I Wanna Grow Old With You

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Chapter Twenty Four: The Time Has Came

Months soon passed and soon Temari's belly was very large. She was now forever bed bound and constantly the nurses watched over her. Because her time was near, the Suna wind master soon began to feel contractions happening within her body. Temari had never known and felt such a pain within her entire life. It was worse than having the sharp kunai knives or shuriken's piercing the skin. But despite the pain, inside she was happy knowing that Deidara was always by her side. Throughout her months, he had spent every morning, noon and evening with her. In late afternoons, the renegade ninja would travel with her assistant to purchase beautiful looking fruit for her, and return and comfort her. Everyday the two would always their hands together, talking to each other in joy about the birth of their soon to be son. Over the days, Temari's joyful tone soon turned into fear as she felt the time grow nearer and nearer, "I fear for him though," she whispered to Deidara one evening as they were alone, "I fear that the village will not accept him. I fear that their children will know of his origin, his father and carry that hatred through their blood and veins." Looking up, her eyes shining with worry, Temari gazed into her husband's face.

Deidara gave a smile and stroked her hand, "If that is what you fear," he began, "just embrace it. For I already know what is to be expected of our child…yeah."

"What do you see?" Temari asked as she sat upright.

"Not what I see," Deidara answered as he shook his head, "it's just what I know. If the village will know about his father, then they, too, shall learn to fear him instead of hate him." He gave a small chuckle as he kissed her cheek, "After all, his father was a terrorist of both Iwa and Kusa Gakure. I'll be teaching him all that I know, since I was once an Akatsuki member…yeah."

To this, the two laughed. But their laugh was soon cut short as Temari soon let out a loud shriek of pain. Her breathing soon increased as she felt the fetus within her move, "Deidara!" Temari cried out as she clenched his hand tightly, "The nurse! Call them! Call the nurses Deidara! The baby!!"

Deidara quickly nodded as he left his beloved's side. Opening the door quickly, Deidara hollered throughout the halls. Informing all staff onboard that the baby was now ready to be born. In an instant, all nurses and doctors dropped whatever they were holding within their hands, and raced towards the room, each of them squirming to get in and attend the crying Temari. "Someone call Head Doctor; Chacha senpai!" a nurse called out as she grabbed a bowl of warm water. "Quickly! More blankets!" another nurse ordered as she and a few other doctors rushed in. Deidara looked back as the crowd of people swarmed around his beloved, he would've liked to be there as well but soon felt two nurses drag him out.

"Please stay out here." A brunette said as she headed in.

"We'll call you in after everything has finished." The short black haired nurse informed as she, too, headed in.

Deidara watched with a small helplessness as the door was slammed shut. He closed his eyes tightly as he could hear Temari's cries go through the walls, screaming out his name and other inhuman sounds. He could feel his blood begin to boil as some of the doctors rushed in and out of the room, the screams growing loud each time the door opened. The sounds of heels clomping soon began to echo down the hall and Deidara looked up. He noticed a well dressed and experienced looking woman was rushing down the hall, accompanied by three other doctors and five nurses behind her. He watched with a silent amazement as she bursted through the door and as everyone made way for her to enter. The door shut again and Deidara soon found himself standing in front of it. He lightly fingered the alabaster door and soon bashed a fist against it, angry and worrying over what might be happening at this moment.

"Deidara!!" he heard Temari scream, "Where is Deidara!? I want Deidara!! Deidara!!"

The door soon opened again and a nurse grabbed his arm, "Temari san wants you!" she yelled out as she led him through the crowding medics. Pushing him past the people, Deidara was soon by his beloved's side once more.

"Temari, I'm here," he cooed as he held her hand.

"Deidara?! Deidara, thank god you're here." Temari panted out as she looked up at him, her face flushed with heat and pain. Her hand soon began to clench his much more tightly, crushing it with such unimaginable force. A scream soon escaped her lips as she felt her child move again.

"Temari san, please concentrate on your breathing!" Chacha asked as she continued to do her work. "Deidara san, please comfort her! Please keep her from moving!"

"Temari, calm down." Deidara soothed as he felt the blood flow shorten in his hand. Rubbing her hand delicately and stroking her face, the renegade ninja soon found this to be a very difficult battle for him. Temari was constantly moving from the pain, her hand crushing his, cursing and breathing rapidly. Nonetheless, Deidara knew that this would require much patience and spoke in soft comforting, sweet words to her. Taking the pain off her mind as best as he could. Soon a cry broke out and the two looked up, "Hear that, Temari?" Deidara asked with a calm excitement. Temari gave him a weary nod. "That's right, Temari," he explained as he kissed her forehead, "it's our son. You're doing an excellent job; he's coming into the world now because of you, Temari…yeah!" Temari gave him another weary nod.

"Temari san, please continue to push!" Chacha spoke as she carefully held onto the baby's head.

Temari gave a groan of pain as she continued to push, her muscles aching. Her hand now grew moist with stress and her body soon began to feel hot once more. But finally, she soon felt a feeling of release and more cries were heard. She felt Deidara's hand let go as he wiped her face with a cool towel, she looked up and gave a tired smile. "Where is he?" she asked in a quiet voice.

"Right here," Chacha answered as she presented their son, draped in a red cloth. Handing her the baby gently, the head doctor looked at the both of them with a smile, "You have a strong son," she commented, "congratulations to the both of you."

Temari smiled once more as she looked up at Deidara, "Well Deidara, what think of him?"

Deidara looked at the infant in his beloved's arms. No words could leave his lips. There was nothing to say. The sight of his child could not be expressed in words. Beautiful and amazing just wasn't enough. Walking slowly over to Temari's side and sliding down for a seat, "I don't know what to say," he confessed.

"Here," Temari said as she gently handed over their son to him, "hold him."

Deidara gave a small gulp and carefully took him, holding him as if he were glass. But the most brilliant piece of glass in all over Suna. He could see that his son's eyes were opened, green just like his mother. His tiny hands were clenched, but immediately opened as he slowly moved his arms. Deidara could see the small slit in each palm of his son. A small tongue slipped out, licking out at the slit then slipped back in. He smiled as his son continued to stare at him with wonder, "You have your mother's eyes," he whispered as he stroked at his son's face. The red skinned baby soon began to frown and then let out a cry. Deidara looked up with surprise, "I don't understand, I just said that his eyes were like yours, Temari…yeah!"

Both the women laughed and Chacha handed the baby back to Temari, "He's probably hungry," she explained with a smile, "don't worry too much about it. I'm pretty sure that he likes you." Walking towards the door, Chacha and the medics soon left the two alone in the room.

Temari soon opened her tunic and gave the infant her breast. She smiled as she spoke soothing, comforting words to the infant as it fed. "So what have you decided to call him?" she asked, looking up at him.

"I still don't know," Deidara confessed out with a smile, "I just don't know what to call him." He let out three gentle fingers, stroking his son's soft red cheeks. Looking deeply into his son, Deidara could already see something in him. He began to recall his child, when he was only about five or so, he began to appreciate and become fascinated with the works of art. The beauty, the consuming time, the effort and of course, the wonderful result that followed it. Already, Deidara could see his old self within the child. But besides himself, he could also see that the traits of his wife would also intervene as well. The aggressiveness that she held, a much kinder heart, the will on not giving up and also, sincerity. Deidara sighed.

"Having some trouble?" Temari asked with a smile.

"I am…yeah." Deidara chuckled out, "He carries so much within him already, and it's hard."

Temari smiled once more, but gave out a yawn. Her eyelids were starting to feel quite heavy and she felt her head tilt a bit to the side. "I'm getting sleepy," she laughed out.

"Take your rest," he said as he adjusted the chair and leaned closer to her, "I'll watch over the both of you."

Temari smiled. With her baby suckling and her husband watching over her, Temari's mind soon eased and she fell into slumber.

Gaara sat in his office, with all the paperwork done there was nothing left to do. Leaning back in his chair, he was now wondering how his sister was doing. Had she already given birth? He did not know. Already she was in her nine months, but he continued to wonder how long it would be until his nephew would be ready to enter within their world. Looking up the ceiling, Gaara sighed. If indeed the baby would be ready to enter within the world, then that meant Deidara's time to live would be shortened. But yet, in his heart the Kazekage knew that such a thing was not right. To take away the father or mother of a child was not human, but the law of Suna was the law. As strong today as it was all those years before. Back to Shoudai Kazekage himself. This would be a very complicating matter.

A knock soon came to the door and Gaara looked up from his thoughts. "Enter."

The door opened, it was one of the Councilmen. "Kazekage Sama," he greeted honorably with a bow. Gaara waved a hand. "Kazekage Sama," the Councilman began, "Temari san had delivered her child today in the early noon."

"Really?" Gaara asked as he stood up from his chair, "Why was not informed? I should have been there to see her!"

The Councilman held up a hand, "Kazekage Sama, it is alright. Right now she is resting. But other than that…" he soon made his way closer to Gaara's study and sat down. "Kazekage Sama, you know what must be done here, right?"

Gaara looked down, "Yes," he replied.

"However Kazekage Sama," the Councilman continued, "the rest of the Council has decided that-!"

"Gaara?! Did you hear?! Temari has already given birth!!" Kankurou exclaimed as he bursted through the door along with Temari's assistant, Takada.

"Kazekage Sama, let us hurry and see him!!" Takada eagerly begged.

"Excuse me, Kankurou dono, Ichikawa Takada," the Councilman chastised as he looked at them. "This is a private meeting, please excuse yourselves. This is between the Kazekage and the Council."

Both Kankurou and Takada gave an apologetic bow and left the room. Shutting the door behind them as they left, Takada soon stuck her tongue out at the door. "I really hate these Councilmen!" she huffed out as she crossed her arms, "They always think that their stupid decisions and meetings stand above even a high classed Jounin, like you Kankurou Kun."

Kankurou chuckled as he placed a hand on her shoulder, "But you know the Council also help protect Suna, isn't that right?" He then cupped her chin and gently pulled her face to the side. She giggled as he held her close and joked about the old farts that sat around in the room.

"I don't understand though, Kankurou Kun," Takada began as they leaned against the wall, "why hadn't they sent for us? They know that Temari's delivery is something that we would never miss!"

"To the Council, the duties and responsibilities of a Shinobi come first." Kankurou reminded as he patted her head, "Of course you knew that, right?"

"Of course I did!" Takada exclaimed and Kankurou let out a laugh.

"Yeah right!"

"Oooh!! Kankurou kun!" Takada huffed out as she gave him tiny punches, "That's it! You have to take us out on another dinner tonight."

"But I already spent my money on the lunch cart today," Kankurou explained.

"Not on all those gut bombers, did you?" she asked with her arms crossed.

"They're addicting," Kankurou explained with a smile, "if you had one, you'd say the same thing, too!"

"Hmph, I eat nothing else except for the food I make from home."

"Hey, hey, how's about this then?" Kankurou offered, "How about we eat at your place then? I'll bring in whatever you need."

Takada gave a giggle as he took her hand, they soon kissed a bit and then she teasingly tapped his forehead, "Alright then, but you better eat it all."

"You know I always do," Kankurou smiled out. "All three dishes."

"This time, there'll be a forth, and after that…it's a walk around the sands for us!"

Deidara watched from the window as the late afternoon sun hovered over the sands of the village. The sight was simply beautiful, but still, it wasn't as lovely as his sleeping son and dear wife. Both had a well deserved long rest and were still napping. He smiled at their beauty and gave a sigh. If only he could live a much longer sentence, Deidara would love to see his son at his age right now, twenty one. Twenty one years…those would be years that he would never forget or trade away. But his sentence would only last for about three years. Deidara hung his head, three wasn't enough anymore. The perfect creation of his son now made a new desire burn within the artist, he wanted to live longer. He wanted to live to see his son become a shinobi. He wanted to see his son become a user of Geijutsu as well. But most of all, he wanted to grow along with his son.

Looking at Temari, Deidara thanked the very day that he had met her. Fate had become kind to them then and he didn't regret all that he had done with this lovely woman. He knew it was because of Temari he had managed to live this long. All the other members of the Akatsuki were dead, had it not been for her and his son, he would've wound up like the rest of them. Looking back up to the setting of the sun, Deidara was amazed that he had managed to still live without the detection of Pein, their radical leader. If Pein had found him, Deidara would fight to the death in order to keep what he still had. After all, Pein would've killed Temari and his son in order to bring Deidara back.

The door soon opened and Deidara looked up to see both Temari's brother Kankurou, and her assistant, Takada, enter in. "Hello, Deidara san!" Takada greeted as she held up a basket of fruit, "This is for both you and Temari. Be sure she eats some when she wakes, alright?"

"I'll be sure," Deidara spoke as he set the basket next to him, "where is the Kazekage?"

"Gaara? He's coming," Kankurou informed, "we just came ahead of him. He's still having that meeting along with one of the Councilmen." He walked over to his sister's side and smiled at the child that lay sleeping in her arms. A small tear trailed from his eye, but the Puppet Master was quick to wipe it away before anyone could see. "You're a lucky man, Deidara." Kankurou commented as he bent down the baby's height, "Your legacy is a fine one, indeed. No wonder you're an artist."

"I suppose," Deidara sighed out, "but of course, this is Temari's child as well. He carries her blood, as well as yours and the Kazekage's." Deidara smiled, 'Lucky man…yeah?' he thought to himself, 'I guess I am.'

Takada smiled as she leaned over to see the child, "Such a beautiful baby," she admired. She looked over at her sleeping superior and couldn't help but smile, "Temari san must've been sleeping for such a long time."

"She has," Deidara explained with a small smile, "I guess the delivery exhausted her. Maybe that's what's expected when you have kids…yeah?"

"I'm betting so," Takada smiled out as she elbowed Kankurou in the side, "after all, it isn't the easiest thing in the world for a woman."

Deidara gave a small chuckle but noticed his wife soon begin to stir. Temari's eyes slowly opened and she gave a small yawn, "Hmm?" she mumbled out as she rubbed her eye, "Kankurou? Takada? You both are here?"

"They came to see you," Deidara said as he gave her a kiss. Picking up a shiny apple from the basket, he held it up for her.

Temari bit into the apple and chewed on it lazily, "How long have you two been here?" she asked in between the bites.

"We just came," Kankurou explained as he gave his sister a tiny hug. "Gaara will be arriving here shortly."

"Congratulations, Temari san," Takada spoke with a smile. "So what is his name?"

"We still haven't decided," Temari giggled out, "it's all up to Deidara."

"Thought of anything?" Kankurou asked as he looked up at the artist.

"I haven't," Deidara confessed.

"I'm pretty sure you'll think up a cool name," Takada smiled, "and I'm pretty sure you'll think of a cool meaning to match up with it."

"I hope so…yeah." Deidara sighed out as he continued to hold the apple in front of Temari's mouth.

"I feel like a princess," Temari giggled out as she bit into the apple again, "he's feeding me and I don't have to do anything!"

Kankurou gave a smile but looked up as the door opened, revealing the Kazekage. Gaara. "Here he is," Kankurou informed as he gestured towards the sleeping infant in their sister's arms. "What do you think?"

Gaara was silence for words as he made his way to the baby. Kneeling down to the infant's height, the Kazekage could see that this child was too beautiful. A precious creature indeed. He looked up to his sister, "May I see him?" he asked. She gave a nod and a smile as she gently handed over the infant. Gaara carefully held up the baby, and gazed into its face. He yawned and the Kazekage smiled as he moved his arms. He could feel his heart melt within him; Gaara couldn't deliver the news to Temari or Deidara. He was too lost for words; he was too lost within their child. "What is his name?" he asked as he looked to them.

"Deidara hasn't thought of a name yet," Temari smiled out.

Gaara gave a small nod and noticed the small slits in the baby's palm. He immediately knew that this child would be the remaining Akatsuki's legacy, his most treasured creation. That this child was something that he would value high above anything else, next to his sister. But now, handing the child back to Temari, Gaara gave a sigh. "There…there is something I have to tell you," he began.

"Gaara…?" Temari wondered.

"Temari…Deidara…" Gaara paused. He struggled to keep his words as he spoke, "The Council has moved Deidara's sentence. That he would be executed after the birth of his son, they believed it was at least kind of them to allow the father to see the birth of his son." Gaara hung his head, "I am so sorry."

Temari felt heavy tears form in her eyes, "Ga-Gaara!" she cried out, "What are you saying? That Deidara must die, already?! Gaara, this is his son! Gaara, why didn't you try to stop them?" Tears were now running down her face rapidly, with her son in one strong arm and a hand in Deidara's, Temari could feel herself already being ripped to shreds at the news. A cry soon emerged from the baby's lips and Temari cried as well, "Hear that, Gaara? How could they allow such a thing?! They can't do this to him, they just can't!"

Gaara looked upon the crying infant, guilt and pain soon overwhelmed him and he felt his body go limp. "I tried, Temari. I tried. I…I just…" the cries of the baby soon echoed within the Kazekage's ears and he could feel himself become lost once more.

Deidara looked down at his now sobbing wife and crying son, "There, there, Temari. Don't cry." He soothed as he wiped away each tear with his thumb, "It'll be fine. You'll be alright…yeah?"

Temari looked up at him with wet eyes and pulled him in. "No it won't," she sobbed out, "You deserve every right to live! You have a child! You have been looking forward to this! Please, run away, just run away!"

Deidara gave a small smile as he stroked his wife's hair, "You know I can't do that, I'm too deep within the village. Even if I fought my way out, I wouldn't make it past the walls…yeah." He held her close, her hot tears soaking through his clothes.

Temari looked up at Gaara, "Does he have to go now?"

"I'm afraid so…" the Kazekage sighed out, "some of our Jounins are already waiting outside." Heading towards the door, Gaara gave a look to Deidara, "Let's go…"

Temari watched as Deidara gave his last kiss to both his wife and son. Giving a last wave to Takada and Kankurou, he soon made his way to the door. Stopping near Gaara, he then spoke, "Nanase."

"What?" Temari asked in a cracked voice. "What was that?"

"His name, I…just thought of it," Deidara confessed in a small smile, "it's a last minute thing, but I like it…yeah."

"Na...Nanase." Temari tried out.

"It's a splendid name," Takada commented.

"Nanase…" Gaara repeated as he looked over the infant. "Your son, Nanase."

"Yes," Temari finally spoke as she looked up at the two men at the door, "He's Deidara's son, Nanase." Tears trailed from her eyes as she spoke, "His most beautiful, one of a kind creation."

Another day
Without your smile
Another day just passes by
But now I know
How much it means
For you to stay
Right here with me

The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger
But it hurt so bad I can't take it any longer

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you
Sharing everything you do
I wanna grow old with you

A thousand miles between us now
It causes me to wonder how
Our love tonight remains so strong
It makes our risk right all along

The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger
But it hurt so bad I can't take it any longer

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you
Sharing everything you do
I wanna grow old with you

Things can come and go I know but
Baby I believe
Something's burning strong between us
Makes it clear to me

I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you
I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you
Sharing everything you do
I wanna grow old with you

"Kaachan! Kaachan!" the sandy haired boy exclaimed as he ran up to his mother, "Look at what I made!" Opening his hand and revealing his palm, a mouth opened and soon spat out a tiny scorpion. "Isn't it the greatest?" he asked as his emerald eyes shined, "What do you think of it?"

She laughed, "Nanase, of course it is. Why don't you place it up on the head stone?"

Placing it carefully on the Iwa insignia shaped head stone, the young boy then looked up to his mother, "Kaachan," he asked, "does anyone else recognize Touchan, yeah?"

Temari closed her eyes deeply and then opened it, "No, Nanase."

"Was he an artist, too?" the five year old asked as he read each engraved character. "It says so right here, can you see it?"

"Yes…I see it." Temari replied.

"The Art Prodigy: Deidara," Nanase read, "Born from Iwa Gakure. He was the first artist to create exploding artwork, what he had called, 'Living bombs.'" The boy stopped and scrolled down, "Hey Kaachan," he said as he continued to scroll, "How old was Touchan when he created art like mine?"

"Same as you," Temari said with a smile, "five."

"How old was Touchan when he created his bombs?" Nanase asked as he scooped up some sand into his palm, "was he five, too?"

"No, he was thirteen." Temari knelt down as she watched her son form the sand in his palm. A smile formed on her face.

"So who is this 'Sasori' that Touchan is buried next to?" Nanase asked as he continued to form the sand. "Only Touchan and him are buried far away from the other graves. Was he a renegade 'S' class, too?"

"Yes," Temari explained, "your father's danna, Akasuna No Sasori. The ultimate puppet master."

"More of a master than Kankurou no jichan?" Nanase asked.


Nanase looked at the two graves. His father's and his father's partner. Both renegade ninja, both legendary artists. "Kaachan," he began as he broke the pause, "I'm gonna be a Shinobi like Touchan. I'm gonna be a genius like him, too. Just you see, Kaachan! I'll make my bombs in two years, yeah!" With that, the boy finished up his work and immediately ran out into the desert.

Temari watched as her son began to scoop large amounts of sand into his palm, she smiled. Looking over to the newest creation, she then saw that her son created a small figure of herself next to the scorpion. "Deidara," she whispered as she gently fingered the engraving, "you still live on in him, don't you?"

A gentle wind soon caressed her, and she smiled. Yes, Deidara still lives on.

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