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A patter of light footsteps echoed on the stone fence, hardly noticeable to the human ear, running as quickly and quietly as possible. The soft rain trickled to the ground, creating a light mist on the city, dimming the ethereal light from the moon and the artificial glow of the street-lamps.


With a powerful bend of the knees, and a leap into the unknown, a body readied itself for impact after throwing all caution to the wind and dropping from the thick wall to the ground. The rain started to come down faster, water swarming together to create puddles on the ground.


A lithe body curled and spun across the dewy grass after catapulting from a height of at least ten feet, dulling the pain of impact and setting up for a quick recovery to continue running. The back of his shirt was soaked, but it was paid no attention even as droplets of water paved a trail on tanned skin.

Stop breathing. It isn't necessary, and it will only give away your position.

A mess of chocolate brown bangs slapped against his forehead, the cold night air a comfort to his heating skin. Making a jolting halt at a bus stop, he paused, taking a slight shelter from the now pounding rain that seemed to fall with a vengeance, hard enough to pound various flora into submission amongst the ground .

He took a deep breath and leaned against the cool glass, calm prussian eyes roving around to take in his surroundings. There was a young girl sitting next to him, seemingly dozing, but he paid her no mind as the little warning bells in his head went off, ducking as glass shattered from his pursuer's fist.

He ran.

Tsukino Usagi was tired. Dead tired, and struggling to stay awake on her feet. She stumbled her way to the dimly lit bus stop, thanking various strange gods for letting her reach it relatively dry, escaping the howling downpour.

She glanced at her watch wearily, noting that it was nearing one in the morning. She groaned mentally.

Why can't those stupid youma attack during the day, like they did before?

She slumped on the small bench, jumping slightly at the chill metal pressed against her back, which had been mutilated in the fight mere minutes ago. For some reason, her self-healing ability had been on the fritz recently, and her late-night ventures with the Sailor Senshi were leaving her drained and aching. Her body was littered with cuts and burns from various youma, and while she still maintained a semblance of accelerated healing, she would be left wounded for a couple of weeks before the aches began to dull and the raw cuts would fade back into her porcelain skin.

It was all she could do to try hide them and keep her parents from discovering her little secret.

She leaned back again, more slowly in her second attempt, and closed her eyes, knowing the bus would take another fifteen minutes to arrive, and she might as well take a little cat nap.

A soft burst of air rushed by her as a young man ran into the sheltered bus stop, his calm eyes not matching his tense features as he took a deep breath to steady himself.

A fist slammed into the glass, and Usagi watched in openmouthed horror as the first boy ran off again, a larger form of a man close behind him.

She was compelled to follow, a dark sense telling her that the latter was some variation of a youma, and that the boy was in trouble.

She ran.

Why doesn't Kyra just give up?

"YUY!" the man behind him bellowed, dodging a piece of glass thrown back at him, his steps echoing loudly, heavy on the street.

Wait, two sets of footsteps?

He quickly hid behind a dumpster, hoping to discover that the second set of light footsteps did not belong to an accomplice of Kyra.

A bulky man rounded the corner, dressed in skintight black pants and a leather jacket, oily black hair coiling at his shoulders. Strangely luminescent amber eyes scanned the alley, looking for his elusive prey.

Hidden in the shadows, crouched on top of the dumpster, the boy waited for his moment. It would be an understatement to say he was shocked when he placed the second set of footsteps with a young girl who had just stepped into the mouth of the alley.

If Kyra notices her, she's dead.

He jumped from his resting place, holding two daggers; one of sharp silver and another of wood. His pursuer jerked wildly, drawing his own daggers from within the confines of his jacket, knowing how deadly the innocent weapons looked. Silver was a lethal poison to the undead, eating away at the flesh from the inside, while wood, if pierced the skin, would release the strings that held their bodies together, forcing the soul to leave.

It was a beautiful, exotic dance as the two circled each other, making silent promises and threats, daring the other to risk a step closer. Kyra moved first, the silver flashing as a ray of moonlight flickered against the metal, light sparks erupting as the daggers met and sounded in the night. When they had jumped back, the boy had a deep cut running from his right shoulder to the bottom left of his torso, black shirt cut open and already soaked with a dark crimson blood

Usagi watched with a morbid curiosity, standing still as she witnessed the strange fight before her. It was like watching one of those late night horror films that Shingo was so fond of, except, she could smell the bloodlust on the air.

"Kamisama," she whispered quietly, "They're real."

These were no youma; this was something older, wiser, and definitely more deadly. An inborn instinct told her to stay the hell out of the fight, watching the two as they attempted to bury a small splinter of wood in the other.

She fought against instinct.

And she won.

"Give it up, Yuy!" Kyra sneered, disappointed at the lack of reaction from the boy, hoping for a mistake and an easy kill.

The boy returned the attack with an equal fervor, silver dagger ripping down Kyra's sleeve and leaving a long red gash. It was in that split second that Kyra dropped his silver and groped for the boy's neck, infuriated at the struggle that almost let the boy drop to the ground. He slammed the boy into the brick wall, smirking as he raised the wooden dagger for the killing thrust.

"I'll tell them that the better man won," he promised darkly, holding the wood above his head.

The boy did not flinch or fight, waiting for his imminent departure from earth, until a flicker of platinum blonde passed through his peripheral vision. He watched as the girl leapt up and snatched the wooden weapon, spinning in the air as she used her momentum to bury the stake deep into the back of Kyra's heart.

He spun around madly, grasping at her throat, his eyes dilating in animalistic fury. His long nails raked at the soft skin of her neck, blood soaking into her already ruined uniform. A shadow washed over him, creeping up from his feet until it engulfed his being, leaving behind only a small pile of gray ash.

Usagi immediately dropped the stake to the ground, tilting her head up to look at the boy, her eyes meeting a deep prussian blue.

She promptly fainted.

The boy looked on interestedly as he caught her light form before it hit the ground.

"Stupid human," he commented, hoisting her into the cradle of his arm.

He quickly scaled the fire escape with his prize, thankful that one of his many hideouts was so close. He only hoped that none of his friends were currently residing at this one. As he reached the top floor and climbed through the window, he was pleased to note that they were alone.

With more gentleness than he had known he had, he set her down on the worn mattress, placing a hand to her forehead. He muttered a few words in an ancient dialect and waited. He was not disappointed, as her eyelids soon fluttered to reveal the most shockingly blue eyes he had ever seen. Her eyes were flashing between confusion and realization, as she sat up a little and moved to a more acceptable distance away from him.

Until she noticed the wounds he bore, and her eyes flickered into an emotion he could not name as her gaze raked across the cuts he had acquired, both from the fight she witnessed as the one that had ended before he had run into the bus stop.

She moved forward, inching closer and raised her hand out slowly. Just before she touched his skin, he flinched.

"Does it hurt?" she asked quietly, her voice an innocent whisper.

He nodded his assent. She touched his shoulder and he hissed, whipping his head to the side, looking away. Praying that he wouldn't kill her, she placed her other hand at the end of the large cut and took a deep breath. She sent a quick shock of her own energy through him, and the flesh seemed to melt and pull together, healing instantly, leaving a faint white line where the gash had been.

He looked at the girl, confused as well as suspicious. While vampires possessed the ability to heal quickly, healing others required some of their own blood.

This girl had used none.

She beat him to the question, "Who are you?"

He frowned down at her, replying in a blunt tone before demanding his own question. "Yuy Heero. Who are you?" He winced internally at his own harsh tone, watching as she inched back slightly. "I'm not going to hurt you. Merely curious. What's your name?"

"Tsukino Usagi."

"Usagi," he rolled the name off his tongue, testing it's sound. Tsuki no Usagi; Rabbit of the Moon.

"Can I ask you a question?" she asked, a hesitant tone to her question.

"Sure," Heero replied slowly.

"Areyouavampire?" she blurted.

He smirked inwardly at the admission; "That is what my kind has been named by humans, yes. We are the undead, the Akuji."

She cocked her head to the side, "Akuji?"

"It's an ancient tongue, long dead to the living races of this world. It means 'dead and awake.'"

She was silent for a few moments, her head tilting downwards, as if she was suddenly afraid to meet his eyes. "Are you going to let me go?"

"Yes," Heero replied quickly. He was strangely entranced by the human girl; in all the long years he had been a vampire, he had never met anyone like her before. "Why did you help me?"

"You were hurt," was the answer, as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

He had a strange sensation to want to roll his eyes. "Not why did you heal me, why did you kill Kyra? Most humans wouldn't have followed us."

She hesitated before answering, "Something told me to." It wasn't like she could just admit that she went around killing youma as Sailor Moon, and she had believed Kyra to be a powerful youma.

Outside thunder crashed and she moved closer to him on instinct, gripping his arm in fear as another loud clap echoed in the sky.

She's afraid of thunder, but not of two vampires?

"You can stay the night here if you're afraid of returning home," Heero offered, kicking himself as he said so. Usagi looked around hesitantly, her mind screaming an instant refusal. "I won't bite you or anything," Heero added, picking up blankets with his free arm and placing them onto the mattress to make it softer.

Usagi looked up at him from her sitting position, searching for something within his eyes. He felt strangely uncomfortable beneath that crystal clear gaze, but whatever she was searching for, she must have found, because she nodded and released her grip on his arm. She lied down, pulling a thin blanket to her chin to ward off some of the cold. Heero sat on a pillow next to her, easily mistaken as a statue save for the blinking of his eyes occasionally.

With a jolt he realized what she had done.

Usagi had just staked one of the most powerful vampires in existence; a leader in his own right. A kill like that would not go unpunished. She would be hunted by the best until she was a cold corpse, six feet under.

He sighed and looked at her sleeping form. While he had not gotten her into this mess, he did not want to let her die for saving his 'unlife'. She killed Kyra and had healed him.

And yet there is something about her...

He was strangely intrigued by this human girl, this Usagi. He wanted to find out what made her so special, and how she could evoke such a strange reaction in him.

He wasn't going to let her die.


So I found this discontinued story, called Shadow of the Undead by AkaMoonSugar, and I had just been reading a spiffy vampire series and well... I had to... finish her story. I've tried to reach her, but she hasn't answered any emails... if she ever finds it, PM me and I'll take it down if I'm pissing you off. I'm really not looking to make anyone angry, it's just... I wanted to see the story finished. Like, I was craving the rest of the story. So I decided I might as well just do it myself. If you want to see the original, the story ID is 1208916. I did not copy it; I rewrote it. And changed names, so nyah!

unfamiliar japanese
悪事 - akuji - evil deed/crime/wickedness (in my pathetic world, an alternate word for 'vampire')