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Alluring Reaction

Kakashi loves getting a reaction from his students, especially the quiet ones, which, in this case was only one of his students, Sasuke Uchiha. The boy was so serious all the time, indifferent, and in more ways than one, frustrated. It always amazed Kakashi when he does get a reaction from him, even when it's just a simple question like:

"Ne, Sasuke, have you ever French kiss someone?" It was a straightforward question, all Sasuke had to do was answer it with a yes or no answer. But of course Sasuke answered it with a dramatic, "WHAT."

It was times like these that Kakashi loved training with Sasuke alone, just the two of them. It gave him a chance to tease the boy a little bit and he got the best reaction when it was just… the two of them.

"Oh wait, there was that time where you kissed Naruto, right," Kakashi continued with his teasing. He took a side glance towards his protégé student, Sasuke seating just to his left, tired from their morning and afternoon training.

Sasuke was speechless, for a moment, he even sputtered a few times, and Kakashi expected that much.

"That wasn't a kiss, Kakashi…it was…"

"Ah, so, that's a no…," Kakashi contained a smile behind his mask as he watched Sasuke turn three shades of red. "…to the whole French kissing someone."

Then the stunned face of Sasuke was replaced with his infamous glare, "What does that have to do with anything," he demanded to know.

Kakashi just shrugged his shoulders and stood to leave, he didn't have to explain his reasoning, even when he already got what he wanted, a reaction and an answer (that was a bonus).

"Training's over for today, Sasuke, it's getting late. See you tomorrow for group training." And with that Kakashi was gone in a cloud of smoke, leaving an enraged Uchiha behind on the training field.

The teasing didn't end there, Kakashi figured, he really like seeing Sasuke's unpredictable reactions. On many occasions, Kakashi would taunt the boy with suggestive motives. Of course, he waited a whole week before he started teasing Sasuke again. He couldn't have the boy predicting his next move if he brought it up every day or every other day, now could he.

It was after one of their training where after they split up with the rest of Team 7 and Kakashi forcefully persuaded Sasuke into having a cup of tea with him at a small restaurant, did he put his teasing into action again. He waited until Sasuke brought the small cup of hot liquid to his lips to state:

"Ne, Sasuke did you know the tongue is a very sensitive organ," Kakashi said and very casually flipped a page from his favorite book as he listen entertainingly at Sasuke choking on his tea. "It has many secondary uses other than its primary use of tasting, but I guess you would need to taste for just about anything, hmm." Another page turned and another choking sound coming from Sasuke.

After his choking fit, Sasuke stood and once again glared at his Sensei. Kakashi lifted an eyebrow and offhandedly mocked, "Did you burn your tongue, Sasuke? You should be a bit more careful; you know how sensitive the tongue is." And just to add a little twist to his teasing, to get another reaction from Sasuke, Kakashi asked, "Do you want a kiss to make it all better?" And then he flipped another page and watched as Sasuke heatedly storm out of the restaurant, but not before he heard a "Pervert" coming from his student's mouth.

Hm, not a single good-bye, Kakashi thought as he read a paragraph from his Icha Icha Paradise novel, how rude. But he quickly dismissed the rudeness, by his silent student, to think of another plan to tease Sasuke with.

Let's just say another two weeks and a half later, Kakashi teased Sasuke again. He had thought that after so many teasing, Sasuke would be geared up for when he would ask him a question. But that's why Kakashi was prepared with something different, something more physical…proximity.

During one of his individual training with one of his students, target: Sasuke Uchiha; Kakashi once again mentally prepared himself to relearn his pupil's moves. Sasuke fought with accuracy, not much of his moves were by pure chance, they were thought all the way through. So, Kakashi had to counter that with his own accuracy and prestige experience, as a shinobi, to bring a ninja down… and what he meant by bringing a ninja down, he meant down on the ground, trapped under his skilled hands and knees.

When Kakashi saw that Sasuke was going to aim at him with a right fist to the face and a left leg kick to the side, more precisely the kidney area, Kakashi countered it with a duck and a powerful push, before Sasuke's leg could come anywhere near him.

Once Sasuke was momentarily on his back, Kakashi appeared a fast and hurry, above him, trapping the student's arms above his head and his legs tangled up with Kakashi's own.

Surprise took Sasuke's features briefly, before he started struggling under Kakashi's strong grip. Then when he figured he couldn't get free, he sharply turned his head away from Kakashi and glared at nothing in particular, but Kakashi saw it more as a pout.

With a heavy sigh, Kakashi lean in towards Sasuke's ear, making sure Sasuke felt the heat of it hit his neck. And he did, because his whole body stiffened and he tried to squirm out of Kakashi's grip again, until Kakashi whispered, slowly…deeply…suggestively in his ear.

"Mmm, Sasuke, you know… I can be your first." And Kakashi made sure he brushed his masked lips over Sasuke's ear and at the corner of his lips, in which, Sasuke inhale harshly and it took him a while to release it.

To Sasuke, that statement had many meanings behind it and he swallowed deeply with every thought that came to mind, but to Kakashi, he knew what he meant by his statement and he certainly knew what Sasuke thought about his statement, the was a teenager after all.

After brushing his covered lips over Sasuke's red cheeks, Kakashi let the boy go and disappeared before Sasuke could recover from the shock of his whole personal space being occupied and impure thoughts brought upon by his sensei.

Kakashi watched from a nearby tree as it took Sasuke a whole minute to recuperate and once again formed a glare.

A week later, Kakashi thought that Sasuke had finally had enough of the teasing, so he left him alone, occasionally, but mostly by accidents.

Like, one time, after one of their training, with the rest of Team 7, they were walking over the bridge where they met before training, when Naruto asked him a really good question.

"Kakashi Sensei, why do ninja have to wear a uniform, if it's their headband that distinguished them?" And it was a really good question, something he would expect Naruto to ask him, and it bother him because he didn't know why they had to wear a uniform when, indeed, they had the headband to distinguish them from others. It would help a lot for when they wanted to be discreet, but why a uniform. He would have guessed for professional reasons but that would be so…predictable. He had to stop and ponder that for a moment.

"Hmm," Kakashi thought about it, absentmindedly tapping his right index finger over his covered lips, where he just so happened to look Sasuke's way and saw the boy blushing and his eyes were watching Kakashi's finger with interest.

"Hmm, maybe they thought I'll look good in a uniform? What do you think Sasuke?"

All eyes were on Sasuke, who after a moment decided to turn away and walk the rest of the way home, alone.

"Hmm, maybe he needs time to think about it," Kakashi said to his remaining students and then took out his favorite book before continuing down the bridge.

There was that other time, when he was just training with Sasuke again and he just so happened to trip over a pebble and landed right on something soft and warm…Sasuke's body.

There was a yelp from Sasuke as he found himself pinned to the ground again and unable to free himself. Only this time he didn't turn his head away and there wasn't a pout afterwards.

Kakashi noticed, as he leaned closer in that moment where their heavy breathing combined, Sasuke wasn't pulling away; in fact, he was leaning up toward Kakashi, straining to reach as his arms, which were pinned up above his head again, made it that much difficult to get closer to his teacher. When they were just inches from each other, Kakashi slowly pulled away, watching satisfyingly as Sasuke followed him up, eyes half lidded.

There was a groan as Sasuke found that he couldn't reach anymore and that was when Kakashi would lean back in, slowly watching with interest as Sasuke would lean back in to reach his Sensei's covered lips, but when Sasuke tried to lean towards him again, Kakashi would pull away, just as slowly as the first, teasingly.

This was a new reaction, Kakashi thought. I like it.

When Kakashi was out of reach, Sasuke let out a frustrated sigh and dropped his head on the ground, closing his eyes as a blushed appeared on his face.

"I hate you," Sasuke said, quite breathlessly that had Kakashi squirming over the boy.

Kakashi lean up, straddling the boy's thighs, "That's nothing new," Kakashi stated as he got up off the boy and headed through the path towards the bridge and his home.

"Where are you going," Sasuke asked from behind Kakashi.

With a back wave of his hand, "I'm going home; see you at training in the morning. Don't be late." And then he disappeared.

That night, Kakashi sat in his dark kitchen, two cups of tea on his table, and his headband next to them. He had taken his shower earlier that day, put on one of his old uniform pants, his mask in place, and that was it. It was going to be a hot night tonight and he did mean the weather. For some reason, tonight had decided to be a high ninety-one degrees out and his air condition system wasn't working.

Oh well, Kakashi thought as he watched casually at a bead of sweat roll down his chest and toned abdomen, dissolving into the waistband of his pants. As another one began to form, there was a soft knock at his door, almost unheard if Kakashi wasn't expected it.

He took his time in answering the door, in which he opened it before the third set of knocks hit it.

Sasuke stood there, in a black shirt and gray sweat pants, on Kakashi's second floor verandah, a hand outreached for a prepared knock. He dropped his hand, shortly afterwards and asked if he could come in, he eyes looked everywhere else but at Kakashi. With a smile from his eye, Kakashi opened his door, completely to let his student in.

Silence took over as Sasuke just stood there in the middle of Kakashi's small living room. A couch, a coffee table, a bookshelf, and a television set on a medium size wooden table, it was simple, and it was those things that kept Sasuke's eyes away from Kakashi.

Kakashi walked passed Sasuke, slightly brushing his arm against Sasuke's shoulders and sat back down at his kitchen table.

Sasuke chose that moment to look and speak to him.

"You know, you should put on a…"

"It's hot; my air conditioning isn't working."

"But you have a guest, it's rude to…"

"It's my house," Kakashi finished and it left another silent moment between them. Sasuke looked somewhere else again.

"I made tea for two," Kakashi stated, only because he didn't like the silence when others were around. He needed some noise here and there.

Taking the offer, Sasuke reached for the one further away from Kakashi and sipped at it. Memories replayed and the youth found him self blushing, while Kakashi took notice.

Scooting his chair from under the table so he could face Sasuke much better, he thought he might as well get to the point, because Sasuke surely wasn't saying anything.

"Is there a reason why you came knocking at my door at…," Kakashi looked at his clock over by his stove, "… twelve-thirty at night, Sasuke?"

And Kakashi knew exactly why Sasuke came over; he just wanted to hear the boy say it.

He watched as Sasuke set his cup on the counter next to the table and took a couple of tense steps towards him. When he was close enough, he sighed and leaned over to give Kakashi a small peck over his clothed lips and then he quickly leaned back up. Once again, he did not look at Kakashi until he heard a sigh coming from his sensei's area.

A smile formed in the Jonin's exposed eye, "So you're telling me you came here to give me a peck on the lips, how thoughtful of you," he said sarcastically. Knowing it was a bad move because Sasuke tensed severely and frowned at the older shinobi. If Kakashi hurt his pride, he didn't mean to, but seriously the boy really needed to learn to take a few jokes here and there, and Kakashi hardly joked at all, so yeah, he really needed to loosen up a bit.

"No…I-I want …to…uh, forget it. It was stupid anyway," and Sasuke turned to leave, but a firm grip around his wrist stopped him, he kept his back turned to Kakashi though.

"You want to what, Sasuke?" He knew, Kakashi knew what Sasuke wanted but he still wanted to hear it. Sasuke was trembling, and that in it self had Kakashi pulling the boy towards him.

"Sasuke, What. Do. You. Want," Kakashi asked slowly, more firmly, softly.

Sasuke turned around, "I want you to kiss me," he breathed.

With that confirmed, Kakashi grabbed onto Sasuke's slightly sweat soaked shirt and pulled him onto his lap. Sliding him all the way until Sasuke was straddling his legs, the air around them becoming thick with heat and tension. He could feel everything from Sasuke, from his slightly labored breathing, faintly brushing over his face and mixing with his own, from his shaking fingers as they reached for his mask, ready to pull it down, and from his body as he slid further up his lap to get… close… and closer to his body.

It happened quickly, his mask was down set under his chin, exposing everything to his young pupil. Sasuke inhaled sharply as he saw his teacher for the first time, and it sent chills throughout his body. He cupped his teacher's well formed cheekbones and gradually brushed his thumbs over those soft pink lips, then and only then did he finally exhaled. He concentrated solely on Kakashi's lips as he moved in to give them another peck, but this time longer. At that moment, Kakashi could have sworn he felt tingles go through his lips and throughout his body, but he then blamed it on the heat.

Sasuke pulled away, just an inch, and looked up at his teacher. He saw…no ridicule, no disappointment, no shame…he saw only approval, gratification, and something else unfamiliar to him, but he knew it wasn't awful.

Kakashi stared at his student, he was so vulnerable now and it reminded Kakashi of how underage Sasuke was and how this was wrong on so many levels. But damn it, it felt so right. He placed his right hand behind Sasuke's head at the nape of his neck and guided Sasuke back to his lips, taking Sasuke's bottom lip between his own, making his student gasped as he begin to suck on it softly and then firmly. Offering it back when Sasuke was panting from the warmth it brought him and of other thoughts that played through his young mind at Kakashi's ministration.

He watched as Sasuke stuck out his tongue and swiped it over his bottom lip, taking in Kakashi's taste and mixing it with his own. That in it self had Kakashi yearning for more, so he pulled Sasuke back in, but this time, it was the boy's top lip he took between his own and sucked on it more firmly. And this time, Sasuke moaned and slid even closer to his teacher, Kakashi groaned his appreciation.

Taking his free hand, his left, Kakashi griped it around Sasuke chin and angled the boy's head, so he could openly kiss Sasuke. It was awkward at first because Sasuke would open his mouth at the same time Kakashi would and they were getting nowhere. So Kakashi used his left hand which was under Sasuke's chin and firmly closed his student's mouth whenever he would open his own, his pupil immediately got the hang of it later.

That went on for, God only knew how long, but it was well worth it. Sasuke really was his pupil because he really got into it, angling his head in different angles to openly kiss Kakashi in different, slow and tenderly ways, humming when the feeling was right and he was being satisfied.

Kakashi didn't know when he had closed his eyes, but when he went to opened them he saw the most lustful thing he had ever seen in his entire life.

Sasuke eyes were closed, yes that was done instinctively, but it was his expression that got Kakashi excited. It was a mixture of longing, pleasurable aching, and passion. It only deepened as Kakashi took Sasuke bottom lip again and sucked as if his life depended upon it and he was given a moan by his student as Sasuke mimicked the action by taking his teacher's top lip.

And Kakashi watched and he watched until he closed his own eyes because it was too much, Sasuke was addictive.

In a second Sasuke was pulling away, gasping for air. Kakashi had to chuckle, because once again Kakashi thought about how innocent Sasuke was.

During Sasuke's recovering of much needed air, Kakashi picked up his headband from off the table and placed it over Sasuke's eyes.

"What are you…?"

"Shhh," Kakashi shushed him with his index finger, placed gently over Sasuke's slightly swollen lips. After he finished tying the knot, he smiled.

"Trust me," was all he said before chastely kissing over his student's mouth. He pulled away and saw Sasuke slowly nod, and swallow deeply. "Oh, before I forget…," the Jonin breathed, running his long, callous finger over Sasuke's lips, "…breathe through your nose."

Sasuke nodded again and whispered an "Okay," before Kakashi took his lips again. He firmly placed his right hand at the back of Sasuke's neck and his left hand under his chin. When they were at a reasonable rhythm, Kakashi firmly pull Sasuke's mouth opened and slowly glided his tongue in the youth's mouth.

Shock took over and Sasuke tried to pull away, but Kakashi's right hand kept him in place.

Sasuke squirmed a little, trying his best to get use to it, but it was still too foreign to him. It wasn't until Kakashi removed his left hand from under his chin and placed it at the lower part of his back and began to rubbed there, did Sasuke became relaxed and allowed Kakashi to do what he was doing, smoothly gliding his tongue in and out of the youth's mouth. Sasuke moaned and tried mimicking his sensei's action.

Kakashi was… how could he say it… overwhelmed, stunned, addicted…yeah, that was pretty much how he felt when he tasted Sasuke. It was warm, welcoming, and shall he say it again and again and again… addictive. He was everywhere in his pupil's hot canvas. And when their tongues touched it was like… both moaned their gratification… yeah, it was like that.

He couldn't get enough and the more he swiped his tongue over every nock and cranny in Sasuke's mouth, he was left wanting more.

It became heated, almost rough when by accident; Sasuke scraped his teeth over Kakashi's tongue.

Kakashi withdrew his tongue from Sasuke's mouth and brought it back to his own…Sasuke soon followed with his own pink organ and the passion was ignited again.

Their hands were everywhere, Sasuke's hands were at his sensei's neck, his face, his shoulders, and his chest, sometimes on his abdomen but they didn't stay long. And his, they too were everywhere, under Sasuke's shirt, on his thighs, close to other parts in that area, but mostly in Sasuke's hair.

He firmly gripped at it from the roots and pulled, making their lips pull apart for a moment, an inch apart, where he would listen to Sasuke pant and grunt as he tried so desperately to pull back towards his teacher's lips. And in those moments, Kakashi would take his own lips elsewhere, on Sasuke's jaw, his chin, his ears, and his neck. Then he would let go of Sasuke's soft tresses and their lips would crash back in place for another most heated kiss.

On instinct, Sasuke's lower body would push against Kakashi's leg and up, brushing his awakening arousal against his teacher's own awakening and it would leave Sasuke arching his back, pressing more into Kakashi and panting his name. That would then offer everything to Kakashi, Sasuke's head would fall back, exposing his neck and collarbone, he would arch his back so far back and his chest would be offered and even his stomach because his shirt would ride up from both the flexing and Kakashi's hand that would wonder up his shirt and over his pupil's chest. When Sasuke would slide back down into his lap, he would glide over his sensei's most sensitive stimulation, which wanted more every time Sasuke would start back up again.

He was moaning, feeling… no tasting, everything Sasuke had to offer and the grinding was becoming unbearable to ignore, in which he would find his own hips pushing up when Sasuke would glide down and when their arousals touch, an orgasmic pressure built at the pit of his stomach, spreading much further down as things got heated up.

And in that moment of pleasure, Kakashi realized that it was going too far, he, he swallowed deeply…he would have to stop this.

"Sa-Sasuke," Kakashi moaned, pulling away from those tempting lips.

A moaned from Sasuke was his only answer as Sasuke surged his body back up against Kakashi's legs and over his growing bulge.

"Sasuke, we…we h-have to stop."

"N-No… ah, please," Sasuke was begging now.

Yeah it has gone far enough. The first thing he would have to stop, right now, was Sasuke lower half; that was the part doing the most tempting thing to Kakashi's …yeah stopping them now.

He reached with his left hand, which were at Sasuke's lower back, and used it to push down on Sasuke's hips and to keep his body there.

God, that was hard, that was so hard.

Then he used his right hand, which was where it usually was at the back of Sasuke's neck, to push his arching body upright where Kakashi rested his head on Sasuke's left shoulder to calm himself down. It was over just like that, Kakashi was in control again and Sasuke…well, he was heavily panting.

Then suddenly, completely out of Kakashi's control, Sasuke grabbed at Kakashi's face between his hands and smashed their lips together again in another heated kiss.

Damn it, I forgot about those, Kakashi thought as his coordination had faltered and all hell broke loose. His grip on Sasuke's hips loosened and once again Sasuke was arching up over him and sliding back down, reawakening his own heat, in which he had just so calmly got under control.

He had to work quickly so he pulled back from between Sasuke's hands, keeping their lips together, though, and grabbed them with his right hand and placed his left hand back firmly on Sasuke's hips, holding him still for good.

Sasuke whimpered in their dying kiss as everything began to slow down.

"Ka…Kashi," Sasuke moaned as Kakashi pulled away from Sasuke completely to lean back in his kitchen's chair to catch his breath. Sasuke set his forehead on his shoulder as he too tried to catch his breath.

It was silent again, except for their heavy breathing, which, in a way, started the whole thing, but Kakashi wouldn't ponder on that much longer.

He heard Sasuke sigh, contently as he turned his head towards Kakashi's neck, where he placed soft kisses there and smiled. Kakashi looked down at his student, at his blindfolded, flush-faced student and smile back. He was somewhat expecting that type of reaction from Sasuke after he taught him how to French kiss, but he wasn't expecting anything like what they did during it. It was kind of like a spur of the moment type thing, but now it left him, frustrated and incomplete and he's sure Sasuke felt the same way as he started wiggling in Kakashi's lap and from what Kakashi could see he too was sporting a tent inside his pants. Plus, his smile disappeared as an unpleasant frown appeared afterwards… yeah, he was definitely feeling what Kakashi was feeling. Those were somewhat good reactions, at least he wasn't frowning on what they had just did or done or didn't do, at least he hoped it wasn't for those reason.

With a sigh, Kakashi had to solve this, the best way he knew how.

"Ne, Sasuke have you ever touched another human body, intimately?"

"WHAT," Sasuke sat up. His blindfold had him not completely looking at Kakashi's face.

"I heard that the body is very sensitive to another human's touch, in many ways than one."

Sasuke was sputtering again and his face was turning three shades of red again.

Kakashi chuckled, he love seeing those reactions from Sasuke.

He loved them a lot.

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