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As he watch Sasuke stammer on his new question, blindfold and all, he couldn't help but reached for his student's neck and rub his thumb over the length of it, feeling the pulse under his touch quicken from his ministration. Sasuke's neck was soft and smooth, and it tempted Kakashi to do other things, but he wouldn't act on them, it wouldn't be like him to do so…not yet at least.

Truly, it's been a long time since he had another person's touch…and the point at this current moment was if Sasuke was willing to go further? Would his student be okay if he took this to the next level, somewhere, truly, forbidden? He knew all the shinobi's rules by hard and yet, he was breaking something written under one's common sense of not to do, for the sole reason that it was appalling…and not just that, it was frowned upon. Did he want that for him, for the both of them?

His thumb rubbed over the soft, porcelain, neck again and he shivered.

God, what they did earlier was still affecting him and control was becoming unbearable.

He needed an answer quick.

If Sasuke wasn't okay with it, then he would stop, put it away in the back of his mind as a teacher teaching his student another lesson that was a part of life, something Sasuke could use when the time comes, but if Sasuke was okay with it, then…

"No," Sasuke said, dully.

"What," was the only thing Kakashi could say, his attention was elsewhere at the moment and to have Sasuke answer him, so suddenly, startled the Jonin.

Did he hear, right?

Did Sasuke really…Did he want to go further or was he denying…

"No, I haven't had another person touch me…intimately. Not until tonight," Sasuke blushed and he turned his head a little out of embarrassment.

Kakashi had to smile.

"Ah," he breathed before removing his hand from his student's neck entirely. Sasuke shivered at the lost of its warmth, Kakashi felt it run through his own body and silently moaned.

He also felt when Sasuke scooted closer up on his lap, rubbing against his bulge, and making his whole body tremble again.

"But I'm willing to learn," Sasuke whispered, almost tauntingly, as he clumsily place a kiss at the corner of his teacher's lips, but being blindfolded and all had its disadvantages as Sasuke tried for the second time to get an accurate pinpoint on his Sensei's soft lips but failed once again.

With a sigh, Kakashi angled his student's head just right so their lips met perfectly, but just for a chaste kiss though; Kakashi wouldn't allow it to go further than that, not yet, at least. He leaned away and watched as, over the blindfold, Sasuke's brows frowned out of confusion.

"Why'd you…"

"Shhh, Sasuke" Kakashi once again hushed his student with the tip of his index finger, enjoying the feel of those soft lips against his touch… and God, he had to swallow.

"Not here," he whispered.

The teen's frown deepened, Kakashi only smiled.

"Then where," Sasuke sounded almost frustrated…almost desperate.

Slowly leaning up towards his student, making sure Sasuke felt every movement, he placed his lips next to the teen's left ear and passionately sighed, "In my bedroom." It was slow, seductive and it promised…it promised a lot.

Both shivered again, Sasuke out of anticipation, Kakashi out of how enticing Sasuke was being, who, with some difficulty, gulped.

"O-okay," Sasuke could only say as Kakashi slowly stood up, giving his student some time to find his footing.

A hiss was heard seconds later as Sasuke sweat pants brushed against his still sensitive bulge; he tried pulling at the midsection to fix the situation, but…

"Problem," Kakashi asked, chuckling just a little. He wasn't fairing any better, but he wasn't about to let his student know that.

"Want a kiss to make it go away," he teased afterwards, loving a flushed face Sasuke. He leaned over by the waist and once again whispered in a husked voice in his student's ear, "Or would you like an intimate touch instead?" He then kissed the teen on the cheek, letting his lips brush over it as he pulled away.

A slight pause...


"Let's head to my room, shall we," Kakashi chuckled as he took hold of Sasuke's shoulders and led his pupil into the small hallway towards his bedroom. He doesn't think he could handle seeing Sasuke's flush face much longer, not yet, at least. Not until he was flushing over some other plans he had in store for the young teen…really good plans.


"Damn it, Kakashi," Sasuke yelled as he cradled his bruised nose. He groaned as the mere touch of it felt painful.

"Don't be in such a rush, Sasuke; let me open the door first."

It was done on purpose, Kakashi mentally admitted, but he wanted to waste time as much as possible. His erection wasn't completely gone, and he knew if he started up anything with Sasuke at the moment, he wouldn't last long.

Yeah, he had control, but with it being with Sasuke…enough said.

He also wanted Sasuke to settling down some as well, he wanted this experience to last, for the both of them, even if he had to distract Sasuke with a little bit of pain by purposely letting him run into his bedroom door.

He silently chuckled, poor Sasuke.

And it worked, because he had enough time to will his erection away while Sasuke's painful experience had his own arousal flagging down in no time.

"Can't I take this off," Sasuke argued as he reached for the blindfold, but a quick grasped around his wrist stopped him.

"Um, no, I like it on you," he released his student's wrist and opened the door. "Now, you may enter, but please be more careful this time."

Sasuke "Hn" but slowly, with his arms outreached, to make sure he didn't run into anything else, he entered the bedroom. Kakashi was close behind, shutting the door behind him afterwards.

For a while, they just stood there, well, Sasuke just stood there. Kakashi was enjoying the view while leaning against the closed door. It wasn't everyday he got to see Sasuke this way; he wanted to cherish the moment.

"Kakashi," Sasuke called out for him after a while of complete silence. He blindly looked around the room, most likely trying to sense out his sensei's location.

"What are you doing?"

"Watching," Kakashi answered amusingly, roaming his eyes up and down the teen's clothed body.

"Hn. Pervert."

"What can I say, you're a looker Sasuke," a smirk lacing his voice as he spoke.

"I guess it can't be helped as you would put it," Sasuke taunted.

"I guess not."

He watched as his student took a couple of steps forward, in the wrong direction, if he was trying to head his way, but going in the right direction, in Kakashi's mind, when he noticed that those steps started heading towards the bed. But Sasuke stopped short, his legs never making contact with the bed sheets.

"Ready," Sasuke asked with some poise, straightening his shoulders and sighing very deeply.

The boy could be really impatient sometimes, Kakashi thought, but at least he knew the kid was really okay with this.

So it was then that Kakashi decided to make his presence more active and stepped behind his student, purposely rubbing up against the clothed back.

He let his proximity do all of the stimulating, but he did leaned over some, so he could let his breaths caress over the back of his student's neck, letting it breeze over the strands of hair that settled there. And he watched as goosebumps made themselves known over pale skin, creating small trembles over the boy's body.

As an afterthought, he placed a soft kiss over the skin there, and licked over the spot before completely pulling away.

Kakashi wrapped his arms around the boy's waist, and pulled, completely pressing their bodies together, and adding to the warmth that was already developing. He let one of his hands slowly travel up the clothed abdomen, almost pulling up the shirt, revealing skin as he journeyed up the chest and to the small neck, pausing to rub the pad of his thumb at the curve connecting the neck and shoulder, feeling a slight shiver descend over the teen's body…and his own.

He sighed, pleasantly.

That same hand took a firm hold under Sasuke's jaw; gradually turning the teen's head sideways so Kakashi could get a perfect reach at those puffy lips, he licked at the corner, while his other hand pushed at his student's waist to press their bodies even closer, producing a gasp from the young Uchiha.

He then changed his licks to open kisses, traveling over the teen's right cheek to the start of the ear, where he took the lobe of the appendage and sucked on it, softly.

Sasuke gasped again, his head tilting towards the touch.

Kakashi released the lobe and moaned over the ear, this action caused his student to moan as well as he took his other hand, still placed at his student's waist, and snuck it under the front of the dark shirt to rub at the skin just below the navel, causing the stomach to quiver, and producing another moan from the both of them.

His hand release Sasuke's jaw, joining the other hand under the shirt, while he let his mouth travel down to the nape of the teen's neck, nuzzling it with his nose and cheeks, and kissing it whenever his lips came into contact with the soft skin.

He kissed his way from the nape of the neck and up, where he found Sasuke's left ear, only to pull away, slightly, letting his breath caress the appendage, and to delicately nuzzling it.

"Mm, Sasuke," he breathed, asking, while pushing their bodies closer once again, so he could feel the shiver that ran through the teen's body at his sensual touch.

"Yeah," Sasuke breathed, his breath hitching, as he felt his teacher nip at the top of his ear with his teeth, it made him grunt because the action was surprising, but it could also have been when his teacher's hands found themselves under his sweat's waistband.

"Turn around," the copy-nin whispered seductively, before slowing pulling away, his mouth leaving the student's ear, his hands removing from under the waistband to settle over the teen's waist, and he waited for Sasuke to make the next move because he owed Sasuke that much of a decision.

After a while, Sasuke did turn around. It was done slow, almost tentatively so, but with some act of bravery. Kakashi welcomed it; he expected it too, because that was how Sasuke was. He faced a lot of situations, especially new ones, with confidence and it was a normal reaction from the teen, it put some ease on Kakashi's conscious, also knowing that Sasuke trusted him with this aspect of his life as well…among other things.

So he praised the action with a kiss, a peck really, enough to have Sasuke stretch his neck to try and deepen it, but Kakashi only pulled away, bringing his hands up to rest over Sasuke's cheeks, keeping him still as he continued with the small pecks.

They were tender, slow, and longing and they were certainly making the situation more… interesting.

Sasuke brought his own hands up and rest them over his teacher's forearms, keeping him in place, and wanting the kiss to deepen.

Kakashi only ran his tongue over the soft lips, encouraging Sasuke to open his mouth, slightly. He then plunge his tongue just an inch inside the moist opening, but never deep enough. It was more like a graze between the bottom and top lips, and enticing sighs from the responding teen.

Kakashi pulled away, he let his hands travel up into his student's dark tresses. Tangling his fingers through the soft strands, letting them run between his fingers as he softly massaged the scalp underneath it… stroking, and letting his nails work some blissful sensation into the action as he placed soft kisses over the teen's face.

He was amazed at how the flushed over the boy's cheeks traveled down to his neck and disappeared under the collar of his dark shirt…it only made Kakashi want to explore more…discover more.

So with a firm tug of Sasuke's hair, he pulled the head back and attached his lips under the teen's chin and onto the neck, liking how the teen gasped at the movement. He maintained the massaging of the young Uchiha's scalp with one of his hand, while he let the other one travel down from the nape of the neck, down along the spine, and to the dip of the back, pushing their bodies, once again, close…connected.

Sasuke grunted, almost moaned as Kakashi found his pulse, sucking on it extra hard with powerful suctions, grazing his teeth over the skin as well. And it didn't go unnoticed, to Kakashi, as when their bodies collided that there was a developing bulge poking him on his inner thigh. He sucked extra, extra hard on the pulse then, pushing their bodies even closer with just the forward push of his pelvic, liking the sound of Sasuke's breath hitching from what he knew was the boy's most sensitive erogenous spot.

Kakashi thought that that was the most erotic aspect of this touchy foreplay, but he was proven wrong.

It just so happened…he discovered…that while he kissed his way down to his student's curve, where the neck and shoulder met, Sasuke had turned his head, slightly giving his teacher more access, and left his mouth hovering over the Jonin left ear.

Kakashi could hear everything and he found himself getting turned on by it more than anything. He could hear Sasuke's panting…shaky, airy, and so warm… he liked them even better when he altered them by purposely thrusting his pelvic into his student's own again, producing a hitch or a startling gasp from those heavily huffs and puffs. He even got a moan, which sounded so arousing being so close to his ear and all.

But what really got him hot and bothered were the sounds other than his student's panting and moaning.

There was the sound of him swallowing deeply.

He heard it when there was a slight pause in Sasuke's breathing, where he felt no puff of air caressing over his ear, only the deep sound of something being force down the teen's throat, something moist and fluid-like and the sound of a tongue running over dry lips, dampening them with hot liquid only an inner mouth could produce.

And, God, it had Kakashi's mind bombarded with erotic images on other ways those sounds could be made and what other places that inner mouth could moisten on other parts of the…

His body was burning; he could actually feel the heat running through his veins, traveling south, and making his thoughts a little harder to process on anything but of ways to…

He quickly pulled away from Sasuke's neck, using the distraction to calm and to clear his mind.

As lovingly as those sounds were, they corrupted his mind with nothing but lust, and he needed his control back in order to get a hold of the situation to continue; he wanted that much, especially when he's with Sasuke. One false move and it was over…not that he think his student wouldn't mind a little advance groping here and there, but still…it was better to take things slow.

It was moments later that he felt more than heard Sasuke sigh, wrapping his small arms around his waist and leaning his forehead on his bare chest and place soft kisses under his collarbone.

He let Sasuke have his moment, but it never took him long to regain his composure, so with a hand placed under the teen's chin, he lift Sasuke's head so he could kiss him. Only this time, he did let the kiss deepen, plunging his tongue deep in the moist opening and twining his tongue with his student's, leaving the teen breathless when he finally pulled away.

He found his hands at the hem of Sasuke's shirt, pausing only so Sasuke would understand what his intentions were before he lifted the material.

Sasuke raised his arms above his head, waiting for the garment to be removed… only… Kakashi had other plans. He lifted and let the shirt go over the teen's head but let the shirt collar go over his chin and passed his lips, and that was as far as the shirt was lifted. Sasuke's arms were still out stretched above his head, caught in the shirt and his teacher's grip.

Kakashi pulled completely away, suddenly, and pushed his student on top of the bed, watching as Sasuke sprawled out, allowing the action and the temporary bondage around his arms.

The Jonin did find that flush again and it had reached over his student's chest, darkening much brighter as he leaned over and hovered over his student's body, his arms resting on either side of Sasuke's covered face, his body finding perch on the teen's own body and between his student's legs as he took those lips again. It really had no direction, just lips everywhere, tongues plunging into mouths deep and wide, alternating from soft and hard, and heavy panting in between…it only ended with Kakashi sucking on Sasuke's lower lips, tugging on the soft flesh with tender ease, letting it go and running his moist tongue over it as an apology for if he'd caused any pain.

It only encouraged Sasuke to start the kiss over, which Kakashi was happy to oblige.

Kakashi's kisses did travel elsewhere, though. They found the beginning of the teen's jaw line and placed butterfly kisses along the curve of it and over the chin, where he traveled south to the beginning of the neck, placing more kisses and adding long licks and suctions.

Sasuke whimpered as his teacher pulled away, wanting the sucks and the kisses to continue, but….

It was seconds later that Kakashi ran an index finger down the middle of his student's chest. It was slow and graceful, circling a nipple with faint rubs before guiding back to the middle, producing several moans from the other under him.

Kakashi watched with admiration as the chest rise and fall, quickening as the finger continued its descent downward. He leaned over and kissed over the chest, wanting to know if the skin was just as soft as the rest of the teen's body.

It was…

And Kakashi wanted more so he started back at the neck, kissing along its length and down to the collarbone. He sucked the span of the right one, following it inward to the hollow just under the neck. A lick to that small part of skin had Sasuke moaning causing Kakashi to thrust his pelvic instinctively into his student's own.

"Ah," Sasuke arched into the touch, wishing his arms and hands were free so he could touch as well.

"Kakashi…" was all he could get out in asking for his freedom of his small bondage, Kakashi only answered it with another thrust and a kiss down his chest, altering slightly, and aiming for that nipple he circled earlier as he slide his own body downward so he could have better contact with the darker-shaded nipple.

His lower lip made first contact, grazed it with a soft touch, and sent strong trembles over the teen's body, making the boy arch when his whole mouth finally surrounded the perked nipple and sucked it gently.

Kakashi did keep his hands busy, though, he ran them up and down Sasuke's sides, making the boy quiver and squirm under his touch and suctions, liking every ounce of the teen's moans and sighs as he traveled his way to the other nipple to give it the same treatment, and causing the young Uchiha to arch once again.

"Please," Sasuke breathed. "I…"

Kakashi didn't let him finished as he rushed back up to kiss the boy deeply, pulling the shirt the rest of the way off, and throwing the garment somewhere behind him, freeing Sasuke's arms and enabling him to touch him. But before Sasuke could reach him, he had his head back at a certain nipple and gave it a hard suck, a nip and an apologetic lick. It wasn't until his lips were back descending down the middle of the teen's chest, did Sasuke found a place to place his hands…in Kakashi's hair.

Kakashi groan just from the feel of those small fingers caressing through his white manes. It made him tremble and greedy.

"Sasuke," he moaned over the teen's heated abdomen. Bringing one of his hands up where his lips lay just above the navel, feeling the muscles flexing and tightening under his careful touch and kisses.

He continued downward until he finally reached Sasuke's navel, he paused, pulled away, and hovered over the small hollow in the middle of the abdomen, watching as it rapidly rise and fall.

It was just a simple void, something everyone had, but looking at it this close, with glistening sweat surrounding it, knowing that his student has never been touch there just made the simple hollow not so simple anymore.

Kakashi knew then that he wanted more, more of those moans, those breathless calls of his names, more of those hands running through his hair, God, he wanted Sasuke… so he leaned in, licking over, above, under, and around the navel, until finally he just dipped his tongue into the small void, listening and feeling Sasuke arch and moan, tugging in his hair… massaging it…and encouraging his head to go further south.

"Oh God," was Sasuke's plea. "Please."

Kakashi was more than willing to fulfill the request.

He reached the groove right under Sasuke's navel and above the sweat's waistband, which was annoyingly in the way.

He growled at the defensive material before he tugged on it, exposing Sasuke's hipbones and the beginning of faint curls.

Kakashi kissed over the right hipbone, sucked it…nibbled it, felt a strong tug in his hair, asking to continue, while he let his one hand, his free hand, rub the exposed skin just above the dark curls, liking the grunts and the upward thrusts of the teen's waist, asking for more.

He softly bit into the right hip, before traveling over the developing 'V' line that distinguished the groin muscles, licking over the skin there and over to the other side, to suck and nibble on the other bone.

Kakashi could tell Sasuke was becoming frustrated, every time he would pass over what the boy really wanted him to be at, which was very tempting to aim for Kakashi thought, he only gave the boy soft rubs over the curls, strong kisses and firm licks, but never really giving Sasuke what he wanted most.

But he knew his student wasn't ready yet, even now as he begged for him to go further down, still trying to push his head to that area aching and pleading for him, Kakashi knew…it just couldn't be…

…not until he had his…

"My turn," Kakashi said, quickly leaning up and climbed from over the teen and onto his side on the bed, where he supported his head in the palm of his hand and waited.

There was a moment…a silent pause, really…where Sasuke just lied there, still heavily panting…still needing in his state of bliss. It took a minute for him to actually respond.

"WHAT," he sat straight up in bed, removing the blindfold, sending a shock expression towards his smug looking teacher.

"Come on Sasuke; don't be selfish, others have needs too."

"But…you…I'm still…" Sasuke stammered, kind of confuse and in pain from his still arousal state …he glared, murderously.

"I hate you."

Kakashi chuckled, turning on his back and peering up at the ceiling, hands folded under his head, absentmindedly listening as Sasuke sent every curse word known in the dictionary his way.

"Either way, Sasuke, the night is still young; we'll have plenty of time to get back to your…," he paused for effect. "…problem."

Sasuke fell backwards in bed, groaning from his situation, "I hate you, I really do, you basta…"

Kakashi cut the teen off by leaning over him as fast as any shinobi could and gave the pouting teen a greedy kiss, one that left the young Uchiha breathless when he pulled away.

"Pet names later, physical intimacy now."

He then turned back on his back and, "I'm waiting, Sasuke," he said casually.

He blocked the fist that was aimed for his face by the wrist and pulled the body, belonging to the captured arm, over his own, leaving Sasuke perched over his thighs, arms on either side of his head, their faces just inches apart.

"Now, we're getting somewhere," Kakashi breathed as he leaned in and deeply kissed the teen above.

Yeah, it's going to be a long night…a very exciting night indeed.

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