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Chapter1- Next to You

I can't seem to look the other way when I see the light up above gleam over his short, dark blonde hair, casting shadow over his face and giving him a mysterious look to him. The shadows can't hide what I already know is there: his soft cream skin with amazing hazel-green eyes and gorgeous full lips and if close enough little freckles along the bridge of his nose to his cheekbone.

What a man.

But I can't look at him like this because I already have a wonderful man waiting for me, well at least until we can figure out the cure for this virus that is in me. But may be, I can't get enough of that man smiling and nodding to a green, scaled lizard man as they talk about something I don't know what.

I am standing in the doorway of my office looking down at the resident of TC as they move about the broken street with ease and determination on their faces. Determine to do what it is they do on a daily basis. For me, I usually work. Work my ass off because I am the one leading my people to survive a world who don't want them here or want them dead and I can't let that happen. It's all good though, I'm not doing it alone. I have others helping me make this place livable until we're free to roam the world as equal beside killing machine everyone think and know we are. And that is a long wait coming. We just have to live each day one day at a time until that day come.

But right now it is different. I'm not working my ass off; I'm staring at a certain friend as he talks to his lizard friend down by Headquarters admiring his physique. I don't understand why I am doing it but I can't seem to look away. Lately, precisely after the siege at Jam Pony, Alec and I have been getting close. We're starting to get to know each a little better, getting to understand one another, and feeling comfortable in each other company. I'm guessing because he's the only person I can really talk to in our predicament. Me being without my usual friends and my "not like that" boyfriend and for him being without his usual company of lustful women and his lonely apartment with his favorite alcohol. To have his company is great since he's the only constant in my life to help aid our fellow transgenics. There is Joshua too but Alec is there always. Why I am admiring his body and thinking about him daily is beyond me but god he is gorgeous.

As if he knows I was looking at him he turns his head in my direction. Feeling a little embarrass at getting caught I quickly turn around and head further in my office, taking a seat behind my desk. Shortly, after a minute has pass I can hear him taking the stairs to our neighboring office only to stand in my unoccupied spot in the doorway. He uses the door frame to support his weight as he leans against it and crosses his arms with a smile. I ignore him all the same knowing he was looking at me and knowing that if I look up I'll stare. His approaching now, foot steps cause me to take in a nervous breath and let it out slowly when he stops at the other side of my desk.

"Working hard there Maxie?"

"Yep, more then what I can say about you," I said finally getting the courage to look from the papers in front of me to see Alec looking at me with his cocky smile.

"I do my fair share of work Max being I am your SIC."

"Well can you be a second hand and help me finish organizing these papers for the meeting we're having in two hours."

"Why what's it about," he asked moving to stand next to me.

He leans on my desk to get a look at the papers lying on my desk. In the midst of his observing I get a whiff of his nature smell. The smell of ivory soap and shampoo along with the smell of purely Alec, masculine and musk, all roll into one. He was talking but I wasn't listening just lost at the sight and smell of him in front of me.

"Max are you listening," he asked turning his head to look at me.


"Is this meeting about the heist you're setting up for tomorrow night?"

"Yes," I answer quickly. Hoping he didn't notice me smelling his scent but that was all forgotten when our faces were only mere inches apart, breathing in each other air.

"Oh," was all he said as we continue to stare. Those eyes are so beautiful.

With rapid blinking and the turning of his head we broke contact. I could sense he felt uncomfortable and I felt embarrasses because of it. He leans off the desk to move to the door, leaving without a second glance behind. I put my face to my hands, berating myself for what I was doing. What is happening to me? A knock at my door tore me away from my censure state to look up at the waiting Alec.


"I was thinking after the meeting if you're not busy, you want to hang over my place tonight for a movie or something," he bits his lower lip.

"Uhm…sure. I need a little break from work anyway."

A smile spread across his face making him look younger.

"Good cause all work and no play make Maxie a dull girl."

"Get out of here Alec, I'll see you tonight."

"See ya Max."

With that said he left leaving me once again with my papers and thoughts.


I don't know why I'm nervous. We're just sitting on his sofa watching a pre-pulse movie eating popcorn. Like what we always do when we're over each other's apartment, hanging out. But I guess it have to do with the proximity between us. Nothing but an inch of space between us and the intoxicating smell that is Alec… it's everywhere. It make me think about earlier today, the feeling, the thoughts, everything rush back to me just being here. I cast a side glance toward him as he watches the movie. The way his mouth moves while chewing on popcorn makes me think how they would feel on me. And that thought right there made me have second thoughts on being here, alone with Alec. I shouldn't be here.

I hope I don't make you mad, with what I'm 'bout to say, boy
Here we are once again, and I'm havin second thoughts, boy
I'm not messin' with your head, but I changed my mind, boy
I don't know why I'm here, the same time I want you near

With these thoughts I need to leave. I mean why I am having them and about Alec no doubt. I should be having these thoughts about Logan not Alec. But Logan isn't here and approximately three months ago I told Logan Alec and I are together. Despite me telling we're together only to protect him from me and my lingering adversaries.

"I have to go," I said standing up moving to the door. Only to stop and turn back around to look at the confuse look on Alec face. He looks so cute looking like that. I don't want to hurt his feeling by leaving on our night of fun just because I can't handle a little tension thought.

"What," he finally said.

"I have to go." Right now I'm just pacing between the door and his sofa.

If you want me to leave, I will understand
See I will just have to respect your wishes boy
'Cause if I stay ain't no tellin' what may happened boy
Although you look so good to me, it's best that I leave

"Why Max," he asks with concern in his voice.

And I stop and look at him. Those hazel-green eyes, reflecting more green, looking at me for an answer but I was lost in them.

I'm scared of being next to you, because of what I think I might do
Boy you're turnin' me on right now, I can't get down like that right now
I don't want to disturb the flow, but this is not my M.O.,
Hold up, wait a minute, we're movin' too fast
I want somethin' like this here to last.

"I don't want you to leave Max, stay with me."

And I knew right there that I couldn't leave.

Well I guess I'll stay for a minute, then I have to go boy
This moment is so temptin', right now it's not what I want boy
Maybe if we just embrace, with a simple kiss boy
But that'll only make things worse, hope I'm not gettin' on your nerves boy

I sat down on the sofa, this time close to the other side of the sofa, away from him. He had the popcorn between us now and that help some but my thoughts. My hands in his hair, down his neck to his chest and back up again. I just have to focus on the movie that's all. Think about Logan.

"Max you're not eating any popcorn."

Damn it Alec why you have to speak.

"…do I have to eat them all by my self?"

I look over to him and he just looks at me with a smile that cocky smile on his face. Why he have to smile.

I just wanted to be right for the both of us
You don't have to say a thing to make me comfortable
Boy, you make me so weak when you look at me
Right now I'm a little confused, I think it's best that I refuse

He put another puffy kernel in his mouth. I watch another one go to his mouth and disappear in slow motion. A little crystal of salt stuck on his bottom lip and I wish I was that salt. Wish I can touch those lips of his. What is stopping me? I slowly lift my right hand to his face, keeping my eyes on his lips. His jaw stopped its movement and he swallowed hard. My hands finally reach its destination and cup his chin while my thumb brushes his bottom lip. They parted when my thumb reach his top lip.

"Max what are you doing," he ask under my teasing thumb to his lips.

"Removing salt"

And that's when I look up into his eyes looking at my lips.

I'm scared of being next to you, because of what I think I might do
Boy you're turnin' me on right now, I can't get down like that right now
I don't want to disturb the flow, but this is not my M.O.,
Hold up, wait a minute, we're movin' too fast
I want somethin' like this here to last.

It was like a pull or something he has on me. My body begins to move on its own and I was crawling toward him, dumping the bowl of popcorn on the floor in the process. When I finally reach him, I sat onto his lap with both of my knees on the side of his legs, straddling him as my other hand reaches his face. Our eyes stare at each other and every now and then he would glance at my mouth.

Supposed to be playin' cards, or watchin' a movie
But we keep lockin' eyes boy, now why are you tryin' to tease me?

Our breathing became but a struggle as we inch closer to each other. I could feel his hands on my lower back moving upwards until they were even with my shoulder blades. Heat followed his hands movement and I could feel the heat spreading all around us. I really shouldn't be doing this but I can't stop. His hands made their way to my face and I knew I couldn't take it anymore.

This room is gettin' heated, won't you open up a window?
I think that I should go now, 'cause I can't take this no more

Our lips collided in one forward movement and I gasp at the contact. Both of our eyes were close and we relinquish in the embrace of each other hands and mouth together. I must be in heat I have to be, because I shouldn't be doing this. Here, with Alec. I'm suppose to be doing this with Logan in his penthouse or where he now resident at Joshua's. The kiss intensified when he moves his hands to my hair and pushes my head forward to deepen the kiss. Am I in heat?

"No Max you're not," Alec said moving away from my lips to send butterfly kisses along my jaw and neck.

I'm scared of being next to you, because of what I think I might do
Boy you're turnin' me on right now, I can't get down like that right now
I don't want to disturb the flow, but this is not my M.O.,
Hold up, wait a minute, we're movin' too fast
I want somethin' like this here to last.

I didn't know I said it out loud until he answered. If it's not heat then what is it? Why am I acting like this towards him, feeling this way? I have to leave, now, before it goes too far.

"I have to go. I have to leave."

"Why Max," he asked still kissing my neck.

Because I don't know what this is.

"I have to go." And with all the strength I could muster, I pull away from Alec. I look him up and down: at his dishevel clothes, his swollen lips, ruffle mane, and his flush cheeks. He eyed me as well. Silence engulfs us except for our labored breathing, in which we're trying to ease. He looks away from me and I knew he was upset. I was upset too, for letting this happen and in a way, regretting it. I was actually cheating on Logan with Alec and it makes me feel… well I don't know what I'm feeling now, but its wrong it has to be. The silence was broken by Alec.

"Max, I don't understand why…"

"I'm really sorry Alec but I have to go."

I could see the confuse and hurt look evident on his face and it makes me want to wipe that look clean away. Embrace him to make it all better. But I'm not sure touching him would be good right now. I don't know what I'll do if I get near him again. I have to go. I barely got to the door when Alec had got up from the sofa to stop me.

"Max wait, could we at least talk about this?"

"I sorry Alec but there's nothing to talk about. It was an accident, I didn't mean for it to happen."

He chuckle a little, "An accident, Max I doubt what just happen was an accident."

I didn't say anything, I couldn't, but it was my only excuse right now for what just happen. I can't blame him, I won't but I can't deny what happen is going to make things a little different between us. Also what I have for Logan is still in me and I can't hurt Logan even more if I should act on this. I blame my self for this. For my comfort with Alec and how we grew closer in the last couple of months. That is why I have to leave.

I'm scared of being next to you, because of what I think I might do
Boy you're turnin' me on right now, I can't get down like that right now
I don't want to disturb the flow, but this is not my M.O.,
Hold up, wait a minute, we're movin' too fast
I want somethin' like this here to last

"It's Logan isn't? You're leaving because of Logan."

And how could I answer something so true. It's not the only reason why I'm leaving but its part of the reason why I can't stay in this room with him. Looking up at him, I could tell it was hurting him.

"I'm sorry Alec," and I left.

Of course part of why I am leaving is because of Logan but the other reason is because of this new feeling I am feeling toward Alec. Being next to him is becoming a problem.

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