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Chapter XIII

The following morning, Mayura ate breakfast in a zombie-like state, making sure to share it with Fenrir. She found it strange that her father almost seemed to welcome the pup- he'd usually complain about it or even make her take it outside, but no, he even offered it some scrambled eggs it heartily welcomed.

The sight cheered her up a little, but she was too sad for it alone to be enough.

She packed her things without giving it much thought, dully changed into her school uniform, and started her way to school.

Fenrir followed her like a shadow.




Two blocks away from the school, Fenrir started barking. Mayura lifted her head and saw with horror the creature from Loki's drawing -the chupacabras- perched upon a lightpost. Unnatural yellow eyes with cat-like pupils were gazing hungrily at her.

Fenrir barked madly, at the monster and at Mayura, but she didn't react. She was petrified in fear, and the mythical wolf was forced to be resourceful. He quickly licked her ankle, to make her notice him, and then bit on her sock and pulled from it.

The monster was about to jump...


Mayura's eyes widened and she grabbed Fenrir and tucked him below her arm, and started running frantically towards the school, hoping desperately she'd reach the place in time. She didn't turn round to see if the chupacabras was behind her or not, but she prayed she wouldn't -for once- trip.

When she reached the school she was still shocked and breathless, and she was early. Fenrir looked at her through concerned eyes, and said a few words of solace the pink haired girl didn't hear.

"Daidouji," a familiar voice called behind her. Mayura felt a warm hand on her shoulder, and let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"K-Kotarou-kun..." she said, turning round.

"Daidouji! You look pale... are you alright?"

She nodded. "I'm fine, Kotarou-kun."



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