by Pip

Summary: Series of AU vignettes revolving around Daniel and Vala.

A/N: This started as a chapter in my Kisses series, and people liked the idea of branching out into a new series with this AU storyline. There is no relation to the Kisses series and this one, save for the fact that this first chapter here appeared in there. For all who wanted to see this storyline expand, read and enjoy!

Warning: This series is darker than Kisses, and contains more adult themes and stronger language.


Rain beat down around her in rhythm with her boots as they clicked on the cobblestone street.

Her stride was strong, a determined power to her step. All she had received was one brief message from a mutual contact. That's all there ever was. Anything else would be too risky.

Her grey eyes scanned back and forth slowly. She knew she was being watched - she was always watched. Men had problems keeping their eyes off her. Eyes she didn't mind...Now hands, those were a problem. But she had been trained very well and could handle herself. It was just, when things got nasty like that, people talked. Talking was very bad. She hoped some idiot wouldn't try anything. Not tonight - not when she'd gotten that message.

She passed many different establishments as she walked - pubs, opium dens, dens for needs stronger than opium, brothels badly disguised as rundown hotels. All the types of places she'd "grown up" in. It took a weathered eye to see the comforts in such joints. She knew that none of them were truly safe, but that's what made them so welcoming.

Whistles and cat calls greeted her as she passed the open doors. Normally she would smile back at the crude gestures made, but now she walked on ahead, face unflinching. Something was off. She could feel eyes, very bad eyes, on her. Not those of the drunks and addicts hanging out of the doorways. She was being followed. Through the rain, she could hear the distinct sound of footsteps behind her. Whoever they were, they were very good at being covert. But there was the occasional slip, a splash in a puddle or material brushing along a wall, and it alerted her to their presence.

She pulled the hood of her jacket farther down over her eyes. Her hand casually came to rest by the weapon dangling from her hip, concealed within the lengths of the long coat.

The sound of a crash came from behind her - a brawl from one of the bars pouring into the street. She stopped and turned, hoping to catch a glimpse of her pursuers. She scanned the growing crowds for anyone out of the ordinary, but there were too many open doorways. There was no possible chance of spotting them.

A loud clap of thunder, and the almost immediate crack of lightning that followed, had most jumping and looking upwards. Vala watched on unphased, still trying to glimpse those who were following. Suddenly someone pulled her back into a dark alcove branching off from the street. She had no time to react, and felt herself pinned against a warm body, a strong arm holding her in place.

A hand swept back her hood roughly, and she felt the familiar sensation of a dagger being pressed to her throat. Her hand instinctively came to grasp the wrist attached to it.

"Bit dangerous for a pretty lady such as you to wander these streets alone." A rough voice whispered just above her ear, water sliding down her neck as his face came to rest alongside hers. "So defenseless." He breathed against her cheek.

Vala smiled and brought the sharp heel of her boot to rest gently in between the man's legs. "Very, very defenseless." She replied, a distinct bite to her tone. The man breathed out a puff of air against her face, before giving her an approved 'hmmm.' The sharp edge of the dagger turned up and moved away from her throat. It came to rest flat against her cheek, and he used it to turn her face towards his.

Her deep grey eyes stared into his bright blue for a quiet moment. Then he broke out in a dashing grin, and assaulted her mouth with a fiery kiss. His hand moved to the back of her head, the dagger pressed flat into her hair. She turned in his grasp so she was facing him, and brought her hand to squeeze his thigh just below his weapon. Their tongues collided, and it seemed the power of them could break the heavens. Like a sign, another crack of lightning flashed overhead.

"I've missed you." He breathed, licking his lips contentedly as they parted.

"Me too." Vala sighed, ghosting her hand along his jawline. "Two months without you, Daniel..."

"Actually, it's been three." Daniel smiled as he moved to return his dagger to its sheath behind his back, underneath his long coat. Vala placed her hand on his cheek, and it stopped his motion.

"I know." She whispered through a smile and kissed him again desperately.

Daniel was allowed to escape in the pleasure of it for only moments. Footsteps just before the entrance to their little hideaway, on the street, had him opening his eyes. Long shadows appeared just in front of the alcove. He kept his lips connected to Vala's, attacking her mouth with his, as he reached for her gun hanging at her hip. He felt her tense against him at the moment.

"Oh..." Vala said in a low voice as they parted, her hand coming to land on Daniel's own gun. She took a silent step back, creating a little space between them.

"Forget to mention something?" Daniel asked quietly, softly cocking the weapon. He looked at her pointedly.

She shook her head, examining his gun quickly. "Oh, just a little thing." She looked up at him. He gave small nod, and Vala cocked his weapon loudly. She heard the stalkers who had been tailing her scramble towards their dark hideout.

In one quick action, Daniel started firing and Vala spun around to a squat before him. She started shooting the moment her gun was even with the bad guys. Bullets ricocheted around them as a few of their assailants got off a couple of shots before falling dead.

The pair moved in perfect unison as they went to reload their weapons. Daniel handed down a clip to Vala as she passed one up to him. The rain of bullets became heavier around them while they moved to reload. It was good that they were bathed in near-darkness and their attackers were too stupid to aim properly.

"Why didn't you tell me you were being followed!?" Daniel yelled over the noise as he released the empty clip.

"You were too busy sucking my lips off!" Vala shouted in reply as she mimicked his action.

"Well, you would think a guy would be able to makeout properly with his girl without having the threat of being shot at!" Daniel barked towards the goons, who were beginning to need to reload their own weapons fast.

"One would think." Vala sighed, and they snapped their clips into their guns at exactly the same moment. Without hesitation, both began firing again. Daniel reached behind his back and grabbed his second gun. He cocked it with his thumb, and moved to the side so Vala could stand. He advanced forward, and together they took out the remaining baddies.

"You know there'll be more." Vala breathed as they quickly took up positions opposite each other on either side of the alcove entrance. She bent down, and retrieved one of the bigger guns from one of the dead men. She looked up at Daniel before she checked the weapon.

"Of course..." He growled. The distinct sound of approaching footsteps could be heard. He, too, bent down to examine his choice of weapons. "There's ALWAYS more!"

Vala hung the gun strap over her shoulder and crossed over to Daniel. They traded back guns quickly, and she leaned down to kiss him. They parted quickly as the footsteps got closer.

"We are wanted criminals, darling." She smiled as she moved back to her position opposite him.

Daniel stood back up, and leaned his shoulder against the wall. Vala watched him, mesmerized. The rain poured down him, soaking his hair to his face, and plastering his already tight clothes to his fit body. The comfortable way he held his guns pointed down towards the ground, waiting for use, barely showed how wonderfully skilled he was. Just the knowledge of the vast knowledge he possessed had Vala's heart beating faster. His blue eyes met hers, and she saw the adrenaline-rush within their depths. Daniel was having fun.

He laughed at her comment. "Anyone worth any effort is wanted these days."

Vala gave him an impish smile. "Are you saying I'm worth the effort?"

Daniel pushed off the wall and moved to stand at the center of the entryway. Vala quickly joined him, and they scanned the empty street quickly. The pounding of boots on the cobblestone was getting louder...any moment now more goons would show up.

Leaning over, Daniel kissed Vala again. "Absolutely, baby." He smiled against her lips, and she smiled too.

The moment was ruined the moment one of their soon to be attackers yelled their names in warning. Daniel rolled his eyes and growled again.

"CAN WE HAVE ONE FUCKING MINUTE, PLEASE!" He shouted. He pushed Vala back into the alcove, jumping backwards himself just as a bullet whizzed by. Daniel looked at Vala, and shook his head.

"They just never listen, do they?" He smiled, raising his guns.

Vala laughed. Being wanted with Daniel was definitely worth it.

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