Genre: Mystery/ Horror

Main Characters: Loki, Mayura, Heimdall, Yamino, Fenrir.

Summary: When Loki walked home that night, he would've never imagined that the thing standing in the middle of the street would be the start of a nightmare. Follow Loki & Co as they get unwillingly involved in a series of macabre killings: the element in common? A folktale.


Matantei Loki Ragnarok is (c) Kinoshita Sakura.

Well, here's my latest work. Though all I've published so far would have you think I'm a devoted romance writer...

...erm... I'm really an angst/horror writer. It was hard to choose a genre for this story, that's why I'm putting such an explanation. If I could put all the genres I pleased, this would be horror/mystery/angst/romance/parody. Teehee, what a list.

So, without any further ado, the story.


It was dark, and, to Loki's dismay, humid.

The air smelled a bit too much like wet city, and up there the sky had the particular reddish-greyish hue it only gets when it's cloudy and the clouds reflect the city lights.

The miniature-sized god ambled towards his mansion in not the best of moods. A sort of light drizzle had damped him completely, and the temperature wasn't precisely warm that night. A clock in a corner faithfully announced it was a quarter past ten.

Loki's thoughts weren't anywhere in particular. The only thing in his head that was bothering him was the fact that he was wet, and that it was already really late. He turned a corner and paused.

In the middle of the deserted street he could see an animal, tall as a fully grown adult. The idle light from the lightposts betrayed a dirty brown fur, grown unevenly, and some sort of hump that gave it a macabre appearance. The white fangs outstood in the dimness.

Loki's eyes narrowed. The kehai that irradiated from the abnormal being reeked of jaki and evil, and if Fenrir had been with him he'd have sniffed immediately the stench of blood and corpse in the air.

The Norse god definitely had no name for the thing that stood on the street, and could only know one thing: it had nothing to do with the part of the universal mythology he was familiar with. And that gave him a hideous feeling.

The creature stood his gaze, through yellow eyes and slit cat-like pupils. Until it bared its fangs at Loki, in some sort of deformed grimace that made a shiver run down his spine, and sped down the street till it was gone from view. Somewhat seized with unawareness, something so uncommon in him, the god decided to let it pass.

The light drizzle hadn't stopped, and Loki's darkened eyes closed and opened again, and, wet and all, he started towards his place again without complaining- darker thoughts were occupying his mind at that moment.



The day dawned grey, and without hints of getting any better.


Mayura dashed into the kitchen at breakfast time. Loki made a mental note of if because it was Saturday, and she hardly was up before 11 am in weekends. Or he intended to, because the event of the previous night appeared still foggy, and he felt he'd gotten his hands on one-of-a-kind so-called "fushigi mystery".

"Loki-kun, look!" she said, waving an small article cut out of a newspaper before his eyes.

"I can't if you don't keep it still," he said with a yawn.

He took the press clipping and read, "Yesterday afternoon, a wax statue was stolen from the local Fine Arts Museum. The statue, which belonged to Takeuchi Masato's collection, was reported missing by a security guard. "It was as if it had disappeared into thin air," Asaku Ryuu, the guard, said. Blah, blah, the rest doesn't matter," Loki said.

Mayura beamed. "Isn't it mysterious?"

Loki, still half-asleep, smirked a little. "Not as mysterious as what I saw yesterday when I was coming home."

"Really, Loki-kun?"

"We can talk about it after I finish my breakfast. Do you want some tea, Mayura?"


Mayura and Yamino stood behind Loki, who was concentrated in making a drawing of the creature he had seen the previous day.

"It looked... more or less like this..."

Yamino looked worried at his father. "Loki-sama, you really...?"

Loki nodded. The little exchange was ignored by the pink haired assistant, who was 'admiring' Loki's work.

"Wow Loki-kun, you really draw well!" Then she fell into silence and looked at him skeptically.

"What's wrong, Mayura?"

"It's the chupacabras!!!!"

The trickster god contemplated sweatdropping. Yes, it seemed a nice thing to do.

He sweatdropped- Yamino behind him sweatdropped too.

"But... it's odd, I've seen that chupacabras somewhere before..."

Different, no?

Well, that's really just an introduction to the actual story. But I'd like to hear what you think before I go on with it. There might be future couples, but in later couples. Of course you can request, and I'll see what I can do (just, not HemuLoki)

Ah, also, I got a warning ;) ... there ARE going to be Kakusei characters. Not only Kakusei Loki n.n