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Chapter 7 Awake

The bright sun shinning in my face woke me up. My first thought was

"Where am I? I can't be in Forks anymore the sun doesn't shine like this." Then it it me. I was different. I was a vampire now. The little sparkling diamonds on my arms and hands gave that away.

It wasn't the terrible hungry I should be feeling. In fact I didn't feel hungry at all. They all said I would want to feed. That I'd be a monster. I sat up, and looked around. I wasn't in any room of the Cullen house I knew about. I wanted to see my reflection. I had to see my reflection. I pushed my legs off the edge of the huge bed I had been laying on. I saw no one in the room. The light from the sun reflected on a mirror in front of the vanity across the room. I walked towards it with my head down. My fingertips reached out to grasp the vanity as I slowly looked up into my own eyes. I heard myself gasp

My grip on the vanity shook. I was beautiful. Everything about me glowed. But the most horrible fact of all and also what had to be the most beautiful were my eyes. My beautiful Golden Eyes.

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