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Chapter 06: Beginnings


I couldn't breathe and everything was crimson red. I felt as if I were drowning in a never-ending sea of thick warm blood. The air was choking me with every breath I dared to take in. I found myself in the courtyard of Cross academy, all alone. My mouth felt paper dry, I was thirsty. I collapsed onto the ground, struggling, grabbing my neck with both my hands. My fingernails were digging into my own skin, drawing blood. I looked at the intruding stain on my fingers. My body unconsciously shivered, my eyes quivering at the sight of my own blood. At the same time, in the back of my throat, I felt a hunger that caused me to cough.

'Someone...please...he-help me...'

I writhed with pain, my head aching. My jaws clenched, I felt a deep pressure, my fangs protruding from this need to satisfy the vampire within me. A guttural sound erupted from my mouth as my eyes shut from the blinding pain.

'Yuuki...you will come out soon...'

I almost thought I was going to go mad, hearing voices in my head. My fingers were caught in the tangles of my own hair; I faced the sky that was hued with the blooming color of red in my vision. I turned my head and saw the very leaves of the trees dripping blood. My chest was moving up and down erratically, trying to breathe. Suddenly, I felt the cold touch of a knife pierce my stomach. I couldn't see who it was, but I suddenly stiffened. I felt something dribble from the corner of my mouth; I felt to see what it was.

More blood...

I let my hand travel down to the knife. A spreading mass of crimson continued to soak my uniform.

"Yuuki, do you want to feel this misery for eternity?"

I knew his voice. My eyes threatened to close against my will but I fought with myself. I felt his hand stroking my cheek, gently moving up to close my eyes.

"Sleep, Yuuki. Rest well."


Yuuki started to whimper, wriggling in my arms. I held her closer to me and ran to the moon dorms. Then that it hit me right in my face and filled my nose with that heady intoxicating scent of ambrosia. I looked down at Yuuki and saw a blossoming red stain growing larger by the second like the ripple of water after being disturbed by the presence of a stone. I carried her closer to me and ran faster with more urgency. Yuuki, my dear girl, you'll be awake soon. Just hold on a bit longer.

Mother, I'm so sorry. But she needs to live beside me.

I laid her on the bed and didn't care to wait for the others who I forgot were trying to catch up with me.

"Yuuki, my love, it is time."

There was no time for hesitation and I let my teeth pierce the delicate translucent skin at the hollow of her neck. I almost cried from the pure ecstasy of this liquid running down my throat. But it was time to awaken her true form, the beautiful form I had been lusting for years.

I heard her murmuring unintelligible things, but I held her softly and parted from her throat. Her eyes were still closed. I opened her shirt and saw that the wound wasn't there anymore.


I couldn't die yet, could I? I still wanted to do so many things, say so many things to the people I cared for. I couldn't possibly die before I can find the person who truly means the most to me. I heard a soft voice call out to me, the same voice who saved me from the terrifying vampire when I was a child, having no memory of where I came from or how I got there. It was snowing and the splattered blood; I would never forget that image. I would never forget the grotesque picture but at the same time I remembered the twinge of how I felt towards the savage beauty of it all. Kaname...

I felt that familiar gentle bite but this time it was the soft lips of Kaname on my skin. Am I really dying? And I choked back a cough and my eyes opened. I was still in the courtyard of cross academy. My hand went to the knife embedded in my stomach and I pulled it out, biting my tongue to keep me from screaming. It healed instantly and I breathed heavily out of exhaustion and thirst. There was still blood everywhere, I saw it. It was dripping from everywhere and I screamed in anguish. Why am I all alone here? Why is this happening to me?

"Yuuki...let me out. Yuuki please..."

My eyes darted around me, where was the voice coming from?

"Yuuki, do you want to know the truth? Let me tell you. Come closer." I heard her again and then I saw her right there thorny vines encaging her. It was me, my younger self.

I looked at her wide eyed, shocked.

"Let me out..." She said again but I shook my head, I was so confused.

"H-how?" I asked.

"Grab my hand" She said simply. Her small hand was stretching towards me and I reached forward slowly grabbing the hand. I closed my eyes, the vines turning into a blinding light I couldn't see past. I opened my eyes again and the small Yuuki stared at me smiling.

"What's happening? I don't understand." I asked scared.

"You're name is Kuran Yuuki. Kaname is your brother. You were the hidden daughter of Juuri and Haruka. She took away your memories and vampire instincts because she wanted you to live a normal life as a human. They both died by sacrificing their lives to protect you from Rido, our uncle. I've been stuck here ever since." She said in a lonely voice.

"How come this is happening now though? I still don't get it." I said. My mind spinning. Was this why Kaname cared for me so much?

"Kaname has awakened you. Now wake up." She said walking towards me, turning translucent like a ghost. Then she walked through me and my eyes opened to see Kaname staring down at my face. My hand reached to caress his cheek unconsciously and he held my hand there.

"Onii-chan." I breathed out. That burning gaze, his eyes were penetrating my very soul. The length of time and suffering till now was starting to dissipate.

"I love you." I stood up and snaked an arm around his neck pulling him closer to me. I could feel the quickening pulse point and my fangs ached. I licked his skin and without warning pierced him. I felt everything he felt. I saw everything he had seen. I almost cried. I'm so sorry Kaname. For the pain I caused you. I let go of him and I felt his loving hands hold me closer as if he were afraid I'd suddenly disappear.

"Yuuki." He said to me in a low whisper.

"Kaname." I said in return looking down, ashamed.

"Look at me Yuuki." He raised my chin and I let my tears pool out from the corners of my eyes. Words couldn't be said, everything couldn't be expressed, it was just pure raw emotion that no language could decipher.

He pushed me onto my back and kissed me hard. Those soft lips, I always wondered how it would feel. This was nothing like the way I imagined it in my dreams...nothing.


I couldn't believe it. She was finally right before me. All I can keep was my silence as she peered at me. All I could do as she called for me, as her brother, the one word I longed to hear for so long, all I could do was sit there in silence. Then those three words and then... I couldn't even think. As her fangs penetrated me I forgot how it felt to be bitten. I loved her. I hoped she knew exactly what I felt and the truth about the past events…the past that brought us together right now...again.

I couldn't stop looking at her as I pushed her onto her back, my body was trembling. I caressed her cheek and saw her leaning into my hand like a kitten. My fingers trailed down to her blood stained lips that I wanted to kiss for the longest time and I did. I nipped her lips and tasted blood. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer. We deepened the kiss till we pulled apart to catch our breaths. We explored each other with our eyes as if we couldn't get enough.

No, it wasn't enough, it would never be enough. I grazed her fang with my finger and felt the pointy edges made to pierce. I let her fang slit my finger as a drop of blood fell into Yuuki's mouth. She let the new taste be savored in her mouth and I knew she wanted much more. I smiled and let my finger continue to bleed into her mouth. She pulled my hand closer and let her tongue work over the open wound, suckling from it at the same time. I quickly slid my finger out and kissed her instantly on the lips. She quickly answered in response. This was a feeling more powerful than the hunger for blood.

She nibbled on my bottom lip and licked the new open cuts from the wounds. I let her do as she pleased.

"I remember everything Kaname." She said smiling.

"My dear you are mine." I said simply.

But at the same time, I was afraid of all the dangers being imposed. He was definitely going to come back, Shizuka Narumi. Yuuki and I will enter the vampire world together and no one would stop us.

Try to come back, Shizuka Narumi, and I'll kill you for sure...for everything you've done.


I was trying to keep calm as much as my hands trembled as I clenched them tightly into fists. My nails dug into my palms, drawing unnecessary blood. I relaxed my hands, bringing my wounded palm towards my lips. I licked away the blood without a second thought. My thoughts were muddled, anger coursing through my veins. If Yuuki weren't so taken by Kaname, none of this would happen. He brought trouble wherever he went and that always happened to be very close to where Yuuki would be. They see each other time after time, for what purpose? Now this damned Shizuka Narumi has appeared. I kept my silence like I was accustomed to it was part of my nature. But even so I my thoughts didn't give me any solace. I wished deeply for someone to interrupt me.

Ichijou was not too far from where I was running, tailing after Kaname. Then…I heard her scream. I froze, my body turning stiff and afraid. It had been so long since I had felt afraid. Yuuki…I heard Kaname stopping briefly and suddenly running so swiftly like a bullet, but that's when I knew why. As if I couldn't be tortured enough, I caught whiff of that sweet addicting drug of mine. Yuuki, you control me in a way that no one else can. You bring me to my knees like a tamed animal. This is what I've become and this is who I am.

Should I be selfish and let myself fall miserably to a lowly level E, the beings that are despised and hunted? Should I let myself die by the hands of my own kin? Just so I may live a little longer to see you, Yuuki. Or should I just end my life right now?


I couldn't believe the sight I had seen before me, Shizuka Narumi. He was a charismatic noble from a very long standing family loyal to the Kuran family for generations. But one day they had just vanished without a trace. Kaname had investigated further and found out that Narumi was behind it all. Narumi had killed his own parents and vampires of his blood that was dwindling already at the time. Kaname didn't speak of how such a thing could've happened from such a young vampire. It was a memory that Kaname wished to keep buried and forgotten. He had trusted him so much and the mistake he made for trusting him was something he wasn't going to make again.

But from afar before the incident and mysteries were brought forward, I had always envied the close bond he seemed to share with Kaname. It was so rare to see such a thing even happening, a close friendship blooming, and all the other nobles had been jealous. They would fight, claw, or use any means of deception to have the status that the Shizuka family had. I had always thought such a person as Narumi was haughty when I heard about him. But I was very wrong. I could still remember the time I experienced his kindness as a child. If this kindness was real, I still don't know. But I knew the Narumi I saw today wasn't the same Narumi I knew before-.


"Takuma, go and mingle with the other noble vampire children. Perhaps you can become close with them and by all means try to befriend Kaname-sama." Ichijou Asato said.

"Yes grandfather." I said without emotion. Everything was always about being closer to this family or another. I was sick of it all.

I wandered the Shizuka family mansion. It was exquisitely decorated and ornate. I walked down the hallway where portraits of the Shizuka family and ancestors were hung on the walls. They all looked as regal as the purebloods. The last portrait was of Shizuka Narumi, the youngest child. He had a blond wavy hair that was very much close to being white and blue eyes that had speckles of gray. As I observed the portrait I heard footsteps behind me.

"I always thought it was creepy seeing my own portrait on that wall." A boy said.

I turned around to see the speaker and saw Shizuka Narumi looking at me, smiling. He was a bit taller than I was and a year older from what I had heard from the adult discussions.

"I'm sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Shizuka Narumi." He said, presenting his hand for me to shake. I looked at the hand and remembered what grandfather had asked of me to do.

"Hello. My name is Ichijou Takuma." I said in return, not sure if I should let my guard down.

"Let's go to the garden out in the back, that's where all the other vampire kids are." Narumi suggested invitingly as the host of the party.

I merely nodded and found myself following the taller boy to a candle lit garden. Girls and boys alike were arguing over something in the grass.

"I am telling you not to invade my personal space. I was observing a lady bug until you came stomping near me ungracefully, Ruka." A hot headed boy said angrily.

"Oh shut up Aidou. It's not as if that's the only lady bug in the world. I'll have you know that I'm very graceful and you are just very annoying. You can go play with your disgusting bugs elsewhere." The girl who responded sat down on a chair sipping some drink. Three other vampires stood in the background amused between the interactions.

"Ahem." Narumi said trying to break up the argument. I couldn't help but laugh slightly, covering my mouth to muffle the sounds.

They all looked up to finally notice our arrival and I suddenly felt shy.

"Narumi! Who is that boy you're with?" Ruka asked curiously.

"He's Ichijou Takuma. I've seen him around before." Aidou said smirking, proud that he knew and everyone else didn't.

"Hi, my name is Ichijou Takuma. It's nice to meet you." I said looking around nervously. Narumi looked at me and gave me that same friendly smile and patted my back, pushing me forward slightly towards to the people I wouldn't know would become my dear friends.

-End flashback-

It was an important memory to me but I was shaken out of my thoughts when

I heard Yuuki scream. The scent that was becoming very familiar to me filled the air and I started moving towards Kaname at a quicker pace but already I knew he was way ahead of me. Not but a few seconds later, I heard the sound of a gun going off stopping me in my tracks.

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