I Wanna Grow Old With You

This is my other creation that is going to be in the works as well. But BEHOLD!! A Deidara and Temari coupling! I know you might think I'm on crack staying up late at night doing these pairings and I say, "Yes, I'm on crack for these pairings and writing up these stories." This fic was inspired by this vid on youtube, it's called 'Deidara-I Wanna Grow Old With You'

Chapter One: Torn

Another day without your smile another day just passes by…The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger but it hurts so bad…

He didn't want to be here. He didn't want to be out here near Suna Gakure with his partner Sasori. But for the moment he couldn't do anything. He was here under strict orders of their leader. And since Sasori was practically his senpai, what could he do? He couldn't argue, he couldn't even give his real thoughts and opinions being out here. No. It was just one of those unfair things that the Akatsuki made you do. As they walked through the hot sands, Deidara couldn't help but think of her. The beautiful Suna kunoichi with the large fan. With her beautiful gold hair and deep jade eyes…he would give anything to see her again.

It had only been a year that he met her. She was out training by herself as one of the rules of Suna when you had just made Jounin. Out training alone for one whole month, they both had stumbled upon each other by accident. By the end of the day of their first encounter with one another, they had already planned to see each other again and again. Soon, after she had completed the month, they would promise themselves to see each other soon as possible.

Now, now he was thinking about her as they traveled to Suna. Sasori, his partner was noticing how distracted looking Deidara was. "Something wrong, Deidara?" he asked. Deidara quickly snapped out of his thoughts and replied.

"Nothing is wrong, yeah." Deidara then looked up into the bright blue sky. Inside he was dying. He didn't want to do this mission. He knew Temari's younger brother, Gaara, was the Kazekage of Suna Gakure. He knew that doing this would the both of them…but mostly her.

Sasori still wasn't so convinced. If something was on Deidara's mind, then sometime during this abduction he was gonna fuck it up for the both of them. "Deidara," he began, "I want your moves for this to be flawless, stealthy. Understand?"

"Heh," Deidara began hiding the stress in his voice, "all my moves are works of art. Pure perfection…yeah." Perfection. That's what Temari was to him. But now…it just had to change. Now he had to be forced into this mission and do as told. Otherwise things wouldn't be perfection anymore.

A thousand miles between us now it causes me to wonder how …Our love tonight remains so strong

Temari sighed. She was now beginning to feel bored and tired. Being sent on the same mission again and again. Treaties, agreements, the Chuunin exam…it was just a big pain. "Ugh," she groaned as she put a gentle hand to her forehead then laid back into the futon of the apartment she was in. Temari then threw the papers into the air, "I don't know if I'll be able to last until tomorrow." She then knew after that it would be a three day trip back to her home village. Back to home, Gaara, Kankurou and perhaps, if by chance, Deidara.

Temari dreamily sighed, the mysterious Deidara and his unavoidable, yet extremely charming smile. Even though she had been able to see only one of his eyes, she was pulled in by it. And also…his strong, yet calm voice. But here she was in Konoha for the upcoming Chuunin exam with the Jounin Nara Shikamaru.

Shikamaru. Temari looked up into the wooden ceiling. She had known Shikamaru before Deidara, and she knew that he was quite lazy and sexist at certain things. But then..he was also so willing. And he was a good listener. "I guess that's a good quality…" she sighed and rolled over. The sun was going to set soon and tomorrow she would start back for home. A smile slowly formed on her face, perhaps if she hurried at a quick pace for tomorrow, surely she would be in two days. But for now, a good night's sleep would help. Quickly moving and putting her things away, Temari prepared for an early wake before returning to her home.

Deidara watched as the sands began to change color by the setting sun. It had went from a gold yellow to orange and bright red, then to a sort of magenta perhaps. Sasori, on the other hand, had gotten through contact by an old 'friend', Yuura. Giving specific instructions, Sasori had told Yuura to wait outside for their arrival, and sure enough, there he was; waiting for them. Deidara looked up and could see spits of blood on his face and hands and suspected that he had killed his own comrades as courtesy for Sasori senpai.

"Sasori sama…" he greeted kneeling blow him. He then stood up and gestured over to the village, "There are watchmen everywhere throughout Suna. All are watching out for you two. A meeting with the elders had come to a decision that we have watchmen, even on the rooftops." Sasori then looked over to Deidara. Deidara knew it was now time to start being like an Akatsuki member, whether he liked this mission or not.

"Is that so?" he asked as he unzipped his bag and put his hand in, "Well, we'll just see about that." Absorbing the clay into his hand and forming it with his chakra, he had molded it perfectly into a bird. With a poof! the bird then became giant and animate. Deidara hopped on, removed his hat and flew off.

'That's right,' he thought, 'I'm a member of the Akatsuki…S class of Ishi Gakure. I've once brought in some Jinchuriki before, and I've extracted them as well…this shouldn't be any different….yeah.' Oh but he was wrong. And he knew it too. This was Temari's brother. Her youngest brother! And now, going off to what he was ordered to do, just made him die on the inside. Soaring through the air on his giant clay bird, Deidara searched below for the watchmen Yuura had told them about.

Finally, after what seemed like quite a while, he had spotted them. "One…two…three." Deidara counted, "Three? Is this the best the village can do?" he then reached into his bag once more, absorbed the clay, formed it, then dropped it down. Normally, he wouldn't make it explosive clay, but in this case, he had no choice. Activating the seal, the clay became animate and landed on their destination.

Creeping silently, onto the unsuspecting watchers, the 'spiders' made their way up the backs then jumped on their faces. The startled watchers were panicking with ways to get it off. "What the hell is this thing?!"

To this Deidara made a face. If there was one thing that pissed him off the most, it was someone criticizing his artwork. "Thing? How dare they, those bastards!" forming the seals with his fingers and raising them up, Deidara was ready to show them his talent. "Don't they know? Art is a bang!" and with those words, the spiders exploded on the faces of their victims, leaving them dead.

Swooping down, Deidara jumped down to the roof of the building he suspected to be the Kazekage. "So far so good, yeah."

"Is that what you think?" Deidara looked up. And to his surprise, there was the Kazekage himself, standing tall with his famous gourd tied on his back.

'Hmm, he's pretty good.' Deidara thought, but then he noticed the sands coming to him and he jumped back on his bird.

Summoning his sands, Gaara created a sand cloud and went to catch up with the Akatsuki member. Deidara watched as he flew higher into the air. Finally he turned around and spoke, "Pretty good detection skills, yeah. How did you know it was me?"

"In this desert, there is no such bird as that." Gaara explained. Deidara then smirked, but inside he was now beginning to worry. Knowing this was also Ichibi he was fighting, yet Temari's own younger brother, he would have to think of someway to wing it, yet not hurt him.

'Seems this fight is gonna be a tough one after all…yeah.'

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