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Summary: My name is Raven, I live with four of my closest and only friends. This is my life, with villains. Where there are villains, there is misery. This is my life.

-------------------------------------------------My life--------------------------------------------------

My name is Raven and this is my story.


I woke up to the usual arguing of Cyborg and Beastboy fighting over breakfast. As I

enter the OPS room to find the duo fighting as usual.


"What is wrong friend Raven?" turn and see Starfire and Robin walking, they probably

just finished watching the sunrise.

"Nothing, just- tired"

Just as I was going to take a sip of my tea, the alarm goes off and our fearless leader,

AKA the boy wonder, rushes to the computer.

"No…titans, there was an earthquake, where Terra is."

"Dude!" exclaimed Beastboy. "You serious!?!?!"

"Come on! Let's go check it out."

"Aw man! I was just about to eat my steak" complained Cyborg before slouching to the door


They carefully enter the cave, looking at the remains from the last time they were there. All the memories, the betrayal, the hatred, still there…haunting them. Finally they reach Terra's statue, or so they thought.




"what the?"


Terra's statue wasn't there, but Terra herself. She was on her knees, still in Slade's suit, shaking. They quickly rushed to her and helped her up.

"Terra! Terra!" Beastboy says, helping her up. "Beastboy?" Terra managed to say before she fainted into his arms.