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Chapter One

All she could do was to keep running, running for her life. There was no place should could go or no one who could help her, of so she thought.

She stopped to rest and try to catch her breathe, when she heard a voice behind her and she stopped and froze afraid it was him the one who caused all her pain.

He was watching her as she tried to find a place to hide and not knowing where to go. He came out of the shadows and stood there waiting for her to say something, anything yet she said nothing at all.

"Who are you running from" the man asked her?

Still she was afraid to say anything in case he was working for him. Then the man came closer and she saw who it was and she fell to the ground and started crying, crying so hard that it nearly broke the man's heart.

He bent down and helped her to her feet and he held her in his arms and softly said "it's alright now, you're going to be safe."

The man picked her up and carried her to his carriage and took her to his home. Carefully he carried her inside, not to wake her, he told his servant to prepare the spare bed and he carried her inside the room and placed her on the bed and covered her with a blanket and softly closed the door.

"No one is to know she is here, do you all understand?" All of them loved this man and they all swore to tell no one.

The next morning word on the street was that a woman escaped from a mental hospital in the next town and they were looking for her. If anyone has seen her there was a reward for her safe return.

Marik Istar of the Istar family a very well known and wealthy family was sitting in his chair drinking tea when the door opened and she walked out.

"How are you feeling?" he asked her.

She looked around like a scared rabbit expecting at anytime to be caught and taken back to where ever she had ran away from. Mai was a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair and creamy skin, but right now she looked like she could use a bath and some new cloths to wear.

Marik smiled at her and said "would you like a bath and something to eat?"

"Why are you helping me? Mai asked him, don't you know that they are looking for me and when they find me well let's just say that I might as well kill myself now rather then to be taken back to that hell hole."

"No one knows or will they ever know that you are here" he old her.

Mai stood there looking at the man who saved her life and wondered what he wasn't tell her. "A bath would be nice and I'm a little hungry" she said.

Marik motioned to Sarah and said "take her and see that she has a bath and then get her something to eat please."

Sarah nodded that she understood and she showed Mai the way to go. Mai started to cry as she sat in the bath water, knowing that this was the first kind thing anyone had ever done for her and she felt a hand touch her shoulder and she opened her eyes and there stood Sarah.

"What's wrong miss?" Sarah asked her.

Mai closed her eyes and then she said "why is he being so kind to me, a stranger he doesn't know a thing about?"

Sarah smiled and said "Master Marik is like that, he is kind to all of us whom work for him she said, we aren't his slaves rather we stay with him because he has taken each and everyone of us into his house and shown us kindness and so we stay and help him."

Mai smiled at her and said "I've never known anyone like him before." She got out of the tub and Sarah helped her to dry off and she gave Mai a dress and shoes to put on and then showed her to the kitchen where another woman gave her something to eat.

At first Mai was afraid to touch any of the food till Sarah smiled at her and said "it's alright go ahead it's yours."

As she ate the delicious food and drank the sweet milk tears fell down her face and Sarah knew that this young lady had been to hell and back and she was going to make sure that she knew that the Devil wasn't ever going to get her back.

In the other part of the house there was a knock at the door and Samuel answered it and he found a man who was dressed to the hilt and he was asked to see Master Istar.

"I'll let the Master know Samuel know, please wait here" he told the man.

Joshua was polishing the banister and watching the man to make sure that he didn't go anywhere else. "Hey, you boy the man said I'm thirsty get me something to drink" he ordered Joshua.

Then the man heard a strong voice coming from the next room. "He isn't your servant nor is he mine" Master Istar's voice said. Marik didn't know why but he instantly hated the man standing by the door acting like he was Lord and Master of the entire World.

"Master Istar, the man said I didn't mean to say anything wrong but where I come from anyone working in another man's home is usually their servant."

Marik walked over to the man and shook his hand and regretted instantly, because there was something different about this man, he felt like he was pure evil reincarnated.

"What can I do for you, what did you say your name was sir?" Marik asked.

The man's smile was even evil and he said "my name is Keith and I am here because I run the Mental Hospital in the next town and we've had a break out and I am personally looking for the young lady who got out."

Joshua brought a glass of water for Keith and he didn't even thank him for it and that irked Marik and he said "are you also rude to people?"

Keith then said "thank you for the water" and it sounded as if it killed him to say it.

Marik told Keith "there isn't any wild woman in my house and if you think so then get a warrant and have my house searched, but I swear if anyone of my family is harassed then there will be hell to pay."

Keith wasn't going to let this man know but he was scared of him and his reputation and so he said "thank you for the water and I will be on my way, and no one in this house will be harassed for any reason" and then he left.

Marik knew that the young lady couldn't stay here forever so he was going to have to make arrangements for her to be taken to his brothers place in Japan and he would take her personally and all the rest of his family and the home would be shut down till his return.

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