-1 Equipped For Battle


I felt the sting in my neck as he bit fiercely. Though it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. It felt like you were getting a blood test. He kept watching my face hoping that he didn't hurt me or do something we would both regret. Curiously, I looked into his mind and watched my transformation. I could see my eyes fogging into a sapphire-bluish color.

As soon as my eyes were done changing my I struck out and knocked Edward away. Jasper then came and held Edward down as I screamed in rage. A lightening from the sky struck me and I felt my body getting more power. As soon as it was done I laid there for a minute to let the effects of pain wear off and then got up.

"You can let him go now, Jasper." I said calmly. I then summoned more weapons and strapped them to me. "Time to kick Aro's ass." I grinned and led the way back to the fight. I now had vampire speed and hearing. What I didn't have was the blood thirst.

"Bella, are you okay?" Edward asked as we speed walked back to battle.

"I'm fine. Now split up and remember that Aro is mine." I replied and ran off to find the vampire that was causing me so much grief. On the way I met up with an enemy witch.

"Hello, Flora." I greeted as we struck each other with magic.

"Bella, I haven't seen you since you were a baby." She replied. "I used to nurse you while your blood traitor parents fought to protect you."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't remember? Let me help you." She said and forced her way into my mind. She showed me being fed by Flora and then tucked in my crib to sleep.

"I only remember you betraying my mother. You were her best friend, Why did you betray her?" I asked and stopped attacking.

"Because you're family betrayed what we worked so hard to put in place in the first place. The werewolves were perfect but you had to go an ensure a treaty with the Cullens." She screamed and fired at me, but I was one step ahead of her. I forced myself in her mind and saw that my father had an affair with her before he left her for my mother. Then still longing for him even when she took care of me. She could never look at me as her best friends child but saw me as the child she should have had if she wasn't attacked and left for dead by my father.

Seeing enough, I pulled out of her mind and let the realization hit me. How could Charlie do that to her. "I'm so sorry Flora. If this is why you came against us then please turn to our side and we will find everyone's point of views. Please Flora, I don't want to kill you." I pleaded.

Her face softened a little, then she shot at me hard and fierce sending me into a tree. "I should have been with Charlie, not her! She stole him from me, I will never forgive her!" She screamed, as she struck again. This time however, I was ready and blocked her attack. I sent a fireball at her that barely missed her by inches.


I was battling with a vampire and killed her as I saw Bella get smacked into a tree. I rushed to her side but there was no need, for Bella was perfectly okay. She attacked the enemy witch with a fireball that barely missed her.

Then came the thunder with no sound. It impacted the ground and sent shivers through my body. It was bone chilling and I never wanted to feel it again. Where did it come from, I wondered? Then I looked at Bella, a ton of white light came around her as she fought with full force. It was like a graceful dance in the spotlight.


I was surrounded by white light and felt my body grow stronger within it, as I shot at Flora.

"Flora, please!" I pleaded. "I promise that we will figure out why you were not chosen by Charlie."

"No! They left me for dead! My baby never got the chance to live! So now I'm going to kill you and when I'm done I'm going to find your abomination of a child and kill it." She screamed with rage.

Finally, I just struck at her and knocked her out. She would figure out the hard way because I too wanted to know what was going on and why.

"Jasper, come get Flora, the witch I just knocked out, and take her somewhere safe and tie her up really good." I ordered, as I walked to where Aro was fighting of one of my fellow witches.

"I'll take it from here Gizella." I told her and attacked him with a massive thunder bolt.

"Ah, Bella, you are so naïve." Aro laughed, "You honestly think you could take me?"

Instead of replying I gathered the energy from my enemies again and struck him with a huge fireball. He raced around the ball and stopped after he was behind it.

"So where's your son, Bella? I really would like to meet him." He laughed and struck me with his mind but didn't break through my barriors.

Suddenly, out of nowhere Edward and Jacob tackle Aro to the ground but were soon flung off and into trees where they both were knocked out or dead.

"EDWARD!!" I screamed. I ran to him and was hit all the way to where Alice was fighting fifty yards away. I was loosing consciousness fast. I noticed Aro standing right above me getting ready to capture or kill me. With this last thought I used the last bit of power I had left. "NOT MY SON!!" I screamed in a battle cry and hit him right in the chest with a massive fireball mixed with lightening. He caught fire immediately and was soon thrown off me and the everything went black.