When Forever Begins

Disclaimer-I, me, myself, Do NOT own Twilight or New Moon or any of the wonderful characters in it. I did NOT write Them. The wonderful and very talented Stephine Meyer did. I am merely just amusing myself while waiting for Eclipse.

Chapter one. Dinner with the Cullens

"Alice. I said No. I do not want to go out to dinner with you and your family, I don't want to go anywhere right now."

I tired to tell my best friend Alice Cullen, who was fixing my hair and make-up and also not listening. Why would you NOT want to go out to eat with the a family as perfect as the Cullen's? Some might wonder...How could you not love the handsome Dr. Carlise? Or his loving wife Esme? How about their five 'children' beyond beautiful Rosalie, huge bear like Emmett, Short faerie like Alice, or the quiet wonder Jasper. And that leaves Edward. No words can describe Edward. Maybe soulmate? No thats not even close to what he is to me.

"But Edward has a surprise for you, you have to come." Alice pouted interrupting my thoughts

. "What do you mean he has a surprise for me? I asked Alice. 'Why would he need the whole family there if its just for me?" "Oh...um...well...Bella...its kinda for all of us.' Alice mumbled.

And before I could reply she was talking again. 'I've already told you to much, so shush and don't tell Edward please." she begged. I laughed. "Its fine. Alice, I want to go, now." I was very perplexed on what the surprise could be, if it was for the family also. "Good, you couldn't just not go anywhere looking as good as you do." Alice told me.

I looked in the mirror, and gasped. "Oh!" I never knew I could look so beautiful.

"Now go and tell my brother that we're ready to go."

"Sure thing Alice, if I don't fall on my way out,." I joked as i walked out,
maybe I shouldn't have said that, because sure as I was leaving I fell, but surprisingly I didn't hit the floor, I hit something much harder. Edward. You see when your a vampire you are hard as granite, and I would have much rather hit the floor right then.

"Ow." I whispered.

"oh yeah I'm sorry.' Edward told me.

'But you really should be more careful." He told me sternly. "

Why should I?' I asked him. 'When you'll always be there to catch me?"

Edward changed the subject then. "Oh you look stunning, doesn't even begin to cover how beautiful you look right now."

"Oh well thank you.' I mumbled back. 'I came to tell you, that I'm ready to go."

"I know.'he told me, his voice was light now, 'Alice told me."

Of course I though, how could he not have known? He would have known as soon as Alice told me to go tell him. No as soon as Alice thought to tell me to go tell him you see, Eward and his family where vampires, and Edward had some a very special gift, but very inconvenient at times, he heard voices inside his head. He could read everyones mind but mine, so he would have been tuning in to Alice's mind.

"Come on lets run." We'll get there faster." Edward told me as he picked me up.

"Where is where?" I asked him laughing. but he didn't reply he just, smiled my favorite smile, and we were off. He was running at speed so fast I could see nothing. So I closed my eyes, what seemed like seconds later, he stopped, and set me down, I knew where we were, even before I opened my eyes. We were in our meadow. The first place I saw him sparkling in the sun. I looked up at Edward, and smiled. He must have been planning something big. To bring me and everyone else here.

"Edward...?" I asked when I felt him bend down beside me, I gasped as I saw him take out a ring...hadn't we gone through this?

"Will you marry me Bella?' I'm asking for real this time, will you?" Just as I was about to reply, I heard a firmilar voice, and growl,

"Over my dead body she will."

I spun around, and came to face to face with my best friend Jacob Black.