A/N: This is my first manga or anime fic. I'm more of the book fanfiction type but I love Vampire Knight so much, I'm giving it a try. Please tell me if I should continue. To be honest, I don't know where I'm planning to go with this fanfiction, not yet. The pairings are not decided as of yet.

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Chapter 01

What is Kaname to me…?

I stirred in my sleep, the same words echoing throughout my head.

What is Kaname to you…

I don't know…I really don't

Yes you do Yuuki, you want him…

No I don't…

I woke up, from my inner battle. Another night with no sleep it seems.

Kaname…why do you do this to me all the time.

I sighed hopelessly, looking aimlessly around the room. I got up from bed, slipping on my school uniform and heading out towards the door. Fresh air is all I need…maybe some patrolling will do me some good.

A gentle breeze blew my hair astray as I left the entrance of the Sun dorms. The world during the mysteries of the night is amazingly scary and beautiful…unlike the day.

I trudged along the ground, the rustling of trees the only sound I can hear. The academy was a beacon of light.

I wonder what you are doing Kaname…

I let out a breath, and kept on walking, looking at the ground. I felt a hand gently brush against my shoulder. I immediately turned around ready to attack.

I punched the unknown stranger but was easily blocked.

"Much too slow Yuuki…"


"What are you doing out?" I asked curiously.

"I'd like to ask you the same question" His look seemed to go right through me.

"Just late night patrolling…"I said, pouting.

He rolled his eyes at me.

"You shouldn't be wandering around like this during the night. It isn't safe."

"It doesn't matter; you're here now aren't you." I retorted.

"I'm one of those dangerous creatures…" His eyes looked so pained.

"Not to me…Zero." I whispered.

"Let's go!" I grabbed Zero's hand and pulled him along as I walked.

He didn't budge..

"Zero, I said let's go!" I said louder.

I looked at him, he held my hand tight, and with his other hand grabbed his shirt, pulling himself down onto his knees.

I went down with him.

"Zero…ZERO! What's wrong?!" I frantically asked.

With my free hand I touched his cheek, it was cold.

Before I even knew what occurred, I was lying on the ground, Zero on top of me, both hands on each side of my head.

"Zero…already…"I managed to whisper.

He looked at me with both longing and reluctance.

"It's ok…do what you have to do." I leaned my head to my left, exposing the right side of my neck.

He was looking at my neck, huffing.

"I…I…Yuuki. I shouldn't…I can't." He said with difficulty.

"Zero…you can't keep going on like this. Just do it." I said, tears forming at the corners of my eyes.

He still wouldn't move. I lifted my arm slowly, it was shaking violently and I held Zero's neck softly and pulled his head down toward my exposed flesh.

"Do you feel it? Zero…" I tried to keep my voice calm.

A tear trickled down the corner of my eye.

He held me close to him, closed his eyes and sunk his teeth into my vein. The pain didn't reach me. I wasn't scared…It wasn't Zero's fault. I'm letting him do this, for his sake. I don't know what part of me is letting me do this. But all I know is that I want him to live…

Kaname…don't be mad with me…

I closed my eyes; I felt the trickling of my own hot blood running down my neck. The anxious, hurried suckling noises made by Zero.