Chapter 12: Regression

Rose stopped her running now. She knew that trying to outrun him wouldn't help. Her only situation left was at to fight him. So she then turned around, to face her old master.

"Let's finish this," She said, pointing up her huntstaff.

The Huntsman stopped his running, and but he slowly walked up to Rose. "Huntsgirl, it is not you, I want to kill…" He said. However he held up his huntstaff as well, as if he was going to attack still. "It is that inferior American Dragon that I want."

"Him? Why do you want him, I'm the one who betrayed you!!" Rose said, screaming. Why did he want Jake dead so bad? But even so, it was such a stupid thing to ask.

"I want you to see him slain, before I kill you."

"I'll never let you hurt him!" She said, pointing up her staff. She was prepared to fight.

"So be it." He said, running up to Huntsgirl. The two went to impact each other, but each of their swords collided together. They plunged all their strength, to overpower their rival's staff.

Their power broke off, and each missed one another. The Huntsmaster then pointed up his sword, and pulling down a trigger. This trigger sent out tons of green plasma beams, out into the air. He aimed it right at Rose, hoping for a direct hit.

However, Rose was too quick for his poor aim. She hopped into the air, and did a back flip. She then flipped around, right above the Huntsman. She jabbed down her sword, to hit right at him. But the Huntsmaster knew that this very move was coming, as it was a favorite for Huntsgirl. He then lifted up his staff, and once again, the two were stuck in the middle.

"Give it up, Huntsgirl…" He said, pressing down the staff as hard as he could. "You cannot control your destiny. The Huntsclan is in your blood, you cannot resist the calling…" He spoke.

This didn't seem to press into Rose's mind. She then flew up her staff, and banged it on his side. Too bad for her, it wasn't the sword side, of her staff. But it still took a major blow to the Huntsman. He was pushed back, but landed on his knees. He was now crouching down, holding on to his side.

"How's that for an answer." Rose said, sassing him a bit. The Huntsman growled to that answer, and quickly tried to get up. With the bit of lead she had, Rose decided she would try to outrun him, once more.

Rose swerved down the street, trying to avoid the Huntsman who was blasting him from behind. They were probably destroying the pavement around the neighborhood, but right now that wasn't their biggest priority.

Rose turned the corner, and soon found herself at Central Park. She scurried into the park, trying to lose him.

However…that plan wasn't working out to well. Rose lost the Huntsman, in the trees. She turned around, to see him no where in site. But out of nowhere, he popped out of one of the trees. He zoomed to the ground, and the two faced each other once more.

Their swords kept on being rammed together; both countering each other's moves. It seemed like this was happening, for awhile now. But then Rose lowered down her sword, just at the right moment. She reared it in, and it slashed right at the Huntsman's leg. He went down back on his knees, holding his wounds.

But just act he went down, he threw out his staff, right at Rose's staff. Hers flew out of her grip, and onto the green. With no time to care for his injuries, the Huntsmaster went to his feet.

He moved up his sword, right at Rose. Rose had no weapon to defend herself, and she couldn't escape. "This is it Huntsgirl. Any last words?" He said, trying to get as much of this as he could, before he kills her. Rose kept her evil stare at him, and said nothing.

But then her eyes moved up, as she saw something fly above them both. Suddenly, Jake appeared, right behind them both. He grabbed the Huntsman's neck with his tail. His tail wrapped around his neck, cutting off his oxygen. Just when it seemed he was going to suffocate, Jake lifted him up into the air. Then he dived down his tail, slamming into the ground. No one could have survived that blow, not even the Huntsman. Because the Huntsman was still on the ground, and he wasn't going to wake up. He's as dead as he'll ever be…

Rose and Jake stood over the body, staring at the dead Huntsman. "Wow, I can't believe we did it." Rose said, smiling at Jake.

"Yeah, finally he's dead." Jake said, smiling back.

Rose and Jake went down the sidewalk, continuing their conversation. Jake didn't return to human form however, just in case.

"Wait!" Rose yelled out, staring at Jake. "How's your dad?"

"He took a nasty blow, but he's okay for the most part."

"I think we better check on him…" Rose said, just to make sure. Jake nodded, in agreement.

But suddenly, Rose turned around. She heard someone calling out her name. She looked over, to see her family, walking down the street.

All three of them had two bags of stuff on hand, not to mention statue of liberty hats on. Oh yeah, they sure looked like tourists.

"Rose!" Rose's mom called out, as she spotted her daughter. Rose ran down the street, to say hi. Jake then dragoned down, and ran up with Rose.

"Hey guys. Uhh…let me guess. Made a stop at Lady Liberty?" Rose said, probably the stupid hats gave it away.

"Yeah, we did…" Her mother said, staring at the giant staff Rose carried. In a way, that was kind of freaked her out.

"So Rose, what happened to that Huntsman you were talking about?" Her dad joined into the conversation.

Rose turned to Jake, moving her arm to his shoulder. "He's gone now. Thanks to Jake." She said, smiling at him.

"Actually, if it wasn't for Rose, I would have never known he was here." He said, smiling back. "But if you excuse me, I really need to check on my father…" He said, just about to leave. But he didn't want to seem rude, by just walking out. "But you all are welcome to join me."

Rose stared at her parents, begging them to say yes. They both nodded their heads, in agreement. They all walked down the street over to Jake's house. Inside, laid his dad, on the couch.

Jake looked over at his mom, who was staying right next to the couch. "How is he?" Jake whispered a bit, to his mother.

"Ask him yourself," She said, pointing to her husband. Just then, Jonathan Long's eyes started to rise up, as he now heard his son's voice.

"Hey dad…" Jake said, looking down at his father. "How you holdin' up?"

"I'm fine thank you. Just a bit more rest, and I shall be back to my old self." Answered him.

Rose walked over to Jake, to see him. Jonathan recognized her from earlier, when the Huntsman was attacking Jake. "Jake, who's your friend here?" he asked.

"Dad, I'd like you to meet Rose. She's kind of…my girlfriend." Jake said, sweating a bit. This is the first time he has ever mentioned his girlfriend, to anyone in his family. Well, except Haley…

Jonathan looked over at Rose, shaking his head a bit. "Nice to meet you Rose, I can tell you two, were meant to be…"

"Thank you, Mr. Long." Rose said, smiling. She then walked over with her family, to avoid the awkwardness.

Susan walked over to her son, and tapped his shoulder. "You should let your father rest Jake…" She said. Jake walked away from his dad, over by Rose's family.

"I know mom. I'm going to take Rose back to her hotel, then I'll be home." He said, walking out the door. He hinted over to Rose's family, and then they all followed.

"Your family seems very nice Jake…" Rose's mother said, as they walked down the street.

"Are you sure, you want to walk us back? I'd rather you stay here with your dad…" Rose said, a little concerned about Jonathan.

"He'll be okay. Besides…this could be the last time I see you…" Jake started to make out. His head leveled down a bit, beginning to feel sad. All the excitement that happened today and it could be there last.

Rose's mother nudged her husband's shoulder. He then turned around, facing Rose. "Well Rose, your mother and I have been talking. We really do miss New York; it's not the same as Hong Kong. And after all you've been through…we decided to move back here…" He said, smiling.

Rose was shocked, she didn't except that. However, by her answer, it seemed like she wasn't that excited. "But dad, what about your job? I mean, you just joined there, you can't quit!" Rose started to yell out. Her parents were a bit, shocked by her reaction. "As much as I really want to live here, I can't do that to you…"

"It's okay Rose. I can work anywhere in the world, and I know someone here will hire me. Maybe all work at my old job… but you know yourself Rose, you'd rather be here in America…"

Rose looked over at Jake, and smiled. "I know." She said. But then, a sharp pain entered into her wrist. She jolted back and held on to her wrist.

"Rose, what's wrong?" Jake wondered, as Rose was acting pretty strange.

Rose stopped flinching, and stared at Jake. However, her other hand, remained on her writs. "Oh, it's nothing. The Huntsman grabbed my arm yesterday, and it hurts a bit…" Rose didn't want to make a big deal about it, so she changed the subject. She looked up, to see them right at the hotel that they were staying at. "Well, look's like this is my stop…"

"So, all see you when you move back?"

"Yeah, I guess so…" Rose said, shyly. Normally this is the part where they'd, kiss. But since her parents were right there watching, it was more appropriate for a gentle hug. After, Rose walked inside the building with parents, and Jake headed back home…


Yeah, of course I had to make Rose return to New York :)

Also, if you are also wondering why the title of the chapter is called Regression, I have no idea. COUGH (if you noticed on the first story Recollection, the last title chapter was called Reconnection, the title to this story..) COUGH. But I won't give out any hints... :P

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