A Touch of Evil


Summary: This is a slash story that will follow a course of events set in motion in the Chamber of Secrets at the end of Harry's second year. This is what may have happened had Harry not saved Ginny and Voldemort was able to return as his 16 year old self. Harry will have to chose who to give his loyalty, power, and love to. This story will go into the nature of Darkness, tinged with a spark of evil, and this will include the bashing of several Light sided wizards.

Other featured characters: Severus in a mentoring role, Draco with a conscience, Neville with a bit more backbone, and Hermione who thinks for herself.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and related characters, they are the intellectual property of J.K. Rowling and I am very thankful she allows people like me to play with her stories.

Possible Pairings: HP/LV, HP/TR, LM/SS, HP/DM, with the potential for switching around within those.

Rating: strong M. rating is not a joke this story will involve Slash sex, violence, pain, child abuse, and possible S/M tendencies.

Chapter One

Time is Fleeting

(Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Harry felt himself tire as he fought the 60 foot long basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. Even with the aid of Fawkes, and the golden sword from the sorting hat, he didn't think he was going to be able to beat the monstrous creature.

After a long battle and despite his fears he finally managed to defeat the snake. His moment of elation was short lived when he saw the foot long fang embedded in his arm. As the poison was running through his veins, and Fawkes was getting closer to him, he whispered two words."You win."

Harry had spoken to the only other conscious person in the Chamber. Harry didn't realize that the basilisk venom running through his blood stream made his words morph into Parseltongue. The bad part about that was, while Harry didn't realize he had spoken in the snake tongue, his attacker did.

Tom Riddle was the reincarnation of 16 year old Lord Voldemort, the youthful Dark Lord had returned using a piece of memory lodged in his cursed diary. Riddle was the person responsible for the battle against the basilisk. The development of Harry possessing the snake tongue had him entirely and utterly shocked, his informant hadn't told him that before trying to destroy the diary, now there was a question he wanted the answer to. How had this boy gained the gift of Parseltongue? It was thought that only Slytherin descendants were capable of understanding the language of snakes.

Voldemort watched with interest as the phoenix was crying pearly tears onto Harry's wounded arm. He realized that the solidification of his body was complete at the exact moment Harry's arm healed and the boy's emerald eyes opened.

The first thing Harry thought when he woke up was that he should have been dead. Then he was able to focus on what surrounded him. The beautiful scarlet and gold plumage of the phoenix was what drew his attention first.

"Thanks Fawkes," Harry said to the bird, speaking in English this time.

Then Harry noticed the other occupant in the room. He was surprised to see the man he had feared since entering the wizarding world explore his own body with his hands. There was a look of wonder on his face that was reminiscent of a small child satisfying a happy curiosity.

The small smile on the Dark Lord's face was what really worried Harry.

The Dark Lord spoke soon after Harry noticed his expression. "Harry Potter you are too late, your friend is dead, and I live. Now I am going to kill you, but I want answers first. Where did you learn the snake language?" He demanded.

"I have always been able to understand it, I didn't learn it anywhere." Harry answered trying to keep the Dark Lord distracted while he searched for an escape route.

"No one outside of Slytherin's bloodline has had the ability. No Potter has ever been in that line." Voldemort said indignantly.

"Then look again!" Harry answered back brazenly, knowing he was pushing the limit of Voldemort's patience.

"Alright I will, Revealo Geneolius!" Voldemort cried bringing his wand down in a swift motion pointing it towards Harry.

Voldemort waited while the spell took affect. Harry's direct ancestors were listed in ascending order above his head in small glowing lettering. There it was. Several generations back before the time of Salazar there was indeed a link to the Slytherin line, it was just so old it wasn't readily available unless specifically searching for it.

That made Voldemort look Harry over appraisingly. Someone of Slytherin blood was hard to come by. He hated the thought of wasting it. What he saw when he looked at Harry was not disappointing. Even at this young age Harry showed signs of maturing handsomely. He had also fought well against the basilisk, going so far as killing it, something no other twelve year old could have done. His magic was strong. Voldemort could tell that just from being in the general area of the boy.

It was time to see if something could be worked out. "Well this is certainly an interesting development." He mused aloud to Harry. "I had planned on just killing you and being done with the whole mess, but blood such as ours shouldn't be wasted. If you join me that repulsive event will not come to pass." Voldemort offered.


"That's too bad. Well Harry, what do you think is going to happen to you when your little friends discover you couldn't save her?" Voldemort said as he gestured to the pile of robes that contained the body of Ginny.

"They are my friends, they will understand that I couldn't do it." Harry said as his voice lost some of it's bravado.

"Care to put it to the test? Fine. I will let you go now. I know what you're thinking and yes I have a reason for doing this. I will find it all the sweeter to see my biggest rival come to me on bended knees because he found I was right. Wait until you see what the light side does to it's weapons that don't do what they are supposed to." Voldemort explained his plan with glee.

Harry knew it was stupid to trust the Dark Lord but he scrambled to leave anyway. He was not shocked when he felt a spell catch him and draw him back to Voldemort, what did shock him was what happened next. Voldemort dipped down and brushed their lips together. "Remember my offer." Voldemort whispered in his ear.

Then Harry found himself alone. He knew it was impossible to Apparate out of Hogwarts, but he knew it was possible to make yourself invisible.

With this knowledge he was spurred into action. He collected Ginny's body and went back down the tunnel where he could hear Ron's efforts moving the rocks from the cave in. He felt dread at remembering the Dark Lord's words and frighteningly his lips still tingled where they had been pressed against Voldemort.