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Chapter Five

As the things were loaded onto wagons for the trip to the Istar Estate, Marik looked at his family and was proud of each and everyone of them. He was kind of sad too, because he didn't know if they would stay with him or begin a life somewhere else.

As he stood there waiting for the last of the things to be loaded, Joshua approached him and said "Master Marik is it alright with you if we stay together as your family?"

Marik had tears in his eyes as he said "Joshua that would be alright with me" and the two men hugged each other.

Seto could only smile as he watched each and everyone of them give Marik a hug and then they all piled into the wagons and they were on their way.

Ishizu, Odeon and Malik were waiting for their brother and when the wagons came into view the three of them were so excited to see their brother again.

As the wagons came to a hault and Marik got off the wagon and the four of them hugged and kissed each other. Ishizu turned and welcomed everyone to their new home.

On the Estate there were several buildings that were like smaller homes and each one of Marik's family was given one of them to live in. Samuel helped Mai down and Marik asked them to come over and meet his siblings.

Malik approached them and Mai was afraid at first because she didn't know who they were and Samuel had her stand behind him.

Ishizu knew that something terrible must have happened to this young woman and called to Malik "help the others get the wagons unloaded please and she looked at Odeon who also noticed how afraid the woman was and he too helped.

Ishizu walked over to Samuel and Mai and Marik came over and he said "Ishizu may I introduce Samuel and his bride to be Mai."

Ishizu smiled at them and Mai instantly liked this woman. "Let's go get something to drink" Ishizu said and Samuel kissed Mai and left the two woman and went to help unload the wagons.

Ishizu showed Mai the house and they sat down and a little old lady brought them some tea to drink. "Thank you Tria" Ishizu said and the woman smiled and left them.

For some reason Mai felt compelled to tell Ishizu everything that had happened and why she was with Marik and his family. When she was done, Ishizu was almost in tears and damn mad at the same time.

"Some men shouldn't be allowed to walk the same streets with good people" Ishizu said.

Mai looked out and saw Samuel and she smiled and then she noticed that Ishizu was watching her and she blushed.

"When is the Wedding?" Ishizu asked. Mai said "we haven't set a date yet."

Marik, Malik, Odeon, Seto and Samuel came walking up and Tria came out with tea for all of them.

Marik grabbed the woman and gave her a big kiss and she swatted him but was smiling just the same. "It's been to long" he said to the woman and she smiled and said "it's good to have you home."

Seto was looking at Ishizu and he smiled at her and she actually turned red.

"Seto this is my sister Ishizu" Marik said.

Seto kissed her hand and Ishizu said "it's nice to meet you."

Mai knew then that there was something between Seto and Ishizu and she smiled to herself.

Samuel went over and sat down by Mai and he kissed her cheek and Ishizu said "we can have the Wedding here if you two want to and it can be when ever you want."

Samuel thanked her for her generosity and he said "we would like that very much since we don't really have that much money to pay for one."

Marik walked over and stood beside the man whom he considered his best friend and said "your money is no good here" and the two men embraced.

It has been three months that they have been in Japan, and today is the Wedding of Samuel Hunter and Mai Valentine.

It was a beautiful day and the Wedding was all they could of dreamt of. As he kissed his bride there wasn't a dry eye anywhere.

Samuel and his bride danced the first dance and then Seto asked Ishizu to dance and Marik could see that his sister was smitten with Seto and it made him, Malik and Odeon happy to see their sister laughing again.

Marik knew that he would have to talk to Seto about courting his sister and maybe in the near future there just might be another Wedding held at the Istar Estate, only time would tell………


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