matter-of-fact and looked up to the boy as he turned his gaze to her.

"Oliver, it's not all sorted. Things…changed last night, after we all fell asleep." Robbie Ray and Lily then proceeded to get Oliver up to date on the situation.

"So he's still out there?" Oliver sighed as Robbie Ray nodded. He thought maybe he should show the two the letter and see what they made of it. He got up from the table and made his way over to the couch, picking the envelope up of the table before walking back over, and handing them it as he sat back down.

He watched their eyes scan the words and finally, he was looked back at with one confused and one angry face. HHH

"I don't understand….how does he know about Miley being Hannah? Infact, how does he know so much about her, including about you?" Oliver stated; his eyebrows scrunched together as he turned to Lily.

Lily shook her head as she rubbed her forehead in annoyance, "I really don't know Ollie, but this guy is seriously going to get it when I find out who he is. I mean what kind of a guy or maybe it's a woman….anyway what kind of a person would find it acceptable to put another person through such misery. And to top it of, they think it's funny to leave clues - as though it were a game - and then talk about killing someone with such irony in their voice! What annoys me the most is that Miley doesn't even deserve this, none of us do! I'm not even bothered that they know about me either, my main concern is Miley."

"She thinks its over too, doesn't she?" Oliver asked, already knowing the answer. Robbie Ray nodded.

"She thinks it was Nick Jacobs, she's going to take it hard when she finds out its not. I'm thinking I'll keep her off today to discuss this properly. I'm not taking any chances now."

Oliver and Lily nodded in agreement; Lily looked back over the letter and pondered for a moment.

"He says he's going to plan his….next attack….what do you think he's going to do?"

Oliver scratched his head thoughtfully, "Well since my mum is an ex-police officer and has been for a while, I remember she told me this story a few years ago. She'd been dealing with a case similar to this and she said that, people like this, they tend to hit places where there are a lot of people, you know, to cause more of an uproar."

"Right…so what is the next big thing Mr S?" Lily asked the older man.

"Hmmm, it's going to be the concert…." A lightbulb seemed to click in all their heads

"So….surely that means, if we have enough security and as many people around Miley as possible at all times, we could catch him…."

"I think you're right Lily, if he tries anything, then someone is bound to spot him" Oliver agreed. Both teens looked to Robbie Ray who sighed, with a smile on his face.

"I think we have a plan then, I'll speak to the police and I'll get Roxie in on this, so we are all prepared. But there is 3 days before the concert so we have lots of time to get this sorted out. Right now though, there is an hour for you kids to get ready, so do that and then I'll take you to school ok." Oliver and Lily nodded and stood up, ready to go up to get changed for school.

"Could one of y'all send Miley down for me, I'm going to talk to her about this?" He held the envelope up and sighed.

"I'll do it Mr S" Lily replied, as she and Oliver ascended the stairs, splitting at the top and heading for their separate rooms. As Lily walked towards Miley's room, she struggled not to punch the wall. She was worried about how Miley was going to react to the news, and she was worried how it would inevitably affect Miley in the long run.

"I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it…She's strong though." Lily thought, resigning herself to the fact that she'd just have to play it by ear.

Lily approached Miley's room, took a deep breath, opened the door and walked into the room.

"Miley, you're Dad wa……!" Lily stopped mid-sentence as she took in the scene before her. Miley was standing beside her bed, in just a pair of matching red bra and panties, laying her clothes out to get ready.

As Miley realised Lily had stopped what she was saying, she looked up and saw the blonde staring, or rather gawping at her, and she found herself struggling to keep a smile off her face.

"Baby, close your mouth, you'll catch flies!" This seemed to snap Lily out of her stare because she instantly snapped her mouth - and her eyes - shut and turned away from the brunette.

Lily cursed her body for her reaction to Miley. She's seen Miley multiple times in her underwear and she'd never been affected as greatly as this. She supposed that now she could admire Miley with 'lover' eyes rather than 'friend' eyes, as had been before, her body was taking advantage and the beauty of Miley's body was driving it wild. So once again, she cursed her teenage hormones. Struggling to calm her breathing and decrease her body temperature, she tried to think of…hobos, banana skins, Oliver in a dress…anything to take her mind away from the image of Miley's gorgeous body.

Miley on the other hand, giggled quietly to herself. Lily was very cute and sweet when she got flustered or embarrassed. She knew Lily was not a prude, but actions like these made Miley feel good and pleased that Lily was not disgusted or horrified by her body, more the opposite. She decided to play with the blonde and have a little fun. She left her clothes on the bed and approached Lily, who had yet to turn around.

Lily heard movement behind her and her erratic breathing instantly stopped. She could hear Miley get closer, and her body began to get a funny tingle of anticipation.

"Bad body!" She cursed again. Finally she could feel Miley directly behind her and she clenched her fists.

"Lily?" The soft voice sounded somewhere at her back.

"Yes?" Lily hoped her voice didn't portray what her body was feeling.

"Are you alright?" Miley gently slid her finger down the blonde's arm, feeling the goosebumps errupt under her fingertip.

Lily gritted her teeth, she could practically hear the smile in Miley's voice; she knew what Miley was doing - she was teasing her, and it was working.

"Fine" She gritted out. Miley smiled again.

"Are you sure?" She asked, as she slid her finger back up Lily's arm, feeling Lily's forearm muscle shift as the blonde clenched her fists tighter.

Lily merely nodded this time, unsure if she could actually get a word out. Miley slowly circled round Lily to stand in front of her, Miley bit her lip as she saw Lily's eyes were still tightly closed and she was trying to keep her face expressionless. She reached out to move a stray hair from her girlfriend's face.


"Hm?" "Shit, she's in front of me. Ok, don't react, stay calm and whatever you do don't open your eyes, or they're going to embarrass you!"

"You can open your eyes" Lily inwardly groaned, Miley was definitely playing with her, and Lily knew Miley was enjoying it.

"Eh…no, no…that's ok"

"Alright, so what was it my dad wanted?" Miley was leaning into the blonde as she spoke.

"Your dad….? Oh, um…eh…yeah, he wanted to…talk to you…." Miley's close proximity to her was causing Lily's brain to malfunction.

"Well he's going to have to wait, cos I'm a little busy…" Miley was inches away from Lily's face, she knew Lily could feel her breath on her lips.

Lily could. "With?" Her voice, barely a whisper, questioned.

Miley smiled, "This" And as soon as it left her mouth, she pressed her lips against the blonde's. It was not a soft short kiss, and instantly she felt Lily respond. Pressing more into the blonde, she put her hands in Lily's hair, pulling her in more. Lily was a little shocked when Miley kissed her but; she wasn't going to reject the brunette. She was eager to respond and without thinking about it, she placed her arms around Miley, bringing them tighter together. As she felt Miley's hands move around in her hair, she also felt Miley's tongue sweep her bottom lip, causing her to open her mouth and greet it with her own. As they kissed, Lily unconsciously walked forward and Miley smiled into the kiss, as she felt the cool wood of her door against her warming back. Lily intentionally leant into Miley, pushing her body against Miley's and this time, she was the one to smile as she heard Miley's groan of pleasure. Unfortunately due to lack of oxygen, the kiss was broken and they were both left breathing heavily, their temperatures soaring through the roof and their eyes lazy from desire.

Suddenly however, Lily had a wonderful idea. She pressed her lips against Miley's before she dragged them along her jaw and down towards her neck. Miley unaware – and to interested in how Lily was making her feel – did not realise what was happening, she merely hung her arms loosely around Lily's neck, eyes shut and leaning back; giving the pleasurable blonde better access. Although Lily loved the outcome of Miley's teasing, she decided to get her girlfriend back and this seemed the perfect opportunity. As she reached Miley's neck, she kissed it gently, before sucking and biting the same spot. Through Miley's groan, she knew she was going to get away with it and smiled wickedly as she continued her ministrations on Miley's neck.

Unaware of how long they had actually spent together, they both jumped as Robbie Ray's voice shouted to Miley from down the stairs. Lily stopped and brought her face back up to Miley's, her eye catching sight of her work on Miley's neck. She smiled at Miley, both because she loved her and because she had gotten Miley back now. Miley kissed Lily once more before sighing; happy with how things had turned out.

"I'd better go see him" She laughed softly, to which Lily nodded.

"Yeah" Lily stepped away from the brunette and grabbed a towel from her bag, before heading towards Miley's door. She turned however before she left the room and looked at Miley, who was now grabbing her clothes off her bed.

"Oh yeah, by the way, you look beautiful….especially with that sexy new addition to your neck…" Lily winked as Miley looked at her, confusion written all over her face.

"My….oh no, you didn't….?" Miley grabbed her nearest mirror and looked at her neck. There, in all its glory, was a very noticeable hickie staining her neck.

"LILY!" She raced over to her door and opened it, only to see Lily grinning widely, walking backwards towards the bathroom.

"Serves you right for teasing me babe!" Then she entered the bathroom laughing victoriously.

Miley couldn't help but smile at Lily's deviousness. "I suppose I deserved it, but she could have made it smaller or less noticeable!"

Sensing her Father would shout once again to her, she quickly got dressed and checked her mirror. She groaned, as when she looked in the mirror, her eyes were instantly drawn to the red mark. She wasn't angry at Lily, strangely she actually found it pretty funny and she found herself grinning and giggling to herself. Deciding not to bother trying to cover it up – not that she could – she left her room and headed downstairs.

"Miley, can you come sit here with me darlin? We've got to talk" Miley did as she was asked and sat next to her Father. She knew something was wrong, by the look her Father was giving her.

"What's happened now? It's not Jackson is it? What has that boy done now, tell me he hasn't gotten drunk and flashed his bits at the old lady down the street again?!"

"No darlin, it's not Jackson. It's….here…" Robbie Ray turned and leant over the couch, grabbing the envelope and turning back to his daughter. Immediately he noticed the change in her and he dropped the envelope and took his daughter in his arms.

As soon as Miley saw what was in his hands, her face dropped and when her Father took her in his arms, she couldn't stop the tears that flushed from her eyes.

"I'm sorry darlin; Nick Jacobs was innocent last night. But I don't want you to worry, things are going to be ok, you're going to be ok."

"Daddy…" Miley cried; the contrast between her happiness with Lily minutes before and her broken heart now was unbelievably hard to bear.

"I'm going to excuse you from school today Miles, because I don't think you're really up to it now, and because we have to talk about this properly ok." He sighed and tightened his arms as he felt her nod gently against his chest.

"It'll be alright Miles, I promise"

Upstairs Lily was finally finished getting ready, and she cautiously opened Miley's door, in fear her girlfriend was waiting for her. But as she noticed noone in the room, she remembered Miley was downstairs talking with her dad. She stopped dead as she realised that Miley was probably going to be very upset and most likely crying. Her annoyance of before returned and she growled out loud.

"You're either thinking about the weirdo guy or you're thinking about Miley, which one…so I know to leave?!" Lily turned and saw Oliver standing – grinning – in Miley's doorway.

"Hey Ollie" Lily laughed, slightly embarrassed.

"I'm just as worried about her as you are, I'm actually all growled out now" He laughed, causing the blonde to smile gratefully that he was easing her embarrassment.

"She's downstairs with her dad right now" Lily stated, grabbing her phone and keys from Miley's bedside cabinet.

Oliver nodded in understanding, sitting down on the bed. Lily let out a breath of air and plopped down next to her first best friend. Oliver must have realised she was in need of a hug, because he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her tightly against him.

"Oliver, do you think this is bad, like seriously bad?!"

"Lils, I don't know what to think, honestly it seems to be heading for the 'seriously bad scenario' but, maybe it's all a bluff…." He left his statement hanging and both young teens knew deep down it wasn't a bluff.

"The only thing we can do is watch out for Miley, you know, that is really all I think is certain at the moment. But we have to remember that the police are involved and so we have a lot more expert help now. We need to be strong; for ourselves and for Miley. I'm going to be here for her and for you Lily, because I know this is hurting you…seeing her hurt so much. I love you and I love Miley and I'm always here for you ok"

Lily gripped onto him harder, clinging onto what comfort he was offering and taking it for all it was worth.

"Thanks Ollie, I love you too, always!" The friends broke apart and smiled. They got off the bed and headed downstairs, aware they had 25 minutes to get to school. As they descended the stairs, they got to the bottom, and Lily suddenly stopped, causing Oliver to bang into the back of her.

"Lily, what…." Oliver asked, steadying himself.

"Sssh!" Lily scolded quietly, pointing towards the couch. They were obviously about to interrupt a Father/daughter conversation and they didn't want that. Lily indicated to Oliver to go back up and so Oliver attempted to ascend the stairs walking backwards. Needless to say, it didn't work when he caught his foot on the first step and went hurling backwards, pulling Lily with him. The bang from their fall obviously disturbed the conversation of the two on the couch and they looked up to see a sheepish Lily and Oliver scramble back to their feet.

"Eh…we're sorry, we tried to be quiet and not disturb you, but you know…." She rubbed the back of her neck uncomfortably as she indicated to an embarrassed Oliver. He muttered a sorry as he rubbed his arm.

Robbie Ray smiled and shook his head. "It's alright kids, I didn't realise the time" He gently released Miley, and stood up looking at the clock.

"If give me 5 minutes, I'll give y'all a lift ok" Lily and Oliver both nodded as they watched him head upstairs.

Lily –always aware of her girlfriend – looked over to her on the couch and noticed Miley's tear stained face. She headed for the couch and knelt down in front of Miley, unsure what Miley was thinking.

"Miley?" As Lily said her name in her soft, caring, loving voice, it sent Miley off again. She blindly reached out and was grateful when Lily allowed her to cling onto her. Lily had to fight her own tears that were threatening to fall as she let Miley sob into her and grip her like her life depended on it.

"Baby, don't cry, it'll be ok. I know it's hard but I'm here for you, so is your dad and Oliver and... We're all here for you, please don't be upset."

"I'm sorry…" Miley's muffled voice replied into her jumper.

Lily gave a short, soft laugh "You don't have anything to be sorry about, If anything I'm sorry, you know…for your neck" She whispered the last part so that Oliver didn't hear. Her statement caused Miley to pull back and look at her through teary eyes.

"Ah well, at least people know you're mine" Lily's cheesy smile and flippant statement finally caused Miley to smile for the first time since she got the news. She laughed and hugged Lily close again.

Lily got a whiff of Miley's shampoo and smiled. "You are mine, and I love you"

Oliver, who was sitting at the piano, felt a wave of affection hit him. He was glad the girls had each other; they really were soul mates. He stood up and coughed loudly.

"I love you too Miley, so where's my hug?" He shouted, as he grinned cheekily. The girls looked up at him and they laughed happily. Lily stood up and watched as Miley ran to Oliver and grabbed him in a bone-crushing hug that made him look as though he regretted asking for one. Lily realised just how lucky she really was to have Oliver and Miley.

"Get you cute butt over here, Trescott!" Her girlfriend giggled as she and Oliver opened an arm to make room for Lily in their embrace. She laughed and ran over to them and they were all soon enveloped in a large hug.

Oliver - happy to keep the good mood going - suddenly remembered a song they had created when they were younger. He wondered if the girls remembered it too.

"Malibu Trio, Malibu Trio, Malibu Trio, That's what we are" He heard both girls gasp and knew they did remember it.

"If you want to find us, search near and far" They all broke apart and the girls watched as Oliver did the actions; his hand saluting over his eyes and his other hand pointing outwards.

"We fight pirates, We fight Ghosts " Lily chimed in, as she posed holding a gun.

"We fight monsters who eat our toast" Miley giggled holding her fists out, she always loved saying that part.

"If you think you're in trouble" Oliver stated, changing his action to standing tall and straight.

Lily did the same action, "If you think you need help"

And Miley stood between them, saluting as she gave a defiant look. "Just show us your monsters; we'll give them a skelp!"

"Because, we are eight" Oliver grinned, holding eight fingers up.

"We are great" Lily grinned, holding her thumbs up

"And we're going to use your granny as bait!" All three friends shouted, throwing their hands in the air and grinning widely. They all started laughing, to the point of tears in their eyes, and fell back into a hug.

"Oh Oliver, I can't believe you remembered it. Hell, I can't believe I remembered it!" Lily laughed, wiping her eyes.

"We were so dorky!" Miley giggled, as she too wiped her eyes.

"But we were great at song and dance!" Oliver said, causing them to laugh again.

"If you ask me, ya'll are crazy!" Robbie Ray chimed in, as he came down the stairs chuckling, having watched in amusement, the three friends rejoice about the past and cheer themselves up immensely.

"Well kids, it's 8.50am so I'll take you to school ok" Oliver and Lily nodded, and went over to the front door to grab their shoes and bags.

"You'll be ok for 15 minutes bud?" Robbie Ray questioned his daughter softly. She nodded and smiled, looking over at her friends.

"I'll be fine Daddy" And Robbie Ray knew she wasn't just answering his question. He hugged his daughter again before releasing her and heading for the front door.

"C'mon then kids!"

Lily walked over to Miley and drew her into her arms. "You'll be alright Miles? I don't want to leave you if you need me"

Miley smiled warmly at Lily's consideration, "I always need you Lily, but I'll be ok, don't worry" Lily accepted it, and smiled as Miley gave her a kiss on the corner of her smile. They let go off each other and Miley waved them all off before closing the door and decided to go for a sleep, god knows she could use it now.

The ride to school was uneventful and they eventually arrived with a few minutes to spare. As they got out the car, Oliver and Lily thanked Robbie Ray, before watching him drive off. Oliver turned to walk and noticed Lily standing staring after Robbie Ray's car.

"She'll be alright Lils, I swear" Lily smiled to herself, knowing his words were true. Turning to him, he smiled encouragingly and they made their way into school. Both trying to pretend as though nothing were wrong, but finding it hard because it was far from how they were feeling.

Lily was finding it more difficult to remain calm, and she nearly lost it in her second period. She was sitting in history class, Ms Kunkle acting as substitute for Mr Corelli, and the names of attendance were being read out.























"Stewart? Hmm…not here I take it!"



"Well it appears the only person not here is Stewart…Truanting I suppose"

As Ms Kunkle said this, Lily felt anger bubble inside her. How dare this woman assume Miley was off because she couldn't be bothered coming to school. Miley was off for far worse reasons and this woman was taking badly about her; Lily would not have it and was about to say something. But Oliver – noticing what was about to happen- jumped in first.

"Um Ms Kunkle, Miley is off ill, she's not been feeling well lately.…." The woman seemed to ponder over his words before tutting.

"Well I did tell her not to come in…." She trailed off as she went back to writing on the board. Oliver turned and looked at Lily, who mouthed 'thanks' at him. He just nodded and winked.

The rest of the day went fairly well for Lily, she hadn't had anymore trouble with the teachers and noone really commented on Miley so Lily had no reason to get angry and defend her. By the time lunch came though, she was relieved. She was agitated, hungry and in need of a break. Making her way into the lunch room, she headed for the usual table and spotted Oliver and Rebecca already sitting there.

"Hey Lils"

"Hey Lily"

The young couple greeted her at the same time, giving their smiles.

"Hey guys, sheesh, I am so glad it's nearly time to go home, this day actually seems to be going slow on purpose…I mean I feel like the world is against me!" Lily groaned, laying her forehead on the table.

"I know how you feel…I've been trying not to think about Miley too much today, especially after I saved you from Kunkle second period." Lily laughed sheepishly.

"Is she alright?" Rebecca asked as she took a bite from her sandwich.

Lily looked at her before smiling, "Yeah, she's just got a few issues to sort out. But nothing to worry about…"

Oliver suddenly had a thought, "Hm speaking of Miley, did you get her books from her locker?"

Lily smacked her forehead and groaned in annoyance. "I knew there was something else, thanks Oliver, I'll be right back" And with that she set off in the direction off Miley's locker.

After 10 minutes however, she realised she would not be right back, if Miley's locker had a say in it. Lily had tried everything to get the damn thing to open, and now she had resorted to smacking it and threatening to turn it into scrap if it didn't open. She'd entered Miley's birthday, her own birthday and Oliver's birthday and none of them worked. After a few more hits, she growled in frustration before eyeing the lock with distaste. That's when she noticed that one of the number's was wrong. Praying with all her might, she changed the number and attempted to unlock it. She nearly cried with happiness when the locker clicked and swung open. But her happiness was short-lived, as the one thing she had not expected, and didn't need, fell out the locker; a large white envelope. Lily swore out loud and picked the unwanted item up. Checking noone was around; she placed it in her bag and grabbed what books Miley needed, before putting them in her bag too and closing the locker with a loud bang. Leaning back against the row of lockers, she let out a large breath and pushed off, heading for the lunchroom again.

Unfortunately, as she walked, she noticed something else she didn't need. Jake Ryan was leaning against a row of lockers and was staring intently at her. She nearly hesitated in her walk, but decided she wasn't going to be bothered by him and continued on her way, hoping to pass him without any problems. Walking towards him, she passed by and he didn't utter a sound. It was only when her back was to him did he finally shout out to her.

"Where's Miley? I need to speak to her" Lily stopped as he said Miley's name and stood still for a moment, before raising her head and replying over her shoulder.

"Not here" She replied flippantly, and went to walk away again.

"Don't play dumb with me Trescott; you're her best friend…so I know…you know…where she is. Now I'll ask again, where…is…she…?" He stated slowly, and Lily could hear the anger in his voice.

Really not in the mood for him, she replied just as slowly and just as angrily. "She's…not…here!" It was true, Miley wasn't at school, but Lily wasn't going to tell him anymore than that.

"Now if you don't mind, I've got other places to be!" She made to walk away once more, but his hand was suddenly on her shoulder, and she gritted her teeth.

"Don't fucking lie to me, and don't try to walk away either. This is bloody important, so you better tell me where the bitch is!" That was the last straw for the blonde; it was bad enough that he was touching her but to insult Miley was a step too far. She had been dying to get a shot on him after the bowling and this was her chance. In a matter of seconds, she had dropped her bag, swung round and threw her fist at the boy's face; bursting his nose and sending him sprawling onto the floor. Standing over him, she watched the blood drip onto his shirt.

"You're the bitch Jake. You know that's your problem, you don't listen to anything anyone says, the only person you care about is yourself. You're just an ignorant, selfish asshole. And as for Miley, I'm not telling you shit about her. She doesn't like you, she never did and she never will. So why don't you take my advice and stay the fuck away from her!" Lily sneered angrily at him, before turning back round to grab her bag.

Jake took this as his time to attack and he stood up, lunging at the unaware blonde. She turned just in time, to see him swing and he caught her in the right eye, throwing her backwards. As she slid across the ground, her anger multiplied. This bastard was asking for it and she was finally going to give him it. She quickly rose to her feet and watched as he lunged for her again. This time she was ready however and swiftly moved out his way, bringing her knee up as she did and catching him in the guts. He wheezed and sent his hand up at her face, smacking her cheek, and scratching it with his ring. Once again, he threw himself at her and grabbed hold of her tightly, throwing her into the lockers. She responded by pushing back forcefully and crashing him into the opposite lockers.

The banging of metal had alerted a student nearby and they ran back into the lunch room yelling about a fight. All the students instantly rushed out towards Lily and Jake, noone wanted to miss this. Lily took a second to realise that she was suddenly surrounded by a large group of students, and tried hard to ignore their shouting and cheering. She couldn't let Jake get any good shots on her; so she focused all her attention back on him. He seemed unfazed by the crowd and he wiped his bleeding nose and eyed Lily angrily. Lily could feel her eye begin to tingle and wondered what she looked like to the other students. She watched as Jake shifted before running at her, his arm swinging to hit her in her eye again. Lily ducked and kicked her leg into his back, sending him flying into the crowd of students, who then sent him hurling back at the blonde.

Unfortunately, this time he did manage to catch her in the eye, and she felt the instant flow of blood trickle down her face. Her anger unconsciously forced her into throwing her fist at his jaw and she succeeded in hitting it, sending him into the lockers. She ran at him and tackled him back against the lockers again. Both were now trying to get a grip of each other, wrestling against the ratting metal, breathing heavily and wearing expressions of fury. Jake somehow managed to get his foot up and he pushed with all his might; causing Lily to fly backwards into the crowd which parted for her. However, as she landed on her back, she automatically rolled back and up onto her feet, her eyes focusing back onto Jake. The crowd of students gasped and Jake looked outraged. This time his fury got the better off him and as he ran at Lily again, she dodged it, drove her fist into his gut and swung her other fist at his nose. Everyone heard the crack and watched him soar back against the lockers, before sliding down them in defeat.

Suddenly the hall was silent as Lily stood there, eyes blazing, panting heavily, blood dripping from her face, and fists clenched menacingly. The silence was broken however as a voice sounded and movement came from the crowd.

"Out the way people, move it, that's my best friend fighting…." Lily turned to see Oliver fall through the crowd, followed by Rebecca. The couple took one look at Lily and gasped horrified.

"Lily…what the hell…." Lily scoffed weakly and tossed her head at the unconscious, beaten figure of Jake Ryan, slumped against the lockers. Oliver's eyes widened before he turned back to the crowd.

"Right break it up people, the fights over, you can all go back before the teachers show up." At the mention of teachers, the students took his orders and rushed back into the lunchroom, muttering away about the fight and how Jake Ryan got beat up by a girl.

When there was finally noone left but Jake, Lily Oliver and Rebecca, Oliver sighed and turned to Lily. Rebecca – knowing what he was going to say – laid her hand on his arm. He nodded and sighed again.

However Lily got there first, "Oliver I know what you're going to say. I know I was stupid, I know I've done wrong and I know this is the last thing Miley needs. But I had my reasons ok, so just leave it" She stated, as she touched her eye, feeling the oozing blood.

Staring at his best friend, Oliver frowned. "You're right Lily, you were stupid, you were wrong, and it is the last thing that Miley needs!" Lily looked away, knowing he was disappointed in her. She failed to notice him smile.

"But whatever reasons you had, I know they'll have been the right ones" He laughed softly as her head snapped up and a look of shock graced her face.

"He's right Lily. Although I don't like violence, if I'd have been in your shoes, I'd have smacked the bastard too." Even Oliver was surprised now; he'd never heard Rebecca swear before. She laughed at the two friends faces, before making her way over to Lily, touching her face gently. Lily winced and moved away.

"Maybe we should continue this outside, before one of the teachers comes down this hall and find us." Lily and Oliver nodded and the three of them ventured off outside, behind the school, to a large oak tree that Oliver, Lily and Miley had found in their first year of Highschool.

As they finally settled beneath the shaded shelter of the tree, they sat in silence for a few minutes. The three were awkwardly looking in different directions and only when Lily gritted her teeth and bowed her head did anyone move.

Rebecca and Oliver exchanged looks and Rebecca nodded her head in the direction of the blonde, urging Oliver to speak to her. He smiled at his girlfriend as she placed her hand on his arm, before shifting his gaze to the beaten blonde.

"So you fancy telling us those reasons of yours?" He asked gently.

And Lily did. By the end, both Rebecca and Oliver were just as angry as Lily had been,

"I can't believe that asshole! He really said that…well you were right, you did have reasons and bloody good ones." Oliver's voice was filled with rage and he took a few breaths to calm down. Rebecca was sitting rubbing her head, Lily was aware that the brunette was feeling just as angry.

"I knew he was dick, but I never expected him to act like that!" Rebecca was shaking her head, finding it difficult to believe Jakes actions.

"Anyway" Oliver sighed, "How are you feeling?" As soon as he asked, he instantly regretted it because he knew it was a very stupid question to ask. But Lily just smiled at him.

"Yeah, I'm alright Ollie. Just got a few bumps and bruises…" She grinned cheekily and Oliver laughed at her. Rebecca, found it far from humorous though and made her feelings clear.

"You guys are unbelievable! Lily, you're sitting there covered in blood and all you can do is laugh. Look at your face!" She sighed hard, "And you…." She moved her inspecting fingers from Lily's face, to point at Oliver, whose grin swiftly disappeared.

"You are just as bad!" The brunette scowled at her wide-eyed boyfriend.

Lily smiled knowing Rebecca cared so much. "You're right, I'm sorry. But it's just…if I don't make a joke and laugh, I'll only end up crying" She sighed, "Plus it takes my mind off Miley for a while"

At the mention of Miley's name, Oliver's eyes widened and he groaned.

"Speaking of which, she is going to flip when she gets a look at you!"

Lily bit her lip, looking unsure. "It's that bad, huh?"

Her reply was a pair of incredulous looks.

"It's very bad Lily" Rebecca stated, to which Oliver followed "And very noticeable"

His words caused Lily to smile. "As noticeable as her hickie no doubt!" She noticed the strange looks from her friends and shook her head, trying to look serious.

"What am I supposed to do?" She asked, looking at Oliver more than at Rebecca. He merely shrugged and scratched his head thoughtfully.

"I don't know Lils…maybe you could…" He was cut off Rebecca though, who thought the answer was pretty obvious.

"Tell her" She simply stated. It was clear though, that her answer was not so obvious because the next thing she knew, the blonde and the brunette began to laugh. She stared at them confused, until they stopped and shook their heads.

"No way, there is no way I can tell her…she'll go mad, and trust me you do not want to see a mad Miley. Sad I can handle, Happy I can handle, Grumpy I can even handle, but Mad is something I can't handle" Oliver nodded in agreement with Lily's words.

"She's scary…." Oliver shivered, remembering the several times he had witnessed Miley become mad. He'd lost a few chest hairs in the process of her tirade.

"You can hide at mine, and we'll sort you out. Then…" Once again the boy was interrupted by his girlfriend.



"No buts Lily. You and Miley are in a relationship now; it counts even more than your friendship. You have to tell her, it's in the rule book of dating; you share everything, no matter what. Besides she won't be that bad, if anything, she'll be mad at first but then her protective side for you will kick in. But Lily you're going to tell her, because if you don't, I will!"

Lily grumbled and crossed her arms, "I don't like your girlfriend…"

Oliver did the same, "Me neither…"

Rebecca gave a big smile, knowing she had won the argument.

"Alright, once again you're right. I'll tell her, I promise. But if I die, I'm coming back to haunt you…" Rebecca giggled, and hid behind her grinning boyfriend.

Suddenly a bang was heard coming from the school, and the three teens looked up.

"Shit, it's Kunkle. We've got to move or she's gonna find us…." Oliver said, his voice rising a tone higher. Lily looked around, and suddenly had the thought to look up.

"Quick, we need to go up" As fast as humanly possible, they mounted the tree and hid high up in the branches, sitting extremely still and extremely quiet. They watched as Ms Kunkle walked around underneath them, muttering to herself and tutting away, before she finally gave up and headed back towards the school. All three of them let out a relieved breath and dropped out of the tree, careful to keep an eye out for anymore teachers.

"Guys, I've gotten you involved enough and I don't want to get you into any more trouble ok. So you head back into school, if the teachers ask, pretend you don't know what's happened and you haven't seen me ok. I'm going to leave and head for Miley's; since I'm going to be expelled anyway I might as well go home now"

"You're sure?" Oliver questioned, touching her shoulder.

"Yeah, so just go before Kunkle comes to look for us again." She gave them a thankful hug and made a dash for the school gates, heading in the direction of the Stewart household. Rebecca and Oliver watched her go before turning themselves and rushing back into the school, hopefully unnoticed.

"Daddy, do you think I've brought it on myself?" Robbie Ray had returned 15 minutes after leaving, and on his return he found his daughter asleep on her bed. He decided to leave her as he thought she deserved the sleep and now they were sitting, 3 hours later, on the couch together, finishing their detailed conversation. They'd discussed everything about it, the police protection, the plan for the concert, their feelings, everything. Now they were just relaxing. As soon as he heard what she said, Robbie Ray squeezed his daughter tighter in his arms.

"Darlin, noone deserves this, and you most certainly don't. This is in no way your fault, so don't even think that for a moment. We've got to stay strong for each other, because I don't think this is going to disappear or stop any time soon. We have to be prepared." Miley listened to his words and nodded against his chest. She glanced at the letter on the table in front of them, and sighed.

She was about to speak again, when a series of loud knocks sounded at the door. Robbie Ray got up from the couch and walked over to the door, not expecting anyone today. As he opened the door, he had a smile on his face ready to greet his guest, but as he got a look at the guest the smile vanished.

"Lily? What in Sam Hill's happened?" There - slumped against his doorway - stood the young blonde, panting and struggling to stay standing, her right eye swollen and stained with dry blood, which had also stained most of the right side on her face and neck. Robbie Ray also noticed the tiny cuts on her left cheek, and her knuckles appeared to have blood seeping out of them too.

Lily gave a small smile, "Hey…" Her voice trailed as she felt herself slip forward towards the ground, but the pain never came. Rather she was swept up in the older gentleman's arms, and carried into the house.

On hearing her girlfriend's name mentioned and then hearing her girlfriend's raspy voice, Miley looked up and her hands shot to cover her mouth as she let out a terrified gasp at the vision of the bloody blonde in her Father's arms. For the umpteenth time that day, Miley felt her eyes water as she moved to allow her Father to place Lily down on the couch.

"Nice catch Mr S" Lily teased, as she slowly sat up on the couch beside Robbie Ray, who was now sitting by her side, checking her wounds.

"Lily, I'm not going to ask any questions yet. First I'm going to clean those wounds, I hate to leave you but I'm going to have to head to the shop for antiseptic; I'll only be about 20 minutes. Are you going to by alright till I come back?" He questioned her gently. She nodded and smiled again.

"I've been like this for about an hour, so I'm sure another 20 minutes won't hurt. I'll be ok, thanks"

He smiled fondly down at the brave blonde as he stood and nodded. "Ok, I'll be right back" And as he passed by Miley, he placed a discreet hand on her shoulder before walking to the front door, and leaving the house.

Lily heard the car engine roar before it left the drive and screeched off. Knowing that Miley had yet to come near her, or even speak to her, she braced herself and looked over to the frozen brunette.

"Hey Miles, how are feeling now?"

"What…happened?!" Miley ignored Lily's question and instead asked her own.


"Don't 'Miles' me Lillian Trescott! Look at the state of you, your face…what have you done? Do I even want to know? You know I've been struggling with my own problems, and you have to do something this stupid…I can't deal with this right now!" Miley by now had moved and was standing over the blonde, her eyes filled with anger and her arms flailing around. Lily couldn't believe Miley was blaming it all on her, as if Lily had done something like this intentionally to annoy or hurt Miley.

"Oh, forgive me for thinking that I should stand and let Jake insult you without saying or doing anything about it…" As soon as his name left her mouth, Lily cursed herself. She knew Miley would be even more annoyed at her, now that she knew Jake was involved.

"Jake? You mean you look like this because of him?!" Miley was screaming by now, and Lily flinched slightly.

"He looks a lot worse than I do!"

"Shit" Lily felt like dying, everything that was coming out her mouth was the wrong thing. Everything that was coming out her mouth was making Miley more and more angry, which was the last thing the blonde wanted.

"You fought him? I can't believe this…" Miley placed her hands over her face and pursed her lips, angrily. Lily looked up at her and decided she wasn't taking this from Miley – upset or not.

"Yeah, so what if I fought him. The bastard deserved it. I was happily walking back to the lunch room after I picked up your good damn books, and he just had to start on me. Asking where you were, telling me I was a fucking liar, calling you a bitch, touching me and aggravating me even more than he already had from the bowling incident. So I punched him and told him he was the bitch and he was an asshole. He went for me and we fought. You think that I'm going to let him insult the person I love most in the world and get away with it, well I'm sorry that I care so much about you Miley. I know you are suffering and you're upset, hell I've had my mind on nothing else all day, and the last thing I wanted was to be the cause of anymore upset, but I did what I did and I'm proud of it" By now Lily's voice had decreased from shouting level to whispering. She glanced once more at Miley who was now staring at her, before bowing her head, getting up from the couch and turning her back on the brunette.

"Now if you don't mind, I think I'll go home, before I cause any more damage…" She trailed off and took a step forward, only to be stopped by Miley's body pressed against her back, and her arms wrapped around Lily's waist.

"Lily, don't leave, please. I'm sorry, and I was wrong to get angry at you when you've done nothing wrong. I've had a really shitty day and here I am taking it out on the person that I love most in the world. Please forgive me…I didn't mean to get angry with you. You just scared me." Lily closed her eyes; she knew Miley was only upset, and she had expected grief from her over the fight anyway.

Slowly turning around as Miley let go of her, she looked deeply into the apologetic eyes of her girlfriend. Sighing, she pulled the brunette into her arms and hugged her tightly, feeling Miley's arms tighten around her.

Breathing in the scent of Miley, she relaxed her body against her. "I know you're sorry Miley, and I'm sorry too. It's not exactly a good thing that I've gotten in a fight, especially with that prick Ryan but…I don't regret protecting you. And you know I'm going to do it in the future anyway so it makes no difference what you say"

"You were only protecting me, and I shouldn't get angry at you for doing that. Who else is going to be my blonde bodyguard…?" The girls smiled and broke apart to look at each other. They stared into each others eyes, safe in the knowledge that their fight was finished and they were ok now.

Lily suddenly started laughing, "What are we like? Having a little fun this morning and having a little fight this afternoon…" She laughed even more as Miley began to blush, and hit her playfully.

"I think Daddy noticed it" Miley stated self-consciously hiding the bite on her neck, as her embarrassment grew.

"He couldn't miss it, look at it" Lily replied, teasingly eyeing it closely.

"Lily…" Miley groaned, her face burning even more. She gave the grinning blonde a gentle push, and sent her falling down onto the sofa. Lily just laughed heartily and moved along the sofa, to make room for Miley. As Miley settled down beside her, Lily lifted her arm and, as Miley shifted comfortably to lean on her, Lily put her arm across the back of the sofa, around Miley.

"You look a little red Miles!" Miley responded by burying her head into Lily's shoulder, mumbling something into her shoulder. Lily just smiled, before leaning her head on the back of the sofa and closing her eyes.

They sat a while in silence. Miley eventually lifted her head to look at the blonde, and trailed her eyes all over Lily's wounds. Lily feeling as though she was being examined, cracked her eyes open and tilted her head to the right, watching Miley watch her.

"Are you in pain?" Miley finally asked, reaching out to touch Lily's face. She watched as Lily flinched and twitched as her fingers caressed her sore eye and cheek.

"Not unless you touch it" Lily smiled, but she was enjoying the soft contact from Miley. Miley stopped the contact and leant up, giving Lily's cheekbone the most gentlest of kisses before she rested her head in the crook of Lily's neck and took a soft breath, enjoying the familiar smell of ghost.

Both girls closed their eyes, and soon they dozed off. However, their snooze only lasted about 10 minutes, because Robbie Ray entered the house and slammed the door rather loudly, giving them a fright.

"Sorry kids, I didn't realise you were sleeping" Robbie Ray truly hadn't realised they were, or he'd have entered more quietly and left them to their sleep. Once again he felt a rush of love, as he saw them snuggled together on the couch. Their intimacy did not make him feel strange, it seemed natural and comfortable and he was glad.

"Well, c'mon kiddo, Sit here and I'll fix your face." He waited at the breakfast table for Lily to come over, and as she did, he pulled a seat out for her and sat down in front of her, with the wipes in his hand.

"This is gonna sting a little Lily, so I apologise in advance alright" It took roughly 5 minutes of growling, hissing, flinching, hand squeezing and encouraging words from Miley, before Lily was finally cleaned up. The only evidence left of her fight was her black eye. Thankfully, the scratches had not left deep marks and the swelling of her eye and knuckles had gone down. Robbie Ray had listened to Lily tell him the story of her fight and he had been very understanding and supportive.

"So, that was the only bad thing that happened at school today" Lily's eyes widened as he said this, she had been so worried about everything else she had forgotten about the letter. She was about to mention it when her phone began to ring. She excused herself and went to go get it.

"Hello…Yes Mom, it's me…Yes, I'm alright…Yes, I was in a fight…Yes, I know it was stupid but…No, I'm at Miley's…No, Mr Stewart has cleaned me up…I know, yes I know, No Mum, I'm not getting angry…Yes I will, but I've got something to talk to Miley about first, then I'll come home ok…Yes…Ok…Ok…I Love you too…Bye Mom" Lily snapped her phone shut and gave an apologetic smile to the Stewarts. She put her phone back in her bag and prepared for the reaction to what she was about to do. Bracing herself and taking a deep breath, she reached into her bag and began to pull the white envelope out. It hadn't even gotten fully out the bag before she heard Miley rush away and up the stairs. She took the letter out and handed it to a saddened Robbie Ray.

"I'm sorry Mr S; it was in her locker today."

He took the letter from her and smiled; "It's alright kiddo"

He made to go after Miley, but Lily stopped him and told him she would do it. He nodded and gave the letter to the young female and watched her as she made her way up to his daughter. Running his hands through his hair, he wondered just how much more everyone was going to be able to handle.

Author's Note :: So like I said, the chapters are getting longer now because I'm adding in extra events and details. But hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it - I love the Jake/Lily fight then Miley/Lily fight - it was always in my plan to have one, hope it came out as good as I envisioned....! :)