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Summary: 13 year old Sakura Haruno, a girl with many talents, has just entered a new world. The world of Junior high school. There she will battle with raging fan girls, homework, assignments and crazy fan boys. Be careful Saku.




Inner Selves





"Beep. Beep. Beep" "SMASH!!!"

"Ugh! And there goes another alarm clock. That's the forth this month." A voice mumbled from under the dark silk sheets.

Slowly a thirteen year old pink haired girl arose from the comfort of her bed and slumped out of the warm. Greeting her feet was the feeling of soft carpet under her feet.

"Ugh! First day in a new school…Wonderful" she thought sarcastically.

Dragging her self slowly across her pink and black sakura themed, the pink haired girl made her way out of her room and across the hall way to the bathroom.

Switching on the light of the rather large bathroom, she slugged over to the basin and splashed her face with water to wake up. After drying her face with a conveniently placed hand towel, she looked up. Looking forward, she was greeted by her reflection in the mirror above the basin.

Looking into the reflection, she saw her bright, yet slightly dull emerald green eyes. Her somewhat messy, yet to be brushed, pink hair flowing down her sides all the way to her lower back and framing her face. Even without her hair brushed, though she would never admit it, she looked beautiful.

Slowly she averted her sight to the brush next to her left hand and picked it up. Running the brush through her pink tresses she smoothed out her hair and removed any knots that might have occurred through her hours of sleep.

Sighing, she brushed her teeth and as her final task for the morning, she stripped herself of her pajamas and stepped into the shower. Slowly letting the water adjust to the right temperature, she was bathed in the cool water that was spat out of the shower head.

After grabbing the cake of soap she lathered it onto a sponge before applying it to her body. Slowly scrubbing over entire body before letting the cool water rinse over her and in doing so, take away the suds from the soap.

Finishing up her daily routine she washed her hair with a strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner. As soon as her hair was conditioner free, the pink haired girl stepped out of out of the shower after turning it off by the taps.

Wrapping herself in a white fluffy towel she dried herself before stepping of the bathroom and heading to her bedroom to change into her new school uniform. Previous to this school she lived in the Suna, and went to school in Suna Junior High. Before that, she lived near Konoha, basically on a beach.

That school, however, didn't have a uniform, this school did. For one basic reason. This was a private school. Not just any private school. It was supposed to be the best in the country. The most expensive too.

Now, you're probably wondering how this pink haired girl got into this school. Well for one, she was one of a rich and high class clan, and as some would say, only the best for the best. But no she didn't get into this school through money. Oh no, that money was her parents, and she refused to use it at times, unless she was really desperate. And I mean really desperate.

So how did she get into such a prestigious school without using her parents money? Simple, scholarship. Correct. This girl is a smart girl. She seemed to be apparently perfect in each area of school, but what got her into this school by scholarship was her talent in creative and performing arts.

Anyway so her she is, getting herself ready for her new and "great" school. Half the reason why she accepted, mind you, was because her parents wanted her to go to that school. The other half, well… she hated Suna. To put it nicely anyway.

Her uniform was some what of an interesting one. It was a two layer knee-high skirt. The bottom ruffled layer was black, while the top ruffled red; a far too short skirt in Sakura's opinion. The blouse was a simple white long sleeved shirt with red and black trimming cufflinks. (A/N: See 'Winter Hinata' on profile) The collar was also red with black trimmings on the side of it. In the centre of the collar was a small black bow. Down the chest, on both sides, was a line of black buttons. The blouse went slightly over the top of the red skirt.

On the bottom of the centre of the shirt, there was the school emblem; while on the summer shirt (A/N: See 'Summer Sakura' on profile) it was on the bottom centre of the left sleeve The Konoha School Emblem. It was a circle with a spiral going into the circle with a triangle attached to it on the side of it. (A/N: You know the Konoha symbol thing)

The other choice was the same was the long sleeved blouse except it was a short sleeved one that were slightly poofy on each sleeve and went up to the elbow. The blouse end just above the skirt, unlike the long sleeved one, which went over the skirt. Today since it was kind of hot, and in the middle of summer, the pink haired girl decided to wear the short sleeved blouse.

Underneath her blouse she had a black singlet shirt underneath, since the shirt did, in her opinion, show way too much cleavage. But this girl also is also a little self-conscious, and suffers fro, little self-esteem. Though…not many people would have guessed that. Looking at herself in the full length mirror in her room she realized she was kinda of wrong about the skirt, but that didn't stop her putting on a pair of black bike shorts. No one could see them. Quickly she put on her ankle socks and shoved her feet into her black lace up school shoes that had a slight heal.

Finally, she ran a brush through her long hair again and tied it up into two buns on either side with black ribbons. In the middle of the ribbons was a little sakura. On both sides of her head were bobby pins to keep her hair in place.

As a final touch to the some what weird school attire, she added her favourite dark blood red choker around her neck and light pink sakura petal earrings.

Grinning to herself, she looked at the clocked next to her bed. A quarter passed eight. Immediately her eyes widened. She only had 15 minutes to get to school. Running up to her desk she grabbed her lite pink school bag and stuffed in her pencil case, wallet, phone, mp3 and her school paints for art, as well as her sport uniform, just in case she had phys ed.

Grabbing her folder for her books, she grabbed all her books, since she didn't know what classes she would have today, and shoved them into the black and pink folder before she ran out of her pink and black filled room and down the stairs of her house. Running down the stairs, she almost tripped but luckily for her she landed pretty nicely. Adjusting herself and regaining her composure, the pink haired girl ran to a small side table which had her keys to the house in it.

Above the small side table, which was next to an apricot painted wall, she looked up to be faced with her reflection once again, because of the mirror placed above the small table. Looking down at her watch, her eyes once again widened as she realized she only had 10 minutes left to get to school.

With that, she ran out of the house/mansion in which she lived in and raced towards her new school.


"SASUKE- TEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a blonde loud moth called out racing towards his "best friend". He was wearing the school uniform for the boys; long, black pants, black school shoes and a short sleeved white dress shirt with the school emblem on the right breast. There was also supposed to be a tie but the blonde didn't appear to be wearing it.

"Dobe" the one called Sasuke greeted.

Sasuke, his full name Uchiha Sasuke, a dark haired, obsidian eyes hottie. He was one with many fan clubs and thousands of fangirls, ranging from girls as young as six to whatever age the oldest one may be. His dark features attract any, well almost any, girl. Girls want to be with him, majority of guys want to be him.

But he didn't care. He hated, loathed, and despised his so called fan club. He hated them with a burning passion. He is part of the infamous and one of the most respected clans. The Uchiha Clan. Correction… the heir to the Uchiha clan….if a certain older brother steps down.

Like Naruto, he was wearing the boys' school uniform. Only he wore sneakers instead of the black school shoes. One would think that his hair reminds your self of a chicken's ass or duck butt, but I guess, not many people see that in him.

"I'm not a dobe, teme" the blonde boy retorted. Slowly one by one their friends walked up to them.

"Ohayo Hinata-chaan" the blonde haired boy greeted.

"O-Ohayo N-Naruto-k-kun" greeted a short purple haired, pale eyed girl. A slight amount of blush creeping onto her face.

Hyuuga Hinata. From the well known Hyuuga clan. She is a smart girl, but also a very shy girl. Eventually the stuttering dies down, but with a certain blonde haired, cerulean eyes boy it doesn't seem to. Neither does the constant red tint on her cheeks around him either.

She like every girl in her Junior high school was wearing the school uniform. A short sleeved white blouse with poofy sleeves, the collar is black with red trimmings on the side. On the sleeves were the black with red trimming cufflinks that made the blouse sleeves extend to the elbows. The skirt was a ruffle skirt with 2 layers. The top was a light red to white, while the bottom was black. She had on thigh high white socks and Mary-Jane black school shoes. (A/N: Sound familiar? XDD;;;; )

Naruto. Uzamaki Naruto. The most loud mouth, knuckle head, annoying, blonde haired, blue eyed boy you will ever meet. Everything about him his loud. From his bright blonde hair to his loud mouth. It is loud.

"Dobe" greeted a dark brown, long haired boy. He had the same pale eyes as Hinata.

"I'm not a dobe, Neji-teme" Naruto spat.

Hyuuga Neji. Also part of the infamous Hyuuga clan, but unlike Hinata, he is not part of the main family. He is part of the branch side. Same pale eyes as Hinata, and is Hinata's older cousin. One year older than Hinata.

Behind then you could here a couple girls giggle.

"Ohayo Neji-nii-san" greeted Hinata.

"Hinata-sama" Neji greeted with a nod.

"Morning Hinata-chan, Naruto, Neji-kun" greeted a girl with her hair in two buns on each side.

"Morning Tenten-chan" Neji greeted as he walked up to his girl friend.

"Morning Tenten-senpai, Temari-senpai" said Hinata looking at both girls.

Tenten. No last name that is known. Her father is a famous blacksmith, her mother died when she was young. A very sporty type of girl. A big sister type figure to Hinata. Obsessed with weapons and can actually handle a few very well. Also a year older than Hinata.

The blonde girl, called Temari just nodded in acknowledgment.

Sabakuu (A/N: I don't know how to spell it) Temari. Blonde hair tied up into four ponytails on the back of her head. Eldest of three children. Her Brothers are Kankuro and Gaara. Older than Hinata. Oldest by a couple of weeks, in the group of friends.

Like Hinata, both girls were wearing the school uniform, only they choose to use ankle socks instead of the thigh high socks.

"Ugh. School is so troublesome." A boy with dark brown haired, tied up into a ponytail whined. "Morning guys" he yawned.

"Morning Shika-kun" chirped Temari as she went to hug her boyfriend.

Shikamaru. Nara Shikamaru. Smartest in the grade till now. He has the IQ of 200. He like any other boy in this school was wearing the boys' school uniform. The only problem with this smart ass of a fifteen year old is that he is as lazy as hell, and always, no matter what thinks it is troublesome. And he seems to have this obsession with clouds.

"Hey did you guys hear?" Tenten exclaimed. Almost everyone shook there heads. "There is going to be a new student in your year" Tenten explains as she points to Hinata, Naruto, Shikamaru and Sasuke.

"AWESOME!!!!! Do you know whether it is a boy or a girl?" Naruto screamed to Tenten. Tenten sweat dropped, along with Temari and Hinata.

"Errr…..not really" Tenten said slowly inching away.

"What's all the noise about this early in the morning baka?" a boy with dark brown hair and a white dog asked.

"I'm not a baka, dog-teme!" Naruto argued. "Besides, there is apparently a new student, so shut your mouth!" Naruto yelled.

Kiba Inuzuka. Dark haired boy that is always followed by his dog Akamaru. For some reason he has weird red markings on his face. One would think of them as tattoos. But they never seem to fade. It's kind of creepy. He has red eyes and brown hair. His dog is white with brown ears.

"There is eh? Cool" Kiba said coolly.

"Hello Shino-san, Kiba-san, Gaara-san, Kankuro-san, Lee-san, Chouji-san" Hinata greeted to the five boys that arrived to the group of friends.

"Yosh! Hello Hinata, Neji, Tenten, Temari, Gaara, Kankuro, Shino, Naruto, Kiba, Sasuke, Shikamaru. Let's make a good start this year with our youthful lives! It's good to see you all look so youthful still. I envy your youthfulness!!" Lee exclaimed as he did his nice guy pose and his teeth shined.

The group of friends shuddered slightly and sweatdropped. Lee still the same, going on about youth.

Rock Lee. The most weirdest kid you'll ever meet. He has black frog eyes, fruit bowl rounded black hair that seems to really shine. He has the weirdest mouth ever and has some issue about youth, and how people shouldn't take advantage of their youth and abuse and use it youthfully, showing how youthful any one can be, to its full youthful extent. Kind of weird, if you know what I mean.

"Hey there Hinata" Kankuro and Kiba said at the same time while Shino and Gaara nodded to her.

Kankuro, Temari's younger brother, but the same age as her (A/N: don't ask me how that works) He usually wears a black hoodie over his head and his school uniform. He has an obsession with dolls or as he likes to call them, puppets. Over his face he has purple markings, with white paint underneath and red lipstick. One would call him a cross dresser, others call him plain weird. Red to brown eyes (A/N: I don't remember ;) and some believe he has brown hair.

Shino Aburame (A/N: Is that right?) One of the quietest kids in the school. He has an obsession with bugs, and usually "hangs" out with them. He can supposedly "talk" with them and he can order them to do stuff, which the small things do follow, which is kinda weird. He has brown hair and always wears black glasses. His hands are almost always in his pockets and his collar always up, hiding a good part of his face. Smart guy, as one would say.

Achmichi Chouji, really fat; hates being insulted about his fat; eats a lot; large red swirls on each cheek; has an obsession with food. He has orange hair that sticks out on either side.

Gaara. Temari's youngest brother. He has bright red hair and eyeliner all around his eyes. It is believed he has no eyebrows, but no one dares ask him. They are scared of him in seconds. His eyes are a dull green and he has a kanji tattoo on the side of his head that means love. Forget about what people have said about Shino being quiet, this guy tops the cake and usually only answers in grunts. Pretty smart, but very scary.

Slowly the group of friends made their way into the school building and went straight to one of the many bulletin boards in the school so they could find out what class they were in for home room. The rest of the classes they knew about already because they were given their schedules a day previous in the mail.

Eventually they found out after a lot of difficulty who was in which class and which teacher they would have for home room.

Home Room Classes:

2nd year, class A, Hatake Kakashi 10E:

Hyuuga Hinata

Nara Shikamaru

Sabakuu no Gaara

Uzamaki Naruto

Uchiha Sasuke

2nd year, class B, Yuuhi Kureni, 14C:

Aburame Shino

Inuzuka Kiba

Achmichi Chouji

3rd year, Class A, Gai, 12B:


Hyuuga Neji

Rock Lee

Sabakuu no Kankuro

Sabakuu no Temari

"Ding, ding ding" A loud chime went through the school signaling it was the beginning of home room.

"Off to home room" Tenten sighed. "Why did we have to get Gai-sensei?" muttered Tenten.

"What's wrong my dumpling haired friend? Gai-sensei is a wonderful teacher. He has so much youth!" Lee exclaimed as he followed Tenten who was walking off into the direction for home room.

Slowly, but reluctantly Neji, Temari and Kankuro followed the two going towards home room. While the 2nd year group went off the their home rooms in separate directions.


Slowly, Sasuke, Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru and Gaara walked to home room. Room 10E. they could already hear fangirls in the room.

"Did you hear? Sasuke-kun is in this homeroom?" one voice said.

"OMG!! Really" squealed another.

Eventually they reached the door, to be greeted with Sasuke's fangirls. Well a couple of them anyway.

Like any class room it had the teacher's wooden desk at the front and behind it was the black board. In front of the teacher's desk there were 5 rows of desks for students, each with 6 desks. At the back was a few cupboards and on the opposite side of the door there were windows going across the wall.

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 SASUKE-KUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" squealed tonnes of fan girls.

"Sasuke-kun come sit over next to me" waved a pale blonde long haired girl called out to him.

"No Sasuke-kun is sitting next to me!" one of the girls yelled.

"Why would he sit next to you, when he clearly wants to sit next to me!" another screeched.

"You're both wrong, Sasuke-kun wants to sit next to me" the blonde haired girl stated "Aren't I right Sasuke-kun?" asked the blonde.

"Sasuke-kun?" the blonde blinked. Sasuke escaped the girls while they were arguing; trying to drown out the annoying noise they were making, a.k.a talking.

Since he had the chance, he sat down as he asked his friends to sit around him to avoid sitting next to his fan girls. So basically on the side of the classroom next to the windows, at the very back seat, Sasuke sat, while next to him on his left was Naruto, while in front was Gaara, and diagonally was Shino. Hinata Sat next to Naruto and Shikamaru sat in front of Gaara.

"Oi Naruto, MOVE!!!! I'm sitting next to Sasuke-kun" the blonde demanded.

"Ahhhh…..Ino-pig….Sure….I will….NOT!!" Naruto yelled.

That's right the blonde girl was Yamanaka Ino. Heir to the Yamanaka corporation. Her family is a very high class family. They get what they want, always. Just like her family, Ino demands that she get what she wants, always. Blonde haired and blued eyed. She has the perfect body at the age of 15, a body any girl would kill for.

"WHAT?!" Ino screeched. "MO-"

"Yamanaka sit down. It won't matter because there is a seating plan for this class" A tall silver haired man said matter-of-factly.

The silver haired man was Hatake Kakashi. His hair stands above his head defying all laws of gravity had a mask over his face the covered nearly everything but one eye. He was known through the school as the teacher who always comes late no matter what and always makes up lame excuses to why he was late. Another thing any one will know about him is that he really lazy and tends to keep his nose in a certain orange book.

"Hmph" Ino stuck her nose up in the air and made her way to a desk.

"Wha? What are you doing here Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked dumbfounded.

"I teach this class" Kakashi sweatdropped.

"I know that, but usually you're late" Naruto pointed out.

"Yea well, this time I'm early" Kakashi said "Anyway time for you're seating plan"

It ended up with Ino and the rest of the fan girls in the front and near the door, while Sasuke stayed in the same spot Gaara got moved down one seat and the rest is the same.

"Anyway, now that everything is settled, I'd like to say we have a new student" Kakashi said eagerly. "You may come in now" he called out.

Slowly the pink haired girl walked into the room. Step by step you walked further into the classroom of quiet students. All eyes staring in awe of the colour of the girl's hair, and eyes. It's not every day a girl with pink hair and green eyes walks into your classroom. Gradually low whispers and murmurs could be heard coming from the students in front of the pink haired girl.

Soon the mysterious pink haired girl came to a halt and stood in front of Kakashi facing him. Kakashi stood up from his desk and smiled down on the new girl.

"Introduce your self" Kakashi beckoned.

"Hai" the pink haired girl turned towards the class and looking at her new class mates, she made a slight nod of the head and opened her mouth to speak and in a monotone voice she spoke.



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