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I've won.

It's as simple as that.

Do I feel remorse? No. This is the epitome of a lifetime of work, as a scientist-no, as a human being, I feel nothing but delight in what I have achieved.

What is it that I have accomplished? What reason have I for being so irrepressibly elated?

Why nothing less than the creation of a completely new being, the forced evolution of the human race as it were. A being who can strike at the gods themselves without fear or mercy, a being who has destroyed the barrier between the realm of thought and the dominion of power.

And it's all thanks to you my son.

Yes, despite being a spineless, ego-ravaged brat, you actually managed to fulfill your part of my little scheme. True, there were times in which things didn't go so smoothly, such as your rejection of my embrace, not to mention all the times you pretended that you didn't want the power I offered you. Who were you fooling? You know you wanted it, to feel the comfort that the mechanical womb of an entry plug provided, that's why you kept putting yourself in again and again, like some sort of warped Oedipal complex; feeling so good during the action, and denying the pleasure afterwards.

But fret not little one, I let you have your little German whore didn't I? Poor little thing, losing her mother at such a young age…and to think, I had a hand in it. I remember going over the designs with Kyoko, such an annoying woman, and she nearly ruined my plan as well when she tried to eject during the activation test…but it was too late wasn't it? The only part of her that was needed had already been pulled in, what was left was a mere husk, completely useless to everyone.

And don't fret over Rei, she's in my hands now, a mere source of energy for the grand being I have become. When I made her you were barely out of your diapers. As a microbiologist I was amazed at the great ease with which I created her and her duplicates with; the Lillith source instantly reacted to the DNA, and within minutes I had multiple fertilized eggs just floating in a tank, slowly developing. If only I could have seen your father's face when he followed the instructions I left him and he came upon the tank; especially after he found that I had named the creations after the name we had picked out for a daughter; that's probably what finally pushed him over the edge now that I think about it (to bad I'll never know; as it is, I'd have a better chance getting an answer out of a rock considering the condition he's in).

Well my child, I admit I was not the best of mothers, but I do want you to know that I greatly appreciate your resignation as Seoul, the gateway of the physical and spiritual, the most beautiful of the sephiroth, the one who decides the fate of mankind. Now I am the one in control, and I promise that I will boil those consciousnesses that remain until they are merged into one solid mass, the new body which I will place myself in control of, making me an immortal god that will that will rip this plane asunder.

Thank you my son, you fulfilled your purpose splendidly.

Author: EEEEE………….I don't feel so good about that. I probably should have elongated this story and thought it through. Oh well. I wrote this because I'm tired of reading fic after fic of Yui being a complete saint. I've watched the show, I've watched EOE a few times, I even read the second cannon, and I've come up with the theory that Yui may have played a bigger role in Second and Third impact than people give her credit for. Also, I think she created Rei and the clones, if I remember right…whoops, went on a speel. I might rewrite this (I can do better, I swear) as a long fic, and not a one hour challenge.