Sequel to Recollection. If you haven't read Recollection, it might not make sense. So I suggest, reading it. By views, it seems that it was my best story. So I FINALLY decided to write the sequel.

Note: I think, this story might be short. I think I could expand on the story more, but for the most part I see it only having like 10 chapters...

Also Note: I do not own American Dragon. Boo hoo for me :(

Chapter One: Back In New York

It had been a week since Jake found Rose in Hong Kong. He had just returned from Isle of Draco; the Dragon Council was most pleased to hear the news from him and his grandpa by finally stopping the Dark Dragon. Him, along with Chang, were sent to a secret prison, where they will be trapped for life. This secret jail rendered any magic, so they couldn't use their dragon powers to escape. Jake and his friends had spent an extra couple of days their explaining the story of the Dark Dragon's capture. And maybe an extra one or two days to pull off a couple of pranks on Fred Nerk. But that's a whole different story…

Jake and everyone else just got off the elevator from the island entered the Subway of NYC. It had been a while since they all had been back in America, so they were most excited to be home. Especially Jake, as they knew that he had more than anything to be excited about. He had got his girl back, after she had completely forgotten all about him.

Jake walked Trixie and Spud home, as their parents were worried sick about them. And after they walked Sun Park back too, Jake headed down to the shop with his grandfather.

"You did good, young dragon." Gramps said to his grandson. He was most proud of his heroicness down in Hong Kong.

"Thanks G, now if you excuse me, I think I better get home." He said as he left the shop. He ran down the busy streets of New York, shoving anyone who was in his way. Finally he made it to his house, where he walked in to find his family just finishing dinner.

"Hey family I'm back!" he said as he put down a suitcase he had brought for his trip.

"Jake's back!" Haley looked over on the couch to see her big brother. Even though they had their differences, it was obvious Haley missed him. She went over, and gave him a hug.

"Jake, your home!" Jake's mother Susan ran from out of the kitchen and went to see her son.

"Hey Jack-a-roo, how was China!" Jonathan, Jake's dad yelled to his son.

"It was, great," he smiled in joy.

"Well if your still hungry, your mom just made some meatloaf and mash potatoes."

"Nahh I'm good. I just wanna chill in my room for awhile." Jake replied. He picked up the suitcase, and ran up into his room.

Once there, he threw down the case, and hopped onto his bed. He was exhausted by the trip, but was glad to be home. However, he just remembered something. He jumped out from his bed, and looked above his drawer.

A picture was there, one of him and Rose at a dance awhile back. This picture was given to him, after Jake had told her that he was a dragon. Behind the picture, was a bracelet. This bracelet was no ordinary bracelet, it was a dream charm. A dream charm given to him by Rose, so that they may contact each other through their dreams. It had stayed there behind that picture, ever since Rose left for Hong Kong after Homecoming. Jake finally decided to wear it. He picked it up, wiped all the dust it had collected, and put it on.

After that, he fell back onto his bed again. He had done a lot last week, and he was tired. It had been awhile since he had gotten a full night of sleep. And since it was Saturday, he saw it was a great time to use it to sleep. Since he was gone about 2 weeks, he had missed A LOT of school; he knew it was going to be another busy week to catch up. Even though it was still the afternoon, he crawled into bed, and went to sleep.

He dreamed of a peaceful garden, out into a park. He was there, sitting on a bench, just looking out into the beauty. Jake sat there, just thinking about this past week; all the adventures and excitement he had gone though.

Suddenly, someone approaches him. This person tapped him on the shoulder.

"Mind if I join you?" She said, and sat down on the bench.

Jake turned around to see who it was,"Rose!" He smiled back at her. Jake moved his arms, and gave a big hug to her.

"I'm so glad to see you," she said as Jake held on to her.

"So how you feelin', last time I saw you were you still hurt from the Dark D," Jake asked.

"I told you already, I'm fine. I was Huntsgirl you know, I am stronger than I look." She started to laugh...

Jake gave a little giggle, "I'm so happy to see you. I'm just glad we can finally be together, without the Huntsclan getting in the way."

"I know." She smiled.

"Oh wait, did you tell your family about, all this?"

"Yeah, well at least I tried too. I told them how I used to hunt down magical creatures, and how my life was altered by 13 Aztec skulls. But they wouldn't believe me. So I guess I will keep the details to myself…"

"Did you tell them about me?" Jake wondered, though he was a bit…reluctant to ask.

"Of course I did. However, I left out the part of you being a dragon." She smiled.

"So how is it, you know… getting that family you always wanted…" Jake decided to ask. He was more than happy for Rose that she finally gets to live a normal live, even if it's in another country.

"Jake, it's amazing. I mean, I actually have a family, and a twin. I mean really Jake, you should meet them, they would love you."

"I'll have to one day." Jake smiled.

Rose looked at a watch, which she was wearing. "I have to go, sorry." Rose got up from the bench, and gave a kiss onto Jake's cheek.

"See you tomorrow?"

"I don't know. I mean Hong Kong and New York are in two different time zones, how are we to meet each other?"

"I will mange." Jake convinced her.

"Ok," Rose thought for a second on how that will work out, but then gave a smile back at him. "I will see you tomorrow then."

"I'll be there," Jake said as he was still hypnotized by Rose's kiss.

Rose vanished from Jake's dream, and Jake was left alone to sleep for the rest of the day.

I wrote this first chapter about a month ago. And finally decided to send it in.

Can Jake and Rose keep their relationship together even when they are in two different continents?

Not sure how long it will be before I update this story. I'm trying to write 3 stories at once now :D