Chapter one: My happy ending

Alec was finally getting drunk, that's a good thing considering he'd been trying to do that for the past 12 hours. Since his last conversation with Logan. He could still hear him, and it made his stomach flip inside out.

He thought about how he should have left after Manticore burnt down, but no he'd stuck around like the idiot that she thought he was. "She'll need a hand with all the transgenic out there." he'd said as his decision making argument with him self.

Then after that he'd secretly fallen for her, not that it was really a huge secret if you'd took a few seconds to really look you'd have seen it. So he stayed for that after all the yelling's and beatings he let her give him. However, Logan knew Logan knew how Alec felt about her and now here he was 12 hours or so ago asking me to do something... god he couldn't bring himself to say it.

Max hadn't said anything after the doctor announced how to fix the virus. She just stared at Alec for the longest time. For the first time since he'd known Max, Alec didn't know what that look was. "I've got to go." were her only words before she turned and walked out leaving Logan and Alec staring at the floor, ceiling, and hell even the wall looked more interested then the two men actually making eye contact.

Logan walked out after her a few minutes later, leaving Alec with the doctor. "Are you positive about this? I mean can't we do it some other way? How about I give her my blood?" Alec questioned hopeful, but the doctor simply shrugged his head no in an apologetic manner.

Alec left after that and made his way back to terminal city, to his office at headquarters. "If anyone asks I'm not here." Alec barked to Mole. If he could count on someone to do as he said without question, it was Mole. The lizard man just nodded at him and turned his attention back to some paperwork.


"I'm sorry Alec I was downstairs and didn't see him come up." Mole stormed into his office following Logan about to grab him.

"It's alright; close the door on your way out." Alec didn't turn his chair to look at them. He continued to stare out the window of his office sipping on his whiskey.

"Alec, I can't begin..." Logan started but was cut off.

"Is it what she wants?" Alec simply questioned taking another long sip when he heard the answer.

"She says that she thinks so." Logan replied sitting on the sofa near the door. He felt sorry for Alec, he felt disgusted for him too. He knew his feelings towards Max, and this would if it wasn't already hurting him in the long run.

"Fine." was all Alec could muster up to say. He would have liked to tell him to get out of his office and to go to hell and to bring that bitch with him, but he couldn't.

"Alec, I'm sorry. I told her to never mind that we'd find some other way." Logan started, but stopped when Alec finally turned to him. Fear and sadness overtook Logan, never had he seen someone look the way Alec looked at that moment.

"Find another way. I have to fuck her and get her pregnant. How do you find another way to do that? GET OUT!!!" Alec started yelling and throwing anything he could get his hands on, except for his whiskey. He knew he'd need that if he wanted to survive the night."

Finally, Alec drank enough to pass out. Without him ever realizing it, Mole had found him and taken him back to his apartment ordering everyone to stay away from him. "No one is to disturb him." Mole had ordered while everyone was in the mess hall chowing down.

Most of Alec and Max's friends knew the reason for Alec's breakdown, therefore they did damage control and started telling people that he'd been injured during a mission and was now recuperating. That satisfied everyone as to why their leader was a no show for a few days.

When Alec finally woke up the next day, he stayed at his apartment until he made his call. "It's tonight or never, whenever you're ready." Alec said into the phone without letting whoever answered give him a reply. He started drinking again. There was no way in hell he'd be sober doing the one thing he thought he'd love to do tonight.

Two hours later he was standing at the counter in his kitchen when Max walked in. He didn't turn around as he drank his glass. She stood there not too far behind him staring, wondering and even scared. "Alec, would you please talk to me?" Max questioned slightly above a whisper. Alec continued to drink without answering her, she could see how tense he was by the way his back alone was twitching. "I'm sorry..." Max started to say but never finished.

Hearing her start that sentence threw Alec over the edge. Sorry, my fuckin' ass she's sorry. Alec thought to himself. He threw his glass against the wall and turned to her. Taking the few steps that separated them he grabbed her and started kissing her and pushing her towards his room. I never thought I could hate you my sweet Maxie Alec never stopped kissing her incase he'd lose the will to go on.

Stopping once he reached a wall, he turned and pushed her against the wall. He grabbed the top of her shirt and yanked it off of her and did the same with her bra. "Do you have any idea what you do to me Maxie?" He questioned before running his tongue over her bare shoulder and up her neck as his hands found her breasts. Max gasped as she tilted her head back to give Alec more access. She could feel his hardness press against her back and knew that this was going to be rough.

Finding her zipper, he untied her pants and pushed them down within seconds. Max turned her head and Alec kissed her hard. It was all lips, teeth and tongue. He finally broke the kiss and turned her around. She helped him strip him of his clothes. He pushed her back against the wall as he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Alec attacked her neck with little bites and kisses while his hands found her breasts and began to fondle her nipples. How Alec made it to his bed was a miracle, but once he arrived, he tossed her onto the bed and climbed on top over her.

Max screamed out as she felt him enter her. She bit her lip as she felt him fill her completely. She threw her head back and started moaning as he started to move within her. Max felt tight around him her inner walls contracting every time he pushed himself deep inside of her. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as he started nibbling on her neck. "Oh, god, faster, harder." she gasped as Alec thrust himself inside her repeatedly going deeper with every thrust.

He sunk his teeth into her shoulder and heard her scream, but he knew that it wasn't out of pain but pure undiluted pleasure. He licked the blood of her shoulder and attacked her lips once again.

With a few final thrusts, Alec sent them both over the edge. "ALEC!!!" Max yelled as blinding passion and sweet bliss over came her. After their climaxes had subsided, they both collapsed into the mattress sweat pouring down their bodies and both breathing hard.

There was nothing more that Alec would have wanted to do then to pull her to him and spoon with her until they both fell asleep. Finding the last of his strength, he got up out of bed and put his jeans and a shirt back on. He headed towards his bedroom door. "You can let yourself out." Alec said in a neutral tone as he put his shoes on and grabbed his coat that was hanging on the door handle and walked out of his own home.

You were all the things I thought I knew

And I thought that we could be

You were everything, everything that I wanted

We were meant to be, suppose to be, but we lost it

All the memory so close to me just fades away

All this time you were pretending

So much for my happy ending.