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I tried desperately to pay attention to the meeting but my dream kept interfering. For two days Max been avoiding me, I guess because what happen between us, but now she can't avoid me, she's here. Being that I'm SIC and she's CO we can't miss an important meeting but right now I wish I could. With Max in the room my dreams haunt me and I can't shake it out of me. I can't look at her I'll stare but if I don't look at her my dreams will play its torture images.

I'm looking at her walking towards me, swaying her hips and running her hands through her hair.

Your lips, your smile, your tenderness
The way you walk, i can't resist your style

I lay down on my bed with my eyes close and fall asleep

When I sleep at night, I dream of you
I wake up wet, thinking of you

It's like that night Max woke something up inside me. Her touches and kisses were driving me crazy but also I felt as though something else was there. I would have found out what but Max pulled away and it was like my heart stopped. It felt as if my body went through a withdrawal with Max being the drug and I needed her there, touching me… kissing me and telling me what was this feeling I was feeling. But I knew why she had to move away, why she stopped…she was thinking about Logan. Her "not-like-that-boyfriend" which she used me to push him away because she felt he'd be safe that way. Supposedly we have a "thing." How much I wish that was true.

How can a man like me
Convince a girl like you
To be his lover and one and only

At the beginning Max view me as the screw up, the arrogant selfish bastard with her dead brother's face and would blame me for all her problems.

How can I make you see
That I'm the one for you
And nobody does it like me

But until that day I got arrested, she rescued me, and told me what happen to Ben at her apartment… everything changed. Even with my tough time dealing with Rachel, something changed between us. We became close, more open with each other and comfortable. And what happen that night at my apartment had to mean something, right?

Hey pretty girl
Can I be your man tonight
Hey pretty mama
Can I sleep with you tonight

I mean this dream and what happen two days ago had to mean something?

Yo pretty girl, when you come to my room tonight
I'll make you come through the night

Finally the meeting was over and I couldn't be any happier. Maybe Max avoiding me is a good thing or is it me who am avoiding her. I look behind me where Max just walked out the room and she stopped when she saw me looking at her. With a weak smile she turned and headed into headquarters.

Nope, definitely Max doing the avoiding. I walk up the stairs to my office and close the door behind me. I don't know what to do or think without Max being there. I can't stop thinking about her or seeing her crawl onto my lap and kissing me oh so right and… I need a drink. A knock on my door startled me and in walks my friend, Biggs. In a way I was glad he came, maybe he can help get rid of these thoughts of Max but also I was kind of disappointed. I almost wish it was Max walking through my door.

"What is happening to me," I bellowed laying my head on my desk.

"What's up with you?"

"Max is what's up with me and she's driving me crazy."

"What did you do now?"

"Nothing, Bigg I did nothing. This time it was Max who made the first move while I just sat there watching a movie."

"Whoa, wait a minute, I'm lost here. Max made the first move, the first move of what," he said sitting down in the chair across from me with a smile on his face.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes. "She kissed me two days ago when we were watching a movie at my apartment."

The smile on his face grew with gasping joy at what I said. He knew for a while now that I liked Max and he thought it was cool that I like the feisty yet caring raven hair beauty that is Max. He's been telling me that I should do something about it but I couldn't. Not when she's still in love with Logan. I'm not a guy to steal another man's woman but to Logan that was what I did. I stole Max right from under his nose.

"Isn't this what you wanted, Max kissing you and making sweet love to you," he said wiggling his eyebrows.

"She just kissed me and don't get me started on the making love part."

"What… why?"

"That's where the whole driving me crazy part come in. Since that night I have been having these dreams about Max and me and we're…"

"Doing the deed? I say go for it man she obviously wants you."

"No she doesn't," I stood from my seat and over to the window. "She still in love with Logan," I said emphasizing his name.

"Then I don't understand why did she kiss you?"

"My point exactly, I don't know why she kissed me either. I was hoping we could talk but she's been avoiding me for the last two days. I don't think she wants to talk about what happen."

"Well have you tried going up to her and talking to her yourself?"


"Well there you go, go talk to her man. Maybe nip this thing in the butt so you guys could move on to bigger and better things," he wiggles his eyebrows again.

"If I ever get the chance to talk to her. She'll probably run away if I ever step within ten feet of her."

"So trap her, she can't run if you trap her into a corner."

"Yeah… right."

"Hey it's just a thought. Anyway I should go, let you figure out how to tame your runaway girlfriend. See you later."

"Okay, bye Biggs."


Once Biggs left I was once again left with my thoughts. It was pointless. Talking to Max, trapping her in a corner, how do I do that? How did Biggs do it when he got CeCe to fall for him? Did he tame and trap her to talk to him? CeCe is a strong independent person, how did she fall for the care-free infamous Biggs? He must know what he is talking about if they are together. But what am I talking about; this is me we're talking about. I've been with lots of women. I think I can handle Max. Yeah but can you handle yourself, a voice said to him.

"I really need a drink."


I know what's wrong with me; it's the lack of sex I'm getting. I'm not with a woman intimately like I use to before the whole siege thing. I'm trap inside these gates of Terminal City, SIC of a bunch transgenics. But what's stopping me from having a little fun of my own. There's some attractive women here I'm sure are willing to spend sometime with me. I mean there not a lot out tonight hanging around the bar here but there got to be some sex-willing females around.

What about you being Max's main squeeze to keep Logan away, the same voice said to me.

Crap I forgot about that. Most of the people here already think Max and me are a real couple. Well there go my chance of a fun night. I could always…no, no you came here tonight to not think about Max so scratch that from your mind mister. I should go home, get some sleep, if I can. That if my dreams will let me.

Walking out of the bar I head for home. On my way there, I spot Max just leaving her office heading in my direction. I hide behind a shadow in the corner of the building and watch Max pass me. She had her head down and arms folded over her chest when she passed me. She looks almost like she's upset or something and it makes me wonder why. Could it be me or something else? Just as she pass her scent caught in the air cross my path, invading my senses. The essence that was Max was so strong it felt as if it was touching me and pulling me toward her. But I stood firm where I stood and watch her go. The touch was still there and it was taking me where I didn't want to go right now, to my dream.

Your legs around my waist so tight
I'll slide down south to taste you right
It tastes so good to me, oh baby

It hit me hard and there was no way for me to stop it from appearing. Why Max? I've been with women before and kiss them before but I never felt and long for them like with Max. Could it be that she's a transgenic like me? It would explain the different feeling I'm feeling toward her since other women I've been with were ordinary.

You want what you can't have.

And that's a fact. Max is with Logan. I want her because I never had her. I want her because she is taken because she's different then anyone I've met before. She have this uniqueness to her that is just Max and she doesn't care how she shows it. Through her smile, her tears, her laugher, her anger, she's different. And I want that…but I can't have that. It's only reserve for Logan.

How does a man like me
Seduce a girl like you
How can I make you my one and only
How can I make you scream
There's no one else for you
'cause nobody does it like me

I watch her go upstairs to her apartment and disappear behind the door. This could be my chance to talk to her. Take Biggs advice and corner her. I mean I'll have her trap in her own apartment. The only exit would be the front door. But am I willing to stroll in there and demand her to talk to me about what happened at my apartment. She'll probably whip my ass for sure if I do that. Maybe I can work the conversation in there when I get inside. She did look a little upset just now maybe I could start off there and then drop the bomb on her. Yeah, very polite Alec. It's the only thing I have right now.

With a calming breath I make my way upstairs to her apartment. After I knock I waited for her to open the door. Once she did I was caught in her flawless beauty. It's like I haven't seen her in a long time, which is strange since I just saw her, and my heart quicken at the sight.

Hey pretty girl
Can I be your man tonight
Hey pretty mama
Can I sleep with you tonight

Dimmed light shining from the room making her look angelic-like and showing off her brown soft skin. Her long dark hair fall evenly on her shoulders and those eyes…

"Alec what do you want," she asks breaking my concentration.

"I came here to talk to you."

"Well, it's really isn't the right time right now. I was…"

"It never a good time with you Max," I strain trying to calm my voice down from the anger building up. "You've been avoiding me for two days and I just need to talk to you okay."

It wasn't what I planned but you're plans change when you're around Max.

"Okay fine come in. I sort of need to talk to you too."

I walk in and I notice two bags sitting on the floor next to her bed room door. I frown, confuse by this when I turn to face Max who had her head down and fiddle with her fingers.

"Max are you leaving," I ask her.

"I'm just leaving for a week…with Logan."

And my heart stopped. She's leaving for a week. A week where I won't be able to see her, talk to her, or touch her. Wait did she say with Logan?

"With Logan, wait what about the virus?"

"Yeah about that, Logan called earlier, he found a cure. He wants to spend a week together in one of his cabin in Oregon."

"What about what you told him about…about us?"

"I told him the truth, that there wasn't…an us."

And it's like my lungs collapsed. I couldn't breath. That was the truth, there wasn't an us but it hurt all the same. The kiss we shared, the passionate kiss in my apartment we shared didn't mean anything to her. Then what was it?

"He's going to send me the cure tomorrow and on Monday we're leaving. I was wondering how he found it but he said not to worry about it, he'll tell me when we get to his cabin. I…"

I ignore her babbling. Something happen that night and I want to know what. Obviously it affects me and she was the one who kissed me. Why isn't she affected? Unless she is and don't won't to admit it. I look up at her. She was still talking about Logan and the miracle cure he found. She still won't look at me. I'm going to have to make her. And with that thought I interrupt her talking by pushing her against the wall. She was caught off guard by my attack and she looks me straight in the eyes. Confuse and curious by my reaction.

There's a candle that's burning in my heart tonight
And the flame is full of my desire

She struggle but my body immobilize her against the wall. My hands move up her arm to her shoulder until they were on both her cheeks. She still and her eyes bore into mine. Searching for why I am doing this. My thumbs move so gently over her top and bottom lips and she looks directly at mine. So much I want to do-show my desire for her right now but I just let my dream and thoughts converse in my head what I want.

And I can't help but desire you in my bed tonight
And I'll touch you in the places
Where no one's been before
And I'll kiss you in the places
Where men sometimes ignore
And I'll take you to a level
You've never felt before
And though you won't understand it
You'll cry and ask for more

So I gave her what she gave me that night in my apartment. I kiss her passionately with want and need and whatever this other feeling was inside me.

Hey pretty girl
Can I be your man tonight
Hey pretty mama
Can I sleep with you tonight

Dream, reality all runs through me at this very moment. I want this and by the way Max is responding she want this too. Her hands came to the back of my neck and she pulls me down to deepen the kiss. My arms circle around her waist pulling her closer to me, not wanting to let her go. It feels so right, this feeling and with Max that I don't want to stop but what Max told me about Logan and the cure did. Slowing the kiss down, I slowly pull away. She touches her swollen lips and looks at me. I was mad but hurt also.

She is looking at me now with hurt and confusion but then regret slowly came up. How can she regret it when she kissed me back?

"Alec, I can't…."

I stopped her. I know what she is about to say and I can't, I won't hear it. I already know what she's about to say.

"Max you don't have to say it, I know. I just don't know what this is between us, what this all mean?"

"I don't know either Alec but I can't do it. We can't do this any more."

And there it goes. My heart stops and breaks. I can't look at her now it hurt so badly. She admits that there is something between us but she won't let it go any further because of Logan.

"I'm with Logan now."

I can't let her know this hurt me so I put on a soldier front and heads for the door. I could feel her eyes still on me as I open the door.

"Alec, are we okay," she asks.

I turn my head towards her but I don't look at her.

"I'm not going to lie Max, we're not okay. Probably one day we will be but, I don't know."

And I left. I didn't want to see the hurt in her eyes. It hurt me more to see her that way. I don't know what I'll do the next time I'll see her. I know this feeling towards her probably won't go away but I know the hurt will still be there. Knowing she's with another man then with me. It hurts…it hurts worst than anything.

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